12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299

Updated 9 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299

Nowadays you can brew yourself a cup of coffee without having to waste so much time. The coffee maker will do most of the job for you. You can run the coffee maker and do your other morning routine while it's brewing your coffee. This is why coffee makers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances that almost every house and office owns.

Now, if you are new to the coffee maker world, you may think of what kind of coffee maker you should buy? Which brand makes the best coffee makers and which coffee makers have the best features? Below, we have a side-by-side comparison between Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299. At the end of this article, you will get a better picture of the best 12 cup coffee maker to get either for your family or office. 


Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299 Similarities

Similarties - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299

Similarities #1: 24 Hours Auto Brew

As a modern appliance, it will be better when you have more functions that could keep your time-saving. Whether it is during the process or cleaning time. This is why the kind of various program functions on the appliance do matters to answer your kind of problem. Here as an electric coffee maker, both of Black+Decker CM1160B and Hamilton beach 46299 were able to let you set up your own brewing schedule.

Both products come with a programmable clock timer. You can set the timer to fit your schedule. The timer is up to 24 hours so you can leave it overnight and wake up to a fresh pot of coffee. This will save our time in the morning especially if you have a busy morning routine. 

Similarities #2: 2 Hours Automatic Shut Off

It is not only better to get your things done quickly yet it is also important to keep the safety of your device as well when you have such a hectic morning to get your coffee. To make sure you get your device safe and your coffee is warm enough for more hours ahead, an auto shut off feature could be the answer to this. This feature not only remains to save your electricity but to take charge when you happen to forget to do a double check whether it is unplugged or not.

Set those worries away then, both of these coffee makers are completed with 2 hours automatic shut-off. The pot will keep the coffee warm after it stops brewing and will automatically stop after two hours. This is very handy to ensure safety so you don't have to worry about the coffee maker keeps running while you're out of the house. 

Similarities #3: Glass Carafe

Some of the coffee maker models are available in various carafe or pot. If you like a sleek and modern looks appliance, you might like getting one of those available with a stainless steel thermal pot, meanwhile if you are the kind of person who likes something that looks more minimalist yet elegant the glass carafe design might suit you better.

Both products use a non-stick durable glass carafe. Transparent glass makes you able to watch the coffee drip. It will keep the coffee hot while making it easier for you to clean. It is also stated to be more durable so you can use it in the long run.


Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299 Differences

Differences - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299

Differences #1: Brewing Customization

For a coffee maker product, to get one with a brewing level preference is a good thing, especially when you think that the thickness and the taste matter the most for you. Some models include this feature to get a point between others. Between these two products, one has this feature that you might consider to buy. 

The Hamilton Beach 46299 has three brewing options where you can customize depending on your need and preference for the coffee. While the Black+Decker CM1160B doesn't have a customizable brewing option. 

Differences #2: Cord Storage

Both Hamilton Beach 46299 and Black+Decker CM1160B are medium size in between 12 to 13 inches tall. This will fit perfectly and nicely on your personal kitchen or for your office pantry too. Moreover, if a tangled wire is on your concern, you can choose to get one between these two coffee makers that has a cord storage. On a different point, the Hamilton Beach 46299 has a convenient cord storage to avoid tangled wires on the countertop.


Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299 Comparison

Black+Decker CM1160B 

This coffee maker comes with a quick touch programming and easy to use so it does helpful for new user. The buttons are large and rubberized so you can control them easily and comfortably. It also has an easy-to-read screen displays clock, brew time, and programming option. Looking for a quick first coffee while brewing? You can get one since it has a sneak a cup option that will temporarily stop the flow for 30 seconds. You can have first cup taste without making a mess. 

Black+Decker CM1160B has a front-facing water window so you can see the amount of water that will turn into coffee. When you happen to need your next coffee cups to sip, you are still available to get it nicely warm with the feature of a carafe plate to do the job. The carafe plate is non-stick for easy cleaning. The brewing basket is also washable and you can also put disposable filters in it.

You can program the timer for up to 24 hours which is very useful if you are super busy. You can save time in the morning without having to wait for your coffee. It comes with a 2-hour auto shut-off to guarantee safety just in case you are in a hurry. The coffee maker will keep the coffee warm after it stops brewing and automatically stop running after two hours.

Produk 1 - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299


  • Rubberized feel large buttons
  • Front view water window


  • No cord storage






Hamilton Beach 46299

Hamilton beach 46299 is a programmable coffee maker that can make 12 ounces of coffee. This one device could leave you in peace of mind with its 2-hour automatic shutoff when you have a busy day ahead after your coffee time is up. No more morning mess!

Since there are various models of coffee maker without brewing options, here comes the sun in it for you. This 13 inches tall coffee maker is available with the feature. You can have the coffee brewed from bold regular or 1-4 cups easily. It would be nice to get the coffee your way, right? This one also has an auto-pause where you can get your first cup of coffee while it's brewing. After you put back the carafe, it will drip coffee back into it. 

This coffee maker might not have cord storage but no worries because it is short and might not take that much of a problem when you get the cord into your kitchen counter socket. The water window can be seen from the side as well it goes from the front to fill. Besides, this model is lightweight despite its looks of a medium size coffee maker. It's made out of plastic with a bit of touch of stainless steel material on the front so you will see this fancy still.

Produk 2 - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299


  • This model has 3 brewing options
  • Cord storage


  • Water window is on the side








Summary - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299

There are plenty of 12 cup coffee makers you could choose from. Among all the features, Black+Decker CM1160B and Hamilton Beach 46299 can be best to compare within. Both have great features similarity with its programmable setting and the 2 hour shut off. However, specification details on both made points on which best to get when you are here in doubt to get one of your first or upgrading your coffee maker.

Our recommendation pick to get will be Black+Decker CM1160B. Overall, aside from the fact this model is also listed as the number one best sellers rank on Amazon, all features and material used in this coffee maker is just perfect. The water window is easier to be seen since it is placed on the front. 

As a nice and basic coffee maker, this one is remarkable with its auto brew, easier to clean with smoother noise while it blends your coffee. Always remember to clean it thoroughly and wisely use it, like many other appliance needs, like even a mug warmer, so you will not miss a fabulous coffee booster in a day.


FAQ Black+Decker CM1160B 

How long is the brewing cycle?

The manufacturer says the brewing cycle is approximately one minute per cup which is very fast. But you need to understand that it can be different depending on some factors such as the coffee grounds and the filter you use. The average user says it takes up around five to seven minutes per cup. 

Which filter can you use?

There are some factors you can consider when choosing filters. You can use the one that is from the same brand. It should work the best, but some people say it still lets some coffee grounds to the coffee, so you will need more tight filters. But tight filters may slow down the drip and cause the basket to overflow. 

Can you use the coffee maker to heat water?

Yes, you can. But no matter how clean the coffee maker, it still has some residue in it so you may end up with water that smells and tastes a little bit like coffee. 

FAQ Hamilton Beach 46299

Can I use the coffee maker just for one cup of coffee for myself?

Yes. The coffee maker has 12 cups maximum capacity but you can fill the water starting from one cup. 

Can the automatic shut-off be disabled? 

Unfortunately, it cannot. It is a preset function and runs automatically. You need to rerun the coffee maker once it shut off to keep your coffee warm. 

 Can you make coffee anytime without using the automatic brew program? 

Yes. The automatic brew timer is there to make your life easier. For example, if you are busy. But if you have the time to make your coffee, you can make it without using the automatic program. 


Good to Know: How to Get The Best Coffee Taste

Good To Know - 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Black+Decker CM1160B vs Hamilton Beach 46299

Now, after you consider the right coffee maker to buy, you may need to know a little bit more about this machine. There are some factors that will affect the taste of the coffee and it is not just the machine. Here some things you need to know about the coffee maker. 

The Coffee

A coffee maker is just a machine to help you make your coffee. But the taste of the coffee is mostly determined by the quality of the coffee itself. Make sure you use the best quality of coffee grounds. And if you start from coffee beans, make sure that you use the right grinder and make sure that your grinder is clean. Any residue on the grinder will affect the taste of the coffee. 

The Water Temperature

You may think that using heated water will make the brewing process faster. This is just not true. Most coffee makers are designed to heat up the water to the perfect temperature once the water starts to hit the coffee. So using a preheated water will not make the brewing process faster. Instead, you may screw up the extraction process and end up with a terrible taste of the coffee. 

Clean Your Coffee Maker

Of course, you must clean every removable part such as the pot and the basket every time you use it, but do you take good care of the machine itself? Your coffee makers need deep cleaning. At least once a month you need to clean the non-removable parts such as the water reservoir. If you don't clean it enough, it will grow molds, bacteria, and residue that will affect the taste of your coffee. 


Now, after you know everything about the coffee maker, you can get yourself a coffee maker for your own convenience and enjoy good coffee every day. 




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