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Updated 14 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs

Waving hands is now not only to greet your friends from afar. If you do so near an automatic trash can, you can open the lid without touching the lid or step on the can at the same time saying hi to your friend or family member perhaps. EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs are everybody’s first love for a smart touchless trash can.

You can have these 2 13-gallon capacities at home or the office. Throwing trash is now easier, and so is your life. Also, no more noisy slamming voice that people may think you are mad or in rage. The lid will open and close smoothly in a timely manner. It is no doubt to have such a sleek automatic trash can.

What both EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs have

#1 Automatic and manual close

EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs are basically automatic trash cans. The automatic mode lies on the sensor that is located on the lid. When the lid is open, it will automatically close within seconds. 

You can see the sensor on EKO in line with the red lights and the open and close button. While for hOmeLabs, it has a 90-degree sensor which you can wave your hand from the top of the lid or in the front direction. However, you can still open the lid manually. Both of the brands have the panel to open and close. 

Similarities - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs

#2 Stainless steel brushed body

A brushed stainless steel body has been well-known as fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant for all home appliances, including an automatic trash can. Not only does it add more elegance to the room, but also easy to clean at all parts. With EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs, you can blend the cans with anything around the house, office, bathroom, and so on.


What makes EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs different from each other

#1 Smart ring bag

The traditional trash cans often use an inner lining to hold the plastic bag. But there’s another simplicity to take out the trash and change the trash bag, like by using a ring bag. The two EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs equip with a detachable inner ring to clip the bag. But, there is a mode that makes them different from others.

To fix the trash back with EKO Mirage-T, you only need to fold the plastic against the ring. To do the same with hOmeLabs, it has a retainer to make the bag stay properly. Still, with the ring, there is more capacity to pack the trash and it is easy to remove when you need to take out the trash.

Differences - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs

#2 Vertical vs. split opening doors

Another difference between EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs is the opening door. This somewhat matters to you because it can influence the surroundings in which you place the trash can. EKO only has 1 door on the lid. We can call the doors which hOmeLabs a butterfly-lid because they split into both sides like wings. And so, the body of the butterfly-lid one is slender than the single-door one.

#3 Power options

Lastly, there is one more dissimilarity between EKO Mirage-T and hOmeLabs. But before that, this is a reminder that when you purchase the two automatic cans, you still have to buy the batteries and trash bag. EKO Mirage-T uses 6 AA alkaline batteries that you can put inside the lid near the switch button. For hOmeLabs, too, not only do you have to buy the 4 C Cell batteries, but also the AC adapter which you can plug to operate the can.


EKO Mirage-T

EKO Mirage-T could be your first love of a 13-gallon automatic trash can you’ve ever purchased. There is a lot of easiness within one device. You don’t need to touch the lid or step on the lid opener whenever you want to throw the trash. Just wave your hands at a 20 cm distance above the sensor. You can also do so manually by pressing the open button on the control panel.

No wonder this is one of the kinds of Amazon’s Choice for kitchen waste bins. To take out the trash bag, there is not much of a hand job. All you have to do is take out the bag that is tucked in the lightweight plastic rim. There is still some space for you to hold the plastic bag. The effortless process of changing the new bag takes a little time too. 

There are 3 modes and a certain range in order to make the lid open. The first mode is the stand-by mode. This will turn on when there’s a red light in the middle of the panel. Then, the sensor mode. When you open the lid, it will wait until a 5-second countdown appears. Lastly, the manual mode. If you want to open the lid a little longer, this is the right button to press. It won’t close unless you press the close button. For the overall sound, there is no unnecessary sound. The lid will open and close smoothly.

You still need 6 AA alkaline batteries and a 13-gallon capacity for the trash bag that you can buy separately. After all, this trash can is a perfect gift for senior citizens, as they don’t have to touch anything to throw the trash. As a result, there are no bacteria or biohazard contaminating their hands and surroundings.

Produk 1 - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs


  • The ring bag is lightweight, making it easy to remove and change the trash bag.
  • The sensor can detect if you stand nearby, so if you want to empty the plate, it won’t automatically close.
  • You can see the 5-second countdown timer from the sensor light. 


  • The switch is located inside the lid. Thus, you have to find a way to avoid the lid otherwise it’ll open automatically when changing the battery or want to turn off the trash can.
  • There is no adapter, so you need to buy 6 AA alkaline batteries, also with the trash bag.



hOmeLabs is another one of the kind that you can rely on when it comes to a space-saving 50-liter automatic trash can. The butterfly-lid design fits any type of circumstance in the kitchen. The two-side 90-degree sensor ball makes you less worried if you have a dog, for instance, because there is no way for them to mess around with the trash.

From the exterior itself, you will be welcomed with the premium quality of stainless steel. It is a good match if your other appliances are made of the same material. Also, it is easy to clean both the outside and inside. If you want to put it in the pull-out cabinet or even in the office or bathroom, just go ahead. This has a perfect size of such a sophisticated trash can. This is the reliable one, isn’t it?

It is easier for you to turn on the energy-saving mode because the switch is located on the back of the device. Then, you have 2 choices, whether to connect with the electricity or insert the battery on the inside of the lid. All the instructions are clear in the user guide book. As stated above, this is such a reliable one, plus you can wave at the sensor, either from the top or front part of the trash can at a maximum of 15 cm.

In a single purchase, you will get one retainer ring and one manual book that is easy to read. The inner ring is also the one that you will love about. You can choose to tuck in the excess plastic or lock the top of the plastic from the inside. That’s what makes this one easy to take out the trash. But, you still need to buy the AC adapter separately, along with the 4C Cell batteries that will last for 3 months and the trash bag of its size.

Produk 2 - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs


  • The butterfly lid is kind to low space such as the countertop.
  • Along with the lid, the rectangular shape sits nicely in the kitchen. As a result, there is still some empty space around.
  • The battery is long last, also there is the adapter if you want to connect with electricity.


  • There is a power adapter, but you have to purchase it separately.
  • Although the exterior is small space friendly, you can still consider the material of the parts they are made of, such as the fragile plastic ring.


Our Pick

Summary - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs

A 13-gallon automatic trash can is a great addition to your kitchen, for sure. Yet, there are a lot of choices out there that you have to pick and choose with no hesitation. First, make sure that the trash can is user-friendly, including your grandmother and grandfather. You must know that trash sometimes contains dangerous substances if you contact it directly. To avoid any serious health injury, the sensor must work accordingly, both automatic and manual. Then, there’s no hustle to take out the trash because the ring is easy to set up. Throwing trash is somehow noisy. But, if you choose the lid that opens smoothly and closes softly, there won’t be such a thing to shock you out. Although you still need to buy the trash bag, it is easy to get anywhere.

Here for the summary win between these sophisticated 13 gallon trash cans, our recommendation pick will be EKO Mirage-T. To get your house neither your office space clean and safe from any trash odor, this one new model is a good one. The motion sensor is great like its exterior. Beside, it works smoothly and very reliably for its ease of use to operate. This automatic bin is quiet and doesn't need any special bags, you can use any standard garbage bags from the store as well. All in all, this works well with only a wave to open and best both for a small or spacious room.


FAQ EKO Mirage-T

Does this have the inner liner?

This doesn’t require the inner liner. Instead, there is a ring to hold the plastic. By this mode, it will give more space for the trash inside the bag.

Is there any AC adapter?

This trash can doesn’t use an adapter. You have to buy 6 AA alkaline batteries. There is no way to recharge this automatic trash can.

If the liner ring is broken, can we have the spare part?

The only way we can know if there is a spare part for the broken parts is by asking the customer service of the brand. But, in one purchase, there is no extra liner ring.


FAQ hOmeLabs

Can we switch to manual mode for this trash can?

If you want the manual mode to open the lid, you can press one side of the panel. In some cases such as you want to save the energy or some sort of to avoid unnecessarily opening, you can just plug it off.

If I broke one of the components after I just bought the trash can, is there any warranty?

Yes, the warranty limits for 2 years. There is also an adapter that you can purchase separately.

How long does the battery last?

It approximately lasts for 3 months. You have to use 4 C Cell batteries or charge it with an adapter.


Good to Know about the style, design, and other features of a 13-gallon automatic trash can

Good To Know- 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs

Of course, anybody still needs a trash can in their lives. It turns out there is such technology of a garbage can that you must have in your home, public places, and many more. Along with the capacity, it should be fit with your preference which includes the features it offers.


  • Auto style

An auto-style trash can is the one that you only need to wave your hands at a certain amount of distance. There is a sensor that can track our hand movement, making it less touching on the lid.

  • Step style

You probably have this in your home. Also, this one style is commonly found in public bathrooms. There is a pedal that you have to stomp in order to open the lid. The price is affordable, too.

  • Open style

Unlike the auto and step styles, an open-style trash can has no lid on top of the can. But, most trash can manufacturers have the deodorize to trap the smell from the trash. 


  • Rectangular

A rectangular trash can is infamously small-space friendly. Some can also be placed in a pull-out cabinet. This perfectly fits in the kitchen, since there will be other surfaces like cabinets, tables, and so on.

  • Circular

The circular one is another common design of a trash can. The shape is obvious if you put it in between cabinets or such. You might as well find the small one that you can put under the desk or small room.


  • Stainless steel

This one material is often chosen as the cover for the exterior. It is because there won’t be a lot of fingerprint stains, at the same time it adds more elegance.

  • Plastic

Most of the time, trash cans that are made of plastic are cheaper than stainless steel ones. But, the pro is, it doesn’t produce a loud noise when it is moved.


Bottom Line

Suggetion To Buy - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage-T vs hOmeLabs

You are free to choose whichever more suitable for either your kitchen, bathroom, or office. An automatic trash can is always reliable anywhere and anytime. Not only is it easy to use but also to clean up the exterior and change the trash bag.



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