13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50

What are the essential things you need in your kitchen? Could be the food processor assistant, coffee maker with a pot or toaster for the family? Wel, you must not miss the one thing that will help your kitchen tidy and neat, a trash can.

These days technologies also allow you to get the perfect kind of futuristic trash can. It comes in different sizes from 13 gallon, 18 gallon or even up to 23 gallon trash can size. However, the design of your futuristic garbage needs to be more than just its material but also practicality.

Since your trash can holds so many germs, you are likely to want to avoid touching it regularly. Here ity is why you need an automatic trash can as an upgrade! Below, we have a side-by-side comparison between iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50 so you can get a better sight of smart trash cans and their features. Not only does it make it easier to throw out your waste, it also comes with a deodorizer. Find out more to see which suits your place the most!

iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50 Similarities

Similarities - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50

Similarities #1: Fingerprint-free Surface and Touchless

One that makes this new invention is becoming sophisticated is because of this fingerprint-free sensor and touchless feature. This feature is sure to have you unbothered to get your hands touching the trash can lid. Beside it is way more easier, this one could keep you all sanitized as well from all the germs.

iTouchless DZT13P and Ninestars DZT-50 trash cans are made out of sturdy and durable stainless steel material. These modern trash can have a fingerprint-free surface design so you can clean them easily without leaving any finger marks. Also, both of them brought with a sensor that will automatically open the lid. The smart sensor will right away do its job when your hands is within the range and close automatically as well.

Similarities #2: Manual Buttons

From all kinds of modern devices to have, the new modern trash can certainly need a manual emergency usage. You know, sometimes the electricity just is not stable and somehow you don't want to keep trash all around the house. For this good, there are manual buttons available just in case the touchless sensor doesn't work.

On iTouchless DZT13P and Ninestars DZT-50, both are completed with manual open and close buttons just in case you need to use them manually. You can also use the button to keep the lid open longer.


iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50 Differences

Differences - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50

Differences #1: Deodorizer

It is important to get you a tight sealed trash can. As for sure, trash can is not about a sort of box that use to throw away things inside but also to keep your house clean and not stink. Between many kinds of smart trash can, there are many available with trash can and some sort not but have a technology to keep the odor at its place. The first difference to point out between iTouchless DZT13P and Ninestars DZT-50 is deodorizer feature.

The iTouchless DZT13P comes with a deodorizer and activated carbon filter that will eliminate and neutralize odors. As an advantage, this will make your house always smell fresh and clean. Meanwhile, Ninestars DZT-50 only seals the odors in without any deodorizer neither carbon filter. As long as the lid closes properly, the odor won't come out. So you probably only need fresh humidifiers for your bedroom only.

Differences #2: Power Option

If the capacity is big enough and now what might concern you is about the power usage, the difference between these trash can models is only a bit. The iTouchless DZT13P comes with two power options. You can use 4 D size batteries that can last up to 1,5 years or you can use the AC adapter. Both are sold separately. On the other hand, Ninestars DZT-50 only has one power option which is 3 C batteries that will last up to 6 months.


iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50 Comparison

iTouchless DZT13P 

This smart trash can is equipped with a carbon filter gate that effectively eliminates and neutralizes even the most disturbing odors. For your convenience, iTouchless DZT13P also available with an extra-wide opening that allows you to dispose of larger pieces of trash. It comes with the most advanced infrared sensor technology that will open the lid automatically when it senses your movement between six inches and automatically close the lid when you move away. The carbon filter gate maximizes the deodorizer's odor absorption capability. The deodorizer is non-scented so you can use the can safely in your house without doing any harm to your children and pets.

It has two power options. You can use it with batteries (not included) or using an AC adapter (sold separately). The trash can is low energy and has longer battery life. It only draws power when needed so the batteries can last up to 1,5 years under normal use. The stainless steel material which is germ-resistant and has a fingerprint-free surface to ensure easy cleaning.

To get fit in whether for your house or office, iTouchless DZT13P has a sleek rectangular design so it can fit in small spaces and tight corners.n All features included in the iTouchless DZT13P were best not only for its quality of material but also the odor elimination with and works with a really good motion detection to mention as a cool automatic trash can to have.

Produk 1 - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50


  • Unique lid status alert
  • Activated carbon filter to eliminate odors
  • Energy-efficient power draw


  • No bucket liner included




Ninestars DZT-50

Ninestars DZT-50 is one of your convenient living product modern trash cans with stainless steel material. This oval shaped trash can is provided with various features to get you in a better place and experience of a new episode of getting rid of your smelly garbage.

For your ease and convenience, this sophisticated trash can is presented with a removable ring liner to take care of your trash bag neat so it doesn’t mess around and of course to get a neat and clean appearance as a modern look. You can use the custom trash bag from the Ninestars but you can also use any standard trash bag. 

Ninestars DZT-50 also comes with an infrared motion sensor which is water resistant so you can be secure and have no worries about it being broken easily like your old school trash can. The lid also opens and closes quietly so you don't have to deal with any disturbing noise and it is also good for the lid durability.This trash can be very likeable for its wider mouth, large capacity and have a long battery durability as well with 3 C battery that can live up to 6 months.

Produk 2 - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50


  • Removable ring liner
  • Removable bucket liner
  • Quiet motion
  • Rotatable motion sensor


  • Delay sensing technology is great to prevent any unwanted opening, but it can be disturbing since you have to wave your hands and wait for a while until the sensor is sure that it is safe to open the lid. 





A smart trash can will change your life in a much better way. When choosing the right smart trash can, you can consider some of the things you may feel important. For example, if you have children or pets, a trash can with a delay sensing technology may be a safer choice since it prevents the lid from being opened all of sudden. Simply takes safety features first just like when you are about to buy a best value juicer or microwave. 

Here to get you down for a conclusion, our pick goes to iTouchless DZT13P. With 4 D batteries required, this trash can looks great not only for its exterior but also the features work on with. The motion detection is notably excellent in performance and you don’t have to worry about getting anyone startled when you are opening the lid because this one done it smooth and quiet. Say no more to the hassle of getting the lids dirty, just wave your hand and get your garbage tossed easily from now.

Summary - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50


FAQ iTouchless DZT13P 

Can you lock the lid to prevent it from opening?

Yes, you can swing over the front lip of the lid so it is mechanically locked close. But the lid won't open automatically even though the sensor reads a movement when it is locked. You will need to unlock the lid to make it open so it is basically just like a normal trash can because you need to touch the lid. 

Does the bag rip when you take it out because the opening is smaller than the can?

No. This trash can has an extra-wide opening that is very useful not only to throw bigger trash but also for easier removal. 

Is there a way to keep the lid open so I can dispose of multiple items without the lid closing?

The lid will close automatically once you move away. However, there are multiple ways you can try to keep the lid open. First, you can keep one of your hands within six inches range. Second, you can turn off the power when the lid is open. Third, you can press the manual "open" button and the lid will stay open for five minutes. 


FAQ Ninestars DZT-50

Can you use a standard-size trash bag?

Yes, you can. You can use the custom trash bag designed specifically for this trash can but you can use a standard size trash can as well. You can use the ring liner to secure the bag neatly. 

Does the lid open when you just pass it by?

No. it has a delay sensing technology so it will open only when it recognizes a movement intentionally approaching the can. It will not open if you just walk by. But sometimes, it still happens if you are close to the lid for a longer time. 

Is the bag removal easy?

Yes, you can remove the trash bag easily when it's full. First, you just need to open the lid, and then remove the ring liner, and lift out the bag. The bucket liner will make this process even easier. 

How quickly does the lid open?

It opens and closes slowly and quietly to keep the lid durable. If it pops right open fast, it may break easily. But with the delay, you may need to wait for a second while the lid is opening. 


How to Clean Touchless Trash Can Properly

Good To Know - 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless DZT13P vs Ninestars DZT-50

After you get more information on the smart trash can, there are some things you need to know about it so you can use it for the long run and get the best experience with it in your house. 

Clean The Trash Can

A smart trash can has the ability to neutralize smells, but it doesn't clean itself. You still need to clean your trash can regularly just like any other trash can. Every time you take the bag out, clean the interior immediately. You can use detergent and hot water, or spray it with sanitizer. This is very important to keep your trash can clean and free from bacteria. 

Toss the Trash Properly

When tossing the trash, you may need to watch it and make sure that it goes directly to the bag and is not stuck in the opening. If there is some debris left on the opening, the lid won't close properly. It will make the trash can consume a lot of power and it may damage your trash can. 

Lock the Lid When You Leave the House

The trash can has a motion sensor that will open automatically when you get within the range. But it may also open unexpectedly when your kids or pets come nearby. You don't want your kids or pets to mess especially when you can't watch them. So you may need to lock the lid when you leave and turn off the power. 

A smart trash can is a perfect additional household item you should own. Buy one now so you can have the best smart trash can for your smart house. 




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