18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

What comes to your mind when you hear about the new invention of automatic trash can? Does it have buttons but also touchless trash can? Or will it be pet friendly? If your pet is active, then this 18-gallon touchless garbage can is right for you. You can also have iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living to hold the waste of the whole family in the house.

These are the kinds that have butterfly lids, so it saves your tiny space in the kitchen. The lid is also detachable. You can either change the battery through it or change the trash bag from the removable ring. The stainless steel body is supposed to be the fingerprint-proof one too.


What both iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living have

#1 Butterfly wings and touchless lid

The butterfly-wing lid is known as the space-saving mode of an automatic trash can. iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living are attached with a kind of lid that fits your small countertop or space in the office. The design will also fit the style of your countertop ice maker and dispenser too.

Another advantage of the two-side lid of both cans is the touchless mode. All you have to do is just waving your hands to the sensor. It will hold the lid to open for 4 to 6 seconds. If you want to have it stay open longer, you can do it with the manual Open and Close button that you can find on the control panel.

#2 Space-saving width

The space-saving dimension is to accompany the design of the lid. As a result, when you have such width of iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living, you can squeeze the bins into any limited space, either in the kitchen, bathroom, or waiting room. The 18-gallon capacity doesn’t look like it can hold such mass, rather slimmer and compact. Still, you can remain clean and fingerprint-proof of the brushed stainless steel can from all sides.

The overall dimension of WS18 is 16.3 x 10.5 x 28.75 inches. For Home Zone Living, it is 16.34 x 10.43 x 29.13 inches. Both still look fancy and high-function, from the exterior and interior.

Similarities - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

#3 Retainer ring

iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living are the ones that are easy for you to take out the trash and change the trash bag back to the ring. If you are already familiar with the traditional inner liner, this one component makes the can wider, feels bottomless. All you can do to hold the plastic is by tucking the rest of the plastic on the top, then fold it into the other side against the ring.


What makes iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living different from each other

#1 Odor control system

The one that has odor control technology is iTouchless WS18. The filter is made of a charcoal filter that can get rid of dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our health, also for eliminating the bad smell of rotting compounds, and so forth. You can have the WS18 in the bedroom for changing diapers. Home Zone Living can only prevent tall pets from scattering around the trash from inside of the can by setting up the 2-side infrared sensor.

Differences - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

#2 Lock for pet-proof

The two iTouchless WS18 and Home Zone Living can avoid more mess that is caused by your silly dog. But, there is only one particular thing that makes them different from another. The WS18 has a knob to hold the lid open, so it's more manual than Home Zone. You can position the infrared sensor that Home Zone Living has on the top side and front side of the trash can.



iTouchless WS18

Not only is it touchless, but iTouchless WS18 also controls hazardous odor from inside of the can. The filter system is made of well-quality carbon. It works as it is a filter to absorb and neutralize the stink that comes from the litter, resulting in the clean fresh air and healthy surroundings. 

If you are about to open the lid, make sure you see the light blinking on the control panel. The green light will tell you that it is still open until there are red blinks that run for 6 seconds countdown before closing. The Reflx Technology also notices your hand gesture when it is almost the time of closing.

Other features of the lid are the Pet Lock, the battery slot, and the AC adapter and switch for more power saving. There is a knob that you can turn to lock the lid, so your tall pet can’t mess up the trash. The battery port is also located inside the lid, in which you can insert 4 C alkaline batteries that approximately last for 5 months. You are free to use the AC adapter, but both the batteries and adapter can’t be used at the same time and are sold separately.

In case you are wondering about the trash can, the WS18 already uses the retainer ring. You can tuck the excess top of the plastic, so it looks neat and clean. As a result, the capacity of the can feels limitless. You will most probably take it out once in a while. The can also have AirVents technology, making it easy to remove the trash bag.

The dimension is small-space friendly yet the capacity is also amazing. The brushed stainless steel body fits all kitchen appliances you have in the kitchen. Chopping the food preps will be faster and hygienic. You might as well place this in the office, the bathroom, even for changing diaper purposes.

Produk 1 - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living


  • Can be best for a diaper bin, since it has an odor filter system inside of the trash can that can last for 3 months.
  • It’s easy to take out the trash bag from the ring so if you’re a lazy person, you don’t need to take out the trash frequently. But you still have to do so.
  • The size is all in all perfect for limited space, small to a medium household.


  • Yes, you can insert 4 C-size batteries or plug with the adapter, but they are sold separately.
  • Since the filter for odor is fastened on the inside, precisely on the lid, it can be lost somewhere in the trash can if the screw is loose.


Home Zone Living

Home Zone Living is another kind of 18-gallon automatic trash can that has a 90-degree side infrared sensor. You can change the sensor either on the top or front side of the can by touching the sensor. With this, you can secure the trash can from your active pet. Also, in case you place the can on top of a cabinet, you will still be able to reach your hand to open the lid.

The bin itself is made of fine stainless steel, making it sturdy and smudge-proof. The rectangular shape is good to go for the disposal of large boxes, like pizza boxes and others. But most importantly, you can replace it wherever you want, such as in the kitchen, in the pull-out cabinet, or near the stove.

This is also the one that has the energy-saving by switching the on/off button on the back of the lid. To activate all of the functions, you have to insert 4 C-size alkaline batteries inside the lid. The butterfly-wing one is open and closed smoothly, with minimal sound. For the manual mode, you can easily touch the open and close button on the panel. The light dots are red bright, especially when it countdowns the closing.

As a result, your daily throwing-the-trash routine is easy, as it goes the same for the trash bag replacement. This one is also equipped with the smart retainer ring, which all you need to do is fold in the plastic to the ring. More space for the wastes, eco-friendly of its kind, and peaceful home.

Produk 2 - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living


  • The sturdy design along with the size is perfect for your kitchen and family.
  • The trash bag is easy to find, too. You can buy from different brands.
  • Delayed close for 4 seconds, but still moving gently.


  • The power only uses 4 batteries and you have to buy it at different times.
  • If you don’t use this properly, it will break in the next month.


Our Pick

Summary - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

No one ever thought the invention of futuristic-alike applliance like digital air fryer can be included in trash can system. To fit your needs in taking care of your waste management at home, you might consider changing your trash can to upgrade into an automatic one. There are plenty of advantages including odor elimination technology, pet-lock and the most sophisticated one is it will be a touchless one.

Our recommendation pick is iTouchless WS18. This touchless trash can have a slim shape which fits perfectly for any space from office, bedroom to personal kitchen. Because the trash can works with a sensor, it is notable that getting one that includes a petguard system will be a plus. iTouchless WS18 is one model that features a PetGuard lock feature so you don;’t have to worry your pet will do any mess when you're not home since the pet lock will stop the pet opening the lid. This trash can will be such a great support at your place for its ease of clean, smudge-proof, durable and no more odor or bits and pieces around.


FAQ iTouchless WS18

Can we buy the replacement for the deodorizer holder?

You can. The manufacturer sells the spare parts as well on the official store website. It is advisable to buy more than 1.

How to fix the lid if it’s not open automatically anymore?

It is possible to restart the device by unplugging the adapter. You can also clean up the sensor in case there is an oily footprint that blocks the way. Another thing you have to check is the battery in case you insert it in.

How long does the lid stay open?

Approximately, the lid is open for about 10 to 20 seconds. You can try to empty the whole casserole pot and it will stay open.


FAQ Home Zone Living

Will it prevent the pet to reach the top sensor?

It depends on the height of your pet. If she’s short, there’s nothing to worry about. But if it is active and can reach the top sensor, there is a chance the lid will open.

If there are people passing by, will it affect the sensor?

There are 2 sides of the sensor; on the top and the front. Therefore, it doesn’t affect people walking around the trash can unless they play their hands near the sensor.

Can we clean up the plastic ring?

Sure, you can do so. But you have to be careful because the rings, especially the handles, are quite thin.


Good to Know about choosing an automatic trash can

Good To Know - 18 Gallon Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

Your life might get easier with an automatic trash can. But, like any home appliance, you still need to take good care of it, notably, it has such technology in which you don’t need to touch the lid or step on the can. As you will also have this for a long period of time, it is time to have the one that has lasting durability.


  • Automatic trash can

An automatic trash can has a sensor on the panel. Some people might consider it a touchless trash can. 

  • Step trash can

The controller for a step trash can is a pedal on the bottom of the bin. You will mostly use this in public places.

  • Touch top

If a step trash can has the pedal on the lower side of the can, a touch top one has a button that we can push on the lid. This is also another cheaper option for a dustbin.

  • In-cabinet trash can

For a space-saving mode, you can have an in-cabinet trash can under the cabinet. Some also build a special cabinet, both for the traditional or automatic type.

Ease of cleaning

  • Deodorizer

For more healthy air, you can buy a deodorizer for a trash can. Some manufacturers also attach the compartment to insert the odor filter.

  • Internal liner

A liner for the can is best for wet waste. As a result, there won’t be any drip from a wet component of the garbage.

Additional features

  • Separate compartment

In short, there are 2 cans in one bin. Some designs also have separate lids and functions based on the characteristics of the litter.

  • Stay-open lid

Typically, a trash can has a closed lid to prevent bad smells or ugly sight from the trash. A stay-open lid is almost identical to the automatic one but still retains the odor from the inside.


Bottom Line

Having a pet is lovely, and so is a clean environment in your house. With an 18-gallon automatic trash can, you still can make your family healthy and happy. It also has the energy-saving from both power and easy-to-change plastic bag rings. Check out now for your modern cleaning experience along to go with your cordless cleaner.



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