2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE

Nowadays, it is agreeable to notice that people are looking for their modern appliance in a match like when it is applied to mix match outfits. Yes, it is actually happening and there are plenty of models you can search for! Whether it is your waffle maker, coffee maker, or toasters and from the modern to vintage model style, you can find them easily.

As for your reference, Keenstone WT-330 and TangN 8150BE is one among the classy vintage group of two-slice toasters. You can get a toaster that is beautiful and functional at the same time. They both have all the qualities you need and serve the look at the same time. Find some light from our review and comparison below to get one as your favorite.

Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE Similarities

Similarities - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE

Similarities #1: Multifunctional

As an inexpensive toaster, both Keenstone WT-330 and TangN 8150BE are available with three basic functions which are bagel, defrost and cancel. One missing between these two is the reheat options. However, these three options are way better than not, right?

To help you be reminded, each of these buttons functioned like mentioned. The bagel setting to toast the bagel, of course. It will heat one side of the bagel and leave the other chewy. Defrost button is very handy to toast your frozen food. The toaster will defrost the frozen food first and then run the toast normally. The cancel button is very handy just in case you put the toaster on the wrong setting or you want to stop the toasting process before the time is up. Overall, this is such an easy of use for your daily needs.

Similarities #2: Slide-Out Tray

There is various kind of types to clean up your toaster tray. You might be familiar with the slide-out tray or drip down when the tray just easily goes down as you push the button then it opened up. Here to make your breakfast cleaning easier, both Keenstone WT-330 and TangN 8150BE are matching for their slide-out tray feature.

Both toasters come with a crumb tray you can remove easily by sliding it out. The crumb tray will catch the crumbs and you can clean it easily on the sink. You need to clean the crumb tray every time you are done using the toaster to avoid build-up. 

Similarities #3: Six Browning Option

As a medium-sized toaster, the shade settings on this toaster model are likely to start from 1 to 6 the most. Besides, the browning options and toasting buttons are one for two slots. The six-browning option is very handy not only can you adjust your level of doneness and get the perfect shade each family member likes. You can use this setting for a different type of food. The lower setting is perfect for thinner bread and the higher setting is more suitable for thicker bread.


Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE Differences

Differences - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE

Differences #1: Product Design

The design of these toasters is very different. The Keenstone WT-330 has a retro-looking retro-looking design. It will fit your vintage kitchen perfectly. It will also bring back nostalgia as if you get your grandmother to make the toast for you. The TangN 8150BE has a more modern look. Even though the side design and the color are vintage, it has a LED display that makes it look modern. Suitable for your modern-looking kitchen. 

Differences #2: LED Display

The TangN 8150BE comes with a LED countdown timer display that shows the remaining timer of the toasting process. The display does not only add a modern look to the toaster but is also very useful so you know how long you have to wait for your toast. While the Keenstone WT-330 doesn't have a display but it will pop out the toast automatically once it's done. 

Differences #3: Item Dimensions

Even though the Keenstone WT-330 has smaller dimensions which are 11,42 x 7,09 x 7,28 inches compared to the TangN 8150BE that is 12,2 x 8 x 7,4 inches, the Keenstone WT-330 is slightly heavier with 4,22 pounds in weight compared to TangN 8150BE that weighs 3,54 pounds. Heavier products are usually more stable. Especially when the Keenstone WT-330 has anti-slip rubber feet. 


Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE Comparison

Keenstone WT-330

A beautiful toaster with a retro design that will add a vintage touch to your kitchen. Not only is the toaster beautiful on the outside but also will serve you with the best experience of toast making. It is multifunctional and has six different browning options to choose from. It has extra-wide slots so you can fit a different type of bread even the thicker ones and toast it evenly. It also has a removable crumb tray that will catch all the crumbs. You can clean it easily because you can easily slide out the tray from its side and clean it on the sink. 

Sometimes, we face a problem when the toast is done and it doesn't pop out so you have to struggle to remove the bread. But you can use the lift lever and help the toast come out higher from the slot for easier removal.  It comes with three easy-to-operate buttons for the bagel, defrost, and cancel. For your safety in using them, there are built-in rubber feet to ensure stability and it has cord storage so you don't have to struggle with a messy power cord when you don't use the toaster. The toaster is made out of flame-retardant material so you can set aside your worries.

For everything in the result about Keenstone WT-330, this unique exterior toaster makes your pennyworth with its detailed instructions for each type of bread result within its toaster heat level settings. What a nice guide especially for new users! Besides, the result also comes out perfectly with its best temperature control. The ease of cleaning set makes this 2-slice toaster also noted to be better in durability.

Produk 1 - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE


  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Lift lever
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Flame retardant material


  • You may need to rotate the bread to get even browning on each side. 



TangN 8150BE

Unlike any other toaster, this one is a modern-looking toaster with an LED countdown timer display. TangN 8150BE has an LED that shows the remaining time of the toaster progress. The wavy texture on its side gives it an interesting-looking design so you can achieve both vintage looking and modern looking all in one. 

With a 1,5 inch extra wide slot, you can fit different types of food including bagels, waffles, or thick bread with 6 browning settings to set. You can use a lower setting for thinner bread and a higher setting for thicker bread. If you want to stop the toasting process before the time is up, you can press the cancel button easily. Toasting frozen food is also a lot easier with the defrost option. The removable crumb tray is also easy to access for your breezy cleaning. Also as a plus point, there is a cord wrapping storage underneath so it will be easier for you to take care of the mess afterward so your kitchen top stays nice for anyone to look up.

TangN 8150BE has a sturdy high handle making the lever lifting a lot easier. This one model is likable mostly for the ease of use with its digital display to check on your cooking time precisely and the slots do from bagel to naan well.

Produk 2 - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE


  • LED timer display
  • Sturdy handle
  • Short good cord


  • May leave a burning smell on the first use. But along with time, the smell will disappear. 






Summary - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE

Choosing a toaster is probably a little easier than other kitchen appliances. Even though you still need to think it through so you can get the best toaster that satisfies you. Other than its main function to toast, you may want to choose a toaster with a design that will match your overall home decoration. If you have a vintage aesthetic, then a retro-looking toaster is the right one for you and if you have a modern kitchen, then a toaster with a modern LED display will fit the best. You may also think about the power cord and consider how far you're going to put your toaster from the power source. Make sure that the power chord is long enough so you don't have to move it every time you want to use it. 

Here to fit you for the win between 2-slice toaster with retro looks, our recommendation pick goes to Keenstone WT-330. As for details what makes the features win is that this toaster will fit perfectly with its cute size which is way space-saving and match with the milk frother. This one is might what every young person or even elder looks up for a simple touch to the kitchen. Not only great for its design, but this toaster also works great and is available with such a neat guide for toasting heat level setting results. There is also a difference in details whether you use a sugary bread or a regular free one. The material is all metal including lever and better and the slots inside with very hard plastic on the outside for color cover so the durability is also to reckon.


FAQ Keenstone WT-330  

Does it distribute heat evenly on both sides of the bread?

The toaster tends to be hotter on one side so you may need to rotate your bread for even browning. But with the medium setting on shade 3-4, it will do the job pretty well and the unevenness is barely unseen. 

How do you turn off the bagel setting?

You can turn it off easily using the cancel button. It's the same with the defrost setting. You can use the cancel button anytime you put the toaster in the wrong setting. 

Does the bread pop up automatically when finished?

Yes, the bread will pop up automatically when it's done. If you get thicker bread stuck and do not pop out fully, you can use the lift lever to pop it up. 


FAQ TangN 8150BE

Does it have both sides toasting or one side only?

It toasts on both sides on a normal toast setting, but it toasts only one side when you turn on the bagel setting. But sometimes the toaster may be a little bit hotter on one side so you need to rotate the bread to get even browning. 

Does the display only show a timer?

No, the display shows the basic function as well. For example, if you turn on the defrost option, the display will show it. It also shows the browning setting you use. 

How to turn off the toaster correctly?

You can turn it off by pressing the cancel button first and then unplug the cord. Wait until the toaster cools down and it is safe to move or clean the toaster. 


How to Make Your Toaster Long-Lasting

Good To Know - 2 Slice Retro Toaster - Keenstone WT-330 vs TangN 8150BE

After we examine a little bit closer on toasters, you may already decide to get a toaster for your kitchen. Below are several things you need to know about the toaster so you can avoid some mistakes when using your toaster.

Don't Shove Too Much Food to your Toaster

Each toaster has its maximum capacity. Some toasters have wide slots so you can fit thicker bread. But you better not shove too much food beyond its maximum capacity cause it will only cause trouble. The food will be stuck for sure and your toaster won't work properly the next time you use it. So please be wise and don't force your toaster to toast food more than it can handle. 

Don't Use Toaster on Its Side

For some reason, some people would turn their toaster on its side and toast that way. This is unnatural for the toaster. A toaster is designed to work upright. When you use it on its side, the toaster changes the way it heats and cooks. It will lead to several problems from uneven browning to more serious ones such as causing shorting that may cause a fire. 

Don't Force your Toaster to do Other Cooking Task

A toaster is a simple appliance whose main purpose is to toast. If you want to use your toaster for a long time, you better take good care of your toaster and this includes not forcing it to do other cooking tasks other than toasting. Even when it seems tempting to use your toaster to make sandwiches and grill your cheese, you better do it using other kitchen appliances and not break your toaster. If you like to add butter, cheese, or jam to your toast, please add it after toasting. 


Bottom Line

Starting your morning with a perfect toast for breakfast is great. Make it easier by getting one of those toasters. It will save you some time on your busy morning routine and complement your kitchen decoration. 




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