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Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122

For some people, besides waffles and warm healthy lentils or oatmeals, having toasts in the morning has been part of their morning ritual. Since they were a kid, their parents prepared the toasts which color and consistency are somewhat funny. Some of them prefer to have an almost burnt one and some the brown one and the level of crunchiness is one-of-a-kind. To make the toasts faster, they use a toaster that will pop the bagels out of the slots. There are also two types of toaster, the 2-slice and 4-slice toaster.

Here belown Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 are some of the choices you can pick as your toaster to explore. With its basic design and high-function 2-slice toaster, not only will you reminisce about the time eating breakfast with your parents, but also make your kitchen really like home.

What both Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 have

#1 Two-slice toasts capacity

Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 come with a side-to-side slot for 2 toasts. These two are enough if you live by yourself or with 2 other people in the house. It still makes the toasting process faster than when you flip it through a pan. Also, the browning result comes on both sides of the bread for the toasting mode. The lever is high too if your foods are pocket-size. 

Similarities - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122

#2 Slide-out crumb tray

Both Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 have a removable crumb tray on the back of the device. Thus, it makes the toasters easy to clean. To do the job, you just need a paper towel or damp cloth. If your liking is with the butter while toasting, you can do so. If it is clean, you can still get the nutrition that is good for your tummy. 


What makes Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 different from each other

Differences - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122

#1 Toasting settings

The first difference between Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 is the toasting controller. Amazon Basics, as you can read from the brand itself, has the most basic setting from the era. There are only 3 settings; cancel, frozen, and bagel. The cancel button is as simple as ending the session when you feel like you are ready to eat the toast. The frozen button is for defrosting and the bagel one is for heating the cut side of the bread.

Cuisinart CPT-122 has more settings. The first one is for a bagel, which will result in only the upper half of the bread being toasted. Then defrost for frozen bread, reheat to keep warm without burning the bread, and lastly cancel to stop the toaster completely.

#2 Shade settings

Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 equip with a turn-around shade setting. Both are adjustable, so you will get the brown and crisp as you want. But, CPT-122 has a lot more than Amazon Basics. There are 7 levels on Cuisinart and only 6 on Amazon. But, the function is after all still the same, as when you turn to 1-2 levels, the color is not as dark as 6-7. This is one of the functions that can enhance the flavor of the toasted bread. If you like the bitterness of a burnt toast, you can turn it to the highest level.

#3 Product dimension

The last difference between Amazon Basics and Cuisinart CPT-122 is the size of the product. Since the settings in CPT-122 are a lot, it is obvious that Cuisinart is heavier than Amazon Basics. Amazon has 10.7 x 6.42 x 7.56 inches in size and 2.17 pounds for the weight. Meanwhile, Cuisinart CPT-122 is 6.5 x 11 x 7 inches and the weight is 2.6 pounds. As a result, the slots of Cuisinart’s are wider than Amazon’s. Yet, you can still get the bread if the pieces are small with the lift lever. 



Amazon Basics

This one can be your choice for the brand's product to purchase from the shopping cart. Amazon Basics is a perfect choice if you like a toaster that is easy and simple to use. Aside from its budget-friendly for such a 2-slot toaster, you will have a more peaceful morning. It is because there is no noise produced from the device while working plus you still can get your warm chocolate or coffee to go. It’ll probably pop out the bread from the slots, then you can lift the lever if the bagels are small. 

You can adjust the color and crisp from the 6-level shade settings. Then, you are free to toast some specific bread, like a bagel and frozen food, or finish the toasting process still with 1 button each, yet you can still toast other bread, such as English Muffin, boxed waffles, and pop tarts with the multifunction buttons available. After you’ve finished toasting, you can clean the crumbs through the slides tray on the back of the toaster. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Its simplicity is mirrored from the design; it looks like you bring your childhood but with today’s silk and sturdy design. Then, when you carry this out, it is very light since it is only 2.17 pounds. It looks elegant when you put it in the kitchen or home office, pantry, basically anywhere you like. So, this is good for those who use this for casual family toasting activity rather than a large party or such.

Produk 1 - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122


  • Quiet, affordable, and compact design toaster.
  • Toasting settings are easy to use for all ages.
  • The versatility is unbelievable; from a bagel, boxed waffle, and strudel.


  • Be aware of only half-side toasting the loaf.
  • If this is your second time purchasing a toaster, you can look for other high-tech settings.


Cuisinart CPT-122

Cuisinart CPT-122 is another one of the kind with a simple design, yet high-level in function. The white color gives the modesty even more. This is really something you can have as a replacement or a gift for a new couple. The presets and other features will surprise you for a 2-side toaster.

The shade setting is the first thing that you check out, isn’t it? There are 7 levels that you can control the color of the bread while toasting; 1-2 is for a lighter color, 3-5 is for medium or golden to brown, and 6-7 is dark or almost burnt. There is also a 7 cooking presets in other Cuisinart device that brought as toaster-ovens. You can also toast foods other than a loaf of bread. There are 3 settings and 1 cancel button that you can always press when you need to. The first one is for the bagel, then continue to defrost, and reheat for a zero browning. It has been proven that you can twist the shade settings for the defrost too; 1-2 for refrigerated bread and thinner frozen foods like pancakes, 3-5 for pastries, waffles, french toast, and bagels, 6-7 for thicker foods like non-refrigerated bagels, sliced baguette, and thick french toast.

If you want to clean up the crumb tray, don’t forget to plug off the cable first. The tray is located on the backside of the toaster. You can clean it with a wet cloth or a dry one is enough to wash the tray. It is also safe to turn the toaster upside down to get rid of the crumbs in the slots. With such an affordable price, this versatile toaster is the one you want to share with your family at breakfast and colleagues at a short break. You can have this in your own kitchen or back room.

Produk 2 - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122


  • Straightforward toaster-has all basic toasting settings, with a modern design of a toaster.
  • Easy to clean, has a crumb tray that you can always throw away the residue after using it.
  • Wide slots for thick and wider loaves and bagels.


  • Toasting under a cabinet is not advisable. So you still need an open space to toast with this one.
  • For a number of people, the slot is too small and if you live on your own, it can be too big.


Our Pick

Summary - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122

Both kinds of the affordable and easy-to-use toaster are 2 in a hundred choices for your next purchase to fill the kitchen and get some delicious breakfast every morning. Still, not only is it simple to operate for anyone and cheap, but also easy to clean. You can clean it on both crumb tray and slots with a soft cloth. It must be lightweight, so you can put it anywhere, whereas the function is flexible too for any straightforward occasion. The adjustable temperature control is enough to make your bread more crunchy and has a perfect brown color from the toasting process, along with the life lever that makes it possible to toast small and slender bread. 

Here for your purchase recommendation, our pick preferably choose Cuisinart CPT-122. This 2 slice toaster was such a best fit. The size of the slot is just great with 5 inches deep with 5 1/2 inches long. The exterior design is also likeable with its white and black color to add elegant and simple touch in your kitchen. The multiple toasting functions are also better in the class of 2 slice toasters and excite not only your taste buds, but also your whole moods ahead afterwards. Overall features are best in ease of use and cleaning, versatile as well with easy temperature control that makes your bread or bagel toasted evenly. This Cuisinart CPT-122 will delightly present you a beautiful toast every time you crave it.


FAQ Amazon Basics

What can we toast from this one toaster?

You can do some basic toasting like toast, bagels, English muffins, pop tarts, and waffles. Unfortunately, this vertical toaster can’t make grilled cheese.

How can we know it’s done toasting?

Unlike any newest technology of a toaster, this one doesn’t “ding'' itself when the toasting is ready. It'll just pop out from the 2 slots. 

Can I use only one slot?

Sure! You can just put one bagel or toast to either one of the slots. It still works perfectly with the brown and crips as you want.


FAQ Cuisinart CPT-122

How’s the result of pressing the Bagel button?

It will toast on both sides when you press the Bagel button, the same as when you toast any regular bread. This should be your replacement with the old one.

Is this easy to clean?

This toaster is accessible to clean the bread crumb through the slides tray on the back, as well as the residue in the slots. If your preference is spreading some butter on the bread, the drip will feel sticky on the tray, but you can still brush it off.

Does this have automatic power?

Whenever you have finished toasting the bagels or English muffins, the device will automatically off. You will see it pop out without any ringing sound.


Good to Know: What Makes Your Toaster Worth?

Good To Know - 2 Slice Toaster - Amazon Basics vs Cuisinart CPT-122

In fact, toasters were invented over a century ago. This has been proven as one of the kitchen appliances that will make your life easier. Obviously, the one and only function of this device are to make a rich crunch and brown color on the bread, bagels, and so on. Since then, many manufacturers develop technology to give you something almost like a cooking device that is faster, versatile, but still affordable.

A basic toaster and toaster oven

As has been mentioned before, there are various features of a toaster. The most popular one is the vertical one, but there is also the one that looks like an oven, or even the oven has the setting for toasting. The vertical toaster is high in demand because it is slender than the toaster oven. For flexibility, the oven one is still on the shopping list.

The slots

Mostly, there are 2 to 4 slots that you can choose before you purchase the toaster. It should fit your needs and your countertop size in some cases. But if it has tempting features, why should you resist having one?

A place to live in the kitchen

Depending on the brand, the size also affects the environment around the corner. If there are cabinets in your kitchen, consider buying one that fits with space. It also works the same if the countertop is spacious for a 2-slot or 4-slot toaster.

With a “ding” or without

Usually, the old design has no alarming sound when the toasting has finished. So, to know the toast is already toasted, it will pop out of the slots. The new technology one will ring when it pops out.

Toasting controllers

The controllers are not just the bagel, toast, and defrost buttons, but also the lever and others that are safe to touch. If they are easy to touch and clean, then it should be your second priority after the specs.


Bottom Line

Who doesn’t long for a crunchy bagel in the mornings? With a toaster, you will have more relaxation before starting the day by having 2 slices of toasts in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. This is also a great increment in the kitchen or home office. Grab your favorite now to the cart before it's too late!



5 Questions to Answer Before Buying a Toaster

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