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Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD

You might have realized that breakfast has become the key to your better eating habit. Many of us nowadays, during this fast pace era, is likely to have breakfast at one time with lunch. Namely, we know brunch. Yet, there might be something caused in the long term when you keep skipping your breakfast. You can easily crave something that is unhealthy and most of the time you eat more sugar and junk foods as some kind of snack. In the long term, you could feel headaches and dizziness easily plus get your acidity in your stomach increased. Most people would also think that if you are on a diet or about to lose some weight, you can skip breakfast yet this is also the cause of weight gain. See how it can affect your whole day and lifestyle?

There are various kinds of breakfast you could choose from, from cereal, waffles to toast. Toast is likely to be the best one to serve with its slightly brought more energy along with your beverage preference from hot milk, tea, chocolate, or coffee in the morning. It is also easy to get your toast done especially when you have a toaster. You will be able to save time with one setting rather than getting a grilled pan with butter on top of it.

Below we brought to you a review and comparison between Amazon Basics vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD as a 4 slot toaster as your best options among many. Check out more and get one that is best for you.


Amazon Basics vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD Similarities

Similarities - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD

Similarities #1: Three Controls

Similar features presented on both Amazon Basics vs Black+Decker TR4900SSD are on its three settings of cooking controls. These are to defrost the bread, process bagels, and also to cancel the toasting process. To do that, it only needs to press the buttons placed on the front. Also, it is available for each slot. Unlike many other models, the cooking options only have that works for both slots at once. Along with this, you will be able to get your bread toast evenly at the same time with your bagels on the other slot. Killing two birds with one stone!

Similarities #2: Removable Crumb Tray

The mess most toasters usually made is the crumbs. Whether it is stuck between the slots or as it goes up and splattered around the machine. So this does make another work after for you to clean up the mess. Luckily, these products already include a removable crumb tray for your convenience in cleaning.

It is placed at the bottom of the toaster, so you can easily pull the try out to clean up all the crumbs. That also makes the cleaning process much easier. At the same time, your countertop will never get messed up.


Amazon Basics vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD Differences

Differences - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD

Differences #1: Browning Settings

As you may have been familiar, the browning settings feature will get you the right crisp and brownie toast you wish to eat from your plate. The Amazon Basics offer 6 browning settings to get the wanted crispness levels. On the other side, the BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD have 7 browning settings for your daily breakfast routine.

Differences #2: Item Dimensions and Power

The fact that both of these 4 slot toasters actually only have a slight difference within its dimensions, this still matters. You might take this to concern your space to get your coffee maker and toaster fit just right on your countertop.

Here the 4 slot toaster from Amazon Basics works with 1600 watts in power and 120 volts. The item dimension is presentable in 11.8 x 12 x 7.8 inches. Meanwhile the Black+Decker TR4900SSD is available with 1500 watts and same voltage at 120 volts.


Amazon Basics vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD Comparisons

Amazon Basics 4-Slot Toaster

As the top 20 toasters on the Amazon best seller rank, Amazon Basics 4-Slot Toaster might be the best among various toasters you could give a shot. With the price for under $50 and medium sized, this toaster could set your breakfast in a snap. In detail, this model is brought in about 12 inches long with 8 inches wide depth. This model is considered to be pretty weight among its type with weights around 5,3 pounds.

Amazon Basics 4-Slot Toaster is available to make your toast and bagel defrost and perfectly cooked with 6 browning settings. So you can get your perfect kind of golden brown toast and bagel with your toppings great in picture and taste. If you like to keep your kitchen cabinet neat, the cord of this toaster can work securely and neat with the perfect length in usage.

The dimensions of this toaster is likely to be under 10 inches and weighs around 5,3 pounds. Still this one is highly recommended with its all good basic in use, temperature control and perfectly suits for you who look for a modern look toaster in a friendly price.

Produk 1 - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD


  • Cord wrap for storage and secure use
  • Quick and even heat spread
  • Great value for price and vintage style


  • The size is a bit bulk and heavy
  • 6 browning settings



The BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD is considered as a compact toaster with great multifunctions. This one bulk but loight toaster is presented in 10 inches long and 11 inches wide, with 3,48 pounds of weight. That is considered as a compact design of a 4-slot toaster. It will save you not only time but also space. That is really a good choice of toaster.

This model is brought with very good designs and displays. At each side of the slots, there are three buttons plus one knob. The buttons are used to control the functions of the toaster. It offers three main functions. If you want to have a bagel, then you tap the bagel button. If you want to defrost a frozen bread or any other treats, you press the frozen button. But, if you want to stop the toasting process, you can cancel it at any time. The knob placed down the functions buttons has seven options for the settings. So, you can control what your toast is like to the most favorite crispness.

Unlike any other model,  this toaster has extra-wide slots. This machine is equipped with a slightly wider slot than the other kinds of toasters at the same type. That makes you have even more options for the meals to toast, you can choose bagels or even thick breads. The feature will accommodate almost all the toasted treats types. The other good feature is that this toaster also has the extra lift-extended levers. With this feature, the toasted meal will be lifted a bit higher so then you can reach it out without touching the heat of the toaster.

Produk 2 - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD


  • Bulky but lightweight
  • 7-browning settings
  • Wider slots


  • No cord storage




Summary - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD

To look back on the very first point of getting your breakfast is way more simple and still healthier, there are various ways of it. As long as you don’t skip your breakfast. You can choose to get a juicer, a waffle maker and a toaster. Fresh milk and cereal were not a bad idea yet isn’t it sounds better to get your drink accompanied with a fresh toasted sourdough bread or whole wheat bread. Besides, to spread your bread with butter or homemade jam sounds delish, right? Then here we give you a recommendation to pick between these two 4-slot toaster.

Our recommendation pick likely goes for BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD. The reason is not only because it is rated good by all the user reviews. This toaster is a great use for daily and looks better and nice in design with its stainless steel design touch. The slots are also wider and higher with extra lift so you can avoid getting your fingertips burnt. Since the temperature control setting is up to 7, you can set it better under the mid or get the mid setting to prevent your toast going all roasted.


FAQ Amazon Basics 

What country is this toaster made in?

Basically the whole parts are made in China. But, it is assembled in the USA.

Does it have a cool touch and easy lift?

The exterior of the toaster surface is cool to touch. If you want to grab the toasted bread, you can just take it after the bread is lifted.

Does it smell like burnt plastic?

The toaster is packaged with so much plastic to make it safer. If you are going to use it for the first time, you need to make sure that all the plastics are removed. So then, the toaster will never smell any plastic. If it does, then it is most likely there are still plastics left.



Where on the toaster does the cord come out of? 

The toaster is not equipped with a retractable plug. So, it needs to be plugged in as the cord comes out. The cord is placed at the bottom right side and it is slightly closed to the back of the toaster.

 How long is the cord?

The toaster is considered to have a longer cord. Approximately, it is 12 to 18 inches long.

How long are the slots?

The toaster slot is quite big. It is 5.25 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and also 4.5 inches deep.


Good to Know: Types of Toasters

Good To Know - 4-Slot Toaster - Amazon Basics  vs BLACK+DECKER TR4900SSD

Who doesn’t like a sweet and nice warm breakfast quick in prep but still tastes great after all? Of course we all do. Among many kitchen appliances to get your busy day started earlier and quicker, you could think to get a nice toaster at home. Cereal is great yet we do believe that a few bites of toast or fresh baked bagel in the morning can’t be resisted. Here is why you need this compact kitchen appliance.

However, you need to be careful when choosing the best toasters because there are many kinds of toasters that have very particular functions and purposes. Toasters come in various sizes and types. Below are the three main basic types of toaster you need to know.

Two-slice Toasters

This kind of toaster is claimed to be the most popular toasters ever produced. One main thing is that this toaster is designed in a fairly compact size so that it will fit to any size of kitchens. Also, it offers limited controls so then it can save you much more time. Lastly, it is considered as the cheaper because it only offers two slots. If you live alone and limited to get spaces in the kitchen, this toaster type suits you the most.

Four-slice Toasters

The four-slice toasters are meant for a larger household. It means this can accommodate more breads or any other treats more perfectly. With the 4-slots available, you can get four breads toasted and ready to eat only by one press. But, it comes with a larger size, power and also higher prices. But the functions is way more beneficial such as it can defrost and toast various kinds of bread better than the two-slice toaster.

Long-slot Toasters

Long-slot toasters are most likely similar with the four-slot toasters. This type of toaster offers four slots but it is placed to be put in two longer slots. Each slot can accommodate two slices of bread. It is actually not that common toaster but if you want to get a slimmer size, this can be your piece.

Toasters are indeed what you need to make sure that you get good nutrition for your whole day consumption without losing much time preparing it. Having a clear picture on the types of toasters can really help you to find the best one for you. But, if you are up to the four-slot toasters, then those two products can be your best options.





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