5 Best Budget Deep Fryers Under $100

Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Who doesn’t love fried chicken? And all those juicy tastes from the drumsticks and above them all fried food, the almighty crunchy french fries. Deep frying food is the best, indeed. Enjoying every bite of crisp and crunch of it sounds sweet to the ears.

You might be familiar with making deep-fried foods using cooking pots with lots, like really a lot of oils. Well, don't you remember how messy it was? You might not use this one cooking appliance as much as those pots. However, a deep fryer at home can be such a convenience every time it's needed.

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5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100

Here we have compiled the 5 best budget deep fryers under $100 to get you straight to solve these home cook deep frying things.

1. Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer 4.0L

Secura 1700-Watt - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100If what you are looking for is a deep fryer with a big enough capacity with ease of use, Secura Deep Fryer is presented with a 4-liter capacity to bring enough friends snacks, and food at the same time. This deep fryer has 2 side-by-side baskets with an extra size large basket included. The next feature brought with is the clasps on the basket. This will help you rest your foods without any messy drips around.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100The temperature control is also adjustable within 250 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit with odor-filter as well. Then you will have a window on top of the lid to make sure your food gets its perfect golden brown color and cook them all once evenly. The timer setting is up to 60 minutes with auto shut-off and signal bell. No need to worry about getting this stainless steel deep fryer too hot because there are cool touch handles on the lid and both sides.

This 1700 watts deep fryer is easy to set and disassemble to clean, which the baskets and oil tank is dishwasher safe, plus no hassle to store in your kitchen. So you can grab this deep fryer whenever you need it.


  • 2 small baskets and 1 large basket included.
  • The large cool-touch handle is a plus convenience to use.


  • The temperature control is on average level.
  • The timer feature can be distracting as it goes off at the same time as the fryer.


">2. Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep FryerPresto 05411 GranPappy - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100

GranPappy Deep Fryer comes with a slotted scoop so you can drain your fried foods easily outright from inside. This deep fryer is one kind of bucket model for your convenience of use and store on your kitchen countertop near the food steamer.

Produk 2 - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100This small appliance heats up quickly with its 1500 watts of electricity needed. The basket material is non-stick on both inside and out along with flat surface basket for easy cleaning. Also for your secure cooking time, it is also equipped with skid-resistant rubber feet. There is only one set temperature within this fryer, yet it still cooks at the right temperature for your pleasure.

GranPappy Deep Fryer might not come in a grand size appliance but is available to serve your fried foods grandly and juicy. The filter oil will also help you save your cost since you can reuse the oil with the lid to keep them inside in the fridge with no odor out. This might be your perfect company on RV camp or at your dorm to complete your snack and chill time with friends.


  • Easy to use to make small portions.
  • It easily heats up approximately within 5 to 10 minutes.


  • No temperature setting and light indicator, so you might need to take a closer look delicately while cooking.


">3. National Presto 05461 National Presto - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100

When you think it is nearly impossible to get your meals balanced, to be fried and steamed with one appliance, a deep fryer also surprises you with this feature. This is as presented in National Presto 05461.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100The 8 cup food capacity makes you able to cook for the whole family with one cooking time. This electric appliance is powered with 1800 watts immersion element for a quick preheat and prevents any oil burnt. There is also a signal light indicator to get you set into the dipping frying your food! Be ready to hear that crispy sizzling with no splatter since this model comes with a splatter shield on the cover filter too.

You can simply adjust the temperature and the temperature works fine to make your fried food at its best; crispy outside, juicy inside. Regarded in the top 20 best seller deep fryers, National Presto 05461 is indeed one class of simple and good quality durable ones to bring along on your kitchen countertop.


  • Versatile basket use so you can make not only fried foods but also steaming.
  • It could reach 375 degrees and maintains heat without burning the oil.


  • You might need a lot of oils to fry to get the whole thing sunk without passing the max level.


4. T-fal Deep Fryer

T-fal Deep Fryer - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100 -replace

Of course, you have been introduced to saving fewer oil fryers, yet has it been filtered in the right way inside? This question is being answered with the T-fal Deep Fryer feature, the oil filtration system. Through its EZ filtration system, your used oil will be cleaned on the bottom storage of the machine. Only with a single knob turn, it ensures the oil you reused is left unpolluted with crumbs or burning oil.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100

Of course, you have been introduced to saving fewer oil fryers, yet has it been filtered in the right way inside? This question is being answered with the T-fal Deep Fryer feature, the oil filtration system. Through its EZ filtration system, your used oil will be cleaned on the bottom storage of the machine. Only with a single knob turn, it ensures the oil you reused is left unpolluted with crumbs or burning oil.

This basket deep fryer is fit to serve a large batch with a viewing window on the lid to get a perfect sight of how you want it done. It is also easy for you to clean up because the parts exclude the heating element is dishwasher friendly.


  • Steady temperature to get your fried foods in adjustable control.
  • The filtration system provides an easy to clean and remove storage oil.


  • The size can make a lot of portions but a bit bulky to store.


">5. Presto 05420 FryDaddy Presto 05420 FryDaddy - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100

Presto 05420 FryDaddy is one super minimalist deep fryer. The model presented as your solution for a limited space area. The length and width dimensions are under 10 inches with only 7 inches height and could fit into your kitchen cabinet. So, when not in use, it doesn’t fill up your minimalist-style kitchen. It is also lightweight and only needs 1200 watts of electricity.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100This bucket-style deep fryer heats up quickly after you plug, the temperature will be maintained automatically during the rest of your cooking. For the capacity, it can serve up to 4 people or with four cups of oil to cook. Along in the package of this minimalist FryDaddy, you will get a handy scoop to lift and drain the oil with no mess.

The compact size and non-stick material use bring you a peaceful time to clean them up! It is easy to use so you can set aside the old times of deep frying in the pot afterward. Presto 05420 FryDaddy also giftable for your newlywed friends or for your loved ones for their journey on living alone far from home.


  • You can use less amount of oil inside than any deep fryers model.
  • Compact size but make large batches as well up to 4 people at one time.


  • The lid can't be used as a cover when frying.

FAQ Deep Fryers

What can you do with the used oil?

On the first note, you can reuse your oil once or twice depending on what's from being cooked. You can let it cool right away to room temperature and store them in a container or glass jar for best storage in cool dry.

Do you need to use certain oil inside?

It is best to use canola oil or neutral-flavored oil such as soybean oil. This to avoid any burning oil since the deep fryers heats up quickly.

How do you clean deep fryers?

In order to get your deep fryers clean thoroughly, it is better to get a removable basket and frying pan so you can manually wash and rinse. Or you can put them in the dishwasher. However, you need to take notes on each product's details if they are friendly to be put in.

How long does it take to drain oil?

If you happen to get a deep fryer with a basket and handle, it usually takes up to 10 to 20 minutes to dry the oil. When your deep fryer is a bucket style, you need to drain them with a paper towel so it will reduce the oil quicker.

How to Get The Perfect Fried Food

How to Get The Perfect Fried Food - 5 Best Budget Deep Fryers under $100

Now before you start dipping your batch into the deep fryer, you might also want to know how to get the perfect fried food. Here below we have compiled some tips and tricks to bring you one.

Choose the right oil

From olive oil to soybean oil, cooking oil also has a lot of variants to bring the right flavor to the uniqueness of your food. As well as getting it done for your fried foods, using the right oil types does matter. It is better to use neutral-flavored oil such as peanut, sunflower, safflower or soybean. Because butter and extra-virgin olive oil will make your fried food taste bitter and it will make your frying foods burnt easily.

The temperature

Not only the amount of oil to get your food sunk in the fryer basket, but the temperature also takes part in getting your foods cooked evenly and reaching their best crisp. There are some deep fryers that have adjustable temperature knobs and some already have a default setting to reach 175 Celsius degrees (375 Fahrenheit degrees). You need to get your oil hot first to avoid greasy soggy fried foods.

Use a helping tool to fry

Remember, not only to prevent an accident when you fry, the use of tongs or spoon saves you more time in cleaning too. As you use them, you will get less splashing oil. It is better to save your fingers from getting fried without dropping the food or batter right into the oil bare hands.4. 

Small batches first

The common experience you must have in deep frying probably this, the food is glued within each other. Therefore, it is better to cook in small pieces first so you can separate each one of them inside the fryer basket, especially when you fry chicken or donuts.

Don’t forget to excess the oil fat

Of course, when you love fried foods you know the consequences are about gaining more pounds. Therefore, to avoid too much oil in the food, you need to excess the oil the right way. First you can use a spatula or slotted metal spoon and put them on top of paper towels. Next for bites it will also make a better crisp and crunchy sound of your golden brown fried foods.

No more things to wait. Save these tips and tricks for your deep-frying exploration with your best choice now!

Bottom Line

Getting the right budget deep fryers is not only because it is cheap but also useful for long-term use. Remember to take care of your small appliance so you can brag within the next generation for a classic style deep fryer for their era. Last note for our recommendation pick of the best budget deep fryers, with the best feature overall, goes to T-fal Deep Fryer

The capacity of this deep fryers ideal enough even if you live alone. The portion cooked great for single to medium sized portions. The oil filtration system also makes it easier for you to get a clean used oil. The viewing window is also placed conveniently without being covered by the lid handle or too small. Even if the size might be too big, it is easy to assemble and clean as the parts can go to the dishwasher.



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