5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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What do you like the most about your kitchen? Is it the modern air fryer oven or the one time flip waffle maker? Among all that, if you like making something with flour and most sweets, a baking appliance is what you are looking for the most.

Baking is fun and there is a lot of interesting processes we will witness, just like a science experiment. Thus why having a stand mixer is a must for most households. If you still have in mind that the price is not budget-friendly, we want to prove that you can still have the one with the best of the best versatility and durability. Are you thinking about giving a present to your home cook parents or friends? Here are your answers.

Aucma Stand Mixer 6.5Qt Tilt-Head

Aucma Stand Mixer 6.5Qt Tilt-Head - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

Aucma 6.5QT stand mixer is your family’s happy pill. With its price, you can endlessly make food, for snacks, holidays, and feasts. If you’re running a home bakery, this is your number 1 cooking supporter after your loving medium size food processor. You can invite them to make the bread together, as one will carry the mixer and you will find out how light it is.

The 660W copper motor can operate from P, 0 to 6 speed. Worry no more about the mess it could look like. You will have 1 splash guard that you can lock on the mixer, along with 3 attachments; balloon whisk, hook and mixing beater. The noise tolerance is 76dB. You can still hear your mom’s calling from afar.

Moving on to another important attachment of the mixer, the stainless steel mixing bowl that has 6.5 QT capacity with handles on 2 sides. Thus, it is easy to clean whenever you want to take out the bowl from the mixer. Making cookies, bread, cakes, and many more will be easier and running smoothly since the mixer can tilt the head, making it accessible to adjust the ingredients and scrape the dough.

If you are looking for a replacement for your 1-decade stand mixer, this one with 4 anti-slip pads is the great one. With its cute color choices, you might as well give this as a Mother's day gift.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200Pros

  • The body is sturdy, thus durable yet lightweight, and still, a perfect size to feed your family.
  • Along with its strong build, the power is tenacious, with the easy-to-adjust power option.
  • The knob has a light, in case you almost forgot to plug the mixer.


  • The cord is limited only to America’s standard cord.
  • You still need to scrap the dough because the beater doesn’t reach until the very bottom of the bowl.


Cusimax Tilt-Head Dough Mixer

Cusimax Tilt-Head Dough Mixer - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

There are many activities you can do as family bonding, whether it is indoor or outdoor. In some circumstances, like a global pandemic or extreme weather, it must be nearly impossible to go outside. So rather than spending so much time relaxing in bedroom, Cusimax dough mixer is going to be your next at-home activity. Let them help you to clean the parts, as they are easy to clean. Cooking and a mess is normal and fun. Are you ready to get to know a stand mixer for those who're just addicted to baking?

The 5 QT stainless steel mixing bowl has one ear-like handle. You can buckle the splash guard on top of the mixer’s attachments, in case you want to pour in the eggs through the feeding port. There are the most versatile and easy-to-install whisk, dough hook, and mixing beater. All of them are the match for both dry and wet ingredients, vegetables, and potatoes.

The truth is, the speed is very friendly for beginners. The 1000W motor is combined with the Min, Mid, and Max speeds. The lowest one is for combining the dough, Min-Mid for mixing the salad, cookie dough, and mashed potatoes, and Mid-Max is for whipped cream and beating egg whites. On the bottom, there are the anti-slip suction cups. As a result, the noise is tolerable.

As a good grandmother, you always love to cook for your grandkids, don’t you? With the 5QT Cusimax stand mixer, you are able to make the most memorable holiday foods. It’s never too late on how to bake too.

Produk 2 alt - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200Pros

  • Durable of its price, best for occasional use, and still easy to store.
  • Attachments are easy to clean and replace one another and mix everything evenly.
  • The power is great for both wet and dry ingredients.


  • Mediocre quality of the attachments’ material, since they can leave some scratches.
  • It is better to make a large batch of batter or dough otherwise the dough won’t be mixed evenly.


Kuccu 6 QT Electric Stand Mixer

Kuccu 6 QT Electric Stand Mixer - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

Everybody wants to have the experience of owning one top-brand and expensive appliance, from modern laser printer to kitchen appliance like mixer. With Kuccu Stand Mixer, your dream comes true. Now you don’t have any hesitation to let the kids take the wheel to do the experiments because cooking is science, after all.

With its 660W power, there are 6 speeds plus the P option for evenly mix and delicate mixture. There’s the blue light as the power indicator when you’ve plugged the mixer. The 1-3 speed is for a dough hook, 2-4 is more specific for medium-heavy batter like cookies, and 5-6 is strictly for a whisk, as to beat the white eggs. That is why the noise is still friendly but the power is extreme. 

The stainless steel 6 QT capacity of the bowl has handles, making it easier to lift up, and finally, touch down the dough to be what you want. Alongside the hook, beater, and wire whip, there’s the pouring shield that has a flowing canal to pour in the additional ingredients. You will also get 2 bonuses; a rubber spatula and yolk separator.

To keep this intact, you can read the manual before you get down to the business. You must wash all of the parts by hand. Thus, you can use the top-tier-feeling mixer anytime and for everyone.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200Pros

  • The safety feature includes the lock for the tilt-head.
  • There are free recipes in the manuals that you can try as starters, along with a free spatula and egg separator.
  • The light on the dial makes you comfortable before mixing the ingredients.


  • Attachments are not dishwasher friendly, as a result, hand wash is better yet messier.
  • The material from the attachments is average. Might as well rinse it just with water and a soft sponge.


HOWORK 8.45 QT Electric Stand Mixer

HOWORK 8.45 QT Electric Stand Mixer - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

You’re probably looking for the larger capacity but still affordable of a stand mixer. And finally, you find HOWORK Stand Mixer here. This is the gift for your improved baking skills, and might as well the replacements for your small business. After this, cooking for a large party for Christmas is possible as well in match with a non-stick multicooker device.

Accompanied by the 8.45QT size of the stainless steel mixing bowl, the 660W power has 6+0+P speed and the light indicator on the knob to tell you if it’s ready. There are 3 attachments you can use based on the speed; +6 is for the whisk, +4 beater, and +3 dough hook. It is common to feel some heat whenever the mixer has been running for a long period of time. As a solution to minimize the excess heat, this stand mixer from HOWORK is equipped with a radiating heat vent.

Despite the large volume of the mixing bowl, the mixer is tilt-head for your energy-saving when you cook for a large party. As a result, no spills and mess because the bowl is wider and taller and you can try many different recipes with 1 device in a day, in case you are really that addicted. 

This is also the one that is for a birthday present to your loved ones or to congratulate them on their achievement. The color is so elegant to be on the countertop.

Produk 4 alt - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200Pros

  • Despite the large capacity, the power still remains silent, so you can hear other voices while turning on the mixer.
  • Since the bowl is big, plus the splash shield, there won't be any mess around the mixer.
  • The suction cups are anti-skid and there are handles on the bowl-those mark the safety.


  • If you want to have this also to be a kitchen decoration, you don’t have many color options.
  • Considering the size of the bowl, it is not recommended to incorporate a small volume.


Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 4 QT

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 4 QT - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

Ultimately, we’ve come to the last affordable stand mixer that still has the 5-star quality of its kind. Please welcome Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer, with the capacity of 4 QT. this is such the one you’re looking for, especially newbies. Also like the low price toaster from Hamilton Beach, it is presented with a maximum quality you can get despite the price. Let’s find out more.

Empowered by a 300W motor, there are 7 speeds this has. For those who are new to the baking world, you must be happy with the mixing guide under the tilt-up head, from stirring to whipping. Correct, there’s the handle to lift up the mixer, making your cooking experience such a breeze. 

You’re still excited for more easiness of this product. The 3 attachments; the hook, whisk, and flat beater plus the splash shield are dishwasher friendly. All of the results of the mixing process are too good to be true.

Lucky for you if this one is for your present, or if this is your first time having a stand mixer ever. You can beat the next level of baking and become an expert while just staying at home.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200Pros

  • Family-friendly size and lightweight, best for spending time with loved ones.
  • You get what you pay for; still with the excellent quality of a stand mixer.
  • Compact design and quick to clean, so if you have limited space in the kitchen, this is the choice.


  • The overall quality of the attachments is not for professional bakers, rather for beginners.
  • The mixer might get hot after 5 minutes of working, as the body is made of plastic.


Frequently Asked Questions: The Best and The Most Affordable Stand Mixer

FAQ - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

Is there any replacement if one of the attachments is broken or lost?

You can always buy the replacements through the official website of the stand mixer. To keep the attachments, you can put them together in the same compartment or drawer. You can also lay them inside the mixing bowl.

How to keep the quality of the attachments, including the mixing bowl?

You have to keep the durability of all parts, so you can still pass down the stand mixer over the generation. To do so, you must have wax paper. Then, you can cover each one of the attachments. For the mixing bowl, you can simply give one sheet of paper.

When should we plug in the stand mixer?

You must plug the stand mixer before using it. If you have finished, you can unplug it back as advised by the manufacturer. It will affect the durability of the lamp on the knob if you don’t turn off the mixer completely.

How to beat egg whites properly with a stand mixer?

First things first, exactly 3 white eggs that you’ve separated the yolks with the separator. Then, pour the whites into the bowl. After that, plug the stand mixer and hook on the whisk accessory. Finally, you set it to 6 speed for 3 minutes.

How to rate the noise level?

Basically, all stand mixers produce noise. It is still tolerable if you can hear other voices, such as chatters, music, and so on. But, overall, the disturbance is reasonable.


Buying Guides: Best Stand Mixer Under $200

Buying Guide - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200


You can either just put the mixer on the tabletop or keep this in a cabinet. Therefore, you’re supposed to receive the easiness of attachment and remove the spare parts based on the snack you are making. Another case is if the stand mixer is light, you can use it almost anywhere, even when the power outlet is almost unreachable.

Mixing Speed

Besides the reasonable price, the mixing speeds are still the indicator of your next addition of a stand mixer. You will also use this for the long term, won’t you? There are numbers, such as 0 to 6 that you can add gradually, depending on the consistency of the batter. And so, it should find your reference for your next level of baking.

Family Friendly

Cooking is one of the activities you can do to spend time with the family, especially if you have kids. As parents, we have to introduce that cooking is not always fun, but also easy and quick. It is actually possible if you keep the stand mixer to be passed on to the next generation. So, the attachments are easy to clean and keep for future use.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line - 5 Best Buy Stand Mixer Under $200

Like your favorite milk frother and electric waffle maker, each of these affordable stand mixer has its own uniqueness. Their excellence is as high as the 5-star quality ones. If you are in a bakery business or just a home cook who loves their family from the bottom of the heart, under $200 non-hand mixer is an investment.

To feel a fresh baked homemade bread or fresh bite of choco cookies, the best pick from us will be KUCCU 6 QT Electric Stand Mixer. The trendy looks mixer makes win with a splash guard that not only safe the dough or any mix inside the bowl to splatter around but for the child safety reason. We all know that sometimes your kids like to do any impromptu in your baking session, so this feature is a plus to happen.

Aside from that, the 3 mixing attachment is easy to remove and clean with a perfect job done. The suction power on the bottom also secures your mixer to stand steady while it works. With this one shiny powerful unit, you can surprise your loved ones and have a more fun intimate cooking with them.

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