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Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

Cooking must be enjoyable. But, it often requires the preps, doesn't it? Like making spices stock with sharp blade food processor or taking your tools from the drawers. A lot of us must avoid the cut by using a knife or can opener. It is also a worry if our parents happen to get older and it is getting heavier for them to open a can manually. These days, there are electric can openers that you will fall in love with every day. Shall we take a look?

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA

Have you ever imagined opening a can with just one hand? Even the kids can do this on their own. This is from Hamilton Beach 76606ZA just for you. The compact design stylish like other Hamilton Beach Panini grill also can be found from the cord that you can tuck in, plus the safety feature you will experience.

You probably will adore the result. The cut is on the side, leaving no sharp edges and mess-free. You only need 3 steps to open this up. First, place the rim under the cutting tool. Then, after everything has been buckled up, press the lever until the can rotates. Finally, you can open the lid. This works with all kinds of cans, like pop-top and regular. 

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

The 26-inch cord can be stored by pushing it in. Thus, it is easy to store. If you’re still curious about the safety, there’s a lock on the lever, in case it is not in use. You might as well add this can opener on the countertop, as you can impress the elegance from the color and chrome. To keep it clean, you just need to wipe the opener anytime you want to have it fresh.

Now you’ve got the idea of a gift for your grandparents. The durability is exceptional. And of course, the noise level is calming.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can OpenerPros

  • You can store the 26-inch long cord and lock the lever, such a clean cut of its kind.
  • The result leaves no sharp edges, making it safe for anyone with little children.
  • The noise is totally tolerable, so you can continue the song you’re listening to.


  • It is sometimes hard to see if the can has opened or not.
  • You still need both hands at work; one to press the lever and another is to hold the can.


Cuisinart CCO-50BKN

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

The main reason you have a can opener is probably to minimize injuries when cooking. If that’s one of yours, then Cuisinart CCO-50BKN is here to be on your list. Being the rarest of its kind, this is the hands-down of the device. Its simplicity is carrying a 5-star worth result like the Cuisinart 7-cup food processor.

The next concern is the size of the can this will work with. This works with any standard size of the can. There’s the magnet that will hold the lid and when it’s done, it stops automatically. Can you already draw a conclusion about this quiet and easy-to-use opener tool? Hold up, there’s another jolt you must find out. 

You can clean the can opener a breeze by detaching the lever. Please be careful because there’s a blade that can cause a cut. Surprisingly, the cutting mechanism is dishwasher-friendly. You’re sort of relieved, aren’t you? The noise level and sturdiness are also the ones you wish you could keep forever.

Indeed, this works like a charm every time. A gift for the elders, just do so. For a higher level of a kitchen, this is the one addition for it.

Produk 2 - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can OpenerPros

  • You can press the lever with just one finger and it’s removable, thus you can keep it clean as always.
  • Easy to use; there's a magnet that will lock the can with the blade, works automatically, then stops when it’s all done.
  • The simplicity makes this can opener durable.


  • It cuts on the top of the can, so it may result in some sharp edges.
  • You are most likely to still hold the can opener since it is lightweight.


Kitchen Mama

Kitchen Mama - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

Today, we’ve caught 2 devices that need your hand and finger to open the can. With Kitchen Mama, it’s totally hands-free. The power comes from the batteries you insert. What a genius design of the kind.  Very compact to fit in your backpack like  X-R-Sport portable washing machine.

You will need 4 AA alkaline batteries to turn this on. Then, press one button for opening the can and it’ll turn 360 degrees.  As a result, this one is also safe to use for anyone; smooth edges. It’s even more possible to bring this to the picnic. For home use, this saves your energy after all preps and fries. You shouldn't worry about the clean-cut result. That’s the easier life you always dream of.

Since this is not the standing one, you can store this in the drawer, with the spoon and fork. See, very compact yet high-function. No more spills and accidents, so cooking is a lot of fun now. 

With the various choices of color, this must be a gift idea. Cleaning the device is without pain, too, of course. The only concern is this is not for soda cans.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can OpenerPros

  • With the batteries, you can bring this can opener for outdoor activities or just at-home ones.
  • You can keep this everywhere, like in the cabinet, drawer, and so on.
  • Leaving no sharp edges, also easy to use because you only place it on top of the can.


  • You still need to buy 4 AA alkaline batteries.
  • Only limited to flat cans. It is impossible to open a soda can with this one.


Amazon Basic

Amazon Basic - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

Let’s get back to the most basic design of an electric can opener. But don’t get it wrong, because from its simplicity, lies the compact construction of such a tool that you always rely on every time in the kitchen. This, too, stands solid on any size of the countertop. As firm and cool like the 5-cup coffee maker from Amazon Basic too.

Who doesn’t love something that is effortless? The Amazon Basic can opener is easy to use every time you want to open the can. The magnet holds the top of the lid, so it is as safe as ever. Automatic stop? Checked! The blade mechanism is detachable, meaning that you can wipe it after using. There’s no need for any fancy cleaning product.

You can deny your first thought of having this device. It must be because you want to end the messy game. After having this product, you can project your energy on something more important, like cooking the fruit pie and so on.

If you need kitchen decor, this one for you. Every edge is pretty, plus the cord house that makes it slimmer. A can with more than 510 g weight is now opened at ease.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can OpenerPros

  • Has cord storage and the blade is detachable.
  • The overall design makes your kitchen the most real one.
  • The blade is not as scary as you think. It is just a removable lever that you can press with one finger.


  • The shape of the can only for the circular and medium to large size.
  • The exterior is quite bulky for a single-function kitchen device.


Oster FPSTCN1300

Oster FPSTCN1300 - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

Finally, after the hands-free modes we have today, let’s give a look at the multifunction type of can opener. Introducing Oster FPSTCN1300, a can opener slash bottle opener that everybody must be waiting for. Without further ado, shall we take our magnifying glasses?

The can opener mode works like the previous 3 brands we’ve got. First, you have to buckle the lid of the can with the magnet. Then, press the lever with just one finger. And voila, you can open the lit smoothly. The bottle opener is located under the blade mechanism. There’s also the automatic stop after the lid is unsealed. The cord storage is on the back, under the knife sharpener.

The all-around settings influence the durability of the product. Safety is what makes the product received 4.4 stars. If you are someone who likes anything pristine, you can always wash the lever, as well as the body with a wet cloth. Simple cleaning to go like the Oster waffle maker.

To prevent any serious injury, you can read the user’s guide thoroughly. By doing so, not only can you use the device in a long term, but also can keep it still on the countertop. You will get a 1-year warranty on a single purchase.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can OpenerPros

  • Easy to use, both for can and bottle.
  • Small space-saving, with beautiful color and material.
  • The durability of the job and the design is excellent.


  • The result is leaving sharp edges.
  • Sometimes, the can opener makes trouble with the can with paper labels.


Frequently Asked Questions: Electric Automatic Can Opener

FAQ - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

Can we clean the blade?

The can opener doesn’t really show the blade. Rather, there is a wheel that we can see through. You can clean it with a brush or wet cloth both on the wheel and all over the device. It is very advisable to clean the parts, in case of the liquid from the can still attach to the blade or lever.

Does it have an unnecessary sound?

Since there is no large machine inside the can opener, there won’t be any loud noise when in use. The sound is still peaceful, too. And so, you can still continue your call or your music. Still, you have to be careful with the cans and your hands.

What kind of can that works the best?

Basically, the can opener works with the ones with a flat surface, with or without the ring. You can also use this for rectangular, oval, square standard cans. But, there is only one exception, that is with a soda can type, and please don't try on glass surfaces to eliminate serious injury.

Can we minimize the hands-on while using the can opener?

Sure! You can always leave the can opener working on its own without hesitation. It is designed to make you feel more comfortable while in the kitchen. There is always a magnet that will hold the top of the can. Some can openers also have the automatic off when it’s done.


Buying Guides: Electric Automatic Can Opener

Buying Guide - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener


The lever is the most important part of any automatic can opener. It usually connects with the blade that will open the can from a certain angle on the lid. And so, this is the one that either you will press throughout the process or just with one click, it will turn-around the can and stops automatically. 

Easy to Clean

Including an electric automatic can opener, you must clean the product at every time. To do so, the first thing you need is to detach the lever, since it is the most frequent part that you touch. It is often recommended to wipe it with a wet sponge. Then, you can cleanse the rest with the same sponge or with a cloth. You have to be careful when scrubbing the blade part.


The sturdiness of the can opener affects the durability. But, like all small appliances, this also must be still strong to hold when you move around. Whether plastic or stainless steel, it’s supposed to be strong-build. For some people, too, this device can be as kitchen decoration, especially if the function has double abilities, such as a bottle opener.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line - 5 Best Electric Automatic Can Opener

Having a can opener is actually a life-saver. There are varieties of can openers that you always rely on each day for your cooking activities. Anybody, too, can use this device without hassle. Simple to use and won't bother your space like your best budget deep fryer or ice maker machine. Such a great product to add up on the countertop or might as well to pack to outdoor picnics.

For a better experience and saving your fingers from injury, having a can opener is a must. Our recommendation pick is Kitchen mama Electric Can Opener. This can opener works with batteries inside but you don’t have to place your hands over this little spark. It is easy to use as it can surprise your mother or father plus it leaves no sharp edges. No more bloody fingers and scratches on your hands. The size is also portable so you can easily bring them anywhere to travel or as a gift for your friends who really like Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

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