5 Best Ice Cream Maker to Chill Your Days

Updated 16 Jul 2021
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How do you like to spend your summer? Will you be just sitting enjoying reading books with some fresh humid air in the bedroom? Or planning a long trip equipped with a friendly travel washing machine? Well, we all know. Summer is the best to travel around and you might as well get some budgeting to do.

If you happen to have some time to spend these days at home, you probably need more than fresh juice and fresh cold drinks, level up your summer at home by making some homemade ice cream! An ice cream maker is supposed to be the next on-demand kitchen addition. It spreads happiness to anybody who enjoys it. You can make it with non-dairy milk and a vegan option too for more natural sweetness and less fat.

Yonanas Classic

Yonanas Classic - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

A miracle can happen at any time and in different ways. That is Yonanas Classic soft dessert maker that works like magic. All of the results are dairy-free, then it leads to a healthy breakfast every day. From ice cream, yogurt, to sorbet, let’s support your transformation through an ice cream maker.

All you need to do is insert the frozen fruits, yes they must be frozen, into a chute. Like when you prepare to make smoothies with your blender. Within 2 minutes, you can enjoy the sorbet, if you put fruits, and ice cream if you use frozen chopped bananas. You might as well mix different kinds of fruits to have more party flavor.

Safety, easy to use, and clean; that is probably what you are looking for by now. There is a lock on the chute, so there’s no wobbly part. After that, just press the turn-on button to make the cold dessert you’re craving for. To cleanse the rest of the instrument, you can wash the chute, plunger, and blade with a dishwasher by placing all of the 3 on the top rack, while you can still hand wash with warm water and soap.

There is a 36-free recipe book in one purchase. Not only for ice cream but also for cakes and pies. Anyone can use this to indulge the craving for dairy-free cold sweets.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker


  • You can still open the grinding unit to scoop out the remaining ice cream and the quality of the dessert is still edible and still the natural taste from what you put in.
  • You are free to mix any kind of fruit to be a sorbet or ice cream, healthier life all summer.
  • Just put anything frozen and then you can clean the machine at ease.


  • There’s a loud noise that might be hard to tolerate at some point, but this device still makes a quick cold dessert.
  • Need some time to scoop out and clean up the whole unit, you may call out people who are strong to open the parts.


Cuisinart ICE-100

Cuisinart ICE-100 - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

Can you believe that a home-designed ice cream and gelato machine can bring back your summer holiday in Italy? Make it a dream come true with Cuisinart ICE-100. This is your time to do the ice cream-making experiment at home. Everything is easy to clean, too. If you are still curious about the duality, let’s find out more.

ICE-100 from Cuisinart really knows the differences between the consistency in ice cream and gelato. As a result, there are 2 paddles you will get in the box; one for ice cream and one for gelato. The textures of both desserts lead to the overall taste. Still, you mix with anything such as milk, fruit, chocolate, peanuts, and so on. It does pretty much similar to what a food processor can do, but the mix is likely to be more cold.

The 1.5-quart capacity of the buckets can give you the most memorable summer holiday at home with the kids. Along with the transparent lid and paddles, the mixing bowl gives you such ease at cleaning the attachments which you can hold the handle. But, all of the work couldn’t be done by the touchpad control panel. 

With the timer button, you can have the dessert in between 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the recipes. There will be beeps if it’s done, and the machine still keeps cool for another 10 minutes. From the most basic vanilla ice cream to mixed berries gelato, non-dairy and dairy milk, you will have some fun through 2-in-1 ice cream gelato maker at a time.

Produk 2 - 5 Best Ice Cream MakerPros

  • There are 2 paddles; one for ice cream and one is for gelato. It’s a more authentic taste of both desserts at home.
  • The body of the machine is made of stainless steel and there’s a compressor, so the ice doesn’t easily melt right away.
  • Including the ice cream and gelato recipe with a variety of milk substitution and sugar-free ones.


  • The machine is heavy, so it might just stand on the countertop as a mere display in the kitchen.
  • As the machine will work up to 60 minutes, you’ve got to be patient with the loud noise, both from the processing and beeps.


Cuisinart ICE-30BC

Cuisinart ICE 30BC - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BC brings us back to the simplicity of an ice cream maker, yet you can still make the healthiest version of just the regular ones that you usually get from your favorite ice cream parlor. It would also be nice to be placed side by side with your best digital air fryer. If so, this one can also be the first purchase you’ve ever had in your life, along with the best taste. More than a cup of ice cream at a time? You will be fine, as long as it is for your happy tummy.

The versatility lies through 1 paddle and a 2-quart freezer bowl. You can make yogurt, ice cream, and sorbet back to back at a time. There’s a lid that has a passage to insert peanuts and biscuits. With only 1 knob to turn on and off, you can get the ice cream in 25 minutes then serve it to anyone at home.

As you can see from the parts, it has been proven that all of them are easy to assemble. We shouldn’t forget the high-quality material of the double-insulated freezer bowl and high-powered motor in which you can have not only ice cream but also sorbet, cold drinks, and many more. Therefore, the durability is exquisite, together with the all-around function.

You must have fun when enjoying cold desserts wherever you're at. A birthday or backyard party, you always have to be ready to make some unforgettable memories with people you care about the most.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Ice Cream MakerPros

  • Behind its sturdiness lies the easiness of assembling the components. You can use this at home or outside.
  • Easy to use for any kind of ingredients, thus perfect as a gift for loved ones and fun at making ice cream.
  • Ice cream freezes up to 22 minutes after it’s done from the machine.


  • You can’t expect a softer noise of an ice maker, especially since this one is triple-use.
  • You might find expensive ingredients in the recipe book.


Cuisinart ICE-70

Cuisinart ICE 70 - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-70 is another simple and great addition to your kitchen for an ice cream maker. This is the one if you want to have a more upgraded version of the machine, as you will get to know the buttons and LCD screen timer that you can adjust. We might as well highlight this unit as versatile yet straightforward.

The buttons make it easier to have the dessert you want, namely ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. Surprisingly, beyond those 3 selections, you can make sauces and frozen desserts too. It is a total kind of an ice cream maker machine. There is a countdown timer of up to 20 minutes and it shuts off automatically when it’s ready.

The durability can be found from the 2-quart double-insulated freezer bowl and the multi-function mixing arm. You can yield the most amazing flavor by inserting additional mixture through a spout on the lockable lid. The stainless steel finished body is the one that makes your kitchen like the professional one. Works well with its body like the Cuisinart time-saving food processor.

This one is of course made for those who love experimenting with an ice cream maker. This is going to be the best time to spend the whole summer with the children by teaching them to make ice cream and creating their own flavor all day long.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Ice Cream MakerPros

  • The noise is not as loud as the ICE-30, plus there’s the beep sound when finished.
  • The spout on the lid is smaller, so it is neater when pouring in the ice cream mixture.
  • The 2-quart capacity is enough to make your family happy.


  • Despite the timer on the system, you still need to put the bowl in the freezer for 12 hours for the very best result.
  • For a versatile ice cream maker, the capacity of the bowl could've been larger.


Cuisinart 1.5-Quart ICE-21P1

Cuisinart 1.5-Quart ICE-21P1 - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

The last one we’ve got today is also from Cuisinart. You must know ICE-21 for the handy-dandy ice cream maker of a kind. It is the easiest to store and assemble. Pretty much built like Cuisinart DLC-2ABC mini food processor. Are you already wondering about the taste? On top of that, are you ready to say goodbye to the store-bought ones?

First things first, you have to know the attachments that you can assemble. There are the heavy-duty motor, 1.5-quart freezer bowl that has been equipped with a double-insulated structure, multi-function mixing paddle, and easy-lock lid. The list is already in order based on which one you must set up first. Other adjuncts are cord storage and rubber feet.

From the on/off button, you can make ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and frozen drinks in 15 to 20 minutes for 4 to 6 people. In case this is your first-ever ice cream maker, you can follow the recipe from the user's guide. You are free to use non-fat to dairy-free ingredients, as you are prescribed in the diet menu.

It’s creamy and smooth ice cream every day. Might as well as a gift for your loved ones.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Ice Cream MakerPros

  • From the knob, you can see it is easy to operate the versatile ice cream maker.
  • The free recipe book gives you a healthier version of homemade ice cream.
  • The paddle is dishwasher-friendly.


  • Cleaning up the parts, especially the bowl, could be heavy for some people because it can only be hand-washed.
  • The design of the paddle could be improved, resulting in you have to be careful when removing it.


Frequently Asked Questions: Ice Cream Maker

FAQ - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

How to avoid making icy ice cream?

The first thing you have to do is chop all of the fruits that you want to insert into small pieces. Then, freeze it until firm, but not into ice. If there’s the ice crystal, you have to defrost it in the fridge for 10 minutes before processing it in the machine. The soft texture of the sorbet is from the chopped frozen fruits you had.

Can we eliminate sugar when making the ice cream with the machine?

It depends on the type of machine you use. In fact, the amount of sugar in the ice cream affects the texture of the ice cream or sorbet. If you want to substitute the regular sugar, try corn syrup or other natural sweeteners such as agave and stevia.

What type of milk can I pour into the ice cream maker?

You can use any milk, with different kinds of consistency, namely dairy and non-dairy milk; cream, regular UHT milk, low fat, soy, almond, coconut, and many more. You can follow the recipe of the following brands that you choose. You might as well mix them in one if that’s what you prefer, as the fat can give the consistency you like.

Can I get the replacement of the spare parts of the ice cream maker?

Sure! You can always contact the manufacturer for the replacement. The price is affordable too. For the machine itself, you will get the warranty at a certain period, depending on the brand.

Is it possible to expel the egg into the ice cream mixture?

There are recipes where you can substitute the egg with other ingredients. If you read thoroughly on the internet, you will find the exchange, thus you still have the fluff in the mixture.


Buying Guides: Ice Cream Maker

Buying Guides - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

Easy to Use

As everybody will enjoy the result, anyone must be able to use the ice cream maker. You can see from the control panel, whether it’s one button or more. Then, from the freezer bowl itself, you can cleanse it at ease and quickly absorb the coldness from your home freezer.

Free Recipe

It is advisable to read the recipes given in the user’s guide, to avoid any scratch or misleading, especially if you want to have this device for the long term. The free recipe section can also help to enlighten your diet journey, so you can still enjoy cold smooth dessert at any time you want at the lowest calorie.


‘I scream ice cream’ is probably your favorite line. Well, it can be everybody’s when it’s on hot days. If the capacity is large enough, not only can your family enjoy the sweetness, but also the whole party you hold. Isn’t it sweet to share sorbet with everyone?


Bottom Line

Bottom Line - 5 Best Ice Cream Maker

For a memorable experience of making ice cream at home, our best recommendation pick goes to Cuisinart ICE-70. The 3 differences between other models and series were merely noticeable. However the ICE-70 is best for a better user experience. With a powerful motor for its 3 multiple settings, your ice cream, gelato or sorbet will be done right on the moment you need it. Thus also makes this one produce thicker consistency. Overall, its stainless steel material makes it easier to clean, durable and easy to set. 

With an ice cream maker, you can make yourself a gelateria at home, while the store is closed or you don’t live nearby. You can also delish the ice cream with some homemade crispy waffle! Have yourself an ice cream maker for the most critical days of ice craving during summer with no one whining over a trip to nearby gelateria or ice cream shop!

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