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Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

We all agree that having a fridge at our place is a great thing. It can save up your food stocks for a couple of days, keeping your soda can cool even to breast milk and all the beauty needs. However, if this is what becomes a dilemma for you where you happen to live alone. Worry not because there is a good option to that, a mini-fridge.

A mini-fridge can be the answer to your needs when you live in an apartment but there is no fridge included plus an answer for your old cooler box replacement. A cooler box is great but you always need an ice pack or cold water with some ice bucks inside, and it will melt in a couple of hours after. This mini-fridge is not only best for those who live alone in an apartment but also for a family or groups who really do like outdoor activities. You might as well fall in love with the compact refrigerator.

Top Image - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

Despite its compact size, the mini-fridge has various features all along that will ensure your things inside are cool, some even have warmer and freezer features included!

For your personal needs at home to bring a refreshment to your office pantry, here below you can check the 5 best mini-fridge you need to consider brought in.

1. AstroAI Portable AC/DC Power Cooler and Warmer Mini Fridge

AstroAI Portable - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

To store your cold-pressed juice, cosmetics, and milk, the AstroAI Mini Fridge is able to carry them on. It also has a switch from a cooler to warmer up to 66 degrees for your foods. This compact fridge has 2 shelves and is removable so you can organize conveniently, also importantly cleaning them regularly with no drama.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must HaveThe 4 liters capacity is the same amount to fit your 6 pieces of 12oz cans. Thinking about getting this mini fridge all along to your picnic time? Worry not with its easy-to-carry handle, you can bring it any time you want. Might as well be light as a feather to carry. Plus you can also charge them in your vehicle with its AC/DC adapters. This will also help the moms who need to keep their breast pumping supplies at work in a decent temperature.

For the exterior look, no doubt it has become one of the best because you can still go with style and bring nice and cold drinks and dessert inside. So, if you need one cooler for your travel buddy, AstroAI Mini Fridge can be your adorable company.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Better cooler for your road trip and makes no disturbing noise.


  • It comes as a small fridge, therefore no door storage attached.


2. Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge

Cooluli Classic 4L - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge is another kind of cute style mini-fridge to catch your eyes. You can also use a 2A power bank via USB as a flexible power attachment. With the 100% energy efficient feature by EcoMax technology, it will support your electricity bill at low expenses. You also don’t have to worry about moving fluids since this mini fridge is thermodynamically cooled too. 

Produk 2 - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must HaveThe dimension size of this convenient and lightweight fridge is 7.25 inches wide, 10.25 deep, and 10.75 high so it could fit anywhere you wish for! This little yet spacious thing has sleek door storage attached to keep your sheet masks or chocolate packs to be ready anytime you want it cool served.

Cooluli Classic Mini Fridge is energy-saving and efficient to perfectly fit all your beauty care needs even for your long road trip journey. With its storage capacity, you can stack various size products inside the super cute cooler.


  • 3 types of power cord which make it really flexible to use and recharge.
  • It gets cold really fast with no noisy cooling fan while it works.


  • If you happen to want to store your lunch box, it merely can fit but you can try removing the shelves.


3. Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK

Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

If the previous options seem too small for your needs, Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK is presented to you in a retro sleek design with a small freezer inside!

Produk 3 - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must HaveThis compact fridge will be able to save your homemade ice cream and serve you ice cubes stocks. The freezer section capacity is 0.2 cubic feet. Meanwhile, the refrigerator section capacity is 3 cubic feet to fit your pickles jar, snacks, juice bottle, and could keep your beer cold for days. Enjoy your drinks right away with no more touring back and forth to the kitchen finding a bottle opener because this fridge has it on the side, fully metal and well built.

Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK has 2 slide-out glass shelves so it is easier for you to clean stains on. Alson with its 120 voltage or similarly to 1-kilowatt hours needed only, it doesn’t need a lot of energy. Thinking about getting this fridge as a gift to your parents or friends will surprise them for the looks and will boost up their kitchen display.


  • A spacious refrigerator section with a nice small freezer.
  • The vintage vibes make a good look plus a bottle opener attached.


  • The bottle can opener is included but you need to add it with screws, which make other work to install.


4. Tavata 3.2

Tavata - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

Tavata 3.2 Cubic Feet refrigerator is one amazing type among the mini-fridges you have noticed. This one compact fridge does have a two-door design, which apparently looks pretty similar to a common-size fridge. Which could fit better as your small space kitchen needs next to the cupboard.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must HaveThis mini-fridge might not be compatible with your travel buddy to carry, but it can protect and store more food still efficiently and affordably. You can fit youtube bottles and cans on the door basket. The detailed capacity of Tavata is 2.2 cubic feet for refrigerator food with knob temperature control! Different from the previous fridge's similar space, the freezer is 1 cubic foot so it could fit a whole chicken, big chunks of meat too! You are also given a bonus of an ice cube tray and ice shovel for your icy summer party in the backyard.

To bring more convenience, it also has adjustable feet so you can set different levels and place the refrigerator in a stable position. If a basic refrigerator feature is what you are looking for, Tavata 3.2 is one that brings good value for features, roomy, and fits all your needs perfectly.


  • The mini fridge with a two-door design is likable for its level.
  • The refrigerator area has a knob temperature control.


  • To be in the category of a mini-fridge, the only cons is that it is not portable which makes it a perfect fit for home or office use.


5. Cooluli Concord 20L Mini Fridge

Cooluli Concord 20L - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must Have

Another mini fridge model from Cooluli is Cooli Concord 20L Mini Fridge. With a day and night difference from the previous 4 liter capacity above the size, on this model, you can set your own temperature. Simply touch the button display on the front door and it will cool down your food and beverages quickly.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Mini Fridge You Must HaveThe glass front design also makes it more elegant and well built. However, there are no 3 types of power attachment (only plug into the wall and car cigarette lighter) available but there are 3 shelves to fill in and removable to fit your items preferences. As big as it can hold, the weight of this mini fridge is not as heavy rock to where you need it. Plus, there is a handle on top and both sides to carry.

All the great things about a mini-fridge could be set to your needs. Whether you need a fridge for your road trip, picnic, keeping your secret wine and beers to medication and skincare products, it is all set!


  • The biggest capacity for a portable mini-fridge.
  • Temperature control display panel with glass door, making it more a modern appliance.


  • Since the door is glass, there will be some small footprints left.
  • The handle can be slippery so you need to make sure your hands are not all wet first.


The Guide to Mini Fridge: Things Before Buy

As you have seen variations of the best mini fridge to have, you need to be clued up about the features included in the mini-fridge. Aside from your budget, here is the guide on things you need to check before you buy one:

  • Size

You need to be able to get one that can suit your style the most. The size comes mainly as a cube mini-fridge which is the smallest one and has a similar style to a cooler. This suits best for keeping your food and beverages stock on the trip, breast milk even for beauty products and medications. The mini-size fridge mostly comes with a handle to carry and lightweight. 

Next up is the medium size fridge. This size usually comes with a temperature knob control so your food and drinks will stay cold longer. It also has more spaces for large storage between the shelves, some also have a door rack included!

Lastly, the under-counter size mini-fridge. It is not handy to carry and mentioned not to be portable. Not only because of the size, but the features also need more electricity plus comes with more basic features for a house or office needs.

  • Cooling Types

First, a thermoelectric cooling type. Most portable mini-fridges come along with this one. It doesn’t need a lot of electricity and saves your cost the most. However, it lacks features as storage use is also limited. It works like a modern cooler with no temperature control.

The absorption cooling type is one quiet fridge that works with heat sources. This produces less noise than other mini-fridges. But it is not a wise choice if you are considering getting one that is energy efficient.

Then, a compressor cooling system fridge is one you see in the regular house fridge. But some mini-fridge available with this cooling system is best for energy saving but keeping your things inside colder with the liquid vaporized and surrounded inside the fridge.

  • Storage

Find the right one for your needs. If you are looking for a mini-fridge for your travel buddy to keep your drinks and foods cold, a 6-cans capacity fridge is best for such usage. Whether top fit your mineral and sparkling waters and beer cans. It is also best for young moms who need to keep their breast milk stock and later for their beauty products.

If there are shelves on the mini-fridge design, it is best to be used as your personal bars. Whether to place it in your bedroom or next up on your countertop, it serves you cold and right anytime. 

There is also a mini-fridge with a small freezer feature which is best for keeping your food stocks better than the previous two. Even if it might not produce ice cubes, you will find it advantageously great in shape and size for large storage.

Bottom Line

It is very tempting to get a mini-fridge. You can keep them in your car and grab a nice cold drink the moment you get back into your seat. However, there are various things you need to check before getting them. You need to wisely choose one that suits in size, types also what is the mini-fridge used for. 

If you need one as your travel companion, for work and traveling, our recommendation pick is Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge for you. It is easy to use and available to keep various things with little room capacity. It will definitely keep your contents cold enough and as a micro-fridge, it is available with handles attached on top and both sides. Moreover, it is able to power up with USB cords.

No more multiple trips to the grocery store on getting new and colder beverages on your trip, sit back and enjoy your homemade drinks anywhere with the mini-fridge.


Things to Consider When Buying Mini Fridge

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