5 Best Portable Washing Machine and How It Simplify Your Life

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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With the high pace of working and all the busy morning sandwich maker to work on and coffee supply, thinking about the laundry could sweep away the calm morning mood. Plus it can be really frustrating if you are away from the laundromat. If those dirty clothes are not washed into the nearest laundromat, then the whole room will be smelly. Your whole day will be just as bad as the smell. If that is what you are facing right now, you need to buy a portable washing machine as soon as possible!

Many people still think that a portable washing machine is considered less powerful than a traditional washer. But, actually it is not entirely true. There are mainly two kinds of portable washing machines. The first one is the electric portable washing. Using this, you will need an electricity socket but it takes less electricity. The second model is the manual one. There will be a bucket or a sink hookup to make start washing it. The shape is very alike but the manual one needs you to operate it in different kinds of ways.

A portable washing machine is absolutely a game changer. With more people needing a machine that does not solely focus on productivity but focus on effectivity, the portable washing machine is just the perfect fit. But, you need to be aware of what kind of portable washing machines that best for you. For your recommendations, here are five 5 Best Portable Washing Machines.

1. Washen Portable Mini Washing Machine

Densors - 5 Best Portable Washing Machine

The Washen Portable Mini Washing Machine is one easy alternative you could get in the best offer to set away your piles of dirty clothes. This mini washing laundry machine is able to clean up your small clothes such as your underwear, socks so you don’t have to miss a pair like when you used to from the laundromat. It could hold wash capacity in the maximum amount of 1.2kg of all types of fabrics. Beside, there is a spin dry basket available so you can prevent spill also to dry your clothes without worrying it too soggy.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Portable Washing MachineThis portable machine weighs about 14.47 with dimensions 25 x 15 x 15 inches so it surely could fit and pack into your RV as a long road trip companion with a friendly mini fridge. It comes with a spin cap, hassle free drainage with a hose on the side, powerful motor to rip away any dirt and marks. There is a wash timer to help you manage your time during a hectic cleaning up day at home. So ,later on you will be able to move on to other chores while you wait for them to be done.

Washen Portable Mini Washing Machine is a quiet and quiet one with powerful motors that takes 200 watts or 120 volts electricity. If you are looking to save some money on doing your laundry, especially when you live in small spaces such as dorms or studio apartments, this one makes sure to get it done easily!


  • Friendly storage as it could fit in your counter
  • Spin cap available


  • Small washing capacity, so you might go few times to get your laundry done


2. KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine

KUPPET Mini - 5 Best Portable Washing Machine

When you travel with RV or camping, besides getting a compact deep fryer, a portable washing machine is a thing you need to check as an essential.KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine is a perfect alternative for your washing solution. Whether it is for your home or whenever you are going for a trip, your dirty clothes don’t have to wait!

Produk 2 - 5 Best Portable Washing MachineThe highlighted difference for this washing machine from others is the washing capacity. This one can do 3.4 kilograms. The powerful motor works on 110n volts or 170 watts so it could finish your loads of clothes in no time. The single spin tub could rotate 360 degrees so this also makes it more efficient in washing and drying your clothes.

With a 390 RPM motor, this could spin and wash fast and longer so you don’t have to spend hours finishing this chore. Whether you are thinking of getting a new one or a noob for this washing machine, this one is notably easy to use! KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine definitely will do the trick to make your laundry basket clean only in a few cycles! Boost up your day with no more smelly aroma!


  • Easy set up anywhere you need
  • Small size with big beneficial features


  • The capacity is 3.4 kilograms but ideally for small items only 


3. X-R-Sport Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine

X-R-Sport - 5 Best Portable Washing Machine

There will never be any kind of other washing machine than the X-R-Sport Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine. This portable washing machine is special for its ability to be folded! The height of the machine will become 4 inches only! The machine can be folded with only one touch. You can pack this machine to travel and wash your own clothes.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Portable Washing MachineIf you happen to have kids or babies, this smart washing machine will be a perfect companion for you too. The compact and lightweight design could afford to clean up your sets of underwear, socks, towels and baby clothes. With its TPR particles and food grade material, from baby clothes to toys and other small items could fit easily for a thorough cleaning. The ultrasonic washing and Ozone sterilization feature will send out vibration waves for a 99.99% higher cleanse so surely free your concern. Likely best as sending good effects like your favorite ultrasonic humidifiers.

Put your laundry time at ease with this portable washing machine with a smart touch for 13 minutes quick cleaning by 3 seconds press on the button. When you are done, the machine will be automatically shut off in 15 minutes. Smoothly works and definitely works as one useful small portable washing machine as defined!


  • Definitely appropriate as travel companion
  • Auto shut off in 15 minutes


  • It looks big but small in washing capacity, overall it still does the job appropriately


4. East Doll Mini Folding Clothes Washing Machine

East Doll - 5 Best Portable Washing Machine

East Doll Mini Folding Clothes Washing Machine is another travelling washing machine buddy with its folding design. You can use this little device in hotels, RV or even the day after you spent a nice ride on the yacht.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Portable Washing MachineThe portable washing machine comes with a handle and the material used is an edible-grade silicon. Surprisingly, you are not only safe to wash your baby clothes! You can wash jewelry, glasses, fruits and vegetables all along inside the tub. It works with a single touch button on the front. So, if you happen to fall in love and are likely to have more time in easy cleaning with this one by drying your hands first before touching it.

This space convenient machine could do the same convenience for your time and money especially when you live alone in an apartment or dorm, with no washer and dryer unit. East Doll Mini Folding Clothes Washing Machine will definitely bring you a better experience in taking care of your things for its user-friendliness.


  • Quick wash only in 10 minutes
  • It is not only able to wash clothes, but also jewelry and fruits


  • The spinning power nearly weak


5. Kofohon Mini Hand Portable Washing Machine

Kohofon - 5 Best Portable Washing Machine

Kofohon Mini Hand Portable Washing Machine is literally a handy one. The shape is very simple but actually it is as effective as other kinds of washing machines. The thing you need to do is just to collect all the clothes inside a bucket let the Kofohon Mini Hand Portable do the rest.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Portable Washing MachineThis handy device could wash some of your t-shirts, underwear and pairs of socks at once. The mini body, small hand-held and conveniently light weight are the main features that makes a really unique different point from other portable washing machines. Since this has been manufactured from a company that was founded by a group of young people who love to travel and do outdoor activities, it could also suit the needs for those who are on a RV-camping trip too!

This machine can do self cleaning and you don’t have to install anything. Sounds great like your portable ice maker machine. It could save your time with the time running allowed along is around 15 minutes. Then say goodbye to the long queue at the laundromat and enjoy your laundry time at home while sipping your coffee or chocolate until it is done to be hand and dry right away.


  • Compact and light to use and literally handy
  • It is not only able to wash clothes, but also jewelry and fruits


  • The spinning power nearly weak


FAQ Portable Washing Machine

How much electricity is needed for a portable washing machine?

Commonly, the washing machine takes little in your electricity consumed for about 400 to 1300 watts the most. Besides, most have been manufactured for energy saving with better cleaning even from small machines.

What are the things to consider before buying?

Aside from your own budget, you need to consider the material use, size, controls and design. The material on most of these machines were made out of plastic, yet the quality of the material needs to be on note for durability. teh size does matter for your space and your needs, most of them available for single use or for baby clothes special cleaning. Controls come in various type from touch buttons with LED or manual knobs. 

Can you add fabric softener inside?

Definitely! You can use fabric softener along with the laundry detergent. For average common use on portable washing machines is about 1:1 each. It is better to mix with a small amount and also always remember to fill in the tub with little water to prevent any leak.


How Portable Washing Machines Simplify Your Life


Image 2 - 5 Best Portable Washing Machine


You see many people now shifting to get the laundry done themselves with a portable washing machine. Not only because your shirt or piece of socks is missing at the laundromat, but it also makes your budget become dry. But, is it really necessary to get your things simplified at once like making food or even for your laundry? What are the benefits you will get for having a portable machine?

If this question ever crossed your mind, you might take a read below on how portable washing machines simplify your life.

Easy to Set Up

On the first note on getting a portable device, it has to be easy to assemble and disassemble. Most portable washing machines are space friendly, so you can place them in your bathtub, down the sink or even in your kitchen. Absolutely best, it can be placed on your balcony so you don't have to make rounds when you're going to hang them dry.

Compact but Useful

For the best convenience, especially when you live alone in a studio or dorm, getting a portable washing machine won’t be any hassle. The models are common to be presented in compact sizes. All sort of pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. Some even make it a new better invention to be folded when not in use. Even though there are textile and fabrics that can’t be done with, the features on these portable machines are also best in a compartment with the standard washing machine. Some also already have a feature to spin dry.

Low Budget

Low budget in terms of your monthly cost and the machine too! As has been mentioned before, many people nowadays try to keep their monthly spending as low as possible. By getting yourself a portable washing machine, you can save nearly half of your cost. You might go in a few cycles of washing when using this little machine, however, wouldn’t it be better than a few times on the laundromat?

These points above do simplify your life, especially when you happen to live alone or often going traveling here and there.From all above best portable washing machines on notes, you can check which is the most convenient for you and your needs to have some fun even if it’s on your laundry day chores.


Bottom Line

Thinking about how your laundry could be more simple and not stress by getting one of your socks gone or your underwear slip somewhere or even worse, you lost your favorite tees, getting yourself a new portable washing machine can relieve your laundry-stress away. Besides, when you often travel for long weeks, getting a compact portable one may take you less budget for those services.

In case you don’t want to go misleading for a choice, our recommendation pick will be KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine. This model is best for its bigger washing capacity but also the material quality is on the notes. Most users have experienced cheap quality that leads to leaking, yet the KUPPET machine is better on this.With its 360 degrees spin tub, it is way more efficient in time and does thorough cleaning.



Guide About Compact Portable Washing Machine

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