5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

The freshest ice from recycled water. No more worries if the ice from the previous batch is melted because that's why the ice maker is self-cleaning. As great as your compact travel washing machine buddy, you can always clean the basket at any time you want. Choose the right size of ice for your beverages, smoothies, cold foods, and many more. This is the size of an ice maker that you are dreaming of for the campervan. Check out the top 5 best portable ice maker machine review here!

NewAir AI-100BK

Fresh ice every time with NewAir AI-100BK for ice snobs. House and office party, adventure, on the boat, anywhere you go. Is this such a hidden gem of the portable and self-cleaning ice maker? Let’s find out more.

The reason why you should have this at home is that this makes ice every 10 minutes. No matter when you need it for your morning juice or cold ice coffee, there will be fresh ice cubes. Then, there are 3 options for the size of the ice; small, medium, and large. You can select those with the most simple yet stylish control panel. It has indicator lights to track whether the water is empty or the container is full of ice. If the light tells you that there’s no water left, you have to refill the water for the next batch.

NewAir AI-100BK - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

Let’s move on to the self-cleaning mode. Technically, once the leftover ice melts, the water will be recycled automatically. Still, you need to add more new water, otherwise, the device will be off with no sign. There’s also an option to drain the remaining water by opening the side-mounted drain.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker MachineThis fulfills the maximum of 28 pounds of ice a day, making it a family-friendly ice maker. In one purchase, you will get each 1 ice scoop and detachable ice basket. This is your go-to for spending the whole summer in the RV, but might as well as a holiday gift.



  • Small-countertop friendly. Perfect for someone with high mobility, such as a home party and outdoor party.
  • If the ice melts, the water will be recycled. There will be a light indicator that alarms you to feel the water and while in the process.
  • For family use, this is quick to make the ice, taking 6 minutes.


  • Only making ice. There is no attached refrigerator or some sort of cooler.
  • You would find this noisy, yet the result is what your family is looking for.



While the others are mostly only with indicator lights, MOOSOO 2.8L has a digital LCD display of its kind, as seen within your versatile food steamer and dispenser. It equips with a timer that will get the ice right away. This already can conclude the easiness of the 2.8L water capacity of the ice maker.

There are 3 shapes of ice you can choose from; small, medium, and large. Not only is it easy to use, but also quick at serving at the right time. It takes 8 minutes to get 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes.

Produk 2 - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

To set up the ice maker, the first thing you need to do is fill in the water, or you can see from the LCD that you need to refill it. There is also the waterline. If the ice has reached the limit of capacity, there is a smart sensor that makes the ice maker automatically stop working.

MOOSOO 2.8L - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

The self-cleaning part has 5 cycles that include filtering the melted ice into the new and fresh ones. This countertop-friendly ice maker has a friendly sound from the cooling system for a good quality of ice anytime.

The ice basket can carry 90 to 100 ice cubes. You can see the process from the glass window on the lid. In one purchase, you will get 1 removable basket and 2 ice scoops. Such a design for a high mobility event.


  • The timer makes it easier for you to make the ice every time.
  • With an LCD digital display, it is already convenient for high mobility with an RV or at home.
  • The self-cleaning mode will recycle and filter the water. Ice is always fresh.


  • You still need to clean the device especially after the unit arrives with lemon water, otherwise, you will smell the plastic odor.
  • The compression may cause a burning smell near the device after being used several times.



Next, we have ICEB26HNSS from Igloo which has a handle for easier to bring anywhere you go like your cool mini slow cooker. The amount of ice from 1 batch is enough for your timely need, instead of dumping a bag of it. A reliable one? It is indeed!

The water tank is 2 quart and the ice bucket can hold 1.25 pounds at one time, 9 cubes in 7 minutes. It’s easy to fill in the tank from the top of the ice maker. The cylinder ice is what you are looking for in your cold beverages. 

Produk 3 - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

The ICEB26HNSS has an LED light control panel, which is why this is easy to use. You can see when it’s time to fill in the water and when it is recycling the water to another ice. There is no unnecessary sound from the ice drops. It keeps recycling the freshest ice you’ve ever had. If you don’t want to use it, you can unplug the drain plug.

Igloo ICEB26HNSS - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

What we can describe more about the reliability of this unit is from how we can also use the ice for not only cold beverages but also fruit punch and the ice to fill in the cooler. This might as well a good-to-go addition to your kitchen countertop, especially when in summer. This should be your family’s top choice of an ice maker.


  • Making the ice in 7 minutes. 
  • The 5-cycle self-cleaning will use the water for another batch of making ice.
  • There is a carry handle, for pool parties, potluck, or even just move it to the bedroom.


  • There is no freezing technology, so there is still water if you don’t take it up right away.
  • There are only 2 sizes; small and large.



For the hot summer days, isn’t it great to have a glass full of chewable ice? It really is! With MOOSOO 2.5L, the ice is like no other; fresh and stays cool any time.

It only takes 10 minutes to get 12 bullet-shaped ice cubes. In total, you can have 40 pounds of ice in a day. The basket itself can carry 2.4 pounds of ice. There are 2 selectable sizes; large and small.

MOOSOO 2.5L - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

The smart indicator is the one that is easy to use for anyone. There are 3 lights that will tell you if it is working when the ice is out of capacity, and to add the water. This is also self-cleaning, meaning there are fresh ice cubes that have been recycled. The ice basket is removable for easier moving the ice to the bag and has an ice scoop. Also don't forget to grab your cute electric can opener on the side for a fresh bottles to drink. Good for parties, in the office, for travel, or even just stay in the kitchen.

Produk 4 - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

From the self-cleaning system, we must see the sturdy body too. It is such a durable and food-grade material of the 3 layers of the box. With the cooling system, the ice maker produces high-quality ices as you can make the ice again and again. The columns to mold the ice are made of pure copper. That’s right, fresh and premium quality on ice cubes.


  • The smart indicator tells you if the machine is working.
  • Makes 12 pieces of ice in 9 minutes.
  • Sturdy design; the outer layer, middle layer, and inner layer with premium quality of different materials on each layer.


  • Bulky and heavy, though you still can bring this to the RV or office.
  • The control panel is not the one that is soft to touch like the modern ones.


NewAir Nugget

The simplest self-cleaning portable ice maker machine you’ve seen today. It is from NewAir Nugget. The affordable one is what makes you want to have this as your first ice maker ever. Chilling out in the summer becomes more fun not only with some homemade ice cream.

This ice maker produces nugget ice. The size of the kinds is smaller than the regular cylindrical or cubicle cubes. This one is more enjoyable when you eat it. If eating cubes of ice is your summer activity, this is probably for you. Your first scoop will be ready in 12 minutes or less.

NewAir Nugget - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

There are only 1 button and 2 indicator lights to alarm you when the bucket is full of ice and when there is no water left. Surprisingly, this ice maker is almost like a cooler because it has ultra-insulated storage, making it versatile not only in producing crunchy ice but also in keeping frozen foods and cold beverages inside the bucket.

Produk 5 - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

The last feature from NewAir is self-cleaning. In the same bucket, it will recycle the melted ice into new fresh ice nuggets. All of the parts are food-grade, so no more worries about the taste of the ice.


  • If this is your first purchase of a portable ice maker ever, this is for you because the controllers are easy to use.
  • Instead of cubical nor cylindrical ice, the device makes nugget ice, which is smaller and easier to chew.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean off a stainless steel exterior.


  • Quite loud while the ice in the making for those who like a peaceful ambiance in the house.
  • You have to quickly move the ice to another compartment because it will automatically recycle the water into ice.


Frequently Asked Questions: Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

FAQ - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

How to keep the ice not to start melting?

There is a portable ice maker that will automatically recycle the water from the melting ice. You can also put the ice in the freezer right away after it has done by moving the ice to a bag. Another best way is keeping the lid closed and staying away from a direct sunray.

How to get rid of the strange smell?

There will be an odd odor after you seal off the box. But, you can always clean this, even after several usages with lemon water. Wash the device, especially the inner parts thoroughly, then dry it before being used. 

When is the best time to refill the water?

The good news is, with a portable ice maker machine, you don’t need to refill the water tank every time after the ice is empty. You can refill the water every 2 days or depend on the occasion.

How to avoid leaking?

On each unit, there must be a plug on the drain and it is blocked by a rubber or any blocker. You have to keep it in the right position and don’t lose it. If it is accidentally lost, you can contact the manufacturer for another spare.


Buying Guides: Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

Buying Guides - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

Easy to clean

If you notice the ‘self-cleaning’ highlight of the ice maker, it literally means that the water from the melted ice is recycled and it produces new ice with a new quality. But, if you want to restart with new water, you can do so by unplugging the drain plug underneath the device.

Many people, including the manufacturers, recommend cleaning the bucket with lemon water to get rid of the plastic smell. No one wants to taste a weird scent from the ice on a hot day, do they?

Small-space friendly

The ice makes the machine is portable, meaning that it should have a high-mobility design. You can put it everywhere, such as the RV, countertop, picnic, and many more. There are many ice makers out there that have the handle for easier moving to one place and another. 

What’s on the control panel

With the control panel, you can easily choose the right size of the ice. There are small, medium, or large. You can also see the sign if you need to refill the water or when it is working. If there is a timer, that is the special one because you can get the ice at the desired time.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line - 5 Best Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machine

A self-cleaning portable ice maker machine is the next item to put on the list for the summer. Everybody craves cold beverages, smoothies, and so on. At the picnic, you can still keep the frozen food for the campfire session with some crispy deep fried snack

Our recommendation pick goes to MOOSOO 2.5L Even if the control panel is unlike any modern ones, this ice maker will help you get the center bullet ice cubes perfectly.And along with a good quality of ice, the filtered water from the melted ice is safe to consume. You can clean the device at ease too. Whenever you need the ice, it will serve you right away but feels like no rush from the inside. The self-cleaning does its job excellently which makes it worth for personal use and to be a gift for your friends as well.

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