5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

To be precise in terms of taking care of your health, it is not only about getting your daily nutritious juice or some steamed snack to go as an alternative, but also a fresh air. No matter what season is outside. It seems like everybody’s dream, especially if you have an allergic and medical prescription to keep breathing a good quality of air.

Air humidifiers will help you to get through that. It is now with the most updated technology that will make your life easier and simple. In order to help you get the best among these little magnificent devices, check out these 5 best ultrasonic air humidifiers for bedrooms that you can get under $100!

LEVOIT Humidifiers LV600HH 6L

Let’s break a rumor that a humidifier is only for humans. In fact, you must choose the essential oils that are safe for pets too. Plus, you’re going with LV600HH from LEVOIT. Your pet and plants will love sniffing around this as much as it’ll add a healthy humidity to the room. Aside from getting a trash can with a odor control, this humidifier will also keep your house or bedroom free of stinky smell.

How can you be fit all year? There are 2 mist options; cool and warm mist. With the duality, not only will your room not dry in winter and summer anymore, but also your skin and nasal are getting healthier than ever. You can set it through the control panel and remote control. There are 5 options; Mist Level, Warm, Humidity, Timer, it’s up to 12 hours. The most versatile that can be used for sleeping mode and monitoring the surroundings to add the mist level, Auto mode. You can now find the hint that this is easy to use.

LEVOIT LV600HH - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

The mist nozzle has 2 directions and it can move 360 degrees, making the humidity spread at a maximum of 753 square feet. You can also choose whether to drop aromatherapy oil or not because there is a special box for it. For a more budget-friendly item to go, there is no filter attached.

This unit is easy to clean. You will get a cleaning brush, along with the aroma pads, absorption pads, and user manual. It is advisable to use distilled water, otherwise, the air quality will turn harmful for the surroundings.

Produk 1 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100


  • The dual mist is good for humans and pets.
  • The unit is small, doesn’t emit unnecessary sounds.
  • Easy to use, from the remote control, and easy to clean, from the free cleaning brush.



  • It may cause a leak, so you still need to buy parchment paper.
  • You can’t lose the remote if the control panels stop working.



TaoTronics Humidifiers 6L

We all purchase a room humidifier to relax all day long with a warm cup on desk. Then, there are other features that you should look up, such as no leak, no noise, and an automatic option with a monitor. This is what TaoTronics Humidifiers offers to you. 

First things first, you should know that this sturdy-designed humidifier has a 6-liter capacity, so you don’t need to refill the tank every day. With this kind of size, you can put the device anywhere you like, such as the bedroom, living room, and so forth. Then, there are 2 temperatures you can set for the output, cold mist and warm mist. That’s the all-year comfort for your beloved ones. 

TaoTronics Humidifiers 6L - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

You must be waiting for the Automatic Humidity Monitoring. With this option, the device will tell you how many percent the room needs. It normally reaches 55% to 65% based on the environmental humidity for the indoor. Besides the automatic mode, there are 3 mist levels, 3 mist temperatures, humidity levels, timer, and sleep mode. You can set them up with a remote control too.

The aromatherapy oil tray is located on the bottom. You are free to add it for fresher air. Whether as a decor or for medical reasons, you can also keep the plants from drying out in hot summer or freezing cold winter. To refill the water, you can open the 17cm wide opening on the top of the unit.

Produk 2 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100


  • You don’t necessarily have to drop the essential oil, more money-saver option.
  • The pads and sponges are loose, making them easy to clean.
  • The remote control works from 5 meters away from the humidifier.



  • You can’t see how much water is left in the tank.
  • Can spread dust from filtered water.




HuPro 777 4L

We got you. You are looking for high-tech design appliances like air fryer ovens and even for your humidifier but still easy to use. Have you checked on the HuPro 777 before? Here are the best of the product.

Obviously, we still need water for this humidifier. Remember to always use the distilled one, not from the tap. To refill the water, you can remove the tank by holding the handle from the top of the unit. The capacity is 4 liter for a 500 square room. Another advantage of the water tank is the easiness to clean the humidifier and leakproof because we fill it from the top.

Moving on to the control panel. This is also one of a kind, aside from the touch screen, the Air Ionization setting. After you press the button, the mist will come from a carbon and mineral filter. If you add the aromatherapy oil that is in a tray, it will freshen the room and also boosts your mood for the whole day.

Hupro 777 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

You can activate the modes with the remote control. There are Mist Level, Humidity, Auto, and Timer. The mist output has 5 levels, depending on the size of your room. The timer setting can help to save the energy that will be on for up to 12 hours. 

All in all, the setting will lead to moisturize the dry room in the winter and condition the room in the summer. You can put this on top of a wood floor or desk. This can be in the nursery or wherever you want.

Produk 3 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100


  • Working quietly from a distance, about 5 feet away.
  • Easy setup, from refilling the water to turning everything back. This is for people who love simplicity and quickness.
  • There 5 levels of the steam releases, a perfect fit for any size of the room.



  • If you are new to this humidifier, the manual instructions might need a lot of time to be understood.
  • The sleeping mode only for the timer. Other than that, the lights are still on even when you’ve pressed the mode.



Pure Guardian H4810AR 2 Gallon Tank

You will use the humidifier for years. Whether or not this is your first purchase, this should be easy to use and keep for a long period of time, as you have got the benefits from a humidifier. The 2-gallon tank Pure Guardian H4810AR is the choice for the durable air humidifier we have today.

Let’s say this is a sort of self-clean air moisturizer from Silver Clean Protection. The protection has a function to combat a slimy mold and dust from the tank, creating healthier air among all kinds. The ultrasonic technology also accompanies you to have a peaceful sleep while the device is working, both in warm or cold mist mode. Works perfectly in silence like your less noise milk frother.

Pure Guardian - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

You can turn this humidifier into a room light. Then, the timer has 3 settings; 4 hours is the minimum, 8, and 12 hours the maximum. You can also set the mist in 3 levels. If the water tank is empty, you can rely on the Refill lamp.

You will have a good sleep and healthier skin from all of the functions H4810AR has. Like any other appliances, you still need to clean the device regularly to maintain the air quality. There is a cleaning brush you can use for all parts of the humidifier. No wonder the durability is exceptional. 

Produk 4 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100


  • The huge tank will help you to only refill the water once it is empty but not every day.
  • Easy to clean, both inside and outside. You can rinse with vinegar water in the tank and for the outer body just wipe with a cloth.
  • With distilled water, you can keep the humidifier for years.



  • You can still hear a gurgling sound. This should be fine if you can still tolerate the sound at night.
  • The unit is heavy. You can probably stay still in one place for the long term.


Elechomes SH2280

For a bigger controller display, we have Elechomes SH2280 to be selected. This is a great addition to your room decoration to set side by side with your make up mini fridge from its sleekness. Not only that, your house will be still quiet while this is working. Your plants are happy, too, as they are moisturized. 

The highlight of this product is the control panel. The LED display is easy to read. You can see the levels and percentages when you gently press the Max/Min, Timer, Heating, and Humidity. The timer is up to 12 hours and humidity from 30% to 80%. What’s the most special is the Child Lock button. It will lock all features when they are around. 

Elechomes SH2280 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

The water tank is removable. As a result, it is easy to clean and refill the water. You can clean the tank just with a soft sponge. The ultimate upside of filling from the top is no leak, both from the lid and the bottom. You don’t have to check excessively whether or not it is empty. There will be a beep if there is no water left.

For 20dB sleep mode, checked. To cover up the entire room of 755 square, also noted. The 2 turning nozzles and essential oil plate, checked. You should turn this on while yoga, doing spa at home, and many more. 

Produk 5 - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100


  • Not only giving your room humidity, but also great decoration.
  • You can easily clean the unit with a cleaning product or just a wet cloth. The water tank is removable too, making it easier to refill the water.
  • The auto mode will set the device based on the humidity level in the room.


  • The 5.5-liter capacity is only for 1 day of usage. Therefore, you might need to refill the water every day.
  • There is no window or clear glass to see how much water left inside the humidifier.






Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

How often should you clean the humidifier?

To clean the whole tank, it is advisable to do it every once a week. For a better result, you should refill with purified or distilled water. You can also try mixing water and vinegar every 2 months.

How possible is it if there is no mist coming out?

There are some possibilities that could happen. First, if the water is empty, the humidifier will automatically shut off. Second, if you set it to the Auto mode, it will track from the sensor of the humidity. When the sensor reaches 55% to 65%, it will suddenly turn off. Lastly, if you turn on the Warm mist, it will take some time to mist it out.

Can we still use the humidifier if we don’t have the essential oil?

You can still use it with or without the oil. If you want to use the oil, you can slide the tray out, then put 1 drop of oil on the pad. The humidifier still works great too if you don’t put the oil.

Where is the best place to put the humidifier?

It is recommended to put the humidifier on top of a high surface-like table. Then, make sure between the mist nozzle and roof leave more room. You can also place the device far away from the couch, like on the edge of the room, so the air can spread evenly in the room.


How to Choose an Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers

How to Choose - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

The ease of cleaning

It is advisable to use distilled water instead of tap water. In tap water, there are a lot of bacterias and such that are active, while distilled water has gone through a process to neutralize the water. 

Although you’ve chosen the right water to refill, you still need to deep clean all parts, like the tank, the filter, and so on that play an important part to release the mist. There are humidifiers with detachable water tanks and other ones you just need to open the lid.

Working controller

To use the humidifier, of course, you need an on/off button. For the large size, it should have a controller that fulfills the size of the house. From the humidity level, timer, and temperature, you can press the buttons at ease.

For more sophistication, there are products with remote control. With that, you can set the settings from afar, and so the room is fresh still. If the water is empty, there is a light to remind you to refill it.

Health benefit

The mist that comes out from the nozzles adds to the quality of the air. To maintain that, you have to keep it clean as always and choose the right aromatherapy to put on the disc. The whole benefit is not only for humans but also pets and plants.


Bottom Line

Bottom Line - 5 Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifers for Bedroom Under $100

Not only is it great to freshen the bedroom, but also all rooms in the house. It has to be easy to clean because it affects your health, as this can cure your sinus, dry skin, allergies, and so on. Each of the humidifiers must fulfill your requirement based on the size of your room and where to put the unit.

As much as we love all these humidifiers, our pick goes to TaoTronics Humidifiers 6L. The reason why this device is highly recommended is because it is easy to use for its top-fill which is easier for you to refill and clean. Even if you can't see how much water is left in the tank, it will automatically shut off when it is run out of water. The warm mist option and humidity level setting won it. Last but not least, this humidifier is essential oil applicable.

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