5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ

For many people, coffee is a booster. With one single sip, they can come to their work peacefully and with a light mood to start. Also, it is an escape from the stress. That is why people need to get their coffee as soon as their daily activities drain them. You can always like to have a cup of tall glass of Americano from a nearby coffee shop yet there must be a queue to line. Getting yourself a personal coffee maker could save your minutes better. Isn't a quick and simple morning is what you are looking for?

The options for coffee makers are varied. From the 5-Cup to 12-Cup, each coffee maker has its own way to process the coffee. So, in order to get the best coffee maker you need to know yourself first. If you are in a working home habit, you can consider to have the 5-Cup coffee maker. The size is in the middle among many. Fit enough for your daily dose. The capacity is just perfectly right., not big also not small. When you put the coffee maker on in the morning, then you can still enjoy your coffee until late evening, even the coffee will still be warm like it is just made.

There are many models even for a 5-cup coffee maker. If you already get a sight of it and somehow have the best candidates but you still do not know which one to choose, then you can consider these two options. Those are the Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700B. For more details, you can check the products in the description below.

Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ Similarities

Similiarties - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ

Similarities #1: Capacity

Coffee makers come in various models so you can get your kinds of coffee preference. As well for the capacity is merely different to produce with manual brewer that can hold up from 5 cup to 16 cup of servings at one process. If you like a traditional way of serving, you could go make a cup with a simple moka pot or stovetop. Getting the taste of Vietnamese iced coffee also need different types of maker with its mini stackable single brewer. Above all these, modern offers of coffee model types is now go electric. And if you prefer to have some milk in your coffee, a lovely electric handheld milk frother will have you become a barista at home. 

Both products from Amazon Basics MA-D03A and Black + Decker CM0700BZ were able to serve up to 5 cups at a time or 25oz (740 ml) for the carafe. Both are also good for any kind of room. It has a very compact size and a sleek design. This will fit in your apartment, dorm room, even your RV!

Similarities #2: Filter

When you use a coffee maker, you might be the kind of coffee person that prefers your coffee comes clean without any coffee grounds in. Beside, it is important to make your coffee taste still best you could save your cost from spending paper and coffee filters.

Amazon Basics MA-D03A and Black + Decker CM0700BZ are brought to you with a filter included. Amazon Basics MA-D03A have a removable filter basket and reusable filter so you don't need to get another paper filter anymore. Meanwhile, Black + Decker CM0700BZ has a permanent grounds filter yet very easy to clean so you can enjoy your drink with no worries about any obstacle in cleaning.

Similarities #3: Auto Pause and Easy-view

Sometimes you just need to get the coffee quickly for your first cup. You can’t wait for the next minutes until the carafe is full. A plus point feature from both of these product is that you could pause and enjoy your coffee without waiting until the whole carafe is filled. On Amazon Basics MA-D03A comes with Mid-Brew  so you can get the very first pour in the middle of the process without making a mess with its sensor stop when you remove the pot.

Meanwhile the similar feature on Black + Decker CM0700BZ namely Sneak-a-Cup feature works the same so you can save time and let the rest of the coffee be done warmly just right. Both of these models also presented with an transparent glass carafe and easy-view water design so you can check on water and coffee amount precisely.


Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ Differences

Differences - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ

Differences #2: Carafe Design

Most of the electric coffee maker model is presented with a clear view carafe made of glass with a plate on the bottom to keep your coffee warm whenever you want it. Yet, there is a difference from each model of these carafe on design and material, whether for use and how to clean them.

The Amazon Basics MA-D03A has a very distinctive carafe that is made of glass. That makes this carafe is only safe to wash manually, not using dishwasher. Meanwhile the Black+Decker CM0700B has an ergonomic carafe which is designed to be comfortable in handling. Also, the carafe is featured with drip-free pouring and dishwasher safe along with its cover and all other removable parts.


Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ Comparisons

Amazon produces a compact coffee maker that will serve you the best coffee. The Amazon Basics MA-D03A offers you an ultimate experience of having a cup of coffee in your own kitchen. In fact, it will fit into any size of your rooms. You can put it into your apartment or dorm room. The compact size is just excellent.

Even though it is considered small, this little machine provides you with so many features when brewing your most favorite coffee. First things first, you can get the coffee for your whole day only by using the coffee maker in the morning because the carafe can hold about 5 cups or 25 ounces. The coffee maker will also make it warm even though you want to get it for your late evening sip. As a matter of fact, you can have your first cup when the machine is still flowing your coffee without any messes behind thanks to the mid-brew pause function.

This model also available with a permanent ground filters. The filter basket can be easily removed and you can also wash the filter because it is reusable. Just make sure that you wash it every time you finish brewing. The front acces power button is to make it easier and quicker to turn on or off the machine and the 28.5 in cord is more than enough for you to get your power.

Produk 1 - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ


  • Mid-brew pause
  • Long cord


  • Not dishwasher safe



Black+Decker CM0700BZ

The Black+Decker CM0700B is one unique coffee maker that serves you enough for your daily boost of a cup of coffee. The space-saving design is beyond enough to choose this coffee maker as your morning buddy. The machine is built to fit in any kind of room, dorm room, apartment, working room, or even in your van! This cute little machine will never bother you with any kind of mess whenever you pour your favorite coffee. The ergonomic carafe is not only drip-free pouring but it also has a very comfortable handling. Meanwhile, the removable lid will ease you whenever the cleaning time has come.

The sneak-a-cup feature allows you to get the first with no mess because whenever you take the carafe, the coffee will stop flowing for awhile before you put it back. The optimal brewing temperature will provide you the best brewing temperature for your coffee while the permanent grounds filter will save you more time and money in changing the paper filters. Even though it is permanent ground, the basket still can be removed and cleaned easily.

Some indicators are also very helpful to increase the experience in having a coffee in your own house. The lighted switch will allow you to easily access on-off function. The easyview water window will give you a professional experience in brewing a coffee with the right amount of water. Meanwhile, the hot carafe plate can make your coffee always warm even if you want to sip it at the end of the day.

Produk 2 - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ


  • Light design
  • Sneak-a-cup feature
  • Optimal brewing temperature
  • Easy to clean


  • No timing setting 






Summary - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ

A 5-cup coffee maker is really great for you who have been working on your own in your house. By using this, you can even save the coffee for tomorrow consumption only with one processing time. The permanent filter is also very helpful to save more money buying the paper filters. With the very compact design both products can be stored anywhere in your house. Plus you still have some time to cook Belgian waffle on the side.

Our pick for the win between these coffee makers goes to  Black+Decker CM0700B. By means to all the good features from its reusable filter, space saving, it is also easier to clean. you could choose to easily put the carafe and other removable parts in the dishwasher rack or manually hand wash. This one surely could fit your counter as your new little coffee maker companion for your everyday booster.


FAQ Amazon Basics MA-D03A

Can you get a cup of coffee before the whole 5 cups are done?

The machine is already equipped with the Sneak-a-cup feature. It allows you to pour the coffee from the carafe without leaving any messes and the coffee flow will stop.

Could this be used with a smart outlet?

The coffee maker has a manual on-off switch. But, if you leave it on on position, then you can set the brewing machine to start or stop processing by the use of a smart outlet. 

Can you program this to be ready when you wake up?

This product does not offer a timing mechanism and offers the on/off switch. But, if you use a smart outlet, you can leave it on all the time and start scheduling. But, sometimes it will make the machine do not last long because it is left on all the time.


FAQ Black+Decker CM0700BZ

Can you use paper filters instead?

The permanent filter is more than enough to support the brewing process. The use of a paper filter will make the brew basket not drain properly. As a result, it will lead to overflow.

Is there a warranty? 

The manufacturer of the coffee maker has two years of warranty starting the date of purchase.

Does this coffee maker have automatic turnoff?

The machine does not have a timing mechanism feature. The power and the heating will remain on as long as it is not turned off or unplugged.  


3 Common Mistakes with Your Coffee Maker to Look After

Good To Know - 5-Cup Coffeemaker - Amazon Basics MA-D03A vs Black+Decker CM0700BZ

It looks like you already know what kind of coffee maker you really need especially among those products. But using them is not always easy. There are things that many people do but actually it is just not good for the machine. Among those things, below are the mistakes that usually do when they make coffee with a coffee maker.

Ignoring the dirty coffee maker

It is good when you use the coffee maker daily. But it will be bad if you do not clean it up as often as you use it. It does not have to be daily to clean it up but make sure that you do it consistently. At least, you should clean the carafe daily so then you can get rid of any kind of wastes like coffee oils.  

Forget descaling

Maintenance is the key for having any appliance. It is not only cleaning it up but caring for the other parts too. It will be bad if you ignore or forget to do any kind of maintenance to the cookware, including your coffee maker. If you forget to descale your coffee maker, mineral deposits will clog inside and make your coffee maker having trouble running or even not running at all. That is why, descaling coffee maker every once in a while like removing the charcoal filter or filling the water reservoir with vinegar-plus-water combination should be done.

Ignoring the freshness of materials

A good coffee is a fresh coffee. To get a fresh coffee, you need to have the fresh ingredients. If not, then the coffee will taste normal. It is the same if you use the tap or warm water. It Is not fresh water. It will make your coffee taste usual. Try to use the filtered water. Also, try to better grind your coffee bean by yourself. If you do not do that, buy the coffee ground in an enough amount so then, whenever you want to brew it, the coffee will always still be fresh. 

Even though you already have the coffee maker if you do not know how to get the best taste of a coffee, then having a coffee maker is just a waste. That is why, you need to avoid those mistakes when you choose to have a cup of coffee from your coffee maker. If you can avoid those mistakes, then those two products of the coffee makers are enough to give you the best morning booster.




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