5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

Updated 14 Jul 2021
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Main Image - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

When was the last time you saw your fridge is clean? Do you place your bottles and veggies in the right place in the fridge neat yet it still feels too much? There is an arrangement issue that needs to be fixed.

Keeping your ingredients like frozen french fries and fruits for sorbet in a fridge is understandable. Since you all need to get them cool and can be kept for a couple of days from the very first time you brought them in. However, you need to be able to manage how to store them easily to eat both to clean too. You don’t want any food or drink stains left on your fridge, right? 

Plus it will be worse when there are stinky odors the moment you open the door. Ugh, we do hope you never have to experience that! This case works vice versa for your supplies on the countertop. For the sake of your hygiene and better storage, to see and freshly out to serve, a solution is brought to you.

Image Top - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

In order to get you the right item to organize your space, we have reviewed the 5 multifunctional refrigerators and countertop organizers you must have. So, you can make everything work easier for you by taking points among these choices.

1. Utopia Deals Set of 6 Pantry Organizers 

Utopia 6 set - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

This is a set of six organizers that will help you to manage your groceries and provide you with extra space for your fridge. These are the best organizers you can get to expand your refrigerator storage space. 

Produk 1 - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must HaveIt is also friendly to use with handles on each side so you can also teach your kids to manage their toys as well. Sounds great, isn’t it? Talking about the size, it might not fit your mini fridge at your dorm but for a busy household, the 14.5 x 7 x 3.9 inches of 5 drawers and a 14 slot egg holding tray can be your storage saver.

Utopia Deals Set of 6 is a storage rack you can use not only for your freezers but also for all those amenities to your office supplies. You don’t bother getting it scattered all around in the shelves anymore. It is also easy to clean with mild detergent and water plus a soft damp cloth to dry. The material is also BPA-free plastic to let your concern about the toxicity of your food wash away.


  • The sturdiness rate is best for each set to have for your neater fridge.
  • 14 eggs could fit in! Hold enough for your weekly stocks with a removable lid.


  • The containers are stackable, but on the condition, if the underneath is not full.


2. Seseno Set of 6 Refrigerator Organizer Bins Stackable 

Seseno - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must HaveMoving on to another 6 set refrigerator organizer, Seseno presented their stackable drawers in a solid rectangular. It has the perfect size for your various needs. The size of each drawer measures 10 x 6 x 3 inches which could fit into your fridge, countertops, or even for your kids' playrooms nicely and clearly. The later the next time you need things, the clear container will save you time searching.

Produk 2 - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must HaveThe material used is also thicker than other models of food storage racks. If stacking them in the fridge might look cramped for you, setting them side by side is also doable for its space-friendly both in the fridge and pantry. If your problems with managing your fridge are not only about the space but also for its cleanliness, you have come to the right point on looking at this item.

Your fridge shelves will stay clean like new! This Seseno set is not dishwasher safe yet if there is spillage in the container, you can simply clean the drawers with mild soap and water. Can you imagine how your refrigerator cleaning routine could be much simpler by then?

Seseno Set of 6 Refrigerator Organizer Bins Stackable is known to be durable because of its thick BPA-free plastic material and solid stacked. This set of kitchen storage accessories surely could make you ‘fall in love’ the moment you get the package as a start for a storage game changer.


  • The overall size of this drawer set surprisingly still could leave some space in your fridge. You might like how compact this set is.
  • Well made for a sturdy useful organizer for so many things, including a can opener.


  • No egg tray included, so you might add this one to the cart when you already have one in your fridge.
  • Because the size is smaller than the usual 6 sets, it probably couldn't hold much inside.


3. Set of 2 Jinamart Large Stackable Storage Organizer Bins 

JinaMart - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

If having 6 sets is too much for you, there is another invisible organizer to offer to you. Let’s take short tour details about the set of 2 stackable organizer bins from JINAMART. Even if this set only comes as two, it is brought to you with many treats along.

Produk 3 - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must HaveThe drawer dimensions are categorized as narrow with the length about 12.5 inches and 6.3 inches wide. However, to store your vegetables, fruit jars to cans for your fridge or pantry, these two stackable organizers will still neatly arrange them. This container sets help you organize many things from beauty and makeup supplies to keeping your living room tidy as well. Making sure there are minimal sparks around.

These two sets of sturdy organizers from JINAMART are durable and well designed with a good storage capacity. Well value to any kind of needs to arrange, whether for your sewing supplies and even to help your kids manage their personal belongings. Built handles make it easier to carry and pull out from your refrigerator or the cabinets where you place them, so you won’t face any things falling anymore the moment you reach it.



  • Set of 2 organizer bins but has a big space to fill in.
  • Easy to clean and easy to take a view of your content.


  • So far, everything is a good start as you measure the item dimensions carefully.


4. Vtopmart Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Vtopmart - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

These organizers will make your life a lot easier. These are transparent plastic bins that you can use to organize fruit, vegetables, drinks, yogurt, canned food, and also dry goods in your pantry. 

Produk 4 - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must HaveThe organizer bins are both functional and versatile. They have the perfect depth, suitable for your refrigerator and freezer, as well as drawers and cabinets. You can also use them outside the kitchen. You can use the organizers in the bathroom, playroom, beauty room, craft room, and more. 

The bins have handle grips on the side so you can access them easily. You can also carry them with all the content inside them safely due to the comfortable handle. Made out of BPA-free polyethylene material, they are both sturdy and light weighted at the same time. With lightweight material, you can put them in the fridge easily without having to worry about them adding unnecessary weight to the fridge divider. 

They are transparent so you can see what's inside them easily. This will allow you to get and pick whatever you need with ease without having to open each bin. This design helps you to work efficiently and faster. You don't have to waste your energy to guess which containers store what. You also don't have to add any label since everything is seen from the outside. 

You cannot put these bins in the dishwasher but they are very easy to clean by hand. You can use mild soap and rinse them in the sink. Dry them and they are good to go. 


  • The mix size of one package set is a plus. So you can either have them all for the fridge or half for your pantry and other necessities.


  • The quality material isn’t as thick as other organizer types and the handle is best if it's flat.

5. Utopia Home Set 8 Pantry Organizers

Utopia Home Set 8 - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have


Produk 5 - 5 Multifunctional Refrigerator and Countertop Organizer You Must Have

If the sets of the same size drawers were not enough, The Vtopmart Refrigerator Organizer Bins is available as a mix size organizer package! The 8 pieces fridge organizer is divided into two sizes. It includes 4 Wide bins and 4 Narrow bins.

The Wide bins are ideal for large items such as fruits, vegetables, jars, and canned food. Meanwhile, the Narrow bins are likely to have the same size as your attached fridge door rack. It is a best fit for small items like your mineral and sparkling water or cheese blocks. Not only for foods, of course, it is multi-purpose function as you can use them to store in the cupboard, bedrooms and even the laundry room.

Vtopmart mix size fridge organizer is lightweight so you can use them in your bedrooms, the garage also for your craft supplies too. Each of these drawers is also stackable so you don’t have to worry about saving space. With good value comes good quality. For an easy-breezy cleaning time, you can easily clean the containers, your refrigerator shelves with no sticky stains plus an extra look for your home corner.


  • The mix size of one package set is a plus. So you can either have them all for the fridge or half for your pantry and other necessities.


  • The quality material isn’t as thick as other organizer types and the handle is best if it's flat.


Why You Should Start to Organize Your Fridge

The going minimal movement is known getting more spotlight nowadays. Not only about going minimal for your house spaces, even to inside your kitchens such as the pantry and your refrigerator. 

Wonder how managing your fridge could affect your surroundings? Here are some reasons why you should start using a refrigerator organizer.

  • Giving spaces for your fridge

When you have your food, fruits and veggies stacked inside a container or a clear organizer, you will be able to make two until three stacks on each shelf. This makes a smart move on saving your fridge space where you used to use all of them with scattered sight, it is a better sight and sets more stuff to fit in.

  • Less plastic and food waste

Definitely the important aspect of why you should start using an organizer. Some foods from the supermarket are still available in plastic packaging. As you have noticed, more plastic waste will bring a worse effect for the climate. The same case goes when you thrash out your mushy food. Quoted from WWF, wasting your food is wasting a lot of energy than you ever realize. From the amount of water used to grow and the whole process until it is packaged and distributed. Plus, there will be an unwanted amount of methane created while the food is rotted on the land.

  • Grouping your food content

Since you have your foodstuff inside the clear refrigerator organizer, you can make a group and put sticky labels on it. This labels and clear view organizer will get you to know the best date before your food gets rot inside plus help you scheduling your daily menus!

  • Saving your cost

As you manage to save your refrigerator space, environment, and fresh food along the way, it all goes down to save your cost the most. You will be able to take care of fresh food consumption, you will have no more regret spending money on new food stocks or meals because your food is wasted.


Bottom Line

Getting some multifunctional organizers is probably only one step in the organizing process. As for using refrigerator and countertop organizers, it will be very helpful to prevent your food from out of sight and getting mushy, also it is easier to pull out stacks from each stuff you need. You will have no more drama spilling your scattered stuff. 

If you are looking for a new start, our recommendation is to have a set of 6 organizers types for your refrigerator, freezer to any kind of home necessities such as your living room and bathroom amenities to be packed nicely and easy to find. The set of 6 is best for a big household, you know how busy it is with various items each person has. Meanwhile if you are single and have a packed apartment, the set of 2 will be a better fit to start your space organizing journey.

Last but not least, do save what is useful for you and throw away what should be thrown. Then later you will enjoy how it is great for you both mentally and physically only by getting yourself an organized space.

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