Air Fryer Oven - Secura TXG-DS15 vs Elite Platinum EAF-05 Review and Comparison

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Air Fryer Oven - Secura TXG-DS15 vs Elite Platinum EAF-05 Review and ComparisonSince environmental conditions these days are likely to become more worrying, the awareness of changing lifestyles is rising. From getting your bedroom air humidifiers to the kitchen appliances, you need to consider how your surroundings could affect your body. We also have made some list of budget friendly air humidifiers yet stylish like TaoTronics that cost under $100. As an alternative for your favorite fried foods, cooking with an air fryer will be a better idea. There are also many surprising air fryer food recipes that can be your new favorite!

Since it has become known as one of the convenient kitchen tools, many households buy this tool due to the practicality and help people prepare their meals easier and faster. You may often see reviews about the air fryer. There are also a bunch of articles and video tutorials on how air fryers promise you to get the same taste and texture as a deep fryer only with much less fat.

Side by side on the kitchen countertop with your favorite classic toaster, these two air fryers options will upgrade the look and simplicity of cooking for your needs. Check out pros and cons between Secura TXG-DS15 vs Elite Platinum EAF-05 air fryer that will change you for good.



Similarities #1: Cooking Timer

When you think of a better kitchen appliance, it would be best to have one with a quick preset timer. Like an oven or microwave, air fryers also have a cooking timer feature you can set as you need from 30 minutes to 60 minutes long.

Both models of Secura TXG-DS15 and Elite Platinum EAF-05 have 60 minutes cooking timer that will shut down automatically when it's done cooking. This feature is useful so you don't have to worry about your food getting burned. 

Similarities #2: Reduce Oil Use

As you desire to get your cooking healthier and better, an air fryer is beneficial for you since you don't need lots of cooking oil use within your food. Guilt free deep fry alike will come out of it!

One of the main features of the air fryer is you can cook fried meals using little to no oils. Both models allow you to cook with only a small amount of oil so you will get a healthier meal but just as tasty as a deep-fried meal so you can eat delicious food with less guilt.

Similarities #3: Non-stick Removable Basket

Cooking with an air fryer is not only helping manage your meals become healthy and crisp but also helping you save time cleaning up your kitchen counter and dishwashing task.

The similarities on Secura TXG-DS15 and Elite Platinum EAF-05 also noticeable for its use of a non-stick removable basket that is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.


Elite Platinum Electric Digital Hot Air Fryer Oil-Less Healthy Cooker Timer Temperature Controls



Differences #1: Capacity

From the outside look, an air fryer might seem big and there's not much you can put inside this appliance. Like a magical box, an air fryer capacity could fit up for 4 people servings at one time. Each model has various capacities based on your needs whether you like it for your single meal prep or family table

The Secura TXG-DS15 comes in 4,2 quart or 4 liters capacity which is pretty big compared to other air fryers. Meanwhile, the Elite Platinum EAF-05 comes with more options of capacity starting from 3,2 quart up to 7 quart so you have more options to choose from. 

Differences #2: Temperatures

As a cooking appliance that use heat circulation to cook your food inside the basket, the temperature setting used on your air fryer do matters. The temperature on varies from the most common around 325-400 degrees.

The Secura TXG-DS15 temperatures are between 180-390 degrees Fahrenheit while the Elite Platinum EAF-05 temperatures are between 140-400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Differences #3: Accessories

Both models include a removable basket that is very convenient for your cooking experience, but the Secura TXG-DS15 comes with additional toaster racks and skewers to make it more versatile and allow you to cook even more types of food either it's snacks or the main dish. Elite Platinum EAF-05 doesn't come with any additional accessories. 


Secura TXG-DS15

If you happen to love to get a unique looks appliance and prefer things in analog settings, the Secura TXG-DS15 might be best for you. The air fryer uses rapid hot air circulation and a top grill so it allows food to be cooked quickly and evenly. The big capacity allows you to cook a different kind of food from snacks to main dishes. It helps with some kitchen work. More than just helping you make various fryer food, it also has additional accessories that get you experimenting on air fryer recipes included. For example, you no longer have to grill your meat, but instead, you can air fry it. If you have any issues within its usage, leave no worries with its 2 years manufacturer's limited warranty.

Secura TXG-DS15 Air Fryer OvenPros: 

  • Variable temperature control 
  • Additional accessories
  • 2 years manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep the food flavor and quality
  • High-grade construction unit with interior metal lining so there is no plastic smell residue on the food
  • Quiet with only a subtle sound from the fan



  • Have to shake the basket to rotate the food to make sure it is cooked evenly 
  • Bulky design 


Elite Platinum EAF-05

This air fryer model is brought to you with a 1year limited warranty and perfect size dimensions, especially when you happen to live in an apartment. With this air fryer, you will experience a healthy and easy way to cook your meals. The moden looks also add more points around your kitchen with its touch screen timer set and sleek design. It is also safer for you to cook your crispy meals without having oil splattered all over your arms. The cool-touch handle allows you to remove the basket safely. 

Elite Platinum EAF-05 Air Fryer OvenPros:

  • Touch screen
  • Easy and fast cleanup
  • Easy to use
  • Easy and safe basket removal
  • Presets and manual setup available
  • High tech look
  • Runs quietly



  • Not allow you to adjust temperature and cooking time while cooking. You have to pause or stop the cooking process to adjust it. 



Based on this elaboration, it is safe to conclude that an air fryer is a useful appliance worth buying. It helps you to cook delicious meals easier and faster with less mess so you don't have to struggle cleaning afterward. You also get the function of both a deep fryer and oven in one appliance. It will save you a lot of space so it is perfect to buy especially if you have a small kitchen space. 

After a while, which of them best to be delivered to your home then? Our pick goes to Secura TXG-DS15. Not only because it gets the best review for its ease of use, flavorful air fry cooking but also for simplicity on the cooking control and versatility. The size might be bigger than Elite EAF-05. However, for more convenience it can be one among many other air fryers to have so far.

Secura Air Fryer 1500-Watt

FAQ Secura TXG-DS15

How long does it take to make food?
It depends on a lot of things such as the kind of food you make and the quality of the raw ingredients. Different food needs different cooking times. You can use the cooking time setting to set your own cooking time. You may need to try different settings for different food to get the perfect result you desire. 

Is the cooked food soggy in the bottom?
No, as long as you prepare the food right. You can shake the basket or flip the food to make sure the food is cooked evenly with no sogginess. 

Is the Secura hot air fryer BPA free?
According to the company, the unit is BPA free. 


FAQ Elite Platinum EAF-05

Is it hot to touch?
You can touch the outside while running and it is not too hot. The air is warm and not as hot. It only seems hot when you open up the lid. The handle is cool so you can remove it safely. 

Can you put raw meat or just frozen food?
You can cook both raw meat and frozen food on this air fryer. There are probably differences in textures, but both raw and frozen food cooked well. 

Does it use a heating element or a bulb?
It uses a heating element. 

Where do you put the oil in?
You don't have to use any oil most of the time. The idea of an air fryer is to avoid oil. But you can spray or drizzle a little amount of oil if you want. 

What type of pan will fit in this air fryer?
You can use a baking pan as long as the size fits. 


Good to Know about Air Fryer

Good to Know about Air Fryer - French Fries

Before you buy any air fryer impulsively and get disappointed because you don't know how to use it, you better learn something about the air fryer:

Not Actually Frying

Even if it's called an air fryer, the appliance doesn't actually fry your food. It uses a heating element and penetrates the food with the heat to mimic the texture of fried food. You can enjoy crispy food without having the extra fat from the oil and it is easier to clean too. 


You can not only cook fried meals. You can also use it to roast and bake food as if you use an oven. This is why an air fryer is really handy. You can save some space in your kitchen but still get the function of both a deep fryer and an oven.  There is also actually the kind of air fryer oven you can grab home.


Some air fryers come with presets you can choose when you want to cook specific food. But you can also use the manual setting to cook another meal that is not included in the presets. 


Some air fryers come with additional accessories such as a rack and pan. But some don't. For example, the air fryer may come with a baking setting but doesn't include the baking pan. You can use your own baking pan as long as the size fits.


Different air fryers come with different features. Most of them already come with a touch screen setting so you can adjust the temperature and cooking time easily. You also need to change the setting every time you start to cook different food because the air fryer has a different setting for each food. You also need to take a look at your food. Except you prefer to have the wide window feature, like the Iconites and Chefman air fryer. You probably don't need to shake the basket or flip the food to make sure the hot air is distributed evenly so the food cooks quickly and evenly.


The air fryer elements are easy to clean. With less grease, you can just wipe the basket and it's good. You need to be careful not to use harsh chemicals or detergent to clean the air fryer because it can peel the non-stick coating. If you have problems with food spots and smells, you can use vinegar to get rid of them. 


Elite Platinum Electric Digital Hot Air Fryer Oil-Less Healthy Cooker Timer


Each air fryer has its own pros and cons. You can choose the one that works best for you and experience the convenience of using an air fryer yourself.


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