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Updated 9 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US

For sure, fried food is one of the most favorable dishes for most people. But, that beautiful food comes at a price. Those fried foods are also one of the most significant causes of several diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  But, if you truly fancy fried foods, you should try an air fryer.

It is because the device does not need much oil to cook. That is why, many people also say that air fryers are considered the best way to get a healthier life. The device is also able to fry almost all kinds of ingredients, from chicken, vegetables, onion rings, fishes, doughnuts even pizzas! There are also some researches reporting that air frying food will cut calories until 80 percent and produce a lot less fat.

The key idea of having an air fryer is that you will get the most taste of delicious fried foods without having the side effects of the fat caused by the large amount of oil used. We also have seen these values on versatile food steamers, so you can get a full variety of healthy meals on your table.

If you now are interested in getting the air fryer for your daily use, then you should start to get to know air fryers a lot deeper. These two products of air fryers, the Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US, will help you to get the best air fryers for your homey plus non-fat meals. See which spec suits you best!

Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US Similarities

Similiarties - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US

Similarities #1: LED Panel

An air fryer is not only getting yourself an upgrade of changing your lifestyle but also adding a new modern touch to your kitchen too. There are few models of an air fryer that can be set with an analog knob timer to LED one touch for all panels.

This feature is both brought in Prosenic T21 and Innsky 55SA1US. Aside from its full technology design, there are more combination functions such as schedule, menu, keep warm, preheat, unfreeze and so on. Only by touching one of these presets on your air fryer, your food will be ready in no time to your eating table.

Similarities #2: Dishwasher safe

Getting your cooking utensils clean as soon as possible is the most wonderful thing you could imagine. Not only that you could save time in cleaning, but also making things neat while you do the next job in the kitchen. Prosenic T21 or Innsky 55SA1US both were compact with dishwasher machine. You can fit the non-stick baskets and drawers on top of your dishwasher rack. When you don't have one, you are still able to clean them manually.

Similarities #3: Capacity and power wattage

From design to cleaning method, you need to observe which air fryer that suits your house electricity. It will be a scenic comedy when you have bought one yet your electricity goes black the moment you start your fryer, right? Air fryer capacity comes from 8Qt up to 20Qt for the biggest and compact with oven models.

Here both of Prosenic T21 and Innsky 55A1US are considered as XL air fryers. Both presented with an 5.8 QT basket inside to cook with1700 wattage power. With that amount of capacity, you can cook for the whole family in a single process, about 3 to 7 persons.

Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US differences

Differences - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US

Differences #1: Smart control

In this modern era, getting yourself a wireless gadget makes you rely on simplicity and modernity at the same time. As many have produced from wireless printer to air fryer machine, the smart control device is now available to get your life easier. All you need is just try to connect the device through Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity.

The difference between these products is on the smart control feature. The Proscenic T21 has Wi-Fi connectivity. It means that you can control the air fryers through your phone. Moreover, the air fryer is also equipped with Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands so then you can cook from a distant away. Meanwhile, the Innsky 55SA1US does not have the Wi-Fi connectivity or the voice commands yet.

Differences #2: Material Design

The Proscenic T21 basket is made of aluminum rather than stainless steel or iron. Also, the basket is already coated with two layers of Teflon coating. Meanwhile, the Innsky 55SA1US uses stainless steel for the body. This will make the device last longer than any other similar devices. Also, the stainless material ensures the device will not produce odor or any other bad smells.  

Differences #3: Cooking presets

Air fryer doesn't only do the job to fry. Surprisingly, many of the new air fryer models could be a versatile kitchen appliance. So you can get another one device for all options. However, the cooking preference or presets on the machine is still different between each model.

The Proscenic T21 has 8 menus for the cooking presets, those are Fries, Shrimp, Pizza, Chicken, Steak, Bacon, Cake, or Fish. With only one difference, the Innsky 55SA1US provides 7 cooking options, those are Steak, Shrimp, Seafood, Chicken, French Fries, Bread and Vegetables.


Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US Comparison

Proscenic T21

The Proscenic T21 is a versatile air fryer. The big difference is at how it is operated. The device is equipped with the 2.4G Wi-Fi. This is a really good feature that can happen in an air fryer or maybe in a kitchen appliance. It is because you do not need to do all the cooking on site, you can actually cook from anywhere in your house. The Wi-Fi will connect the air fryer with your phone and operate it through an app. Big thanks to technology!

The app is also exceptional. From there, you can customize almost anything. You can make your own cooking schedule. download online recipes then add it to your app then save your modified recipes to be used for another time. This device is already featured with the Alexa and Google voice command. So, even if you do not have your phone around, you can still operate it by sounding them.

The device has a very versatile LED panel. The panel will offer you all the things about cooking the best food. Only by tapping it, you can get the meal you want. This device offers so many combinations of cooking functions, from scheduling the cooking, keeping warm the food or picking up the menu for your meal. There are 8 menus that you can choose, those are Fries, Pizza, Fish, Chicken, Steak, Cake, Shrimp, or Bacon.

The other great things about this device is the design. With the large capacity of 5,8 QT, you can cook for almost all the members of your family at only one time. The large capacity is also supported by the non-stick basket that is made of aluminum so then the food will be evenly cooked. Also, the basket will be a lot easier to be cleaned. With the power of 1700 watt, the air fryer is just priceless.

Produk 2 - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US



  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Air Fryer app
  • Voice command
  • Auto Shut-off


  • Bulk design



Innsky 55SA1US

Cook with the Innsky 55SA1US will never exhaust. Even if you get your recipe wrong, you can still have the best fried foods. It is mostly because the air fryer can circulate the air better even if it can circulate the hot air in 360 degree. As a result, the food is not only crispier and crunchier but it can cook the food a lot faster than the conventional oven. And the best thing is that it can reduce the use of the oil by almost 85 percent. So, you will not only get the food taste more delicious but it can boost your healthy life.

With its LED Panel digital one-touch screen, it helps you to cook any kind of fried food recipes from the presets. The screen will provide you 7 preset menus. You can cook steak, french fries, bread, vegetables, seafood, shrimp, or chicken. You only need to prepare the ingredients and the device will do the rest deliciously. Moreover, the digital screen also provides the function or the activity in cooking. You can preheat or defaw the food by adjusting the temperature. Also, you can fry, roast, grill, or even bake the food only with one tap.

The use of the stainless steel material for the body is really helpful for operation. The material will ensure the user that the device can last much longer. Also, the stainless will help you to avoid any kind of odor smell during cooking because it can contain the smell to stay inside. The other good thing about the device is the use of a non-stick basket combined with the large capacity of 5.8 QT. With those features, you can cook almost anything and you can clean it up right away inside your countertop dishwasher.

Produk 1 - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US

The Innsky 55SA1US package also includes 32 recipes that you can use to have meals with your beloved ones. Also, the design is not that bulk and the weight is not that heavy. It will fit finely on your countertop. 


  • Combination function
  • Alarm functions
  • Stainless steel body


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Less menu presets




Summary - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US

Alongside with the programmable slow cooker, air fryer is also a useful appliance for you to swift into healthy eating. It is not only good for improving your alternative fried menu but it is also useful for those who are often experimenting with new foods. The menu presets are the reason why it is very helpful for those food inventors. Besides, the air fryers will allow you to enjoy the food longer because it is very easy to clean and you do not need to clean your kitchen.

As a recommendation, we pick Innsky 55SA1US to be on your cart list. This air fryer might not have the modern features such as works with WiFi connectivity or voice command, however, this product is still remarkable. This XL air fryer could solve all the mystery into the air fryer world with its various cooking presets. Most users have spent their time to say that Innsky 55SA1US is a great product for its ease of use, value for money, easy cleaning and making the best flavor out of its cooking sets.


FAQ Proscenic T21

Will it work with the iPhone?

The app is compatible with any kind of smartphones. It includes all kinds of iPhones.

Can you make frozen chicken wings in this?

This air fryer is so versatile. It can cook almost any kind of food. Also, it can make anything frozen, including chicken wings.

How does the air fryer compare to traditional ovens?

Unlike the ovens, the air fryer is really good at making the food crispier and crunchier. Also, it works a lot faster. Lastly, ovens sometimes make the kitchen feel hot whereas the air fryer does not.

FAQ Innsky 55SA1US

Is there any way to lower the volume of the beeping noise when you press buttons?

The alarm beeps have a default set. It cannot be adjusted and the device has no button to facilitate it.

Does this function as a toaster oven as well?

Generally, the device can do almost all kinds of coking, including toasting. Some people also use it to toast their food. But, some others prefer not to use the air fryer as a toaster.

How do you defrost meat? 

The device has a button to get the food defrozed. To add the process, there is also a menu for pre-heating the food inside the air fryer. All of it is already written in the manual book.

Good to Know about Air Fryers

Good to Know - Air Fryer - Proscenic T21 vs Innsky 55SA1US

Air fryers are considered as those new kitchen appliances. That is why, some people are still having challenges in getting the best food from them. There are some best practices in using the air fryers so then your food can even get tastier and healthier.

Heat-resistant surfaces

The air fryer will be really hot once it is used. That is why, you need to make sure that the surface where you put the air fryers is heat-resistant. Also, if you put it alongside with other kitchen appliances, make sure that it has several inches away. It is because the vent will blow some really hot air.

Prepare the air fryer first

The preparation steps are simple. Before you start using it, it is better to preheat the air fryer by a couple of minutes. This will make your food much tastier. When you are ready to cook, do not pour the oil. Instead, use a sprayer to evenly distribute the oil in the basket. Lastly, avoid overcrowding the basket.

Cleaning it as soon as possible

Once you get it done, you can rest it for a while. When you finish eating, then you should clean it immediately so then the crumbs and grease can be easily cleaned. Also, make sure that you clean the basket and the drawer.

Now you know that there are some things needed to be done in using the air fryers. Once you get it all, you will realize that the air fryers will just save you much more time. Plus it won't take too much space, so you can put your sandwich maker right next to it. If you are really interested in having air fryers, then those two products can be your suitable options.



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