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Updated 9 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

Any kind of activities can be fun, such as cooking. Sometimes the problem occurs when you do not have enough time to prepare everything. Then, you need to get the best appliances to help you prep ingredients quicker than your hand can do. Food processors can be your best options right now!

If the case you were wondering how to manage your kitchen smells good with your own homemade food yet the time just doesn't fit, you might consider to invest in this kitchen appliance. You can enjoy your weekend after preparing some new stocks just in a few hours! You will not only be able to prepare the pre-cooked food faster but also you can get rid of the dirty kitchen because it will make your kitchen less messy.

It may now be obvious that food processors are very beneficial and critical to cooking, especially for large batches at one time. But, in order to get the best one, you need to learn more about the best food processors. If you already have made up your mind but you still have rooms to choose, then you can check on the descriptions of Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730 below.

Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730 Similarities

Similarities Edit - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

Similarities #1: Feed Chute Size

The size of a food processor feed chute size available in various sizes. This chute plays the part to be the main way for your ingredients to be poured in whole and processed nicely. It is better to get one which is wider so you can do lots of mix at once as well.

Hamilton Beach 70740 and Hamilton Beach 70730 both can process almost all sizes of food for its large feed chute. If you want to get a precise size, the feed chute can fit to a large block of a cheese. You now do not need to slice the cheese or another ingredient into smaller sizes anymore.

Similarities #2: Blade Parts

Coming from the same manufacturer, Hamilton Beach 70740 and Hamilton Beach 70730 series both have some similarities within its part. These two products have already been equipped with the reversible stainless steel disc for slicing or shredding the ingredients.

You can just put directly the ingredients into the bowl then the device will be able to chop it off in any direction. Because of the reversible blade, the food processor is also able to do a wide range of food processing activities, including the food chopper and the vegetable chopper. It also comes with stainless steel S-blade for your chopping, mixing and pureeing needs.

Similarities #3: Power and Speed

Since the goal of having a food processor is to get your time more efficient in preparation, the power and speed beside capacity also matters for the long run helper. The blending power from both Hamilton Beach 70740 and 70730 is powerful enough to chop and grind nuts and seeds to make your baby puree just in time.

Even though the processing time is very quick, you do not have to provide a strong wattage to power both devices. It only needs 450 watts for the power. Also, both products are already featured with 2 speed options. It gives you more control over how the food is processed for different recipes.

Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730 Differences

Differences - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

Differences #1: Capacity

First note before buying a food processor is to know the capacity. It is said that the bigger capacity, the better the amount produced and the quicker it can be made. However, it will be different if you happen to need a food processor just in case of emergency cooking preparation for small groups below 10 persons or only for your weekly single cooking time.

On a specific difference note, the Hamilton Beach 70740 has 10 cup bowls that could fit for an ideal household. Meanwhile, the Hamilton Beach 70730 is built with an 8 cup capacity. Even though it has different sizes of capacities, it is still considered as a big storage to handle such an amount of the ingredients.

Differences #2: Storage Space

Food processors are available from the smallest size that can fit up to 5 cups, which commonly refer to be food choppers. They are way handy and easy to store. The second difference that can be seen between both Hamilton Beach food processors for the storage space.

The Hamilton Beach 70740 does not have features about the storage features for allowing it to flip over the lid so the chute goes inside. The item dimensions are about 8,4 x 10,7 x 15,6 inches. On the other hand, the Hamilton Beach 70730 is able to be stored easily and more safely. This model has a top lid that can be flipped over so it is stored at 13 inches when the lid on top is about 18 to 19 inches.

Differences #3: Bowl Scraper 

The Hamilton Beach 70740 is already equipped with a bowl scraper. It is a tool that is used to scrape the sides of the bowl so then you do not need to pause the food processor and remove the lid using a spatula because the scraper will keep the ingredients always close to the blades. Meanwhile the Hamilton Beach 70730 is not equipped with the tool.

Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730 Comparison

Hamilton Beach 70740

One big plus about this product is that the device is equipped with a bowl scraper. This feature will help you maintain the food closed to the blades so then you do not need to pause and remove the lid. It saves your time more.

This model is available with 10 cup bowls capacity which fit to process any kind of foods you wish and small enough for your kitchen counter. It can handle almost all kinds of fruits or vegetables. The food processor also has a large feed chute that can fit for so many large foods like the whole block of cheeses. In fact, you do not need to pause it to throw the whole block of cheese. The reversible disc will process all the food to be sliced or shredded. Also, you can chop or mix the food by using the S-blades. What makes it more interesting is that the blades are BPA-free stainless steel.

Each recipe will need different kinds of processed food. To determine the variety of processing the food, the Hamilton Beach 70740 provides two-speed options plus pulses. It not only makes you have more control over how to process the food but it also provides a quicker way in having the necessary specified processed food. With the use of 450 watts, the motor will give you a powerful strength to make the food processed quickly.

Produk 1 - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730


  • Bowl scraper
  • 10 cup capacity


  •  Need time to store 




Hamilton Beach 70730 

The Hamilton Beach 70730 will help you in preparing all the ingredients for your special healthy dinner. The first great thing is that the device is able to be used while it is turned on. In fact, you can throw almost all kinds of vegetables without slicing it first thanks to the large feed chute equipped.

This device is also equipped with an 8 cup capacity that is large enough for you to prepare all the ingredients. With the capacity you can also process all the ingredients at a time so then it will save you much more time. The safety and cleanliness of the food is also protected and guaranteed by the use of the BPA-free certificate.

It is true that the BPA-free certificate ensures that the food quality is never compromised. Meanwhile, the stainless blades used by the food processor ensures that the food is evenly processed as you want. The device is equipped with two versatile blades. The first one is the reversible disc that will make sure all the ingredients are sliced and shredded evenly. And the second one is the S-Blade that will make sure that the food thrown in the bowl is chopped, mixed, and pureed well.

The other good thing about the product is that it has two speed options plus pulse control. This feature will give you more control to make the food for different recipes. The use of 450 watt is also an advantage because you do not need a big source of electricity for the device. The best thing about the device is that it is featured with a compact storage design. It means that you can flip the lid so then you can store the device easily and quickly.

Produk 2 - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730


  • Compact storage design
  • Process lots of veggies in a snap


  • Need to be careful with the lid and blade as you store





Summary - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

You do not need food processors if you prefer to eat in restaurants or cafes rather than in your home. But, if you always feel comfortable and more fulfilled when you cook food and eat it with your beloved ones then you should put food processors on your countertop. It is not only making you save more time but also giving you a better quality of processed ingredients for each recipe.

Our recommendation pick to get is the 8 cup bowl food processor, Hamilton Beach 70730. The size of the bowl might not be as big as the 10 cup bowl, yet the feature is way better in terms of safety and most users have high recommendation with this series. This food processor is pretty friendly for household use or when you live in your own studio apartment with a cup of coffee. For this level, it is powerful and versatile for your kitchen needs. There are two suction cups on the bottom of the main body so it won't slip while on. Always remember to be careful and make sure it clicks whenever you stack them so you will get the perfect job done!

FAQ Hamilton Beach 70740

FAQ 2 - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

Will this chop and grind dates?

Generally, the food processor will chop dates perfectly. But, to get a better result, you need to make it soft by soaking them in water for about 10 to 30 minutes or you can cut them before putting them into the food processor. Another advice is that the dates are not good for food processing.

Does this come with multiple blades?

Yes, the food processor has two blades. The first blade is placed on the bottom of the bowl that is used to chop or mix the ingredients. Meanwhile, the second blade is placed on the top of the bowl that is used to slice or shred the ingredients.

Can you use this to make pureed baby food?

The food processor is capable of doing any kind of processing food including making the pureed baby food. But, some people choose to have an immersion blender to get the better result.

FAQ Hamilton Beach 70730

FAQ 1 - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

Is it possible to cube veggies like potato, eggplant or radish?

There are kinds of food processors that can dice or cube vegetables. This food processor is not one of them. To make this food processor be able to dice or cube, you need to add attachment that will cost more money.

Anyone try making pie dough with this?

Almost all the buyers use this food processor to make pie dough. But some of them only use the pulse action because the speed can create more heat. Otherwise, consider buying a mixer to make one, with a safer mixing component.

Would this unit work well for making nut butters?

Some people say that this device works well for making nut butters because the blade is very strong. But, some others say that it will get a good result if making nut butters with this device because it lacks the oomph to smooth the peanut butter.

Good to Know about Food Processors

Good to Know - Food Processor - Hamilton Beach 70740 vs Hamilton Beach 70730

Now, you already know that you need to get one of those food processors as your kitchen appliances. But, there are so many food processors out there to choose. To make sure that you get which kind of food processors that you need, you have to get more pictures about the food processors.


Make sure that you have the right size of the food processor for your kitchen. Too many appliances will make you less motivated to cook. Other than that, the body is also needed to consider. Some big or heavy vegetables need stronger motors and cause more vibrations. Stability is the key. Also, make sure that the device is already featured with the overheating protection because somehow you will need to use it continuously.


If you live in a big family, it is recommended to have a big bowl capacity so then you can process all the ingredients at a time. You will need to save more time. But, if you choose a big bowl capacity then make sure that you also choose the food processor that has a large feed chute because with a large feed chute you can put any kind of additional ingredients even if the device is turned on.


Blades are the most important thing of all. Some food processors are equipped with complicated blades, sometimes they have two blades attached. But, some others only have one blade but it has more strength. Whichever it is, make sure that the blade can chop, grind, or puree all the ingredients that you usually consume. Also, make sure that the blades are made of stainless steel and have a good quality of the material.

Having a food processor means that you consume quality food because it not only helps you save time but also provides you a quality pre-prepared food. For you who are still open for options, you can consider those two products for your daily processing food activities.




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