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Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Should you have a rice cooker on your kitchen countertop? Well, the answer is depending on how you define the versatility of Tiger JBV-A18U-W and COMFEE' 5.2Qt. Not only can you have such fluffy consistency of the rice, but also it can do more than just a rice cooker device that most people who eat rice for their staple food have in their kitchen. There should be reasons why you must have this item.

How long do you usually cook rice on the stovetop? Does it have a nice texture all over the edges? If this is one of your problems with your cooking experience, then it’s time for you to have one rice-multi cooker. With Tiger and COMFEE’, you can steam foods and cook rice at the same time. The multi-function cooking buttons make your life easier, and of course healthier. A must-have kitchen appliance at your home indeed!

What both Tiger JBV-A18U-W and COMFEE' 5.2Qt have

#1 Keep Warm Option

Both Tiger JBV-A18U-W and COMFEE’ 5.2QT have the Keep Warm button. This one spec is the one that you must be longing for, as you will consume the rice for the whole day. The option has the power to make your rice and steamed vegetables warm all day. As a result, the taste of the meals is fresh, though you made those in the morning or the day before.

As these devices are flexible, you can also keep the soup or any kind of broth warm inside the pot. Tiger can hold the warm for a long period of time, while COMFEE’ will automatically off after 12 hours. You just have to press the button once, and it keeps the freshness of your foods forever. You don’t need to worry about the texture of the rice, too, because the pot is already non-stick.

#2 Non-stick inner pot

The next similarity of Tiger JBV-A18U-W and COMFEE’ 5.2QT is the food-grade non-stick inner pot. This is important for every rice cooker or any multi cooker because the quality of the inner pot affects the quality of the foods, including porridge, ramen, and so forth. You are free to experiment with cooking meals that are actually possible to make in the inner pot, like scrambled egg and chicken. The material of the inner pot adds incredibility.

Similarities Edit - Food Steamer - COMFEE

Therefore, with a non-stick pot, it will be easier to wash and can be done with a soft sponge or damp cloth. The dirt on the surface is easily scraped out of the pot, making it be more hygienic for later use. Also, you can say goodbye to the hard-bottom rice. Isn’t it one of the pet peeves of cooking rice? You should be relieved with this kind of material.

#3 Pot Size

Lastly, the two Amazon’s Choice rice cookers have a maximum of 10 cups of uncooked rice of the inner pot, meaning that you can feed up the whole party with the fluffiest rice it can turn to. Tiger JBV-A18U-W and COMFEE’ 5.2QT are part of those families that depend on their lives by eating rice. The combination between the material of the pot and the maximum capacity of these rice cookers should be the perfect match. Of course, you will serve the rice, or any hot pot meals for the whole party, won’t you?

Your family gathering is supposed to be a warmer and lively one. The pot also has the measurement of the maximum volume. That is why you will have such a fun party of your own. With all of these, you now know why you should have at least one multi-cooker rice cooker in your home. The pot can fit in with any type of rice, grains, and liquids.


What makes Tiger JBV-A18U-W and COMFEE' 5.2Qt different from each other

Differences - Food Steamer - COMFEE

#1 Timer on the panel

For some people, an attached timer can make their life easier because they can continue doing other house chores, so when the cooking process has finished, they can hear some alerts from the timer. If you are someone who is in front of the computer or phone often, you can turn on the timer in the gadgets. This is the thing that Tiger JBV-A18U-W is different from COMFEE’ 5.2QT. Tiger doesn’t come with a free timer, while COMFEE’ has a digital timer on the panel.

The design of Tiger itself is simple, as it is designed to be for those who eat rice as a staple. That’s why you don’t need a free timer on the device because when the rice is ready, it’ll automatically warm the rice at a decent temperature. While COMFEE’ is more of a multi-cooker, which can make yogurt, cake, pasta, and more. Thus, this one device with 24 hours delay cooking has a timer, along with 17 cooking presets.

#2 Components of the item

In fact, the two rice cookers have 4 components. But again, as they mostly have distant functions, the detachable parts are different from another. Still, the material of the pots and spoons are safe for your food, as well as complement the quality of the rice cookers. You will also get these things for free in one purchase of the items.

The components in Tiger consist of a non-stick spatula, cooking basket, measuring cup for rice, and free cookbook. You can just follow the instructions from the cookbook if you are new to this kind of kitchen appliance. For COMFEE’, you will get a rice cooker, steamer, rice measuring cup, rice paddle, and soup ladle. All of the components have their own function based on the cooking presets you set up.



Tiger JBV-A18U-W

When you call for a simpler life of rice-cooking experience, Tiger JBV-A18U-W is for you. You will always feel like at your grandparents’ house because of the flavor of the rice you cook from the rice cooker. Not only to cook white rice, but it can also cook brown rice, making stew, and steaming vegetables. As a result, your rice is perfectly steamed, your health is maintained, and your life is more balanced. 

On the exterior, the white color of the body makes your kitchen minimalist. There are 4 buttons. The left one is to cook plain rice, next to the right is for 2-in-1 cooking both rice and steaming, brown rice button, and lastly the steaming button. In the box, you will also get 4 separated parts. The first one is of course the non-stick inner pot, then the spatula, also non-stick, then the measuring cup for rice, and finally the free cookbook that you can always rely on for first-time use.

This one will forever be in your family’s heart. The 10-cup inner bowl can feed up your family in a day. It just takes up to 30 minutes to thoroughly cook such a nice texture of rice from the surface to the bottom. You must be glad about its auto-warm technology too. If you are new to this kind of rice cooker, you should consider ordering one. You might as well bring the quality of rice that you usually eat at Asian restaurants to your kitchen.

Produk 2 - Food Steamer - COMFEE



  • Cooking rice perfectly, no burnt-bottom rice.
  • Simpler menu settings.
  • Cooking rice in under 30 minutes. 


  • Only has 4 cooking settings.
  • No timer attached.



If you need to upgrade one of your cooking devices, you can start with a rice cooker. The reason is as simple as because you can cook rice, along with other dishes in one pot. COMFEE’ 5.2Qt is the answer for the one you need for your rice-cooking game changer. Its modern design is packed with versatility, from making oatmeal, soup, steamed foods, and much more. This device will stay longer on your countertop.

You will pass down this multi-cooker from generation to generation. Its stainless steel body, digital LED buttons, and easy-to-clean components can make your COMFEE multi cooker long last. There are 17 cooking presets; yogurt, stew, soup, oatmeal, other grains, pasta, cake, and more heating options like timer, saute, plain rice, and slow cook modes. You can also carry around with the handler.

As for the inner spare components, you will get a soup ladle, rice cooker pot, measuring cup for rice, steamer, and rice paddle. All of them are non-stick and safe for any kind of food. The measurement inside the pot also gives you such precision at the maximum of 10 cups of rice. It is true that this multi-cooker is everything

 for your cooking needs.

Thus, your family will eat such an incredible quality of foods, along with its safety guarantee. You can ask for help from the children because the button to open the multi cooker is cool enough to touch. They will enjoy all of the cooking options and cleaning process too. This device is such a family’s treasure. 

Produk 1 - Food Steamer - COMFEE


  • Variety of cooking presets, 17 programs in one device.
  • Digital timer on the panel.
  • Four components; rice cooker, rice measuring cup, steamer, rice paddle, soup ladle.



  • Great care to wash all of the parts.
  • The multi-function somehow confuses new users.


Our Pick

Nothing is warmer than 2 cups of rice that you cook at home. You will always miss the texture and aroma that is cooked thoroughly by a device called a rice cooker. It is supposed to be easy to use and long-lasting. If it’s friendly to any kind of user, then it is usually easy to clean, too. The non-stick inner bowl is such a food-grade material one, making your rice-cooking experience magical and no more hard-bottom rice this time. You will get your rice just in under half of an hour. The cooking options are the simplest you’ve ever seen. You can also make a stew, soup, and steamed vegetables all in one device. So, that is why the versatility is undoubted. What about the heat? Worry no more, because it'll be automatically warm your rice and meals inside of the device.

Between these versatile food steamers below, we can recommend you to get COMFEE’ 5.2Qt for your purchase, whether it is for your upgrade or first time user. It is a very versatile kitchen appliance that can help you easily from cooking rice with no worry of getting the hard-bottom rice. The upper side panel for the functions is clear enough and best with 17 presets smart programs. One press and check out the surprises!


FAQ Tiger JBV-A18U-W

FAQ 1 - Food Steamer - COMFEE

Does it mean we can remove the inner pot?

Yes! You can do it, as you can wash the pot with no left-out residue. It is easy to wash it with water and a soft sponge. There won’t be lots of scratches from the washing action.

How can we set the time with this rice cooker?

You don’t need one. If you need to, you can turn on the timer from your phone or laptop. If your rice is done, the LED will go to the Warm button. 

What can we cook other than rice?

This device can perfectly cook a cup of quinoa. To do so, you can press the Plain Rice setting. Other high-fiber grains should be fine too.


FAQ 2 - Food Steamer - COMFEE

How long is the warranty?

You will have a 1-year warranty. So, if there are any broken pieces of the multi-cooker that are caused by non-human acts, you can contact the customer service of COMFEE’.

What can’t we make in this multi-cooker?

It is impossible to bake bread in this multi-cooker. Also, the cookbook isn’t provided. As a result, you can only cook the meals based on the presets if this is your first time.

How long will it warm the rice?

There is a Warm preset on the port. It can keep your rice warm for 2 days.

Good to Know about common mistakes of cooking rice.

Good to Know - Food Steamer - COMFEE

Cup measurement

Every purchase of a rice cooker or multi-cooker must include a measuring cup. That is used to cup the rice. For the volume of the water, you can use a cup for liquid. You can't eyeball the ratio between the rice the water, either. 

Knowing the types of rice

Even every rice looks, basically, grains, each of the rice has a different consistency. That is why some presets have the button for Brown Rice and it is separated from the Plain Rice. For instance, it will need more water to cook brown rice than jasmine rice.

Rinse or soak the rice

You must soak the rice before you cook the rice. Not only is it to avoid specks of dirt and smell, but also enhances the texture. But, some types of rice like risotto can be cooked without this method. 


This usually happens if you cook the rice on the stove. You have to cook it at a fair temperature in order to cook the rice evenly. If you do this in a rice cooker or multi-cooker, you must press the buttons based on the type of the grain.

Resting the rice before serving

This one step is very important if you don't like the very sticky texture of rice on your plate. This is applicable to all types of rice. You can wait 10 minutes or so, then you can have it. 


When it goes for the joy of your family, it somehow goes to a device that can cook rice evenly and perfectly. Rice cooker and multi-cooker is a must-have item in every household. Not only to give warmth but also to give happiness. It is also easy to use, even this device is new to you and carries to another place.



Ways You Are Cooking Rice Wrong

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