Food Steamer Hamilton Beach 37530A vs BELLA 7 Review and Comparison

Updated 14 Jul 2021
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Food Steamer Hamilton Beach 37530A vs BELLA 7 Review and Comparison


Food steamers is a kitchen appliance that works great for your needs to lock in the flavors of the food you delight. It also can keep your food warm as you wish them to be ready before consumption. More than that, by enjoying steaming food, it makes your food more nutritious. This is because you only need to add water and set the time. Surprisingly, you can devour plenty of good food from food steamers as well. No oils and fats! Sounds lovely for a healthy game.

This kitchen gadget comes in various models and designs. It comes as a multicooker like Instant Zest that comes with digital panel touch. Also the classic one like Aroma Houseware ARC-363 and ARC-743 as the 2-in-1 food steamer. Well, for your dining table presentation, you might as well look up to join by checking out the best out of the types of two tiers food steamers. We have made a quick review list between Hamilton Beach 37530A VS BELLA 7 Liter for you to purchase.


Hamilton Beach 37530A vs BELLA 7 Liter Similarities

Food Steamer Hamilton Beach 37530A

Similarities #1 2-Tier Design

A one pot steamer might not be enough for you, because it would take more time to prepare for two main dishes at one meal time. A 2-tier design stacks steaming basket might be great in use. There are various kinds of design from 2 stacks to 3 stacks baskets of food steamers available.

If you happen to live with a few family members and make steaming foods for daily needs, the 2-tiers design food steamers as mentioned by Hamilton Beach 37530A and Bella 7 Liter might suit you. Both Hamilton Beach 37430A and BELLA 7 Liter have a pretty stylish design and have the same concept of 2-tiers design food steamers.

Similarities #2 Removable and Storage Friendly

Well, the concept of having a kitchen friendly appliance and making it easier to store makes points. Hamilton Beach 37530A has a friendly design for your storage since it can fit neatly in your cabinet. The bottom of the steamer baskets is removable so you can clean and steam larger items. So does the BELLA 7 Liter, the bowls stack are removable for compact storage. Importantly, both make it easier to clean!

Similarities #3 Keep Warm Function

When you steam your foods, you don’t want them to miss out the heat and warmth of the food right away. Therefore it is important to take a look at each food steamer whether they have kept warm or not.

The keep warm function on the food steamers functioned to keep your food stays warm for approximately 1 hour for consumption.

Later it will automatically shut off as well or will make beep notice once your cooking is done or almost running out of water to steam. Both the Hamilton Beach 37530A and BELLA 7 Liter similarly go well with this function.


Hamilton Beach 37530A vs BELLA 7 Liter Differences

Food Steamer BELLA 7 Liter

Differences #1 Cooking Capacity

As great as it is seen for both to be the top best selling food steamers, BELLA and Hamilton Beach 37530A have differences in its cooking capacity. For you look ups for a bigger capacity food steamer, BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer is available to fit with 7.4 quarts with 2 separate steaming containers. Meanwhile, Hamilton Beach 37350A series were brought to you with food capacity that fits in the basket steams up to 5.5 quarts.

Differences #2 Durability

The material of kitchen appliances is considerably good when it can be used for a long time, even for over generation. The food steamer durability experience as seen on the rates left a good sign for BELLA 7 Liter more than Hamilton Beach 37530A  as electric food steamers. The higher chance comes from the quality of the material mentioned that BELLA 7 Liter goes well with its durable and BPA-free plastic material.



Hamilton Beach 37530A vs BELLA 7 Liter Comparison

Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer

Hamilton Beach 37350A series brought to you with a versatile and stackable 2-tier design steaming basket that still neatly fits in your cabinet. You can use 1 tier for small quantities and stack up 2 tiers for a whole meal. For a larger quantity of food, you can remove the center divider to fit them in. Do not worry that your food might be cold. Since this series has automatic warm functions as it directly switches when your food is ready.

Beside, it also has a handy water reservoir that allows you to add additional water if needed while cooking and it also makes a beep warning sound! Pretty much works well along like your favorite waffle maker. This product package includes a rice bowl and drip tray that are dishwasher safe too. It is still easy for you to clean the food containers by hand wash cleaning with soapy water.


  • Compact design.
  • Large water reservoir.



  • Food containers are not dishwasher friendly.


BELLA 7 Liter Food Steamer

The BELLA 7 Liter is presented as a 2-tier food steamer that helps you cook varied foods simultaneously. The capacity also fits well and can hold up to 7.4 quarts! The steaming containers come as separate baskets and it also has an auto shut off feature too. The steaming basket, grain tray and containers were dishwasher friendly and easy to organize on your countertop

Because it has a water reservoir view window, it helps you to keep the water hot enough for perfect streaming results. For a better and flash steaming, it has a quick start steaming system that makes steaming your favorite food in 30 seconds.


  • Easy stack.
  • Affordable price.



  • The size of the number is pretty small.



Food steamers are meant to offer you another method of cooking in simplicity without losing its loss of fun and make the best out of benefits for yourself as well. The battle is pretty tight since Hamilton Beach 37530A and BELLA 7 Liter were listed on top of the best seller rank. As far as we might give you reference, both were affordable and friendly. However, the top rank goes to BELLA 7 Liter Food steamers.

It is not only because the steamer basket capacity won the place but according to functions and lock the flavor from the food as well. It's convenient to use, clean and make a better long-lasting steaming kitchen appliance as well as many have mentioned. If a 2-tier design food steamer is what you are looking for, have the BELLA 7 Liter Two Tier Food Steamer to the cart. It is such a nice little steamer!



FAQ Hamilton Beach 37530A

Is this steamer plastic BPA free and uses a stainless water reservoir?
The steamer tray, lid and water window from this Hamilton Beach 37350A series are noted as BPA free in all food zones.

What makes this different from the previous version?
The difference between 37350A and its previous version is that this model allows you to add water without removing the trays out.

What is the material used for the bowls?
It is a plastic based bowl which makes it easier to handle but can be easily scratched at the same time. If the art scratch wasn't your thing, the glass made steamers could be the answer.



Is this product BPA free material?
According to the site, the steamer is BPA free referring to the lead in the cord. As the lead didn’t have any contact with the food it is safe to use. The products have already met the safety requirements. For notes, if the item has A 3 or 7 in the recycle seal on the bottom, there is a possibility that the item is BPA free.

Is there any keep-warm function so it stays warm until ready to consume?
There is a keep-warm function as its water in the reservoir could stay warm after the steaming is done.

Are you able to cook rice with this steamer?
It will work when you use the ratio of 1:1.5, 1 cup of rice and 1,5 cups water.


Good to Know Section: The Benefits of Steaming Food

Apparently, it is not only air fryers that goes well with the style of keeping a healthy kitchen appliance lifestyle. The food steamer that has existed for years is also made a great deal with your health benefits. The simplicity of steaming food comes with the benefits mentioned as below:


The texture made out of steam cooking is well done moist and digestible. It is also known that steamed food is good to help you control your blood pressure and cholesterol.


Food steamers are very flexible. It is not only able to steam vegetables and fruits, but also a great thing it can cook meats, fish, and more. Some steamers are also able to let you cook two kinds of food at the same time. So it is way efficient for you!

Keeping Vitamins and Minerals

Food steaming could keep your vitamins and minerals within the food. It also increases vitamins like vitamin B, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C. You also won’t lose any of potassium and calcium and any other mineral substance.


A food steamer could help you do the change in maintaining a healthy and better lifestyle ahead. It is easy to use and a very friendly user. Grab your favourite now below and you’ll be all ready to upgrade your health level!





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