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Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

What could be your favorite breakfast? Could it be pancakes, egg on toast, or stacks of waffles with sugar coating or maple syrup? Whatever it takes, it is always loved to have a warm and nice breakfast in the morning right on time even during hectic days. To get you there, you need simplicity and efficiency on the kitchen appliance you need such as using a toaster or waffle maker.

Getting you right on time, making stacks of waffles would be best! Here you will find the best piece out of many waffle makers between Hamilton Beach 26020 VS Dash DNMWM400SL. These waffle makers make a great serving portion at once. Below are the specifications and details you need to take note of before you get your favorite added to the cart!


Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker Similarities

Similarities - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

Similarities #1 Full-Size Pan

Because there are many types of waffles available to test and taste, so does the waffle maker. There are not only round-shaped waffle makers but also full round waffle makers. And mostly you might find it comes to cook 2 until 4 portions at one time. So you don’t have to do the cooking multiple times to get a stack of waffles!

Both Hamilton Beach 26020 and Dash DNMWM400SL bring the feature of a full-size square shape waffle. These waffles are presented to your plates as 4 stacks of waffle slices. All ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Best serve for yourself or for two servings. Make the most at once pretty fast!

Similarities #2 Non-stick Surface

As everyone is concerned about the state of a non-stick feature on a kitchen appliance, whether its material is safe as for food grade and it does really left no-hassle waste, the non-stick cooking pan is the playmaker. For a waffle maker, it is notably on the priority list of quality so you will be able to clean and make no mess even in the early hectic morning breakfast.

For your recommendation, if you like to be sure that your waffle is cooked until you get the golden brown on both surfaces and shaped perfectly, you can spray a bit of cooking or coconut oil on the surface after the waffle maker has been preheated. Bring up some wet tissues or towels to clean up afterward without worrying whether any sticky batter stayed. 

On Hamilton Beach 26020 and Dash DNMWM400SL, both are made out of a totally non-stick pan. It is easy to use and clean. You will find only a bit of residue and even when you put the batter without cooking spray in! Very much a good feature of what a waffle maker needs.

Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker Differences

Differences - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

Differences #1 Overflow Trays

The thing we need to prevent when you make waffles is spilled batter. It would be such a waste when you put the amount of a thick waffle but turns out flooded out of your pan. If your maker has an overflow tray, this is a good benefit for your waffle maker. You can either make waffle sticks or add the leftover to your waffle toppings.

Hamilton Beach 26020  and Dash DNMWM400SL might have the same square waffle pan. The difference between these waffle makers is on the overflow trays feature which only Dash DNMWM400SL is available with. 

Differences #2 Waffle Size

A waffle maker not only gets you the perfect waffle in time, but it could also make your waffle shaped perfectly and the right size bite of serving. Most compact size waffle makers usually make one size of waffle at once or two batches. If your waffle maker has a full-size pan like Hamilton Beach 26020 and Dash DNMWM400SL, it can save your time to make piles of waffles as it serves up to 4 waffles at once.

However, the waffle size between Hamilton Beach 26020 and Dash DNMWM400SL is different. Hamilton Beach 26020 waffle maker could make 4 slices of waffle size with 10 inches for the whole pan size. When it cuts into one piece for servings, the waffle size is about 5 inches x 4 inches each. Dash DNMWM400SL waffle maker made 7 inches x 8 inches waffles at one time in 4 squares. Have no worries to get your tummy filled up!



Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker Comparison

Hamilton Beach 26020

This product is brought to you with nonstick easy-clean grids that are available to make 4 waffles at one time cooking. Hamilton Beach 26060 has an indicator light that helps you to know when it is on with a red light to preheat. And it goes green when it is ready to get your waffle batter cooked inside. Only take less than 5 minutes to get your hot and crunchy waffle ready.

This unit comes up with a compact design and size that ensures you get this fit perfectly into your storage with no worries. Especially when you live alone and really like to crave waffles every time whether it is for a quick breakfast or a light dinner bite at home. Besides, this waffle maker is easy peasy to clean as you can wipe the surface with a wet-dry towel with no more residue and steaming drip left!

It is powered by 110 volts. With a compact size of 4.33 x 11.14 x 13.46 inches for whole item dimensions, Hamilton Beach 26020 is a great Belgian-style waffle maker to have at home. This makes thick and deep yet crunchy fluffy waffles. If you are a newcomer to this waffle cooking thing, there is a recipe you learn and try as can be seen on the Hamilton Beach website.

Produk 2 - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker


  • The temperature heats evenly.
  • Affordably great.


  • No overflow trays.



Dash DNMWM400SL is brought to you with a special feature covered on both sides, an overflow channel. This overflow channel not only works to get your left spilled waffle batter placed but also to cook them into waffle sticks or any kind of snacks you want! No more throwing away little bites that matter from your waffle cooking.

This unit is powered with 1200 watts and able to cook at the best temperature despite there is no temperature control attached. Both surfaces cook the batter evenly. Zero mess and zero worries to get your waffle uncooked. The size of this unit is about 12.5 x 11.3 x 4.6 inches and weighs about 7 pounds, friendly to your kitchen counter. A thoughtful design on keeping your counter neat also gets a handle that safe your fingers from the heat.

Dash DNMWM400SL includes a recipe book and measuring cup to use right away after purchase. With an indicator light on top of the waffle maker, you will notice right away when you can set the batter in and let the maker do its job right on time in less than 5 minutes.

Produk 1 - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker


  • Side overflow trays.
  • Easy upright storage.


  • No browning control.



When a single compact waffle maker can’t get your tummy full yet, you might want to upgrade your list on having a 4 pieces waffle maker. Hamilton Beach 26020 and Dash DNMWM400SL brought to you with this feature so you will have no worries to keep your mouth busy enjoying every bite and crisp made out from the waffle maker. Not only making you a great plate of breakfast, but it is also a space saver waffle maker at once.

Summary - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

Our picks go to Dash DNMWM400SL for its great specification and details. This waffle maker might not have the browning control but cooks evenly within the right temperature setting on both surfaces. The batter will puff up fluffy right away and come off easily from the pan as well. Making sure the 4 pieces save your time in serving family members or friends at home. Besides, this can make more than just waffles such as hash browns and paninis.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 26020

FAQ 2 - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

How long are the size of the waffle and the waffle iron?

This waffle maker's dimensions for a whole size are about 13 inches x 11.5 inches x 3 inches. The waffle made inside the 4 grids surface is around 5 inches x 4 inches waffle for one square.

Can the waffle fit in a toaster to reheat from the freezer?

You can reheat the waffle made from this waffle maker into a toaster because it isn’t as thick as the original Belgian waffles style. Each size also made a similar shape to the shape of toast.

Why is the nonstick surface nonstick?

The surface is non-stick because the material used is of food-grade quality and guaranteed to be BPA-free. Besides, if the waffle batter has sugar in it, it will make the batter left on the pan when it gets too hot as it is caramelized. To prevent this accident, you need to spray some coconut oil or cooking oil a bit while you preheat the waffle maker. 


FAQ 1 - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

What is the size of the waffle made?

This waffle maker can make 4 share sizes of waffle portions with the size of about 7 inches. 

Does it make a sound when your waffle is done?

It doesn’t make a beep warning but with the light instructions on the top surface. The green light will turn once the unit is ready to cook, meanwhile, the red is to let you know that it is on and on preheat mode. Therefore you need to be neat and careful. 

How thick and deep the waffle maker made it?

The thickness of the waffle is based on the amount of batter you put. If you happen to make it overflow, there are channels or trays on each side to collect those spilled batters.

3 Things You Might Not Know About Waffle

Good To Know - Hamilton Beach 26020 vs DASH DNMWM400SL Waffle Maker

Waffle is commonly known to be served as a breakfast choice for the quick-cooking yet left with a flavorful taste that melts in your mouth with various toppings of yours favorites. Besides pancakes and toast, a waffle could light up your mood out of its fluffy and texture on every bite you take. There are not only various shapes and types of waffle makers you can explore, there are more things you might not know about waffles. Below are some of the fun facts of waffles, the crisp cake of batter!

  1. Waffle Word History

The verb waffle actually comes from a Scottish term, “waff” which means “wail like a puppy”. As a noun, waffle means a breakfast food that has grids on the surface, based on the Old German wefan, it also refers to a shape of a honeycomb. Leaving us with no more questions about why waffles are served in grids. Plus, the maple syrup and honey topping that is popularly known to be the very classic and timeless topping for waffle.

  1. Types of Waffles

Apparently, waffles are known to be divided into three types. First, Belgian Waffles or Brussels Waffles. This type has a light batter and texture but has crispy edges. It is also a mix of yeast and makes deep ridges on it. Next up is, American waffles. This waffle is usually a bit more flavorful than the Belgian with baking powder added to the mixture.  Liege Waffle texture is likely to be soft and denser than the previous waffle types. It also tastes sweeter than the other because the mix has a sugar coating.

  1. Waffle Day

In the United States, there is a special day dedicated to the Cornelius Swarthout when the first waffle iron patent was issued. On August 24th, you can celebrate this day by enjoying your favorite kind of waffle! You can either enjoy some local waffles or creatively make a new flavor to your waffle plates with your best waffle maker at home. 

Make your own favorite mix of homemade waffles to serve warm for friends and family at home. Every combination matters so get your waffle maker ready now!






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