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Updated 9 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760

Nowadays, we have found that there are various cooking or kitchen appliances that work great in a modern way. This is for the needs of the new pace of getting things easier and quicker is better. Yet you still want to avoid fast food and likely to cook on your own. It is also noticeable that these kitchen appliances are becoming more upgraded since the very first day they exist such as in blender, mixer, food processor or microwave and oven.

A food processor is commonly known to be worth making your food preparation simpler and can hold large batches at once. Among many food processors you have in consideration, below are the options from Hamilton Beach 70730 VS Hamilton Beach 70760. Brought by the same manufacturer, here is what’s more to find out between these two that suits you best to purchase.


Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760 Similarities

Similiarties - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760

Similarities #1 Work Bowl

To have a decent capacity of a food processor is a point. The point is to highlight that the use of a food processor is to be your ‘assistant’ in the kitchen. When you happen to live alone or with small groups of family, to make your food preparation right on time it is best to have the average amount of work to do.

There are various types of work bowl included in a food processor from 4 cup to 14 cup bowl. For an average cooking, the Hamilton Beach 70730 and 70760 is available to help you with a plentiful capacity for large volumes up to 10 cup capacity. Great enough to save time and make more food stock right away.

Similarities #2 Reversible Disc

The control features of a food processor is not only at its powerful motor but also for its blades accessories. The basic accessories not only need to include S-blade for chopping, mixing and pureeing but also for all in one disc. The all in one reversible disc is a common feature in a food processor which works as shredder and slicer.

Both Hamilton Beach 70730 and Hamilton Beach 70760 presented these basic features. This is because not only as remarks of a multifunction kitchen appliance, it also works as what is on point to get you a space saving but great companion of a product.

Even if food processors mostly do the same job, some of the parts are merely different. Some food processor products might only work best to chop and shred and have separated blades. Coming over this issue, the reversible disc on food processor makes a good thing especially if you like to cook in a larger batch.

Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760 Differences

Differences - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760

Differences #1 Reversible Lid

As we might have noticed, most food processors seem big and kind of not counter space friendly looking. The difference is not only about its dimensions but also the features design that matters to those points.

Unlike Hamilton Beach 70760, the Hamilton Beach 70730 series is not presented with a reversible lid feature. The reversible lid allows you to flip over the lid for easy storage and keep it at one place inside the cabinet. Make sure your kitchen counter is still looking simple but make great foods around afterwards.

Differences #2 Bowl Scraper

When you use a food processor, you might experience that your food will keep sticking on the sides of the work bowl. To keep it back on track near the blades, you need to take your food processor on a break and wipe it back to the center of the blade. There is a different feature from both of Hamilton Beach products that can keep your ingredients back without break.

Hamilton Beach 70730 has a feature called bowl scraper. This attachment feature is able to keep your ingredients inside the bowl close to the blades. Helping you make  better and better consistency results of your process such as for pureeing and chopping. Besides you don’t have to turn off the device nor remove the lid to wipe it back with spatula.


Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760 Comparison

Hamilton Beach 70730

Hamilton Beach 70730 food processor unit is brought to you with various features that are added for the ease of cooking in the kitchen. With a 10 cup bowl capacity, it can hold large quantities of food without a mess. The large feed chute can process your food in whole parts such as a block of cheese quickly. 

More things the Hamilton Beach 70730 can do is to be a food chopper also to be a vegetable chopper. Simply efficient and works on a powerful 450 watts motor. The sharp blade makes sure everything you put in is processed, chopped, shredded into smaller pieces neatly. The bowl scraper attachment feature also helps you to make your ingredients inside the bowl to stay close to the blade. Therefore you will have a better chopped and pureed food as a result. And you don’t need to stop the machine nor open the lid to scrap it inside with a spatula.

Hamilton Beach 70730 includes a reversible disc with an S-Blade for chopping. All parts that in touch with food zone is guarantee BPA free. The item size is about 10.25 x 8.43 x 15.47 inches with 4.7 pounds. Hamilton Beach 70730 has its best feature on safety for the main unit stand steady while working and the blending power makes great and efficient preparation food just in a few minutes. Presented with its all special features and modern looks, Hamilton Beach 70730 noticeably on top of the best food processor seller you can get!

Produk 1 - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760


  • Easy set up.
  • Strong shredder processor.


  • Tricky storage.


Hamilton Beach 70760

Hamilton beach 70760 is available to be your assistant for chopping onions, mix sauces, grate cheese, shred cabbage and prepare your pesto or more green for your salads only in a snap. This food processor will do the jobs on chopping, shredding, grating and any kind of mix food preparation you need.

This food processor has a large feed tube that could get a whole block of cheese at once and grate them quickly. It is not only available with a reversible sharp blade for slice and shredding, but it also has reversible lids for easy storage. The reversible lids to keep your food processor neat in the cabinet. You only need to flip over the lid after it is all cleaned and save your space afterwards.

With a powerful 500 watts motor, it can make large batches at once and you can chop, slice, shred, mix and puree just in time. It is also easy to use with speed switch and pulse control. Cleaning is a breeze for the bowl, lid, chopping blade and the reversible slice/shred disc of Hamilton Beach 70760 are dishwasher safe.  This unit is all great for the safety features as the bowl design and feed chute is unreachable to fit its hand into the chute. Simple and safe. With it's best feature on no worry storage and blending power, it can be your favourite assistant to have in the kitchen.

Produk 2 - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760



  • Simple to use.
  • Best for chopping and shredding.


  •  None but bowl scraper accessories.


A food processor is a great deal especially when you have a busy household or work from 9 to 5 on the weekdays. This appliance can help you with making your stock preparation for cutting your onions or clove into pieces or grind your meat, chicken to fish only with a few pulses. 

As our pick, our favorite goes to Hamilton Beach 70730. This saves time chopping and pureeing appliances lets you do the work earlier. Surprisingly, you can make various kinds of food such as smoothies with this food processor as well. Even if this model is kind of tricky to store in your storage, however, the size still fits nicely like any medium model. The safety features with such a powerful motor and ease of use as a pretty much versatile appliance is the most reason our pick lies on Hamilton Beach 70730.

FAQ Hamilton Beach 70730

FAQ 1 - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760

Can this process cookies like oreos for the dessert crust?

As it is functioned with powerful motors and sharp blades to process your food such as grate cheese, chopping vegetables which makes it safe and clear to make dessert crust from oreos or any other cookies.

Is it possible to use this to chop and grind dates?

It is possible and would be much recommended if you soak them in the water first about 10-30 minutes before. For a better careful process and the unit as well you can cut them in half beforehand.

Does this food processor include multiple blades?

This product is available as one package with multiple blade accessories of blades in two types. One knife blade and one reversible disc blade for shredding or slicing.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 70760

FAQ 2 - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760

Is the bowl used BPA free?

The plastic bowl used is BPA free. The products manufactured by Hamilton Beach have been known to be FDA and UL approved. It is also tested by independent laboratories for a high quality since years Hamilton Beach exists.

How powerful is this food processor to grate cauliflower and sweet potatoes?

With a powerful motor and sharp blades, you will be able to grin from almonds, to cauliflowers and sweet potatoes in a snap.

Can this make puree?

This food processor makes a great puree food and worth the price and functions. Since there is a suction cup feet and lid that flips over to keep it space friendly.

Food Processor and Food Chopper, Which to Choose?

Which to Choose - Hamilton Beach 70730 vs Hamilton Beach 70760

Since there are plenty of kitchen tools nowadays to get your dishes ready, like onion shredder or multifunctions knife. Here is more to come about multifunctions kitchen appliances to have in one package. A food processor and a food chopper can be an option to save your time in the kitchen for preparation. However, which best to choose? Below are the details you need to check on between the food processor and chopper.

Food Chopper

A food chopper might sound like a device that can chop anything. From meats to fruits, it is indeed presentable with a food chopper. This will get you sliced vegetables, fruits, onions, and meats. The size of a food chopper is usually small and mainly used best for onions, nuts, fruits or your salad preparation or making crust for your dessert, etc. One unit usually comes with a few options of sharp blades to use depending on the ingredients you need to work on the chopper bowl.

Even if it is heard to be great at slicing or grinding meat, a food chopper is better to use as your knife replacement to chop vegetables and fruits. A food chopper is also considerably friendly for those who live alone and rarely cook. Most food chopper bowls hold up the biggest amount for 4 cups of food at once. Yet it is smaller than a food processor which makes it super friendly to your cabinet.

The range price of a food chopper is also cheaper because it is also available in small sizes, generally, you will have around $15 for a food chopper. Cleaning up the food chopper does sound easier because there are not many parts to clean up. You only need soapy water to clean and soft dry cloth to rinse afterwards.

Food Processor

Unlike food choppers, food processors come in a bigger size. Also known to be a bit bulky. However, this kitchen appliance is a great deal to have when you like to do cooking experiments or just making large batches of stock at once. There are manual and electric motor-driven food processors. If one needs a handy and friendly budget food processor, the manual food processor might be best. On the other hand, even if an electric food processor might seem big and pricey, it can do more things than the choppers and manual food processors can do.

With the powerful motors driven on the electric food processor, it can blend, chop, dice and slice any ingredients inside the work bowl faster. Besides, not only about chopping and grinding, it is also able to work on making baby puree food. These features are supported by various and reversible blade discs that are basically included in a food processor. The largest amount a food processor can hold is around 12 cups. Besides, some food processors also include an ease to help you make bread dough as well.

Food processor might be a bit more expensive than a food chopper, it is about $30-$50. However, it makes a great investment for further use or any occasional meal party at home. The durability of a kitchen appliance is also considered from the way you take care of it as you clean. Get yourself cleaning the device using a dishwasher, on notes that the parts are dishwasher safe. Avoid using your food processor for liquid mixing as well. 

The best choice is now yours. If a food processor is the right ‘partner’ for you, get your favorites one to the cart!






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