Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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A food processor is a tool for all. Using it will open whole new endless possibilities in making any kind of recipe into food. It will be the best guide for you to prepare any kind of convenient food to create a complete dish. It is mainly because this medium-size tool is able to do any kind of kitchen activities from chopping veggies into pureeing any kind of dips. You can count on this particular tool to not only do almost all kinds of kitchen activities but also to make the whole dishes prepared in a matter of minutes. Even, you can do it exactly at the same time you do other stuff.

It is indeed some kind of confusion between food processors and blenders. Even some people say that they complain about the way the food processors are operated. It is mainly because the food processors are taking up too much room and sometimes it is redundant because they already have a blender. But the thing is whenever the holiday comes, they will buy it and use it only for its 10 percent of its potential. That is why many people think that a food processor is just not that worth it. There is more than 90 percent of its potentials that still are needed to find.

What are food processors?

2. What are food processors - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

Not many people really understand how a food processor works differently from a blender. Simply concluded, a food processor is used to process any kind of material into the material. It means the ingredients are solid to solid. But, blenders are used to process solid material to liquid. A food processor has almost all kinds of tools that are needed to be done in a kitchen. It ranges from chopping, micing, pureeing, slicing, blending, grating, and kneading so then you do not need to use a hook to get the best dough. Basically, it is a very useful tool for your daily cooking time.

What makes this small electrical kitchen tool much more interesting is that this tool can do any kind of kitchen activity in no time so then you can do all kinds of kitchen activities whenever you do any other else. It will not only save you much more time, it also makes your food prep a bit more effective. The containers available for a food processor are varied, it ranges from 2 to 14 cups. Even though you choose a smaller one, there will be no limitation in its functionalities. The accessories are also full of blades. There will be feeder tubes, processor bowl, disk blades, dough blade, S blade, slicing disk blade, and also grater disk blade.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

You already have some information about what a food processor is. Now, you need to make sure that there are some good impacts from a food processor on your daily cooking time.

1. Nut butter to pie!

3. Nut butter to pie - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

The possibilities of having a great dish from food processors are limitless. You can create your delicious nut butter to any kind of pie you want. First of all, you can make shredded cheese from a big chunk of a block of cheese in under three minutes using this kind of great electrical tool. Not only do you need such a very short time, but you can also do it in a very easy way. You just need to put it all into the feeder tubes. But that is not the end. You can also create any kind of pie only by using this tool. You do not need those additional kneading tools whenever you have food processors on your counter. Other great things range from chopping any kind of veggies, blending all the salad toppings and dressings and also, you can make truffle batter only by using this tool. It is once again, one tool for all kinds of kitchen activities.

What makes this great tool so special is that this appliance is totally different with blenders, which people may see as both the same. To process food, blenders need a good amount of moisture to make the result you need. But, food processors are just beyond that. You can have any kind of food material into any kind of shape thanks to the sharper blades and stronger and powerful motors equipped. Also, if you find it hard to get your most favorite butter, you can create it by yourself! The blades and motors are ready to cut anything, including any kind of nuts to make your own butters. If you still have any kind of doubts, then this will totally ensure you. Food processors are also good to grind any kind of meat. By using it, you just need to buy the raw meat then process it into any kind of your favorite dishes. In fact, you can combine all the ingredients, including the meat, to make a good meatball.

2. Eliminate a number of kitchen tools

4. Eliminate - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

There are slightly other good things that happen whenever you choose a food processor on your countertop than making your kitchen more organized. One thing for sure of having a bad time preparing all the food by yourself is that your kitchen will be very messy. That is the cause why people just do not want to make the food on their own. You need to put out blenders to make your healthy juice, you need to take grinders to process your meat, you need to use a hook to process your dough. It all needs so many tools to work on. That also makes the cooking time is also very long and at the same time you can only do preparing your food. You cannot multitask with other kinds of activities. But, those kinds of problems will never be seen again once you get a food processor in your kitchen. It all will be gone!

It is all because food processors are the combination of more than five different kitchen tools. As you see on the first point, you can do almost all kinds of food processing from chopping vegetables to grinding meats. It means, this tool can eliminate all the other kitchen tools. That is why, this tool will help you to maintain your countertop to be always in a clean look. You can never find your kitchen becomes messy whenever you have done your food preparing activities. Also, that can make you a bit more motivated and energized whenever the cooking time is on so then you can be much more productive because the best food is coming from your own bare hands, only by using the food processors.

When you want to grate cheese, then you need to have a grater and of course, a sharp knife. When you want to get juice, then you need to have a blender. When you want to make another shape of garlic, then you need to have a garlic press. But, if you want to do it all, you just need a food processor. You do not need to dirty more bowls or knives in doing your daily kitchen activities. In fact, if you want to maintain the flavours, you can just do a quick rinse for the food processor then you can continue along. As simple as that. By having this food processor, you can eliminate other kitchen appliances, it can be five or six kitchen tools.

3. Silkier dips into big meals

5. Silkier dips into big meals - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

To continue giving your guests pleasure, food is the best way of all. Giving delicious food will always be able to replace the bad welcome in any kind of neighborhood. That is why homemade meals are the only choice. Even though it is for your own family, homemade dishes are always the best choice to make everyone in your own family getting closer and closer. To get the best out of your dishes, you need to have a perfect support. The food processor is just the best and most suitable support for your homemade meals.

Sauces are sometimes very tricky one. But, this food processor can do any kind of sauces or dips in a very short time. This tool is the MVP for your delicious sauce. Some people think that the blender is the best way to produce the best dips of all. But, once you get the results, there will be a noticeable difference from the texture. The stronger motors and sharper blades used by the food processors make the dips much more favourable and silkier. Also, the design of food processors make the material circulated in a wider area rather than pushing the ingredients upwards found in a blender. So then, you will get a creamier hummus, softer guacamole, more delicious mayonnaise, and finer pesto.

4. Healthy food on your kitchen everyday

6. Healthy food - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

Healthy food is about giving the best of you choosing the healthy ingredients made by your own. It is about controlling your nutrition. Also, it is about managing your consumption. The only challenge is that many people do not have time to prepare all the food they need. Using so many tools, doing the chopping to grinding, and even pulling out some knives and bowls can make the whole cooking process become very tiring and exhausting. Somehow, it can stop you from having healthy food for your daily consumption. In the end, you just only eat what the market provides you. Even, you will buy healthy food but you will run out of money because healthy food is considered as an expensive food. That is exactly why, the food processor is the best choice you can have.

You can make almost any kind of meal with the food processor. In fact, you can make any of it in a very quick way. You do not need to take out more bowls, use more tools or even do the chopping. You just need to take out the ingredients and put it in the food processor. It is especially very useful and helpful for those who are on diet. You can make your own mayonnaise, make your own nut bars, your own pasta sauce, your own pesto and your own almond butter. And you can make it all from scratch. Also, you will never find your sink full of tools because you only need to clean the food processor. In any kind of way, this tool is much more than a worthy investment.

5. Very easy to clean

7. Very easy to clean - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

Most of the kitchen appliances have one thing in common. Those are all easy to clean. Even though it is a smart and complex one, almost all of them can be torn apart and cleaned. It includes the food processors. You can rinse it every time you are going to change to different materials. But, once you have done it, you can clean it in an easy way. In fact, you can make it all dirty-free using a dishwasher. This is a very helpful way in making the countertop always in a good look. Also, you do not need to spend most of your post-dinner time in your kitchen drowning in a sinking sink. Also, if you want to get an extra function of the food processor, you can choose a small to medium size food processor. It will help you to not only save time, but also save your kitchen space.


8. Conclusion - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Food Processor

Food processors in almost every way is the key solution in solving your dinner problem. It will help you not only prepare and cook all the dishes but it will save you much more time in cleaning the whole utensils. Also, in the morning, you will spend less time preparing all the healthy food for your whole day. You do not need to spend most of your morning time in your kitchen because the appliance will process all the material into a much easier way to cook. In fact, you can multitask so then even if you need to have a rush morning, you can still produce healthy food from your own hand. So, since there are so many varieties and models, make sure you get the most suitable food processor that fits your kitchen area.  

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