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Updated 14 Jul 2021
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Almost all cooking methods always make the food lose such a large amount of its nutritions. But, it will be different when you choose to use a food steamer. Steaming the food is different from boiling or even frying it. With a minimal contact of external cooking material like water or oil, the food will be able to maintain and even preserve its nutritions. Besides digital air fryer and centrifugal juicer to have at home, this device has been on top of the list for a healthy way of eating.

That is also the reason why many people who are on diet choose to steam their food. The nutritions produced by steamed food are much richer than using other kinds of cooking methods. The food steamer is also the best option for reducing the intake of trans fats. By that, your calories will always be at a safe level.

Another good thing is that steaming food will be full of flavor. Even though it is meant to be cooked for people who are on diet, it will still be full of taste. Among those many food options that can be cooked by using food steamers, here are the 5 things what food steamer good for.

1. Vegetables 

2. Vegetables - Here Are 5 Things What Food Steamer Good For

Vegetables are for sure the best things to cook in the food steamer. Also, it can be the main cause why people choose to buy this great kitchen tool. They want to have healthy food for their daily life. Steamed food then is the best choice for the solution. In fact, steamed vegetables are considered healthier than boiling it. The main reason is that by steaming the veggies, the nutrients contained will still be preserved rather than losing it to the water when the veggies are boiled. With the most nutrients for the vegetables, you will get the maximum benefit of consuming vegetables. The idea is also recommended by so many studies.

Also, it is not only for a healthy life but the steamed vegetables are also very impactful for those who are on diet. As seen between Oster VS Nesco, the two tier types food steamers for home use, it helps you to take a look at the wellness of your cooking from its transparent view bowl.

Almost all vegetables are best suited for the food steamer. But, there is a study about the vegetables that will give the best nutrition when cooked in a food steamer. From the study, broccoli is said to be the best vegetables to steam. The 2017 study also states that the broccoli can almost contain all the nutrients when it is steamed. The steaming process also prevents the glucosinolates and vitamin C from breaking down. If the broccoli is boiled or cooked in other methods, those two key water-soluble antioxidants will be easily lost and broken down.

It is also already known that vegetables are full of vitamin C. The idea is also supported by the study in Food Science and Biotechnology published in 2018. In the study, the researcher quote that the steaming process can always maintain the nutritions of the food. The use of less water and less time is the key with steaming is the best choice for getting the best benefit from vegetables. The result of steamed vegetables is also claimed and already proved that they have the highest levels of vitamin C of the cooked foods.  

2. Rice

3. Rice - Here Are 5 Things What Food Steamer Good For

Not many people really try to cook rice in a food steamer. It is because there are already stovetop or rice cookers. Those appliances are specifically used to cook any kind of rice. But, there are also some setbacks in using those appliances. Some people already experience the result of dry rice or even wet rice. It also happens to reduce the nutrients contained. The use of water can make the nutrients lost which makes you unable to get the maximum benefit from the rice.

That is why, many people nowadays are shifting to the food steamer. The work of the food steamer producing the steam to cook food is considered as the best and healthiest method of cooking. It also happens when you cook your rice. You will get all the good things contained by the rice. You can see the example of the best choice to try between Tiger VS Comfee food steamer to get this kind of perfect rice.

Using a rice cooker to cook rice somehow limits your control to the cooking process. You do not have much control on how the rice will be cooked. You just put the rice in the bowl, add some water, and turn it on. That is also why it will be a little hard to get the rice that you really wanted. But, if you use the food steamer, you are able to set the consistency or how you like your rice to eat.

The amount of water is somehow one of the main reasons why the rice consistency sometimes can get soggy or too dry. Meanwhile food steamers give the best result of cooking any kind or rice. It  will absorb all the steam produced by the food steamer. The steam used to cook the rice has similar function with the water in a rice cooker. But, the use of steam as the cooking source will give you much more control over your rice. You can choose either to have a fluffy or a bit wet rice so then the rice will be just perfect for any kind of dishes you have.

3. Lentils

4. Lentils - Here Are 5 Things What Food Steamer Good For

Another healthy food that can also be best cooked by a food steamer is lentils. It is another source of wellness. The main reason why this food is really good for healthiness is that it has a big chunk of protein. To enjoy the best taste and benefits from it, you can try to cook them with a food steamer.

Other than protein, lentils are also full of other useful nutrients. For a half cup of it, you can get 9 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. In fact, the protein and the fiber contained is slightly better than any other kind of beans like black beans, chickpeas, or pinto beans. Lentils cooked with a food steamer will also maintain the nutrients of carbohydrates. But, unlike other materials containing carbohydrates, this edible legume have less than 1 gram of fat. With the same amount of it, it will serve you 3.3 milligrams of minerals, 1.27 milligrams of zinc and also 369 milligrams of potassium. Beside that, this great food is also the source of B vitamins.

To get the maximum benefits of lentils from cooking it through food steamers, you need to know some types of lentils. Each of those types produce different shapes and tastes. Black lentils will never break even if you steam it in a long time and it has an earthy taste. The brown lentils also maintain its shape whenever it is cooked. The taste is a bit milder than the black one. The green or French lentils have smaller size rather than those two before. But, it needs extra minutes to cook. Pink lentils are very good for soups because the shape will be quickly broken down.

4. Seafood

5. Seafood - Here Are 5 Things What Food Steamer Good For

If you already have been in veggies for a long time and you need to get some alternates, then you can try make some seafood dish. Processing seafod in the steamers will bring a richer taste into it. At the same time, unlike when you choose to bake or roast it, you will have the best moisture level when it is cooked by a food steamer.

Fish is also considered as the best food to be cooked by using the food steamer because the steaming process can unveil its true taste. By adding some herbs and seasonings, you can get the best flavour from fish or any other kinds of seafood by only steaming it. Even though it will differ from the duration it is cooked, you can get the best taste of fish when the flesh becomes flaky. Meanwhile, if you steam prawns, you need to immediately open it up when it is turned pink.

The use of food steamers to get the best benefit of seafood is also already proven true from some studies. One of those is from the study held by North Carolina State University. It is said that steaming methods will bring out the most natural flavors that are produced by the fish. It will have no difference whether you are going to steam the fish fillets, shellfish or even seasoned fish. It will give you the best flavour.

Steaming is also good for those who love to have more challenging seafood, like crabs. Many people always find it hard to cook any part of crabs. Some people choose to boil it which will end with sour because it gets too much water. Some other people choose to chop it up and fry it but the flavour will mainly be about the seasonings. But, if you try to steam it, the crabs will be much tastier to bite.

5. Poultry

6. Poultry - Here Are 5 Things What Food Steamer Good For

Actually you can steam any kind of meat. But, if you are a chicken lover, then you will be very pleased if you have a food steamer in your kitchen countertop. Chicken meat is considered a bit softer than other kinds of meat. It will be cooked well and produce the best taste if you just steam it not boil it. By steaming it, you can get the meat more flavorful. It is very unlikely with other cooking methods like boiling it which will make the meat less tasty because of the water or the heat.

Whether it is the whole chicken or it is chopped into few parts, the food steamer will do the same, cooking the meat well. The only difference will be at the time. If you put the whole chicken into it, then you need to cook it a bit longer with a bit more water in the reservoir. Meanwhile, if you choose to chop it onto breasts, legs, wings or thighs, you can enjoy the chicken a bit quicker. One way or another, the chicken will be well cooked.

It is not only about the chicken actually. It is about the poultry. The food steamer will work best for any kind of poultry like the meat or the eggs. It will always be first when boiling eggs into water but now you have alternates, an even better option. You can cook your eggs by steaming it. The flavour of course will be different but most importantly, it will be much easier to cook when you choose the food steamer.

To get a well-cooked egg, you just need to put it all on the food steamer. Then, make sure that the water in the reservoir is enough to finish the whole process. After that, you can start the steaming and get them done in 6 minutes. The egg will be cooked with runny centers. if you wanted a solid or hard-boiled eggs that are usually used for sandwiches or salads, then you need to steam it for about 12 minutes.

Bottom Line

7. Conclusion - Here Are 5 Things What Food Steamer Good For

Actually, any type of food steamers are good for any kind of food. You can cook meat, vegetables, fishes, even sushi! It is all for one recipe kitchen tool. In fact, you will not only get the best food but also the healthiest food because it is all made from your own kitchen. A homemade cooking is best to control your daily consumption, especially when you are in the process of keeping a better eating habit.

Aside from all its nutritious and healthy benefits to your body, steaming your food presents a better look on your food too. So you will be able to make a better picturesque food plate!

To get the best of it, it is important to know what things that will serve best when it is cooked with the food steamer so then you are not only healthy but you can also enjoy the tasty food. Start a new and better days ahead with your favorite food steamers to pick!

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