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Updated 16 Jul 2021
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1. Main Image - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Surprise surprise, a milk frother is not only to add a creamy texture to the coffee. There are many edible things you can mix with the small whisk device. Some of the ingredients are therapeutic for your wellbeing and to tighten the family bond.

These are also pantry-friendly recipes you’ve ever seen. You might need to save the hacks and hints on using the milk frother because there are questions of yours around this device. You will be guided to which frother is the best addition to your kitchen.


5 Shocking Recipes A Milk Frother Good For

Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

2. Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Aside from having a cup of coffee in the morning, many people also eat scrambled eggs and fresh baked toast for breakfast. Correct me, that you still whisk the eggs together with a fork or egg beater. Let’s go further a little bit, by mixing it with a milk frother.

Some types of frother, like cappuccino maker and electric frother, have the heating system. Therefore, the device like SIMPLETaste and HadinEEon can technically cooks the eggs. The result can be fluffier than when you beat it with a fork.

Either you are a barista or a homebody, you can make this everywhere. Especially if you are still doing the physical distancing, you can do this with the handheld liquid beater too. The recipe is as simple as having 1 or more eggs and a pinch of salt for the taste.

Depending on the fluffiness, you will see it all mixed well after 1 minute of whisking. Then, you can pour the liquid into the pan and shake them all together. You are free to eat it with avocado toast or add a splash of milk for a creamier taste.

Whipped Cream

3. Whipped Cream - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Another kitchen trick you can try for your own cooking experience. Cooking is basically a science experiment. If that’s so, what’s the difference between the endless trials of making food and inventing a new substance? Like adding some whipped cream to your air fried sweet potato or your coffee?

All you need is cream and granulated sugar, or any sweetener you prefer. Then, you pour them together into a small bowl. You can also add some essence like vanilla or Bailey’s, which is optional. 

You can whip a thick cream with milk frother in straight 1 minute with, either the hand mixer frother or the electric one. As this is for a single serving, you can actually make this for up to 4 servings, depending on the number of people you are with and the diameter of the frother. You can serve it on top of your coffee, cupcake, pie, and many more.

Tea Latte

4. Tea Latte - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

A milk frother is an incredible best friend for your meditating companion.  Also to get a warmer family gathering along with some fresh made Panini sandwiches. A cup of tea latte has a rich texture and calming scent. Within 5 minutes, you will be back to your roots again and enjoy every step of the day.

The milk you choose can be plant-based, such as coconut, soy, almond, and rice, and regular dairy milk, with a certain amount of fat. As long as the milk has a rich thick consistency, it is good to make with any kind of milk frother. Some people also like to have a more strong scent in their tea latte. And so, you are free to add ground cinnamon, honey, shaved chocolate, and so on.

The types of tea you will steep to may vary. If you choose the loose-leave, bag, and powders, it will take 1 to 5 minutes to appear in the water. But, the kinds of flower tea like camomile and herbal tea can blend the water in 5 to 6 minutes. The benefit, too, is to soothe your mind and decaf options.

Hot Chocolate

5. Hot Chocolate - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

If coffee is not your go-to, there is hot chocolate. The bitterness and sweetness are with you on a cold night, such a combo for another rich taste of a beverage. You must be waiting to have this throughout the year, especially on winter days. And now, you can have a cup in a new way of preparing it.

The only barrier you will face is that you need the electric-type of milk frother, though there is a possibility to make one with the handheld one. Since the electric frother has a heating element in the cup, it will be easier than making it with the hand-mixer frother. The grated chocolate will be faster to melt, and the texture of the drink is velvety. It is about 3 minutes to have a cup.

You can pour in the milk to the max capacity in the cup. After that, you can pour shaved or powdered chocolate, whichever you like, into the cup. This is a single serving, but you surely can make it in 2 batches and might serve 4 people. This is addicting!

The Internet Star Dalgona Coffee

6. The Internet Star Dalgona Coffee - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

How many Dalgona-making tutorials have you watched? What appliances did they use to make the fluff? A hand mixer? Or the whisk? You can actually make it with a milk frother in 15 minutes.

If this is for a single-serve, you will need each 1 tablespoon of instant coffee, granulated sugar, and hot water. The combination of the coffee and sugar makes the froth identical to whipped cream. That is why it is nearly impossible to leave out the sweetener component.

Now, you won’t miss the trend while you don’t have too much work on the cleaning activity. Especially if you have a tight schedule don’t want to waste a mere 15 minutes whisk the coffee.


Milk Frother Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between frothed milk and steamed milk?

Before we go ahead with the difference, let us see the similarity between frothed and steamed milk, shall we?

As you might’ve guessed, both use milk to get the texture. Although you pour the same liquid, there are methods that make them unlike. That’s correct that it is better to heat up the milk first. But, frothed milk can be made of cold milk. 

You can also see from the density. The frothed one is more fluffy, almost like whipped cream. It is because the device stirs them while at the same time heating the liquid to get up the fat. Steamed milk only warms the liquid, therefore it gives a silk consistency of the milk.

For the whisking equipment, the price of a milk frother is cheaper than a cappuccino machine. There is a steam wand on the cappuccino machine, but if you are at home, you can choose the electric frother that has a heating setting. There are 2 affordable types of frothers; handheld and electric. The handheld one is lighter than the electric one. But the electric milk whisker has settings to steam, whisk with a dense and fluffy texture, and froth cold liquid. So rather than having a cappucino machine, you can get some budget and space friendly device to make your coffee and milk based; milk frother and mini coffee maker.


Can I froth non-dairy milk?

Basically, you can froth any type of milk. But not all non-dairy milk has a foamy texture that everybody will prefer, like coconut milk and rice milk.

Oat milk

8. Oat milk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

It is proven that the consistency of oat milk is almost similar to dairy milk. This type of non-dairy milk has fiber, which is why the texture is thick. The store-bought ones might contain oats, water, and canola oil as the emulsifier. Despite the digestive benefit, the milk might lack protein. But, you can still make latte art for vegan living.

Almond milk

9. Almond Milk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

In the U.S., almond milk is one of the alternatives to nut-based milk. It is also believed that nutrition is good for breast-feeding. But, the water will be separated if you heat it and make a curdle. And so, there is a watery effect under the foam.

Soy milk

10. Soy milk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Soy milk is as delicious as almond milk and typically affordable for such types of milk. That is why it is easier to find in the menu at the coffee shop. The barista has already acknowledged making a froth with soy milk. 

Macadamia milk

11. Macadamia milk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Macadamia milk will add more nutty aroma to your cappuccino. Some also said that among other plant-based milk, this one is the thickest. Therefore, the froth has such perfect consistency for vegan option beverages. 

Cashew milk

12. Cashew milk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

If you are a nut milk lover, this is one of the alternatives after macadamia and almond. Unfortunately, this is not a go-to for a cafe latte. There is a soapy texture, rather than a beverage level of foamy.


Can I froth cold milk?

13. Can I froth cold milk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

It is always possible to froth cold milk. Not only is it faster, but also refreshing at some time, especially on summer days. You can do it with dairy milk with all percent of fat, including skimmed and low-fat milk.

If you prefer the simpler way, you can make it with an electric frother. Depending on the setting, you need to press a number of times for the cold froth option. You might as well demonstrate the other step with a simple device that can produce a milky foam, for instance, a French press. It will take 2 minutes with the electric milk frother and coffee presser at medium to almost high speed continuously. 

You may have to try with non-dairy that has a thick consistency like soy milk. It is worth trying because if you fail once, you can still drink it. Isn't it tasty?


Is there any alternative to froth milk without a milk frother?

It is certainly another expense on purchasing a milk frother. There are 7 billion people and each of them has creativity, including in making milk foam. You might as well have some of these items at home or office. If not, they are versatile and more affordable than the specific frothing device. 

French press

14. French press - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Every coffee-addict owns a French press, especially those who like to explore the scent of different types of coffee grounds. Other than as a simple coffee maker, you can make the foam for the latte out of the tool. 

The first thing you have to do is heating up the milk. If you can see the bubble appear on the surface, then pour it into the French press. After that, pump it with the presser at medium to high speed. You should continue if the texture still has no stiff foam. It is best if you wait for another 1 minute before serving on top of the coffee.


15. Microwave - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

You are not going to make the foam in the microwave, obviously. Instead, you heat the liquid in there, and then move the milk to a jam jar. This is another substitute if you don’t have a stove to heat the milk.

The steps are as easy as shaking the jar of milk, then putting it in the microwave to get the foam and shake it all the way up again. The result will show the same at any type of dairy milk, like whole fat, 2% milk, and cream.


16. Blender - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

Essentially, all of these alternatives must use warm milk. There will be a foam which is the mixture of the watery substance and fat from the heating process. If you make the foam with a blender, make sure you close the opened lid with a kitchen towel to avoid hot milk spills. 

To do so, you can turn the blender on to a medium speed. The result will be a lot of bubbles. 

Hand Whisk

17. Hand Whisk - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

If you don't have a handheld frother you can try using a hand whisk or hand mixer. There won’t be more dishes because you can whisk them from the pan. To have the foam that you want, you can practice the same method as making Dalgona coffee. You have to make a circular mode in order to get the thickness of the foam.


Bottom Line

18. Bottom Line - Here Are 5 Things What Milk Frother Good For

A milk frother is as versatile as other big kitchen appliances, namely air fryers, cute 4-slot toaster, and food steamers. There are a number of recipes that you can try with liquid frother. From cold to hot beverages, you can treat yourself or enjoy the drinks with your loved ones. 

Since most of the liquid is milk, you can substitute it with plant-based ones, like oat, almond, soy, and many more you can try. Having a frother is also another expense to make at the store. Worry not, because you can also try to make the milky foam with kitchen apparatus you already have in the cabinet, such as an egg whisk, a mason jar, and a pressed coffee maker.

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