Innsky Air Fryer XL vs EVERUS AF-501AS Review and Comparison

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Innsky Air Fryer XL vs EVERUS AF-501AS Review and Comparison

Simple isn’t easy but getting your things to be compact and handy is only a moment away. You can keep your cold beverages inside the best mini fridge for the road trip or have a unique luncheon with your new air fryer recipe to serve! With the easy-to-get recipes from around the world, people tend to cook a more variety of foods than what they used to, as well as the quick-to-instant options of the process.

However, it is important to be more picky in choosing your cooking method as well as the equipment. There are some cooking or kitchen appliances that happen to be made of materials that are not food grade or will be toxic in long term use.

A vast discovery of equipment has found its way to maintain our life span, and the breakthrough of air fryers is one of them. As a consequence, we have numerous types of air fryers, like Innsky Air Fryer XL and EVERUS AF-501AS that can fry your favorite food with less oil contained for a family party, like Christmas.


What both Innsky Air Fryer XL and EVERUS AF-501AS have?

#1 Square Detachable Non-stick Basket

The two Innsky Air Fryer XL and EVERUS AF-501AS are made from stainless steel on the outside, making it easier to clean up and the longevity of the product is exceptional and most importantly, to suppress the odor whilst cooking.

The removable non-stick frying basket can simplify the cleaning process that the dirts will spruce up thoroughly, even with only wash off those with a damp cloth, or in a dishwasher for a safer washing-dishes option, resulting a more hygiene quality of the food, thus safe to be consumed with your family and friends.

#2 Compressing 85% Fat

With both Innsky Air Fryer XL and EVERUS AF-501AS, you don’t need to pour in more than 1 tablespoon of oil. This healthier bonus results from the 360 speedy air circulation that will cook the food all around the edges, along with the preheat function button that can take up only 5 minutes in total and adjustable temperature up to 400 F and 1700W high power. 

As a result, not only can both make your food less oily, but also save your time on cooking. You can enjoy more time with the rest of your family or friends at the party!


Air Fryer EVERUS 1700-Watts Hot Air Fryer Oven XL

Why Insky Air Fryer XL and EVERUS AF-501AS different from each other?

#1 Preset Buttons

What kind of air fryer that comes without the cooking presets? Both the old version and the newest ones must have the pleasantly buttons to choose the kinds of foods that you want to fry in the basket. But, the number of choices are different in each model of an air fryer, including the selections that Insky Air Fryer XL and EVERUS AF-501AS have.

The Innsky IS-EE002 Air Fryer has 7 presets that can work to fry meat, chicken, seafood, french fries, vegetables, and bread, plus the customizable preheat, temperature, and time buttons. 

Whereas EVERUS 5.8QT is equipped with 8 presets, including the options to bake a pizza, cake, and fish products. These buttons work faster than if you preheat the foods with an oven or in the microwave.


#2 Temperature Heat

The temperature settings play the important role to decide whether it reaches the crispiness and well-cooked level. Since the foods are fried without oil, the heat setting is slightly different from the one you know on a stove or oven. 

Both products have the power of 1700W. Innsky Air Fryer XL is followed by 180 to 400 F changeable temperature, with 60 minutes of the maximum time to fry the food. You are free to adjust the time and heat and choose to keep the food warm and a delay start button, indicating that you can fry your favorite french fries with the kids. 

EVERUS AF-501AS can heat up from 175 to 400 F. As it cooperates with the preset options, this air fryer is able to serve food as if the buttons are limitless of the function, along with the fast preheat technology that makes you can eat the meal in no time.


#3 Capacity

The capacity of an air fryer affects the surroundings where you put it on a surface, as well as the number of serving that the basket can hold to. From the exterior of both Innsky Air Fryer XL and EVERSUS AF-501AS, they can fit right on top of the counter in the kitchen. But, there’s a limit for the number of serving if you want to fry for a feast. The Innsky IS-EE002 one can fit up from 3 to 5 people in a one-time cook, while the EVERUS 5.8QT is larger, which has the capacity to serve 2 to 8 people. 



Innsky Air Fryer XL

The compatibility of Innsky Air Fryer XL is like no other air fryer, from the weight that you can carry to the simple presets. The touch screen features make it look like the sophisticated one. This one is the best purchase for your first air fryer ever!

This air fryer is not only cool for its modern and simple presets design but also have an alarm functions. So you will hear 3 beeps to know that your cooking is done. If you happen wonder what to make with it, no worries. There is a recipe booklet for you to explore.

Innsky Air Fryer XLAmong all of the 7 preset buttons for the food option, the other 4 are the preheat, thaw, delay start, and keep warm presets. Indeed, the options for defrost and preheat are separated, resulting in a more direct function of each button. The keep warm one is also good when you are at a party and you almost drown in the crowds.


  • The ‘Keep Warm’ preset function.
  • Elegant design for your grandma’s countertop.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly.



  • The body of the exterior is too wide.
  • The package doesn’t include the accessories


This one air fryer not only is one of Amazon's Choice, but also your family’s top pick when they are about to purchase the air fryer. Its movable basket also doubled with the non-stick coating, can serve your Christmas party feast with your grandparents and relatives. 

EVERUS AF-501AS Air Fryer XLThe presets must be your favorite ones because you can bake your favorite foods like pizza, sponge cakes, and french fries. You will invite your friends over again and again, either for a movie night while beforehand you can have a cooking time, since the package of EVERUS AF-501AS comes with a 100-recipe cookbook that is easy to follow.


  • Taller, thus it is space-saving in the kitchen.
  • Can cook the whole turkey and such.
  • Get a free 100 recipes book. 



  • The presets are only codes, not an elder-friendly.
  • The basket is too thin.



We always love something that takes a short time to be ready, especially when it comes to food, don’t we? Tasty food, quick cleaning by waving your hand to your automatic trash can and having a friendly ice maker for cold drinks at any time.. Well, the day will be all yours to enjoy!

One of the reasons for purchasing an air fryer is that you also don’t want to miss out the fun at a party, while at the same time you are the host. So, it is best to pick the one that is on XL size to cook a package of frozen foods and still maintain healthy bites. Another thing that you need to consider is durability. With the one that is detachable and non-stick, you can rinse both the basket and the body right away, so you can still pass down the air fryer for your next generation.

Our recommendation goes down to be Innsky Air Fryer XL. As many users have mentioned, this is the best air fryer to have. It is not only easy to use and clean but also able to cook variants of food in large servings at one time. The design of this air fryer might be wide but despite its size, this is highly recommended to help you cook while saving your time. With its 7 preset cooking to select, you will have no more guessing game in cooking with this fryer.


FAQ Innsky Air Fryer XL

How should I know when my food is ready to serve?
There should be a beeping sound when your food is fried, as you set the right timer with the right temperature based on the main ingredient of the food.

What is the ‘Bread’ preset for?
Not only can you bake an instant pastry, but you can also toast your white bread for breakfast. 

What is the ideal size to fry meat and poultry?
The thing that you can consider is each size of the piece of meat and poultry. For the meat product, it can be sliced like bacon, while for poultry base, it should be chopped apart. 



EVERUS Air Fryer 1700W Hot Air Fryer Oven XL 5-8QT Stainless Steel

Where can I put the air fryer?
This comes with a perfect size that you can put on your apartment-size kitchen counter next to the waffle maker and coffee maker.

What is the basket’s material from?
It is the non-stick one, and easy to clean up afterwards. You can brush the dirt off with a wet cloth and put it in a dishwasher. 

Is this air fryer kids-friendly?
Yes! It’s tall figure makes it feasible for kids to use, as well as the presets that have the buttons of their favorite meals. Yet, you still need to watch out when it’s the first time use.


Good to Know before purchasing an air fryer

In this fast-paced world, people are trying to improve the technology of home appliances. These days you don’t need to hassle for a warm coffee all day when you have a mug warmer on your desk. So does for your cooking needs. The development of an air fryer has been around since people add the item in the cart every day. It is the result of having one at home, one of which is to make all cooking processes all in one and only take less than 1 hour without a single shot of oil.

Maintain health

With the certain heat and the rapid circulation on the inside, you can skip using the oil, or just add 1 tablespoon if you need to. You can also bake a cake and defrost your favorite chicken wing in a very short time and the level of deliciousness is unquestionable. 


It indeed can cut the time short from the balance between the temperature and the amount of time frying the meal. The maximum time of an air fryer is 60 minutes, proving that the function is faster than the oven. The taste is the same as when you fry the ones in the deep-fryer.


The cooking option is not rigid; you can fry any treat that you always wish for and you can still taste the crispiness without a single drop of oil. This versatility is helpful when you hold a party, which you will most likely cook a big meal like turkey and meat. You can influence a healthy habit with your friends and family. 


In fact, giving out an air fryer is also an option for a holiday gift to your loved ones. The best one is always the one that can serve for a large number of people in a short time. Not only that, your children will worry less when they use the air fryer for their slumber party or while at home by themselves. In the end, you still choose your health on top of the togetherness you enjoy while eating fries. Both of Innsky Air Fryer and EVERUS AF-501AS are brought to you with a large capacity for servings. So, have you been decide which can be your one air fryer? Grab yours before it's too late.


What Are the Pros and Cons of an Air Fryer?

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