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Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Juicer - KOIOS JE-70 vs Makoloce Juicer

A healthy life starts from the kitchen. One of the little steps you can take is consuming fruits and veggies every day. Plus do not forget to grab some fresh water from your modern countertop dispenser. But, it somehow leads to the boredom of eating fruits and veggies because you have to peel off the skin and chop the parts. To have a whole new level of eating fruits and veggies, you will understand why there are KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer in your shopping cart. Both juicers are known for its feature on the large category. But if you prefer some best small daily juicer, you can check which suits you best between Aicook Juicer or Black+Decker juicer.

Are you ready with the new experience of making juice as well? Worry not, you can still have the pure taste of the juice. Also, you can experiment to mix them all, plus some warm herbs to add more goodness to your juice. With the 12000W power and food-grade material of the cups, you will be able to start a healthy habit.

What both KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer have

#1 3” inches large feed chute

The 3” inches of the feed chute of KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer allow you to put whole apples and large chops of veggies. It comes along with the pusher too. When you already have this large size of the chute, you don’t need to prep the fresh juice ingredients in a long time and make fewer dishes from your kitchen drawer organizer.

It is clear that you don’t need to cut into pieces anymore. Not only is it safe for your environment, but also quick to make the juice. You might as well add the natural nutrient from the skin of the fruits and veggies. 

Similiarties - Juicer - KOIOS JE-70 vs Makoloce Juicer

#2 Easy to clean

A healthy lifestyle must involve a high level of hygiene. Kitchen cleaning to clean living room dust is a must. The parts of KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer are detachable, making it easy to wash off the dirt. There are at least 5 steps that require you to pull apart the components, as well as to attach the parts together again. It will also take roughly 2 minutes to do so.

The best way to rinse the parts like the cups and pusher is to drench them in running water, then wash it with soap. While for the filter, a sprinkle of water is enough because you will have one special brush to clean it off. It is also to keep the stainless steel filter and blade from scratching. 

#3 12 rows of grinding teeth and stainless steel filter

The filter and the blade are the most important component of any kind of juicer. Obviously, there is a big difference between a blender, as it is what the majority of people are acquainted with. A juicer manages to keep the nutrients just like when you eat whole fruits and vegetables, and that kind of kindness is what we have in KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer. Both respectable juicers work hard to give you the experience of consuming fruits and vegetables in order to maintain health and wellbeing. 

All the results are from the 12 rows of grinding teeth and the filter that is made of good-quality stainless steel, making the fruits and veggies are yielded properly. Another perk of this one part is that the ability to maintain the durability of the centrifugal juicer. The residue will look dry, compared to other types of juicer. Therefore, the juice is ultimately pure without losing the important minerals and vitamins. 


What makes KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer different from each other

Differences - Juicer - KOIOS JE-70 vs Makoloce Juicer

#1 Speed modes

The speed modes on KOIOS JE-70 and Makoloce Juicer is the only part that does not share similarities, except it is located under the locking bar. The speed mode is the controller which allows you to smash the fruits and veggies based on the texture of the ingredients. For the two brands, the lowest speed is for soft fruits and veggies and the highest speed is for the harder ones. 

Although both have the same speeds in 12000 - 15000 rpm for speed 1 and 15000 - 18000 rpm for speed 2, there is only one part between the two that is different. JE-70 has another mode that is able to reach the highest speed after the 2nd speed and 1st speed, while Makoloce only has 2. It might as well recover the juice after release, thus it will clean the residue thoroughly.




The JE-70 wants you to have a healthy lifestyle together with the family. It must start from your home, with such ease to be able to have cups of fresh juice and some new air fried snacks. What’s more lovable is that the chute is 3” inches in which you don’t need to chop the ingredients into pieces like the old ways, yet still gives you the pure taste. The 3-speed modes are the ones you are looking for to have different varieties of mixed juices on the table. 

Although the exterior is bulky, you can still arrange the juicer in a short time, for the sake of the space-saving feature and easy-to-clean parts. There are, at least, 6 steps on how to detach the components, from fit in the collector until the placement of the juice cup under the spout. Not only is it easy, but also to keep the components clean and durable for future use. You just need soapy water and for the filter, you will have 1 brush to clean it with water. 

The 3-speed modes go together with the 1200W pure copper motor which enables you to have one cup of juice within 2 minutes. Along with the power, the filter and blade are made of stainless steel and plated with titanium. As a result, the juice is more nutritious and delicious. Accessories you will get are the centrifugal juicer, juice cup, pulp container, cleaning brush, and user manual that will guide you on how to assemble and use the units appropriately.

Produk 1 - Juicer - KOIOS JE-70 vs Makoloce Juicer


  • The pulp is dry so it’s easy to clean up the pulp container as well.
  • The motor reduces almost no sound.
  • Easy to assemble, it takes 2 minutes to do it.


  • You have to take a break after a 2-minute use. Otherwise, the machine will get hot.
  • May cause leaks near the machine and output container if you don’t assemble the parts correctly.


Makoloce Juicer Feed Chute 3”

This one brand new centrifugal juicer from Makoloce is equipped with a 3-inch feed chute, getting you a hands-free juice-making experience. That is where the freshness begins. Then, the fruits and veggies are pressed to the 304 stainless steel fine mesh and 12 rows of grinding teeth, with a rustproof titanium plating filter. Surely, your juice will taste amazing and the pulp is almost dry consistency. With a less-noise, you have to put this in your cart right now!

The juicer is easy to clean, as you will get a brush to get rid of the excess pulps on the filter. Just soak the components with running water and dry the rest with a cloth. If it is easy to clean, then you don’t have a problem detaching each part. You just need to reverse the steps of installing the juicer. The first thing to do is put the juice outlet, then insert the stainless steel filter. After that, cover the top with the feed inlet, and lastly, install the storage box and lock the parts with the locking bar.  

This also results in a high yield from the 1200W pure copper motor. There are 2-speed modes; the I is for soft fruits and veggies, with 12000 to 15000 rpm and the II is for the hard ones, with 15000 to 18000 rpm. And so, you can have a glass of fresh juice the whole day with the whole group, or might as well as a gift for your loved ones. 

Produk 2 - Juicer - KOIOS JE-70 vs Makoloce Juicer


  • Parts are easy to detach and clean, also a locking feature of the components.
  • The 3 inches feed chute allows you to put the big fruits.
  • The overheat protection system prevents unwanted overheat from the juicer.


  • The pulp bucket is small.
  • Not recommended by soft fruits like bananas and potatoes.


Our Pick

Now, let's decide which one is perfect for your new morning habit. Our pick for recommendation is KOIOS JE-70. Here is why, a centrifugal juicer won't work unless you attach all components together. Although you have to do it everytime you want to mix a juice, it should be fast to install the parts, this juicer can be easily assemble to dissamble as it will work the same when you detach them before cleaning up the residues.

Cleaning the cups and chute is easy too-just rinse them all with running water, and for the filter, you can use the brush to swipe all pulps with water. There are certain consistencies among fruits and vegetables; soft and hard. As a result, the speed modes fit the needs of the consistencies, so you can still have a pure taste from the juice. From the speed mode too, it can clean the pulps properly without losing the important minerals and vitamins from the ingredients.



What kind of fruits and vegetables can I put in it?

You can insert a big chunk of watermelon, tomato, and papaya for soft fruits and vegetables. For the hard ones, you can insert a whole apple, carrot, and fine peeled pineapple. It is not recommended to juice a banana because it lacks juice. 

How easy to assemble and clean the juicer?

It is very easy to follow the steps from the manual book. There is also a free cleaning brush for the stainless steel parts. To clean the plastic-based components, you have to hand wash them and add some soap.

What kinds of juicer is this?

This is unlike the masticating juicer. We call this a centrifugal one. The difference between the other types is that we don’t have to cut the fruits and veggies into pieces.


FAQ Makoloce Juicer

How loud is this juice?

This juicer produces a bit of sound, but not as loud as you might think of. The noise is < 50 dB. It is 30% below the noise from a hairdryer. 

What we can’t make with this juicer?

It is impossible to make soy milk. It is also not recommended to juice strawberries and bananas because they produce a little bit of water. 

How big is the chute?

The chute is 3” inches. For a whole apple, it should fit to be inserted there. Use the puncher after you put it in the tube.


Good to Know: Best Morning Juices for A Better Day

Good To Know - Juicer - KOIOS JE-70 vs Makoloce Juicer

There are lots of diet programs out there. But, we have to be as realistic as possible to pick one because not all of them are apparently suitable for our bodies. Making juice is one of the diet menus, as they are very nutritious and healthy. Still, you have to choose the best ingredients with the best juicer, like the centrifugal one. 

Celery juice

Celery juice contains water and another good news is that celery is less calorie. With a centrifugal juicer, you can still get the nutrient from the veggie. It is also good for your liver to intoxicate the parts. Just don’t feel the taste, but always keep in mind the benefit of it.

Beet juice

Beet juice produces such a beautiful natural red color. But, behind that, also lies benefit for the liver, as good as celery juice. It is also best if you mix the liquid with celery or other fruits like apples.

Watermelon juice

As we all know, watermelon juice or the fruit itself is very hydrating. It’s always the best of summer if we have it at the picnic. Not only is it refreshing, but it also contains vitamins A and C which are good for the skin and immune system. 

Green juice

This is unlike the previous juices. Green juice is the mixture of fruits and vegetables that contain green skin and the fruit itself, namely kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, and apple. It is good for your digestive system, skin, and energy level for the day.

Orange carrot turmeric juice

You probably can capture the color and the flavor of this juice; it is bright and smells good. Brighter color somehow makes you fiery throughout the day. Alongside the looks, it can help with your metabolism. 

Lemon ginger

Last but not least, there is the perfect combination of lemon and ginger that we can consume in the morning or on a cold day. If you drink this in the morning, it can cleanse your digestive system and immune system. Still, it doesn’t replace your breakfast. But you’re supposed to feel the benefit in the meantime. 


Healthy life and easy life. You can reach that kind of life easier these days. Choose your fighter, whether you like cooking your quinoa with food steamer or to go with a centrifugal juicer. This is the next step to consume fruits and vegetables in your daily life, as it is affordable as ever.



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