Juicers for Healthier Life - Easehold Juicer vs FaayFian GS-337 Review and Comparison

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Juicers for Healthier Life - Easehold Juicer vs FaayFian GS-337 Review and Comparison

It is health that makes people nowadays able to define happiness. Other than exercise, fruits and vegetables are important sources to keep the health always intact. To make it easier, people prefer to use juices rather than slicing the fruits or some vegetables. It is not only much simpler to do but it is also much quicker. Also, it can be more delicious rather than raw fruits or vegetables. 

Juicers are really helpful especially for those who are on diet. The nutrients will never disappear even if it is changed into a liquid form. In fact, it can be richer because it is added with other fruits or vegetables in only a single sip. Getting the nutrients in an alternative way is always helpful but getting the nutrients in a quicker way is where the juicers come in handy. With only a single touch, the tool will work while you are preparing your other morning routines. You do not have to cut it, mix it with other vegetables, or add some other seasonings. You just have to put it all in one single device. 

Now you know that you need juicers ASAP, but you need to know that there are types of juicers out there. Each type of juicer has its own qualifications and different results. To pick the best and get the perfect results, you need to go deeper.  Below, we describe the pros and cons of the two centrifugal juicers, Easehold Juicer and FaayFian GS-337. This will help you to experience your morning routine on a whole nother level. 


Easehold Juicer and FaayFian GS-337 Similarities

FaayFian Juicer Machines Vegetable and Fruit Small Compact 600W Centrifugal juicer

Similarities #1: Safety and protection

The precaution of using your juicer machine should be your first priority before buying. Not only about its tube size that might cause your fingers, because who knows it will slip over the pusher? Hopefully not. Especially when the juicing process starts, the machine needs to be assembled in the right place as written in the manual. It is also better to get a juicer that has a locking feature.

These juicers are equipped with the juice cover and safety locking arm, which are needed to be installed properly beforehand in order to make the juicer work. If one of them or both are not installed properly, then the juicers will not work. Another protection is the overheating protection. The motor will automatically shut down when the device is overheated or overloaded. It will turn on again after it is cooled. Also, the products have four anti-slip feet to increase the protection of the products and to prevent it from falling. 

Similarities #2: Powerful elements

Another thing that makes a juicer machine a good investment is that it has some points of powerful elements. Aside from its voltage or wattage, the powerful elements included as for its equipment and accessories included. If your juicer has various accessories as for various blades, pulp containers also noted the material used that makes it better to invest.

Both products use similar elements that are powerful to get the most delicious juices. The juicers are equipped with stainless steel blades. That is certified with the BPA-free good grade blade. The anti-drip feature on both products will give you the full extracted nutritions from the ingredients to the juicer cup. The juicers also have 3 inches or 65-mm-wide feeding chutes which are enough for an apple, kiwi, or orange.

Similarities #3: Easy to assemble and clean

Taking care of your juicer for a long term usage needs your care of cleaning it thoroughly and in the right way. Some cases about the lack of durability of the machine also can be caused by this point. Beside, every time you find it hard and forcing the parts to assemble, you might break some of the parts also. You have to be cautious about assembling and cleaning  your juicer machine. However, leave your worries because Easehold Juicer and FaayFian GS-337 both come with an easy feature of these.

Even though it is strong and powerful, the products are a collection of parts. It makes them easier to disassemble and assemble them. That is why the products can always work best because it can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Easehold Juicer and FaayFian GS-337 Differences

Differences #1: power options

Even if you find that there are similar features among each juicer machine, some of them have differences in its power options. The power options are meant to let you get the speed depending on your preference on how your juice likes to be. Each speed also matters in juicing the ingredients whether it is soft or hard fruits and vegetables. Between Easehold Juicer and FaayFian GS-337 stand this matter.

The Easehold Juicer has only two power options. Those are for the soft fruits and vegetables and for the hard fruits or vegetables. While the FaayFian GS-337 has three power options. The first one is for soft fruit or vegetables, the second one is for hard fruit or vegetables, and the third option is for residual fruit or vegetables. The latest option will reach maximum speed and will recover after release. 

Differences #2: capacity

Beside the size of juicer machines that become different from each to another, the capacity of the juicer is also what you need to be in consideration. If you happen to want a bigger and more juicer cup or pulp collector, you might find your juicer will be a bit big to your counter. However, you can get  more stock out of it! When you rarely drink your greens and juice, you might need the small one.

On these two products, they have different sizes of pulp capacity. The Easehold Juicer has 1600 ml for the pulp collector and 450 ml for the juicer cup. Meanwhile the FaayFian GS-337 has 1200 ml for pulp collector and 600 ml for the juicer cup.

Differences #3: designs

Your juicer machine can be another appliance that decorates your kitchen counter as well. Even if most juicer looks big, however, the design of each is unique and mostly looks modern. Upgrading your conventional fruit blender into another level as well. Each of these designs also matters as for your preference to note before getting them to the cart, make sure your space is fit enough for your space and still be a nice sight to see.

The Easehold Juicer is slightly small for a centrifugal juicer. The size is 12.5 x 12 x 8 inches. But, it has a heavyweight which is 7.13 pounds. Meanwhile, the FaayFian GS-337 has a bigger size, it is 15.35 x 12.2 x 8.27 inches. However, it has lighter weights, which are 6.98 pounds.


Easehold Juicer v.s FaayFian GS-337 Comparison

Easehold Juicer

Easehold Juicer Machines Extractor 600W Centrifugal Juicers Electric Anti-Drip Dual Speed BPA-Free

A compact juicer for all people to get the best juices in no time. With the power of 600 watts and a BPA-free stainless steel blade, the Easehold Juicer will transform any kind of fruits and vegetables into ideal treats in no time and is as delicious as possible.

The extra-wide feed chute will give more spaces to directly put the ingredients into the device without any more chopping acts. The juicer also provides two power options that will help the user quickly juice any kind of ingredients. You do not need more helping hands even though in your morning rush.

Not only giving you a quick nutrient boost, the juicer also provides security and protection with the safety locking arm and overheat protection. While it is used, the anti-drip design and non-slip rubber pads will also help you to avoid the juicer falling or moving from its place. 

The juicer uses the 21.000 rpm motor to get the blades swirling along. Even Though it works at such a high speed, the stainless blade will never cause any noises. It is not only good for your family or roommates but also for your morning routines. 


  • Extra wide feed chute
  • Anti-drip design
  • Anti-slip rubber pads
  • Less noise
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safety locking arm
  • Overheat protection
  • Big container
  • BPA-free stainless steel
  • Powerful motor



  • 2 power options
  • One-year warranty


FaayFian GS-337

The FaayFian GS-337 is a powerful juicer that will work best with any kind of fruit and vegetable. Using the food-grade stainless steel blades, the FaayFian GS-337 juicer uses centrifugal rotation to extract rich minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Only with the 10 seconds rotations, the juicer will work perfectly well by using the 600-watts power source. In no time, you can get the greens on your hands.

The power options make this juicer ever more valuable. It has three juicing options that are used depending on the ingredients whether those are soft or hard fruits and veggies. But, both of them can be processed directly without slicing it because of the 65 mm wide feeding chute. 

As with other kinds of kitchen appliances, the juicer is already equipped with high-quality safety and protection elements. The use of a safety locking arm to overheat protection plus the anti-slip feet and vents will provide security as well as comfort for any users.

The appliance is also equipped with the anti-drip design to make the countertop always clean and clear. Not only the countertop, you will still save the whole dishwasher space because the juicer is easy to disassemble to clean. You will not only get the quickest way to stay healthy but also the easiest way to live. 


  • Extra wide feed chute
  • Anti-drip design
  • Anti-slip rubber pads
  • Heat dissipation holes
  • Safety locking arm
  • Overheat protection
  • BPA-free stainless steel
  • Powerful motor
  • 3-power options
  • 10-seconds juice
  • 2-year warranty


  • Smaller container
  • Big size juicer



A meaningful life is a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables are among those sources of healthy life. That is why having a juicer is a must. It will not only provide you with the most effective ways of living your life but also keeping you away from any harmful effects of microorganisms. Juicers are also the perfect match for any age because the protection and safety features are always guaranteed. In fact, especially for those of you who are more comfortable with small spaces and simple appliances, the juicer is powerfully worth buying, along with a microwave and air fryer.

If you feel like both sides of Easehold Juicer and FaayFian GS-337 are pretty tight in this battle, we have the suggestion best for a daily juice product and getting them instantly in a healthier way. Our pick goes to Easehold Juicer for the win. This juicer machine is a great device whether you are a beginner or a pro juicer. The juicer is also considerably affordable for most users at first, the parts also easy to clean and assemble as long as you also take notes reading the manual instruction too. It is said to be a great 'fruit chewer' and makes soft or hard fruit and vegetables into a perfect juice taste without leaving that much pulp. Easehold Juicer is also much durable for its quality of material and easy to use in the whole process of juicing.


FAQ Easehold Juicer

Can this be used with 240 watts power outlets?
The minimum requirements for this device to power is 110 volt or 330 watts. So, you cannot use it from a 240-watt power outlet. If you want to get the best result, you need to have at least a 600-watt power outlet. This will make the juicer work at the best performance.

Does it juice carrots easily?
With the power or 21.000 rpm the Easehold juicer can easily juice carrots. In fact, either you cut in half or not, you can still get a very nutritious carrot juice. 

Can you put the rinds, peels from pineapples, watermelons, oranges, etc?
The stainless steel blade can juice any kind of fruits or vegetables. In fact, from some fruits and vegetables, the juicer can still make it into treats. But, it will taste better if you peel those fruits and vegetables before you put it into the juicer. If you do not peel it and you rarely clean it, the peels or rinds can clog the device. 


FAQ FaayFian GS-337


How do I contact customer service?
The FaayFian GS-337 is already displayed with any kind of instructions about the device. The images and videos displayed also shows the process of disassembling the device. You can always check and follow the instructions from there. But, if you need to contact the customer service, you can directly go to Amazon. 

What types of fruits & vegetables can be juiced?
Generally, to get into a juice form, it needs to extract water from the materials. The richer th water contained in ingredients then the easier the juicer will produce the juices. Even Though the juicer can make juices from any kind of fruit and vegetables, the best result will be from soft fruits and vegetables like watermelon, strawberry, tomato, grape, orange, and more. The juicer can also get from the hard ingredients like kale, beet, apple, carrot, and so on. 

How moist is the waste in the pulp container?
It will depend on the fruits or vegetables that you juice. For apples and carrots, there is almost no moisture at all. For much richer water like watermelon, there is a little moisture left in the waste. But, most of all, the juicer can extract juice well. 

Is the juicer quiet?
The juicer is designed to fit in a small space, it also includes the noises produced. The FaayFian GS-337 will produce a really less noise. In fact, it will never wake up your baby and it will never disturb your home activities. 



Good to Know about Juicer

Juicers are positively important to boost your healthy life. But, you need to be aware that there are many types of juicers out there. It is not enough to get the best juicers because everyone has their own way to earn a healthy life. You need to learn more to get the best results from any juicers that are most fit for you. 

FaayFian  Small Compact 600W Centrifugal juicer Quick Extract High Yield Pure Juice

Each juicer works differently

Each type of juicer has their own advantages. Known as the most popular type of juicers in the market right now, the centrifugal juicers can get the best juice in no time. But, it works well with the water-rich ingredients, especially fruits. It will be hard to get the juice from vegetables. Meanwhile, the cold press juicer is recommended for those juice enthusiasts or for daily use. Even though it works rather slow, the juicer can work best with both fruits and vegetables. Among the options, you can get the juicers that are quick, less noisy and work best with any ingredients with twin-gear juicers. But, it comes at a high price.

Prep the ingredients first

Prepping your ingredients beforehand is really important. If you directly throw fruits and vegetables into the juicer, the taste will be affected. Prepping the materials is slicing the ingredients into smaller sizes and removing the outer skins, pith, peels and even the hard pits and seeds as well. By prepping it first, you will not only get the best taste for the juices but also make the juicer more durable.

Cleaning is very important

After using it, there will be so many wastes inside the juicer like the pulps, debris, and others. That is why, it is very important to get the easy-to-assemble juicers so that you can clean the whole parts of the juicers easily. The best and the quickest way to do it is do not let the dirty juicer sit around for long. After you use it, quickly toss it into the dishwasher or clean it up with no delay.


The core idea of having juicers is improving your healthiness in your life. But, every person has their own way and needs to fulfill their healthy life. To get the best result of juices, choose one that can increase your health condition most effectively.





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