Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless

Updated 14 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Large Automatic Trash Can - iTouchless WS18 vs Home Zone Living

When we talk about modern housing, we talk about smart houses with security cameras and a lot of household gadgets doing jobs for the owner. In this discussion, we cannot leave the smart trash can behind. It is an innovation that changes the way we throw our trash. If we have to worry about getting our hands contaminated with bacteria after we throw trash, we don't need to worry about it and wash our hands countless times per day. Instead, we can throw the trash safely without even touching the lid. 

The motion sensor smart trash can will open the lid automatically when it senses a movement within the range. You can throw your trash, and when you move your hands away, it will close back. Very hygienic and safe even for children.  Every household has different needs when it comes to a trash can. Some may need larger capacity, some may need a perfect design that will fit nicely in their spaces. Below, we have a side-by-side comparison between EKO Mirage vs iTouchless so you can choose the right smart touchless trash can for you. 

EKO Mirage vs iTouchless Similarities

Similarities - Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless

Similarities #1: Brushed Stainless Steel

To fit in better as a modern appliance, both EKO Mirage X 80 Liter and iTouchless 23 Gallons are similarly brushed with stainless steel material. By providing this feature, both of these modern trash cans are fingerprint-proof and smudge resistant. Unlike your old-time trash can, with this brushed stainless steel trash can, it will stay neat and clean yet easy to clean with no rust to worry about.

Similarities #2: Manual Function Button

Of course, to get you at the very modern convenient experience, it is great to have everything controlled with a machine or device wirelessly. On the exterior, these trash can models win for their brushed stainless steel within their body parts. But a manual open and close button will help you in such an emergency time.

The other similar point between EKO Mirage and iTouchless trash can is the manual function buttons. Likely to prevent any broken in machine work or when your trash can runs out of battery, the manual buttons will help you so you don’t have to panic and feel so heavy to get your garbage out every morning rushing before the truck is coming.


EKO Mirage vs iTouchless Differences

Differences - Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless

Differences #1: Capacity

As noted from the very first, both EKO Mirage and iTouchless are listed as large trash cans. These two big trash cans are definitely what a household and office might suit. However, the capacity between these two large trash cans is merely different.

The EKO Mirage has 21,1 gallons of capacity which are pretty big for a trash can. Even in a busy household, it will last the whole day before you need to take the trash out. But the iTouchless has an even bigger capacity which is 23 gallons. Perfect for you who need extra room for your trash.

Differences #2: Design Model

Like when you are about to purchase a new appliance for your kitchens such as a waffle maker, coffee maker, or a new air fryer. These items come along in various models and shape for your preference in organizing your place. All the same, goes to your thoughts in picking the best looks for your modern trash can.

The EKO Mirage has a sleek rectangular model that will fit well to the walls. This model is perfect if you have smaller space because it will not take up extra space. The iTouchless has a dynamic round shape that is flexible and more convenient to put in different settings.

Differences #3: The Lid

The EKO Mirage has a fully removable lid that is very handy for a lot of reasons. It will be easier for you to put the bag, remove the bag when it's full and also easier for deep cleaning. The iTouchless lid is attached to the body. Not only by screws but also by wires that connect it with the power. This can be no problem but it can be a little hard if you want to do some serious deep cleaning. 

Differences #4: Power Option

In order to get your trash can work, there are plenty of models available with various power options. You can either use batteries to power them on or use one with AC powered. The good and the bad from each power option is likely to be back on your consideration on how regular your trash can is working. Some models are also available with on and off power buttons so you can save some battery power when you are not using them.

As to see the difference, The EKO Mirage has one power option which requires 6 AA batteries. While the iTouchless comes with two power options. You can use 4 D batteries or you can use the AC adapter. Both are not included and you need to purchase them separately.


EKO Mirage vs iTouchless Comparison

EKO Mirage 

EKO Mirage X 80 Liters is one kitchen waste bin that can be your amazing device at home to get. This trash can is operated hands-free or touchless for your better sanitary option. Beside, with the feature presented on its body with fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel, it offers you a new upgrade look of trash can.

It has a large capacity mentioned 80 liters with the same amount of 21,1 gallons. The rectangular design is one perfect choice when you have a large amount of waste to storage but with limited space. With a removable ring liner, you can hold the trash bag in place and prevent overspill. The lid is also removable with a handle attached so you can move the can easily too.

As your home and kitchen appliance, or office for a better work environment, EKO Mirage works well and just perfect as quiet and solid built trash can.

Produk 1 - Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless


  • Perfect size and desighn for small space
  • No inner bucket for maximum capacity
  • Removable ring liner
  • Built-in deodorizer compartment


  • The thing that bother most user is only the super sticky label on the front.



The iTouchless 23 Gallons trash can is a motion-sensor device for your effortless cleaning and for your one step ahead hygienic method of throwing your garbage. This round product is available with Air Vents on the bottom so you can easily take out the full bag trash. Not only has a large capacity, this product has a wide opening for 11.6 inches diameter. Have no hesitation to throw in pizza boxes or milk cartons into it. And with these features, it will fit just fine for cafes, offices or your busy homes.

There is also a natural carbon odor filter that allows to absorb and neutralize any smell with two power options, 4 D batteries or Ac adapter. Both of these power options support is excluded in the package. There are two modern features that could catch your eyes for the iTouchless product. It has a VisioSense as a lid status alert so the green and red light will blink in order to let you know when it is in open mode or about to close. And for more, the lid also won’t close on your hand with its Reflx Technology that will automatically reopens when your hand is sensed to be nearby.

Produk 2 - Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless


  • Round shape with wide opening
  • Trash bag retainer ring
  • Air vents for easy removal
  • Two power option


  • The lid is connected to the body so deep cleaning can be hard because it is connected with wires so you can't just unscrew and remove the lid. 




Summary - Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless

A touchless trash can is a perfect choice to keep your hands out of any bacteria contamination. It is also great when you are looking for a new simplicity at home with a plus for hygiene to consider. There are lots of points to consider when you are about to purchase these trash cans, from the capacity to the design and which one is better in sealing the stinky odor as an indoor trash can.

Here our recommendation for the win goes to iTouchless 23 Gallons. This modern trash can is offering two alternative options for the best in power options on whether you want it to work battery powered or with an AC adapter, even if it is sold separately. But it could take a better chance for you to consider spending as well. Most users also have mentioned that it is worth the penny with the similar feature that goes along with other models. Whether it is for your office, cafe or home with at least a large family member in, this trash can is highly recommended for ease of cleaning, removing the trash and ease of usage for everyone and the motion detection is no worry at all.


FAQ EKO Mirage 

Does using the open button during busy times save battery life?

Yes, it is. During busy times when you need to throw a lot of trash for example during meal preparation time, you can press the open button to keep the lid open longer. This will save battery life since the trash can will draw power when operating. Continuously opening and closing the lid automatically will consume more power. 

Is there a plastic trash can inside that holds the bag?

No. It doesn't come with a bucket liner so you can use the extra space for maximum storage. However, it does come with a ring liner to hold the trash bag in place so you don't need to worry about the trash bag sink in the can. 

Will the Costco liner fit in this new can?

Yes, it will. If you want to put a basket liner for easier removal or some other reason, you can use the old Costco basket liner to this can. Just remove the ring liner from the old can, put the basket in the new can, and put the liner in. It will fit perfectly. 


FAQ iTouchless

What to do when the lid doesn't close fully?

This can happen sometimes especially when the lid is kept open and closed multiple times in a short period of time. Keeping open and closing the lid automatically can confuse the program and the lid refuses to close fully as result. You can reset it by pressing and hold the close button after you restart it. If you still have problems with it, you can contact the manufacturer. 

Does the lid have an option to stay open longer?

Yes, it does. You can use the manual open button and the lid will stay open longer. You can also turn off the automatic option to keep it open. 

Do the wheels lock?

Yes, two out of four of the wheels lock to prevent it from moving around and rolling on its own. The wheels are very handy when you need to move the trash can, but if you set the trash can to stay in one place, you can use it without the wheels. 


3 Tips to Make Your Touchless Trash Can in Good Condition

Good To Know - Large Automatic Trash Can - EKO Mirage vs iTouchless

After taking a closer look at the products, there are some things you need to know about touchless trash can so you can keep your modern trash can in a good condition and use it for a long time. 

Deep Cleaning

It is normal to get food debris and spillage on your trash can. Even if you clean your trash can regularly, sometimes, there are still some specks of dirt building up on some parts of the can. This is why you need to do a deep cleaning every once in a while to avoid molds and bacteria growing. 

Do not Use Corrosive Liquid

Sometimes you find it hard to clean certain parts of the can especially if you find a stain. But no matter what you do, do not use corrosive liquid to clean it because it can cause rusting. You also better take care of the can and clean it regularly using a soft damp cloth and wipe it right away with a clean dry cloth. Spray it with disinfectant and let it dry. 

Use the Manual Buttons to Keep the Lid Open

Even when the lid will open and close automatically, it is not the most efficient way to do it when you need to dispose of several items at the same time. Making the lid open and close automatically in a short period of time will also make the lid life run short. Instead of using the automatic mode, you can use the manual button to keep the lid open for a while. Once you are done with all the disposal, you can close it back using the close button. 


Bottom Line

Get a large-capacity trash can for your busy household now. With the motion sensor, you can keep your hands free from any bacteria contamination. Managing your trash has never been so easy and hygienic. 



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