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Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230

The real document on your desk.

How easy can life be if you have your own monochrome printer on your own desk? It is real for Brother HL-L2350DW vs. Canon LBP6230. And talking about a laser printer on a desk, you can do it because it is both printers and space-saving. Such a reliable printing device in a world in which time is passing by so swiftly.

You will love these printers because they will save some budget on printers and paper. The paper tray is spacious to keep the papers on your own. There is no more effort to exchange the toner too. The two are really easy to operate, plus the wireless mode, so you can click a document from your phone and other gadgets from afar.


What both Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 have

#1 250-sheet paper capacity

When the paper capacity can hold a lot of sheets, you don’t have to worry about when you should refill the paper on the feeder. And since Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 are monochrome laser printers, this amount of paper is enough to print your monthly statistic report or a form of acceptance. The paper is inserted on the bottom of the printer which has a slide to open it. As both are also affordable, you don’t need to have the big one in the room, as these are the home-design version of a laser printer.

With this capacity, you don’t need to refill the paper often, thus it’ll save the budget on the paper. It is surely budget-friendly because you hide the paper in the printer. No one is going to take out the paper aimlessly.

#2 Wireless connectivity

The wireless connectivity technology makes your printing experience simpler. To activate the connection, both Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 have their own printing application that you can install on your handphone, computer, and tablet. Then you have to connect with Wi-Fi on both devices. If everything has been set up, you can print the document from a distance and of course faster. You can have your monthly shopping list for making homemade nut butter in a second.

You can use your phone and tablet as if it was a remote control. So it is possible if you press the setting from those devices from a distance. To set the connectivity, anybody can follow the guidance easily.

Similiarties - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230

#3 Automatic 2-sided printing

One more similarity between Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 is the automatic 2-sided printing. It is another efficient printing mode in which you don’t have to worry about putting the paperback on the feeder. You can also save the environment by using 1 paper for 2 pages of a document. Thus, it leads to the budget-saver of your company as well because the paper is still in stock.

Just take a look and see it’ll print on both sides automatically. Another way to save up some paper, along with the wireless connectivity. You don’t have to wait any longer in front of the printer.

#4 Laser monochrome printer

Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 use laser printer technology. A laser printer is unlike the typical printer that you probably own at home. Usually, the color it is produced is monochrome, otherwise, it’ll be pricier for the colored laser printer one. The cartridge is called toner. The process of the laser itself draws the words of your document, and the toner spreads its powder to the paper. This kind of technology is mostly used for photocopy machines. Therefore, this is great for small businesses and home-office for office duties.


What makes Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 different from each other

Differences - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230

#1 Print media

Everyone is already familiar with the printer’s versatility. The reason why it must be flexible is that you, for most of the time, use the printer for many different occasions. And most of the occasions are the urgent ones like office supplies, school projects, and so on. You can also help your small business with the help of a printer to print various forms of paper. 

As a result, the printing media is another major part of a printer, especially for your work needs. Aside from being able to print with plain paper, Brother HL-L2350DW can print other kinds of sheets such as envelopes and card stock. You might as well try to print tags with Canon LBP6230, but you have to consider the size and angle.

#2 Print speeds

Since Brother HL-L2350DW and Canon LBP6230 will mostly be used in an office setting, the high speed of the printer plays the role. Isn’t efficiency all you want? If the speed is high, then you can have pages of documents that you print in a very short time. If it is fast, you can deliver those confidential to your boss on time.

Brother HL-L2350DW is equipped with 32 ppm, which means you will get 32 pages per minute. For Canon LBP6230, it is 26 ppm, and 1 page can take up to 6 seconds. For small monochrome printers like these two, you can fulfill the requirement of a printer by this state. Again, you have to consider the efficiency of the time and the flexibility both give.



Brother HL-L2350DW

Brother HL-L2350DW is a well-built entry-level laser printer that you must have next to your desktop. This one printer is such a compliment for your small business and home office of your own. Within such simplicity, still lies efficiency and time-cutting for your fast-paced environment. The result is exquisite too for such a reasonable price and specifications.

If this is the entry-level laser printer, then it really shows its simplicity from the control button. You can either use the complex of buttons on the left side of the printer or connect with Wi-Fi. HL-L2350DW is a wireless printer, meaning that you can print the documents with or without the cable from a distance. All you have to do is just install the printer application on your desktop or phone. You can also control the mode from the application, such as Deep Sleep and Toner Save Mode.

Speaking of speed, this has a great speed of printing. It is 32 ppm, meaning that you can have 32 pages per minute. HL-L2350DW can keep 25 sheets, as a result, you will save some budget on buying the paper every month. It also gives automatic 2-sided printing. No wonder this is one of Amazon’s Choice laser printers. You can print documents with different kinds of paper like an envelope and card stock, as it has a manual slot as well.

Produk 1 - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230


  • Easy to use for anyone in the office.
  • Online interference to set up the Deep Sleep and Replace Toner.
  • Long-lasting ink, therefore no cartridge wastes.



  • Doesn’t come up with a secure wireless setup.
  • The overall setup is manual.


Canon LBP6230

Canon LBP6230 also offers such a compact design, a perfect fit for your desk, and to share with other colleagues in a small office environment. Although it is space-saving, the specification has always been something that you’re looking for. You can print it from across the printer which is put on your friend’s desk because your phone or tablet has been integrated with the printer application that you can install. All you need is an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to connect both devices at one printing activity.

The 26 ppm speed should be enough for the one room, as the input tray can keep 250 pieces of paper too. The speed is enough to print 1 document for 6 seconds each. That is why this one of Amazon’s Choice printers is accessible for anyone who wants to have their own monochrome printer in the office. Canon LBP6230 goes along with duplexity, meaning that the printer can automatically print 2 sides. There is no old way of waiting for the document to be turned in manually.

As a result, this is suitable enough for your home business needs, despite the other function that needs more budget to take care of and the paper limitation that you can only print the documents in plain paper. You will get a newspaper experience on the printing result. It should be fine if you work with 2 to 3 people in the room. Still, you can print it seamlessly with wireless printing technology without a queue.

Produk 2 - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230


  • The CD helps you to set up the printer on your devices easily.
  • Small-space friendly.
  • Affordable for such advanced specs.



  • The machine is loud when powered on.
  • The print media is limited to plain paper.


Our Pick

Summary - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230

Choosing a laser printer must be as careful as purchasing other office appliances. But, you have to be mindful when it comes to the specification that you need in your room and the small office you have. The first thing you must consider is budget efficiency. You can check it out from the ppm (page per minute). Then, you have to take a look at the advanced technology it gives, such as wireless printing. A laser printer is well known for its pricey toner. Yet, there are such printers that have the tone-saving option to avoid another purchase of the ink. Lastly, the setup mode must be easy to install and operate by anyone. It should be able to sleep by itself or turn the sleep mode, so there will be no more high electricity bills. Everybody in the room is supposed to be happy with the printer's help for their errands.

By considering all the points, we are narrowing our pick for Brother HL-L2350DW as your versatile laser printer device. Among many other laser printers which are known to be high in price, this model is priced under $200. However, the quality of the features on this printer is excellent for the long run and hassle-free.


FAQ Brother HL-L2350DW

What can this printer do other than as a printer?

This printer only works to print monochrome documents. Yet, there are printers with the same brand that have the copy and scanning features on the printer. 

Can I leave the printer for 24 hours?

You can do this. There is the sleep mode in the setting, as you can set the timer. To turn the printer, just use it back.

What paper can I use?

This printer works with plain paper, card stock, and envelopes. Unfortunately, this can’t print with vellum and any glossy paper.


FAQ Canon LBP6230

How many people can access this printer?

It can give access to those whose devices connect with the printer. You can do that by turning on the Wi-Fi connection, specifically the same network connection.

What will I get in the box?

You will get the starter cartridge, USB cable, manuals, CD, and warranty card. For the paper and such, you can use plain paper.

Is this printer loud?

Not at all. You can still continue your conversation while having it working for a couple of seconds. Yet, it makes some noise but it is okay.


The Other Side of Laser Printer, What's Make It Low?

Good To Know - Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2350DW vs Canon LBP6230

The one that people usually have in their home is the inkjet one. Sometimes, it can scan, copy, and even facsimile at some point. The case is different with a laser printer. Most laser printers are only able to print monochrome colors. In fact, the simplicity of a laser printer leads to a question; is it really convenient for everyday use?


Overall, the price is almost the same as the inkjet. But, the components of a laser printer if you hate to replace one of them, are a bit expensive. It is normal due to the usage being more office setting than a home use one.

Limited print media

The one that you have at home can print various materials of paper, such as matte, glossy, and many more. A laser printer gives some sort of heat to the paper. That is why the safest way to print is with plain ones.

Physical size

The size is usually bulkier than the regular inkjet printer. There is a drum that makes the body big. You can put it next to your computer, but you can’t wish to move it everywhere easily.

Graphic handling

Obviously, most laser printers are monochrome and have different technology inside the machine. Therefore, this is best to use in a small business for printing the daily recap and such office purposes. 

Power consumption

If you’ve seen the Sleep Mode on the printer, it is because the device absorbs a lot of power consumption. The power is used to release the heat, so it can produce color on the paper.

Health issues

Lastly, there is something that you have to be concerned about before purchasing a laser printer. The ink or it sometimes be called toner, contains a particle that is dangerous for the human respiratory system. 


Bottom Line

A laser printer is ready to pick up as your office companion. You already know how to make your boss acknowledge you as the best employee of the month. Just treat it as a child, while this one you can control from your phone wirelessly. 



Disadvantages of laser printer

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