Milk Frother - Bodum 11870-01US vs HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

Updated 13 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Milk Frother - Bodum 11870-01US vs HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

Are you somebody who always thinks of what kind of coffee you want to order at your favorite coffee shop? But, what if the coffee shop is temporarily closed? You still can’t skip having a cup of caffe latte, can you? Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL can help you to end the craving for that one fluffy latte your barista usually makes. Bringing that one favorite barista at home, or might as well the coffee shop

Its fast motor speed can make your morning coffee experience different from another. You don’t have to wait in the long queue just to get one cup. Instead, it turns that routine into such a peaceful morning. You can be that one professional barista on your own, too. If you are concerned about your partner’s cup, you can make it for two or the whole family at once.

What both Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL have

#1 Stainless steel body and non-stick inner cup

We don’t judge a book by its cover. But sometimes, we are tempted by the color and patterns on the cover, aren’t we? The first thing you see when you are about to buy a milk frother is the cup. Both Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL have stainless steel exterior and non-stick coating for the inner cup. These two materials are such an enlightenment to the hygiene and longevity of milk frother.

The non-stick inner cup will help you to clean the cup with ease, thus there won’t be any residue. You can wash the cup with a damp cloth or soft sponge. While on the outside, the stainless steel material will cooperate sterility with durability. As a consequence, you can still use the milk frother for a long period of time.

Similarities Edit - Milk Frother - Bodum 11870-01US vs HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

#2  Spacious Capacity

The maximum quantity that Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL can hold is 10 oz or 300ml. Worry not, because there are 3 liquid level marks, from the min to max that you can see inside the cup. The minimum level is best to make a fluffy froth and the max is for heating the milk. This device can serve the whole family, including children.

As a result, you can make as much froth as possible at one time. From heating the milk for your kids, you can also prepare yourself a cup of cappuccino, cafe mocha, macchiato, or latte, as you like it! Although the capacity is big, the device still fits on your kitchen counter and cabinet organizer. There is a detachable bottom of both brands that you can always plug in again before using the device a lid to avoid spill liquid.

#3  Auto shut-off, less noise, and powerful whisk

Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL are also equipped with a whisk that is accompanied by a powerful motor, almost like a juicer. Yet, no loud noise remains when both are working and after a minute of whisking, it automatically stops. See, these two milk frothers will make your morning less hustle but still be able to bring the coffee shop to your kitchen. You might as well save the monthly spend because all you need is just a certain type of milk and a pack of coffee that you can brew at home.

With these abilities, you can also pour in non-dairy milk, as it will produce such fluffiness as the dairy ones. This is the other experience you won’t get when you always rely on your barista. You can get the same quality with only one device that you can plug in every day. Though you have another errand in the morning, you can just leave the device alone while working on making the froth for your daily caffeine needs.


What makes Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL different from each other

Differences - Milk Frother - Bodum 11870-01US vs HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

#1 Heating milk option

Every electric milk frother has 1 button that works for several options. That type of milk frother includes the series from Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL. Although both brands give you a slightly different function, both still fulfill your daily milk consumption in every season. They will work when the cable is plugged and you can have such creamy and warm froth within 1 minute. 

To use Bodum, you just have to press the - on the left. It works both by whisking and heating the milk in a minute. When finished, the device will automatically shut off. So, you should be fine if you leave it out for a while. You still have the consistency and temperature that you like for your latte. 

The 1 button that HadinEEon works for 5 functions; to turn on and off, then to make various types of foam. To get a dense foam, you press 1 time, 2 times for flat foam, 3 times to heat the milk, and 4 times to make cold froth. If you want to froth the milk, you can pour in 150 ml of milk, while to heat, it is 300 ml. Finally, you can have the froth in 1 to 2 minutes with just 1 button.

#2 Detachable components

Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL work when you attach the cup to the base. You will also get 1 lid for each milk frother, so the liquid won’t splash out of the cup. But, in a one-time purchase of Bodum, you will receive only 1 universal whisk and a 2-year warranty, while HadinEEon, you will get 2 universal whisks, so if you lost one, you still have the spare, and 1 cleaning brush to keep the pristine quality of the milk frother.



Bodum 11870-01US

This one milk frother from Bodum is for those who are new to coffee-making skills. With only one button, you can make various beverages like macchiato, latte, and cappuccino, even if you are just a beginner. This is also a quick choice for those who can’t wait any longer for their daily dose of coffee from the coffee shop. Within a minute, the froth is ready to serve in your cup of coffee. 

In one purchase, you will get a cup that is made of stainless steel on the outside and a non-stick interior on the inside, so you can clean both sides easily. The interior also has a measurement level that can take up to 300 ml of milk. That should be enough for you and your partner or kid. To make your morning latte, firstly you can pour in the milk. Non-dairy and dairy, both work just fine. Then, you must connect the cup with the base, so it will be connected with the electricity. Next, don’t forget to put on the lid to avoid any mess. Lastly, turn on the device by pressing the button on the bottom of the cup.

Therefore, Bodum 11870-01US is a perfect choice for those who are in a hurry and also can’t grab the cup from the barista. If this is your first purchase of a milk frother, this is the one you should put in the cart. Not only can you bring the barista to your home, but also be the one. It will fit in your small kitchen, too.


  • Easy to use, new, and single user friendly.
  • Lightweight, the cup and base can be detached, the lid is made of plastic.
  • Works for non-dairy milk.


  • Only has 1 control button, for heating and whisking at once.
  • Best to serve for 1 person.


HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

Upgrade your coffee-making skill with HadinEEon MK-1000-UL. Not that you have to go to a coffee-making course, you can do it at home with only one device. Also, your taste of flat white is upgraded. Isn't it fun to experience a new way of sipping a latte in just 1 to 2 minutes?

To experience and do more experiments on coffee making, the first thing you have to do to use this device gets to know the 4-in-1 button. That’s correct, you have 4 choices of the consistency that you want to have in the froth. But, you have to connect the cup to the base first. After that, you can press 1 time for a thick foam, 2 times for flat foam, 3 times for heating the liquid, can be non-dairy and hot chocolate, and 4 times to make a cold froth. You also won’t hear any noise from the process of heating and frothing, and when it’s ready, it’ll automatically shut off. What a peaceful morning you will enjoy.

And so, in a single purchase, you will receive 2 multifunctional whisks. The cup is made of 2 layers; the interior is non-stick and the exterior can withstand extreme heat. These two materials are designed so you can keep the durability and hygiene effortlessly. It’s such a luxury from all sides. 

Produk 2 - Milk Frother - Bodum 11870-01US vs HadinEEon MK-1000-UL


  • 4-in-1 milk frother.
  • Multi-coating and large volume, best served for family.
  • Peaceful morning, because of less noise from the motor.


  • The all-in-one affects the durability.
  • Not for new and single users.


Our Pick

It is such a relief when your life is full of support, even if it is from a home appliance like a milk frother. Somehow, a coffee-making process is a journey, especially for those who drink it every morning as they can’t live without a single cup of it. But, in a situation like when you wake up late or the coffee shop is closed, how can you help yourself to have a cup that your favorite barista usually makes? Of course, you make it on your own. With a milk frother that is easy to use, you can make it at home at any time.

Between these two products, we can recommend you to get HadinEEon MK-1000-UL. First thing first, it is win for the feature of the food-grade durable double walls. This feature saves up your time for another replacement, or even you don't even need new one. This double high-quality material makes this milk frother durability on top. The non-stick coating inside the jug is easy to clean. Every day, every morning you don't need to frown anymore when your coffee shops is closed when you crave a latte. Be the barista yourself!


FAQ Bodum 11870-01US

Will the milk be spilled everywhere?

Surprisingly, not a single mess you will see. There is a plastic lid that can prevent the milk all over the place, even if you pour in the milk at the maximum level.

What kind of milk can I use?

It works perfectly with almond milk, also coconut milk. You should try to make a hot chocolate too, as it tastes like the one in the coffee shop.

Can I clean the cup with a dishwasher?

Unfortunately, you are only allowed to clean the cup and the base with a wet cloth or sponge. Only the lid can be cleaned with a dishwasher.


FAQ HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

What can I make from this milk frother other than coffee?

You can make hot chocolate, also matcha latte, and chai. If you press the button 3 times, you can heat the milk without making any bubbles. 

How long will it finish frothing?

It will be ready after 1 to 2 minutes. You should invite your friends to taste the latte or that kind of beverage too because the cup is large enough. The taste of the froth is just like the one that the barista makes.

Can we boil water?

This milk frother only works for heating liquid, like dairy milk, almond, and hot chocolate but not boiling water.


Good to Know about things to consider when purchasing a milk frother

Good to Know - Milk Frother - Bodum 11870-01US vs HadinEEon MK-1000-UL

Bodum 11870-01US and HadinEEon MK-1000-UL are electric milk frother. In the market, there are a lot of kinds of milk frother devices, from the one that uses a battery and the one that you see in coffee shops. If you want to have this device at home, you should at least consider these things in your checklist. Doesn’t it have to be in your budget, too?

Type of milk frother

That said, you have to observe types of milk frother before you delve into the search. There is a type of this device that can be done with a hand and one that has a multifunction button. It must be based on your needs and level of coffee-making skills. 

The maximum volume

This, too, is based on how many people are in your house. If you live alone, you can buy the hand milk frother. Considering how much time you have, you are free to buy the electric one. The maximum volume of a milk frother can be up to 2 cups.


Since a milk frother is usually for a single-use, it must be light-weight. In case you can’t make it at home, you can do the latte art or make the cream at the pantry of your office.

Easy to use

Of course, you want to get the froth in a short time, don’t you? You can watch the tutorial on how to use the device on the internet or TV.

Other features

If you are someone who likes everything all-in-one, there are a lot of milk frothers that have more than 1 function in one cup. The button can fulfill your needs to make a matcha latte or any drink other than a cappuccino. 


Bottom Line

After this, you don’t need to wait for an hour to get a fresh cup of macchiato. You can make any kind of warm and creamy beverages at home and be the professional one. Not only is it easy to use, but also space-saving on your small countertop.



Things to consider while buying a milk frother

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