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Updated 13 Jul 2021
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You may even want to experiment or try to duplicate the cappuccino and latte from your favorite coffee shop. What is the best way to do it other than owning your own milk frother? There are several different types of a milk frother. Some frother only comes with a wand you need to hold. This kind of frother is also known as a hand mixer. You can use it to froth your milk directly on your cup. This device is very handy but you need to practice your skill.

The other type is the automatic ones. These kinds of frother usually come in a jug with two different whisks that will whisk automatically. This is what you want to get if you want to make your drinks like a professional barista even if you have no experience. These devices allow you to create the most beautiful dense foam we all love in less than a minute. All you have to do is just pour the milk in the right capacity and let the frother do its job for you. 

Meanwhile, finding the best milk frother can be a difficult task. With so many products available on the market, you may get confused on which one will serve you the best. Below, we take a closer look and side by side comparison between Chef's Star MM503 vs HadinEEon N11 so you can get a better idea of what you want to get. 

Chef's Star MM503 vs HadinEEon N11 Similarities

Similiarties - Chef

Similarities #1: Stainless Steel Material

Getting your appliance in a high-quality material is not only about durability, but also matters for the health issue as well. Some materials also have its own preference or criteria. There are also differences on food-grade materials such as whether it is plastic food grade or stainless steel PFOA or PTFE free. Here as well to get your milk frother, the similarities between Chef's Star MM503 vs HadinEEon N11 can be reviewed from its material.

Both products are made out of food-grade stainless steel material so you can use them safely. The stainless steel material guarantees no rusting so you can use it in the long run. The interior is also coated with a non-stick coating so you can clean them easily with no milk or chocolate traces left. 

Similarities #2: Auto Shut-Off

If you go for a handy battery-powered milk frother, most of the models require not only your hand movement to get the perfect foam around your mug or cup. There is no auto shut off when it is done yet all the preferences of consistency of the foam and milk can be set on your own. Meanwhile, the electric milk frother might not have the plus of getting your own preference of foamy milk but indeed make a quick foam in the jug in less than 3 minutes.

Both products come with an auto shut-off temperature control that goes off every time the milk reaches the maximum temperature allowed. This is very handy to prevent the milk from getting overheated or burnt. But if you like your milk to be really hot, you have to run it two or three times to get your desired temperature. 

Chef's Star MM503 vs HadinEEon N11 Differences

Differences - Chef

Differences #1: Detachable Pot

Some milk frother jug designed with a base that works as to produce heat from the electricity. It also matters in terms of whether it works handy or not. A detachable pot milk frother seems more advantageous. In this case, the Chef's Star MM503 comes with a detachable pot. It will make it easier for you both for handling and cleaning. While the HadinEEon N11 pot is stuck to the base and is not detachable. This can make cleaning a little hard and you need to be more careful.

Differences #2: Pouring Spout

After a while you get the foamy milk that comes from inside the jug, you must have wanted them to pour down nicely on top of your cup. In case you are likely to pour your foamy milk slowly and nicely done like a cloud from above, you need to consider the difference in getting a milk frother with a pouring spout.

The HadinEEon N11 has a pouring spout to make pouring easy and smooth and not creating any splash on your mug. While the Chef's Star MM503 doesn't come with a pouring spout so you need to be extra careful when pouring the milk and try not to spill it. 

Chef's Star MM503 vs HadinEEon N11 Comparison

Chef's Star MM503

The milk frother manufactured by Dakota Trading (Kitchen) as presented in the series of Chef's Star MM503 is one among many options for your quickie foamy milk maker. Feeling in a rush in the morning but need a cup of hot cappuccino before? Leave your worries away since this big capacity and fast milk frother can help you out.  It holds up to 125 ml milk froth preparation and up to 250 ml hot milk preparation. You will get a dense milk consistency in less than a minute.

The one-button operation makes this device easy to use. It also has a 360-degree rotating power base that can be detached for easy handling. So you don't have to get in around at the same time while frothing your milk anymore. Chef's Star MM503 is made out of premium quality stainless steel material that will make it easier for you to clean and ensure no rusting so you can use it safely in the long run. It serves both as a milk frother and milk heater and extremely easy to use. This device is proven foolproof; you don't have to worry about failing. All you have to do is pour the milk up to the appropriate capacity and you will get your milk froth in seconds. 

Produk 1 - Chef


  • Detachable pot
  • Firm handle
  • Best value from materials


  • No pouring spout


HadinEEon N11 

This device is designed to please every milk and coffee lover. It guarantees a smooth texture while maintaining the original taste of the milk. It heats up milk up to 130-149℉ which is the optimal temperature for drinking. This device also avoids overheating because overheating milk can destroy its nutrients. It provides the barista-level foamy milk so you can make a cappuccino or hot chocolate like a pro. It also features a jug spout that is very convenient for pouring without spilling. The jug spout also allows you to create your own latte art of your desire. 

The material used for HadinEEon N11 is made out of food-grade stainless steel material so you can use it safely in the long run without having to worry about rusting. It also has a non-stick coating so you can clean it easily without leaving any trace. It is covered with heat-resistant plastic housing for protection so you can avoid your hands from getting burned when touching it. 

Another bonus is that this milk frother series comes with two different whisks: frothing whisk and heating whisk so it serves multi-purposes in one device. If you want to make a hot milk froth, you can froth the milk and heat it at the same time. There are also smart LED indicators that can help you know which mode you are on. Blue for frothing milk, and read for frothing and heating at the same time. It also has a temperature control that will automatically shut off when the milk reaches the maximum temperature to avoid burning.

Produk 2 - Chef


  • Easy peasy latte making
  • Clear view options panel


  • Non-detachable pot making handling and cleaning not as easy





Summary - Chef

Before buying any milk frother and heater, you need to figure out the best qualities of each device. For example, if you have a small kitchen, then a compact-sized frother makes more sense. You also need to think about the practicality of the device. A non-stick interior guarantees easy cleaning but if the pot is non-detachable, it will make the cleaning process a struggle. You may also need to consider the safety of the device. A frother with automatic shut-off temperature control will help you avoid the milk from getting burnt and this is a very handy feature especially if you are a beginner.

Our recommendation pick between these two milk frother products is Chef's Star MM503. This milk forther design might seem ordinary from the outside and with no pouring spout on, however it is still a great starter device to have. With the transparent lid, you can manage to get your milk done without getting it spilled out of the jug. This model come with 2 whisks as your backup when one of them is being cleaned.

FAQ Chef's Star MM503 

Will it froth heavy cream?

It can, but you may not get the desired dense consistency. The foam consistency is rather a liquidity with large bubbles. It may form a thicker foam on top but still liquidy on the bottom half. 

Can you make the milk steam hotter?

The device is designed to avoid milk from getting overheated. So if you like really hot milk you may not be happy when the device stops and the milk is not hot enough. However, you can achieve a hotter temperature of your desire by running the device two to three times. 

Which milk gives you more froth?

In the product description, the manufacturer explains it works best with dairy milk. The more fat contained in the milk, the more froth you get. But the device basically works with every milk. It just forms different consistencies. 

FAQ HadinEEon N11

Does it come with a clean tool?

Yes, this unit comes with a non-abrasive sponge designed specifically for the device. It will clean the frother properly and gently without scratching the interior. 

How to make the milk not froth too much and just warm the milk?

Make sure you set the right setting and use the right whisker. Set the button to warming and use the heating whisk which has no wire coil in it. Once you get all the settings right, you will get your milk warm and not froth. But if you want to create a little foam, you can switch the wire and froth for a while. 

Does the milk frother overflow?

As long as you pour the milk in the appropriate capacity, it should not flow. The device is designed to accommodate a certain amount of milk. You just have to pour the milk following the indicator either it is for heating or for frothing. 

Good to Know about Frother and Steamer

Good To Know - Chef

Now after we examine a little bit closer about the useful dual purpose automatic milk frother and steamer, you can get the one milk frother that serves your needs. But before you put your hands on the device, there is something you need to know so you can get the best experience of milk frothing. 

The Type of the Milk

Milk frothers can work with any kind of milk, but you need to understand that different milk forms different consistency. Fat is what makes the froth so the more fat contains in the milk, the more froth you will get. You can work with plant-based milk but you won't get the same thick foam as dairy milk will give you. Now that you know about this, you don't need to be confused about why your plant-based milk doesn't create as much foam. 

Clean Immediately

Even when the interior of the device is coated with a non-stick coating to make sure you leave no milk traces, it is still very important for you to clean it immediately after you use it. It will make the cleaning process much easier. It will also make sure that the interior is always in a good condition and you will get the best quality of milk for your drink with its natural taste. 

Pour the Milk at the Appropriate Capacity

You need to pay attention to the indicator level. Never pour the milk over the maximum capacity allowed because the milk will overflow. It's not only causing a lot of mess but also may damage the device. There are different indicators for both frothing and heating. You can heat more milk than frothing it. When frothing the milk, you create bubbles and the capacity will expand. So pay attention and just follow the indicators. 

So wait no more! Get a milk frother for you and experience the easiness of milk frothing at home and get yourself warm foamy milk for your drinks. 



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