Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B

It is never wrong to start the day with your favorite beverages and a plate full of fresh baked mini waffles. In fact, it is a must to boost up your day by doing your favorite activities in the morning. Some people like to walk or run for their first activity in the morning. Some people are happier talking to their pets as soon as they are awake. But most people are having the best start in their morning by consuming a cup of coffee. That is why people tend to buy a coffee maker and their own milk frother cup in their home.

In so many ways coffee makers are coming with so many options, it ranges from the styles, the sizes, and the shapes. Each of them has a different process and also different results. Furthermore, each of them also has differences in its price. The more expensive a coffee maker you get, the more complicated activities you should do to get a cup of coffee. It is very important to know more about coffee makers before deciding to put it on your countertop.

But, these days, the only reason why people need to think twice to buy and get a coffee maker in their home is about the size. People nowadays tend to have simpler and smaller houses because they want to consume what they need the most. The size of coffee makers somehow can be giant so that makes their kitchen look so crowded. But, this problem can be solved by getting a mini coffee maker. If you are curious about it, you can start by enjoying the best options of the best mini coffee makers, those are the Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B. Below is the full description.

Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B Similarities

Similiarties - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B

Similarities #1: Auto Shut Off 

The auto shut off feature is definitely something great in any kind of kitchen appliance. This feature will be great as an energy saver and gets you ready for the best flavor outcome. Plus you don’t have to press continuously anymore.

On these mini coffee makers available an auto shut off feature as the brewing is done. It is also a beeping sound on as the brew is done yet the beeping sound come out Sboly CM-1177B is way better than Keurig K-Mini. So you can consider which is better for your nearby environment especially when you are likely to have sudden midnight coffee. You might as well take a look at the less noise milk frother between Bodum and HadinEEon in our review.

Similarities #2: Removable Drip Tray

People doesn't only like their coffee taste different but also for the serving as well. Some like it hot with a single cup, with a tumblr or mug. Therefore, to get yourself a nice single coffee maker with removable drip tray is such a joyous thing. Also, some others prefer to make one pot of 12 cup coffee at once. Just in case for a busy day ahead.

Both of Keurig K-Mini and Sboly CM-117B can hold any of those containers because even though the space looks small, they have the removable drip tray. With this feature, whenever you want to fill your travel mugs with coffee, you can just put it there by removing the drip tray first to give more space for your coffee to slowly pouring down from the machine.

Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B Differences

Differences - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B

Differences #1: Brewing Machine 

On each model of a coffee maker, everything might look the same from the exterior. Slim and simple for usage. Aside from its stylish exterior, there are a few models that include variations in its brewing machine. If this kind of difference points to what you consider to get a coffee maker, between these products might be one your best take.

The Keurig K-Mini is compatible with any kind of K-Cup universal coffee. But, if you want to make your own ground coffee, you need to buy an additional reusable coffee filter. Meanwhile, the Sboly CM-1177B has already been equipped with two brewing styles which can be accessed by pressing one of the two buttons on the side.

Differences #2: Designs

If you like your things colored with your favorite preferences, The Keurig K-Mini be the sight you were longing for as your personal coffee maker. This one single-serve brewers has sleeker design with various colors of matte-finish. With the 6 to 12oz size of coffee, the size of this product is 12-inch high, 4.5 inch wide, and 11.3 inch deep with only two pounds weight. On most inches of this model, the material used is a form of plastic.

Meanwhile, the Sboly CM-1177B only has black for its color variants. With the size of 11.6 inches high, 5.4 inches wide, and 7.3 deep, this machine is heavier with 2.53 pounds. That is why, this stainless steel and plastic made-of product has 14 oz max for the coffee quantity.

Differences #3: Additional Features

The Keurig K-Mini is presented to be used in any kind of environment and mainly for travelling activities. It is because the product has a compartment specifically to store the cord. The Sboly CM-1177B has the additional two buttons for your brewing style likeness. But, the side buttons are not only for having different kinds of brewing but, if those two buttons are pressed simultaneously, it also has a function to clean the machine autonomously.


Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B Comparison

Keurig K-Mini

The small size will never make this product less looked because the design is just outstanding. Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is brought to you with four options of colors available. The use of matte-finish colors makes the product not only look sleek but also modern.

This friendly compact size machine can brew any kind of coffee with the size between 6 to 12 oz. A little surprise on the go, this small device still could fit your travel mugs with up to 7 inches tall! Thanks to the removable drip tray feature.

This Keurig product is that it is already equipped with the auto shut off feature. Whenever the coffee tray or the brewing is done or finished, the machine will shut off automatically after 90 seconds. This coffee maker is also compatible not only with the available K-Cup coffee but you can also have the ground coffee with the reusable coffee filter. To get the ground coffee you need to buy the reusable coffee on your own. The last but not least feature of this machine that needs to be considered is the availability of the cord storage. Placed in the back of the machine, you can store the cord easily whenever you are going to move it to another place.

Produk 1 - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B


  • Cord storage
  • Sleek design
  • Various color matte finish


  • 6-12 oz brew size
  • Ground coffee brewing style sold separately



Sboly CM-1177B

The Sboly CM-1177B made from the combination of stainless steel and the plastic, yet this one not only provides you with a coffee maker that lasts longer but also gives you an extremely effective design. With only 5.4 inches wide and 11.6 inches tall, you can set this coffee maker almost anywhere. Even though it is considered as one of the smallest coffee makers, this machine can still hold up for 6oz to 14oz coffee. That is quite large for a small machine.

Sboly CM-1177B will let you have a cup of your favorite coffee only in 3 minutes! Get your favorite coffee by brewing it from a coffee pod or traditionally brew with the ground coffee with its equipped 2 brewing styles. Single press on the side buttons to get it done. It is a very simple way to get a coffee isn’t it?

The Sboly also has their own way to make you experience not only the effectiveness in getting a coffee but also a refreshing cleaning This model has a a special feature where by pressing the two buttons on the side, you can make this coffee maker clean itself autonomously. You do not need to clean it by yourself. Another great thing about this coffee maker is that it has an auto shut off feature. Whenever the coffee runs out, the machine will shut off automatically.

Produk 2 - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B


  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Stainless steel and plastic design
  • 2 in 1 brewing style
  • 6-14oz brewing size


  • Big design
  • No cord storage




Summary Resize - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B

A coffee is a morning boost for almost all people. But, not all people can deal with the whole coffee making things. At the same time, it will take more time to get a coffee from a coffee shop. That is why, a coffee maker is just the perfect solution. Many kinds of coffee makers are available in the market right now. You just need to find the most suited one for you so then your money is not spent in vain. Plus, having a portable mug warmer will be just perfect to keep it right for the whole day.

Here is what we can recommend through our pick. Sboly CM-1177B can be the one! It is best not only in value to serve you 2 style options of brewing, it is also the most convenient single-serve brewers in size and the coffee tastes great. It serves your coffee warm and easy to clean with the best food safe quality material.


FAQ Keurig K-Mini

From many reviews, is it true that this coffee maker only holds 8oz of water?

The machine is able to hold the water from 6oz to 12oz max. You will get the coffee as much as you pour in the amount of water. If you want to get 8oz of coffee for your travel mug, then you need to pour 8oz of water into the reservoir.

What should I do if my machine stopped working beyond the return date?

If you already purchased the machine and it stopped working after the return date finished, then you need to contact the customer service. The number is on the box. After that, you will be asked to provide them the Serial Number and a photo of the machine. It will take about 3 to 4 days to process. Then, you will be sent the replacement as soon as possible.

Does the pod have to say Keurig on it? 

The machine is able to brew from all kinds of K-Cup style pods. But it will be better if you use the Keurig K-Cup pods.  

FAQ Sboly CM-1177B

Can I use pods other than Keurig?

This product can fit to almost all kinds of K-Cup available on the market. But, it will not fit with the Keurig K-Cup. If you prefer to get a coffee from the Keurig K-Cup, you can dump the Keurig pod into the coffee grounds and brew it as regular coffee grounds.

Can you make a strong coffee from this coffee maker?

This coffee maker is able to provide you with any kind of coffee, including a strong coffee. To get the taste that you want you can start experimenting it by having different types of beans, different amounts of water or different amounts of ground coffee.

Is it easy to clean the filter for the grounds?

The machine does not have any kind of little paper filters. It is because the filter for the grounds is already designed to be easily cleaned. You can wash it with water quickly.

Good to Know about Coffee Maker

Good To Know - Mini Coffee Maker - Keurig K-Mini vs Sboly CM-1177B

You already have the idea and the need to get the coffee maker. You may also learn all the coffee maker brands. But, choosing the best brands does not mean you can get the best coffee for your coffee maker. That is why, you need to know all the types of coffee makers that really suit your needs.

Pod coffee maker 

It is one of the most effective coffee makers because you only need coffee pods to start the brewing process. It also is able to keep your countertop clean all the time. But, this will limit your coffee experiment because the pod or the capsule is very specific. At the same time, the pods can be very pricey and harder to recycle.

Bean-to-cup coffee maker

This coffee maker will give the freshest coffee for your daily use. This machine will process from a scratch, started by choosing the beans and brewing it automatically to get the best coffee. Also, some machines can give you two cups at once. But, it comes with an expensive price. The other cons are this machine can be bulky and difficult to clean.

Ground coffee maker

It is basically for those professional or coffee enthusiasts. This machine will provide you more control over your favorite coffee by having more adjustments to the coffee elements. In fact, you can also use pods if you want to less mess on your countertop. Also, you can adjust the grind level for the coffee beans. But, this machine will take longer to finish your coffee and you need to have more time to clean this machine. 

You may need to think twice before deciding which kind of coffee maker you will buy. It is because each type is very specific. It is better if you can know what kind of coffee that you need for your daily use. After that you can choose the best one. If you are keen to have a personal coffee maker, you can consider those two products.



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