Mini Food Processor Hamilton Beach 72850 vs Hamilton Beach 72860 Review and Comparison

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Mini Food Processor Hamilton Beach 72850 vs Hamilton Beach 72860 Review and Comparison

If you feel like your knife skills are not making any improvement, you might need a food processor to help you out. Especially when it comes to a tight time of cooking for your gathering with friends like your own authentic dipping sauce for your new air fried snacks or various filling for your crispy toast from the new retro toaster you bought. A food processor might come in a bulky size, yet no worries since the mini food processor can be your alternative. Here is the answer to all your worries about it!

Check on the space friendly mini food processor between Hamilton Beach 72850 VS Hamilton 78260 for your options below. Both make a great handy and best for small amounts of food preparation servings to use. Take a look which suits you best!


Hamilton Beach 72850 vs Hamilton Beach 72860 Similarities

Hamilton Beach Mini Food Processor Stackand Press DesignSimilarities #1 Glass Bowl

The glass bowl capacity on a food processor is meant to take good enough amounts of the food you wish to make from scratch. If you happen to be looking for daily use that doesn’t really necessarily need a big food processor, a 3 cup glass bowl size would be enough for it.

Hamilton Beach 72850 and Hamilton 72860 both similarly have these small yet decent 3 cup glass bowl sizes of a mini food processor. The design and power use within these food processors will make a great assistant at home when you need a quick salsa sauce or chopping garlic in a minute precisely.

Similarities #2 Stack & Press Design

Since the goal is to make your food preparation become easier and quick, it is important to find one kind of food processor that can work in a snap. Therefore, Hamilton Beach came up with the idea of stack and press design for the user. It works perfectly for the mini food processor series.

Hamilton Beach 72850 and Hamilton Beach 72860 both work on the stack and press design which make them more easy to assemble and use.Making your cooking time more efficient.


Hamilton Beach 72850 vs Hamilton Beach 72860 Differences

Differences #1 Wattage Power

Come in small sizes, the wattage power of the mini food processor plays an important part to make the blending power work on the blades perfectly. As it is the compact size food processor, you need to consider the usage of the wattage and your cooking needs.

Hamilton Beach 72850 has wattage power about 350 watts power, meanwhile Hamilton Beach 72860 works on smaller wattage with 175 watts power. However, these power wattages work enough to help you prepare enough small servings daily.

Differences #2 Oil Dispenser

The oil dispenser features on the food processor could elevate your time of cleaning and separating the liquid off the ingredients you need. Simply to put, it helps you reduce and manage the oil on the food blended in it.

Hamilton Beach 72850 is on the lead with this built-in oil dispenser so during the process you can use the right liquid amount. On the other side, Hamilton Beach 72860 takes the difference on this feature even if the press lid works the same with the 72850 series.


Hamilton Beach 72850 vs Hamilton Beach 72860 Comparison

Hamilton Beach 72850

If you are looking for a mini food processor to make you less hassle in the kitchen, you can choose to pick up Hamilton Beach 72850. It is easy to stack and easy to use as well. All you need is just to assemble the parts and press on top of the lid to do its job. It will make your time to chop, puree and emulsify the ingredients in a snap by using its stainless steel blades.

Hamilton Beach 72850This mini food processor fits in the dimensions at 5.9 x 5.2 x 8.54 inches with 350 watts power use. The main unit material is made out of the best quality plastic with a stainless steel blade. If you happen to add olive oil in it, no worry needed since Hamilton Beach 72850 has a built-in oil dispenser on the lid. This mini food processor is affordably great in small size and gets you the thickness you need for your chopping as well.


  • Powerful small size.
  • Built-in oil dispenser.



  • SIngle speed setting.


Hamilton Beach 72860

Hamilton Beach 72860 comes in a similar set up as the previous Hamilton 72850 with its feature of no hassle of twisting and locking. The blending is powered by 175 watts for a unit to work on. The 3 cup glass bowl capacity is made out of best quality plastic that is durable which could resist stains, scratches and odor as well. Keeping your flavor inside for its best. The size is also kitchen counter friendly especially if you live alone.

Hamilton Beach 72860It makes the perfect chop of dips or relish and sauce such as homemade salsa and guacamole. All you need is just to stack the bowl and blade on the base, place the lid on top. You can chop vegetables and nuts with ease afterwards. The stainless steel blades make your vegetables, nuts, herbs, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and all. This item comes in a handy size about 6.3 x 5.51 x 5.51 and weighs around 3.46 lbs.  Rate on its best for breezy cleaning, sturdiness and durability could make Hamilton Beach 72860 be the candidate you have been looking for.


  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to use.



  • Not recommended to make puree.



If you like to make dippings or need a quick preparation for your dish, you can think about having a mini food processor at home for now. A mini food processor works good enough especially for you who live alone but love to do cooking experiments and prepare various stocks from your refrigerator stackable drawers. Hamilton Beach 72850 and Hamilton Beach 72860 brought to you with its best features to your shopping cart.

Our pick goes to Hamilton Beach 72850 for all its offers. Not only has it been listed as the top 3 of best seller food processors so far, the built-in oil dispenser on the lid also makes it a special feature for a small size chopper and sort. Affordably good for beginners and help the chopping, mincing and mixing at its best for you.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 72850

How does the stack and press work?
First, you can put the container or glass bowl on the base. Put the blade on top and then close the lid as you need to chop. The chopper is stackable since you don’t need to twist or fit any parts together.

Is this safe to make pureed baby food?
This mini food processor works just fine to make your baby food. It will make a smooth and tasty pureed baby food.

Can you make smoothies with this?
It is not recommendable to blend ice with this unit because the blade and the blending power will break the unit instead.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 72860

Does the lid BPA free contain?
As stated from the manufacturer, all the plastic material use is BPA free in all food zones such as the bowl and the lid.

What parts of the food processor contain plastic?
The black coloured body part and lid material is made out of plastic.the blade is made out of stainless steel and the container material is glass.

Which parts are dishwashers safe?
For your ease of cleaning, the bowl, blade and lid of the food processor of this unit are dishwasher friendly.


Why do you need a food processor? Here are the reasons

Hamilton Beach 72850 vs Hamilton Beach 72860 Similarities

Often you might have thought that some sort of professional kitchen appliance such as a food processor or food steamer might take up too much for you to buy. However, it will still make a great assistant for you whenever at times you need to manage your cooking in tight time. Need more reason on why you need a food processor at home? Tick on these lists below.

Food preparation is a hassle for you

Who doesn't like to make cooking as quick as you need to finish them? You might start to use a food processor at home so your food prep won’t be any hassle for its chop, mince and blend better than your manual average skill.

"One for all" processor

Having a food processor is a useful thing. You can grind your own spices recipes, cutting onions without crying, making puree and homemade salsa best for your taste and texture.

Enjoy the process

If you are the kind of cook that enjoys every single scratch of, you need a food processor at home. A food processor won’t make any of your ingredients as instant as you get like in the package, but it is way great according to your taste and needs. The process is not instant but yet not taking too long with a food processor.


Food processor might not be for everyone, but you can always try when daily cooking is your favorite thing. You can also check out which best low price toaster that suits your style to pack up the homemade filling you make out of it. Grab your favorite mini food processor now as a starter!






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