Ninja Air Fryer vs Ninja Max XL - Who Is The Best Air Fryer?

Updated 8 Jul 2021
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Ninja Air Fryer AF101 VS Ninja Max XL AF161 Best Air Fryer

Since the awareness to get a healthier life, more people are starting to use lots of products that can keep their food less waste and make it into a whole food. It might sound so difficult to start and tricky but thanks to technology, we can surf out on things for helpful kitchen appliances such as air fryers. This kitchen appliance is known to be friendly for those who live alone or family of four. Still there are also options available for large air fryers you can pick for big servings.

The invention of air fryers can produce less oily food. That makes it known to help you get rid of eating deep frying food. One of many household appliances brands, Ninja offers you options between their air fryers product, Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and Ninja Max XL AF161. So, which one between Ninja Air Fryer versus Ninja Max XL is the best to buy? Check out the summary below.


Ninja Air Fryer AF101 VS Ninja Max XL AF161 Similarities

Similarities #1 Ceramic Coating

The non-stick coating for your cookware is a great deal to search for. The non-stick coating for cooking is best; it's PFOA and PTFE free. For both of the Ninja Air Fryers series here, they have ceramic coating which is a non-stick material that is dense and best to prevent left food stick on the pan. Besides, it makes cleaning the air fryer basket easier.

Similarities #2 Dishwasher Safe

There are not many air fryers available with this feature. This is because the parts of the air fryers might break. Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and NInja Max XL AF161 both available to put its basket and crisper plate into the dishwasher and certainly won’t get the coating peel off easily. If you don’t have any, you can simply wipe down with soft sponge and hot water as well. It all will cleanse your air fryer parts right for sure!

Similarities #3 Automatic Pause

The friendly user control panel on the air fryers makes it easier for you to set your cooking. Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and Ninja Max XL AF161 have great applications on its control panel and when you set the timer for cooking, it will automatically and no overheat be kept inside the basket. It also automatically pauses once you get your basket is removed as you want to do cook checking.


Specification Comparison

  Ninja Air Fryer AF101 Ninja Max XL AF161
Capacity 4 (qt)
5.5 (qt)
Dimensions HWD 13.3 x 11 x 13.6 inches
HWD 14 x 11 x 14 inches
1550 watt
1750 watt
Weight 10.5 lbs 11.7 lbs
Min/Max Temperature 105°F/400°F 105°F/450°F
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes
Coating Ceramic Coated Ceramic Coated


Ninja AF101 VS Ninja Max XL AF161 Differences

Differences #1 Wattage and Capacity

The wattage use for air fryers mostly caught up from 800 watts to 1700 watts. Ninja Air Fryer AF101 series include 1500 watts usage and the Ninja Max XL has 1750 watts. Both are properly good wattage to use for air fry, roast  reheat and dehydrate. The capacity on AF101 series takes up for 3.79 liters and Max XL AF161 series is on 5.2 liters capacity.

Differences #2 Cooking Functions

Air fryers are apparently programmed to make the best cooking of air fry or air roast method, but it is also able to bake and air broil. However, both cooking functions don't come on every air fryer's products. If you are looking for a regular air fryer, Ninja Air Fryer AF101 are great for air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate only. The Ninja Air Fryer Max XL AF161 has plus in cooking functions such as to max crisp, air broil and also bake.


Ninja Air Fryer VS Ninja Max XL Comparison

Ninja Air Fryer AF101

Ninja Air Fryer AF101

This Ninja Air Fryer AF101 series provides cooking capacity for 3.79 liters and weighs about 4.9 pounds. It has an easy to use control panel with digital countdown timer, with the following cooking functions such as air fry, air roast, reheat and dehydrate. It only takes 3 minutes to preheat before coming up to temperature before it does its job.

With a wide temperature range from 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can quickly cook and make crisps food with convection heat provided. The basket and the crisper plate were both made out of 4 quart ceramic coated non-stick. So it is easier to clean up and also dishwasher safe. By using this product, it makes perfect guilt free foods on your plates.


  • It is definitely faster than an oven to reheat.
  • Perfect size for gift.


  • The fan sounds too loud.
  • Sometimes the smell turns out not pleasing.


Ninja Max XL AF161

Ninja Max XL AF161

The bigger version of air fryers brought by Ninja to you is Ninja Max XL AF161. This product has a big capacity for 5.2 liters and weighs 11 pounds. The max crisp technology allows you to get your food done up to 30% faster. Made it for the best crisp sounds and less oil to your favorite kind of fries.

Ninja Max AF161 series  also got more cooking functions as for air broil and bake! The broiling rack set makes your air broil more optimized as well. Brings more flavor in a bigger basket with 5.5 Qt basket for every family member.


  • Crispier and faster cooking for its 450F feature.
  • Automatic beep on start and finish.


  • No preset modes on timer for food variations.



When cooking seems like a lot of work for you, you can try to use an air fryer at home. This kitchen appliance provides you with alternatives for a faster, easier and healthier type of food to eat. Still this doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to your stove. Air fryers work better and efficiently for less oil, reheating food and making crispy food with air fry cooking methods. With less cooking mess made, you can make your morning juice earlier as well.

Both of the Ninja air fryers series, the Ninja Air Fryer AF101 and Ninja Max XL AF161  are good purchases for those dreaming of easy use kitchen appliances. Great combinations for single or newlyweds gifts too. Besides, air fryers don't take up much space in your kitchen counter. Ninja Air Fryer AF1601 and Ninja Max XL AF161 both cost under $300 in best quality and technology for you.



FAQ Ninja Air FryerAF101

Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates

What makes air fryers better than an oven?
There are few points that make air fryers better than an oven as it is way easier to clean, the 360 degrees combination of hot air which makes your food cooked evenly and faster! Besides, it doesn’t take lots of time to preheat like an oven does. 

Is it necessary to season the basket with coconut oil for first use?
For first time use, it is not necessary to season your air fryer basket. You are guided to wash the ceramic coated basket and crisper plate with hot, soapy water then rinse them and dry it from top to bottom. The main unit is not needed.

How much is the quantity to bake frozen fries and fish fillets in it?
This air fryer is able to cook up for 2 pounds of fries at a time and up to 6 frozen fish fillets at one time.


FAQ Ninja Max XL AF161

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps, Roasts, Broils, Bakes, Reheats and Dehydrates

Is it possible to cook 5lbs chicken in it?
It is not recommended to cook 5lbs chicken in this air fryer as it is more suitable to fit for 3lbs weight.

Can you cook more than one item with this fryer?
You can cook a good amount of more than one item with the same temperature and use the crisp and rack as to separate each item.

Why does the temperature light keep blinking?
It is normal for your temperature light on the unit to blink as to check on your temperature and time is working fine.


Good to Know: The Best Food to Go with Air Fryers

Buying an air fryer is a great choice when you want a less oil alternative of your favorite fy foods. Air fryers cooperating well with frozen foods such as nuggets, fries and tater tots. However, there is more good food to go with air fryers you can try for your first time cooking experience.

Roasted Vegetables

Alternative great vegetables menus to make and bring unique flavor for your palate is roasted vegetables. Try to make air fried sweet potato. Very recommended, easy peasy menu to start. You just need to add a bit of coconut oil or olive oil sprayed on and have it air fried within 15 minutes or less for a great crisp.


Yes! Chicken wings to a whole chickens coming out so well from the air fryer. You can make a nice bucket of roasted chicken wings for snacks with toasted nuts on the side. A seasoned whole chicken around 3lbs to 5lbs can be cooked with air fryers. Chicken feast with its crispy skin and tender meat for the win.

Brownies and Bagels

Great news that some of the air fryers are also available to bake. You can bake things like brownies and simple bagels in it. Some even try to make thin crust pizza with an air fryer. What a great invention isn’t it?

Moreover, you don’t have to worry that much to do a cooking experiment with your first air fryer at home. The package comes with a manual and various recipes in the book. You can find that there are tasty daily meals air fryer can cook for you. So what’s now to wait? Grab your favorite ones to the cart and enjoy your healthy air fried food!




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