Omega MM900HDS vs Aicook 200W Juicer Review - Keeping Up the Natural Nutrients from Fruits and Vegetables

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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Omega MM900HDS vs Aicook 200W Juicer Review - Keeping Up the Natural Nutrients from Fruits and Vegetables

Happiness is waiting for you. It is waiting on the kitchen countertop. Can you tell what kind of joy is it from? The clues are sweet, earthy, and healthy. While there are no 2 seconds left to think of the answer, there are 2 more final hints; fruits and vegetables. We surely can link those healthy ingredients with one device; a press juicer. What else we can’t experiment nowadays. 

You must be concerned about more ways to be healthy on what you consume daily, while at the same time you are bored with the same method, or you avoid some kind of vegetables and fruits. With Omega MM900HDS and Aicook 200W, we ditch the old practice and embrace the effective style of drinking juice, without eliminating the important nutrients. Not only is it fast, but also can make your skin, nails, air, eyes, and of course body fresher.


Omega and Aicook Similarities

#1 No degradation for 72 hours 

With a regular blender, you will see how the water and pulp separate themselves in the bottle and change the color in a short period of time. Omega MM900HDS and Aicook 200W give a magic spell to your juice because of the low-speed juicing technology.  As a result, all of the ingredients are blended thoroughly, and surprisingly, without additional water.

There is no more time to worry about the expired date of your juice. Also, you can mix as random fruits and vegetables as possible to the tank. These all can be done by pressing 1 button. You just have to put the ingredients one by one with such care and patience. 

#2 Effortless fruits and vegetable prep

That’s true! You don’t need to chop the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. The two, Omega MM900HDS and Aicook 200W have such a spacious chute, where you can say goodbye for the last time to the juice materials. Just say the last farewell to the old ways of eating these nutritious plant-based foods, as well as the device that has been on your countertop for the last decade.

The one from Omega can hold the whole celery since it has the special green end cap to mash the celery correctly. While for Aicook, the chute is 3-inch, meaning that you can insert the whole apple at a time. Now you can probably imagine how safe it is when you make the juice with the kids, as you don’t need to use the knife to chop the carrots and pears. 

#3 Detachable components

Although the components are easy to be apart from each other, the lock is safe enough when you operate the device. Thus, the level of hygiene is trusted, as you can clean all of the end cap, chute, auger, pulp container, and juicer container. You always have two ways on how to wash them through, either by hand or a dishwasher. 

By doing so, the durability of both Omega MM900HDS and Aicook 200W is marvelous. You can use the juicer over and over again, with fewer injury accidents, while at the same time you gain such ideal body weight and health level. To take apart the pieces, you just need to turn around a lock and with a button.


Omega and Aicook Differences

#1 Overall size

The size matters the weight. When the mass is heavy, then it is nearly impossible to be moved from one place to another, as well as when the case is that you don’t have enough space on the countertop so you need to detach all components of the juicer. It also affects the safety of the juicer itself. If you’re not careful enough, there is a chance of some untoward event, but hopefully, it’s not the top case.

Based on the weight, Omega MM900HDS is bulkier than Aicook 200W, while size-wise, the Aicook one is taller than the Omega. It is because there are a lot of components that Aicook has. Although Aicook has a 3-inch chute, the body of the engine is slimmer. Another characteristic of the two is what they can produce aside from a glass of juice.

#2 What it can make other than juice

There should be a hidden ability other than being a cold press juicer, as the components of each device are different. This is from the material of the parts. Most pieces Omega MM900HS are made of food-grade plastic, while Aicook 200W has a gauge which base is ceramic. 

Clearly, Aicook can hold some solid material, like ice, whereas Omega has its own celery end cap, which you can find with green color, along with the regular end cap. But, the one that has the 3-inch chute can make a sorbet and ice cream in one click. The plastic-based parts of Omega will leave a stretch if you insert a hard material like that.



Omega MM900HDS

Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Slow Masticating Celery Juicer High Juice Yield Adjustable Dial

Celery is always the one ingredient that most people will drink the juice, rather than the vegetable alone. It is scientifically approved that the technology of cold press juicing in Omega MM900HDS is able to keep the nutritious enzymes from the celery. Hence, this one type from Omega comes with the celery end cap, the one that is green, and the regular one that is black.

You will get a free press juice recipe book in the manual book. You should follow the guidance, so you can still use the juicer for the long term. If you put the right amount of kiwi, grapefruit, and beetroot along with spinach leaves, cabbage, broccoli, and ginger, the powerful machine of the juicer is still functioning for many years ahead, the same as the microwave oven. You can insert 1 to 6 fruits and veggies and a maximum of 1 cup of plants.

If so, your quality of life is secured. Not only for your body but also for the environment. Cold press juicing technology is good for maintaining immunity and health for the other parts of your body. Although you are now attached to a device, you can still absorb the natural units from the fruits and veggies. This one series from Omega also has an automatic pulp injection. The pulp itself is kind for the environment.

When it is working, you won’t hear a lot of noise. Yet, on the inside, it pushes a high amount of power. No wonder you will feel hearty and happy, also from its efficiency to prep the ingredients and easy to clean of each component of the juicer, dishwasher friendly. The amount of incredibility is served in Amazon’s Choice list.



  • Comes with an end cap for celery.
  • Exquisite blending power, but still quiet.
  • Free press juice recipe.



  • Mediocre component materials.
  • The body is bulky.

Aicook 200W

AICOOK Juicer Machines with 3in Large Feed Chutes

Making juice is also a family activity, just like baking a soft-bake chocolate chip cookie with an air fryer. Aicook takes the role of a family-friendly item. With its 3-inch chute, you don’t need to cut into pieces the whole apple, as well as the rest of the fruits and vegetables. If it’s ‘family-friendly,’ then it includes the children. The outer protection of the design makes this one juicer is fine if there are kids around. Also, you can make baby food and ice cream out of the juicer.

Your family is blessed with abundant joy also from the high-quality of the material of the spare parts. In one package of this juicer, you will get one auger that is made of ceramic, while other parts are dishwasher-friendly. That is why not only can you make a sorbet, but also can keep the juice from degradation in 72 hours. Thus, your quality of well-being is also improved increasingly with this ease.

Another relief is from its modern design. Together with the chute, the on and off button is a touch-key, with a reverse button, so less effort when you want to press it. One of the safety features lies in the anti-drop valve. There is no more leaking, plus you can make a shaved ice and insert the whole apple. The purchase experience is going to be worth it. It is also advisable to put the ice maker near it.



  • Strong-built parts and touch-key design of the on and off button.
  • Equipped with a 3-inch chute.
  • Children-friendly.


  • Doesn’t include the instruction book.
  • Needs more caution when cleaning the components.




A healthier habit starts within one person. If you already have a family, that kind of lifestyle is surely contagious. The right press juicer for the whole member is all up there in the market. But, the one with first-rate material is like a rare gem. You must be thinking about the durability too, while at the same time, the juicer is kids-friendly from the security of the parts and can make one dessert for the summer. Your own protection is still the number one priority. Without a lot of effort to cut the ingredients into pieces, you can save more time and fewer accidents, both from the cutting and washing the components. 

Our pick for the reference is Aicook 200W. To save your time in juicing and cleaning, Aicook 200W parts is more friendly. Not only because the design is nice and modern, its safety features are also best, especially when you happen to have children around the house. It produces thick juice and worth long-term usage as you be cautious in using this juicer like you do to take care of your health.


FAQ Omega MM900HDS

How to juice the fruits and veggies?
You still need to cut the ingredients, but no need to be in pieces. For instance, you can cut the beet in half and for the carrot it is the whole.

Can I make orange juice?
Actually, you can make one. All you need to do is peel off the skin, otherwise the juice will be bitter. It is recommended if you add a bit of celery for more minerals.

Is this juicer clean?
Yes. The separable parts are easy to detach and clean. You will be given a brush to wash off the excess pulp, as you can also put the rest in the dishwasher with the right temperature.


FAQ Aicook 200W

Where can we wash the components?
You can wash them in a dishwasher or hand wash thoroughly. Be careful of the sharp object.

Is this machine loud?
No. It has 60 decibels of sound wave, so you can still maintain the refreshing moment of enjoying the juice or ice cream.

What can and can’t insert in the juicer?
The juicer works well to press ginger, carrot, wheat grass, etc. If you want to make grape juice, it doesn't work as professionally as making an orange juice. 


Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Slow Masticating Celery Juicer High Juice Yield Adjustable Dials


Good to Know: The Hidden Benefits of A Juicer

Every juicer comes with 2 containers; one is for the pulp and one is the water from the juice. We already know where to keep the juice. But how about the pulp? Depending on what juice you make, you can still use the pulp as a vegetable broth or for reusable materials.

Vegetable broth

There is still an earthy scent from the pulp, and some also the sourness from orange. You can add some water, salt, and peper, then boil it for a while. You can store the broth in the fridge for up to 3 months. How simple, isn’t it?

Pulp crackers

The pulp enhances the taste of the crackers, as it is usually plain to less-salty. The pulp can also be the natural sweetener if there is banana or mango in it. Another alternative if the pulp is still edible is that as a dip sauce.

Sweet bakes

Since there is a natural sweet taste from the pulp, you can incorporate this in your bakes. You can mix this in your cupcake, bread, and muffins. It will look a bit like carrot cake or banana cake. 


The pulp works just fine like if you add a spoon of sugar in your coffee. Or, you can also blend the excess and add more ice. In fact, there will include more fiber and other good substances in your smoothie.


Just works fine in cakes and crackers, you might as well add the pulp to scrambled eggs, oatmeal, or any kind of mixture of your breakfast. It adds a more earthy flavor to the meals. 

Dye for clothes

Some of natural color comes from fruits, namely dragon fruits, beets, and many more. With the right process, it shouldn’t be harmful for the environment.

Dog treats

Lastly, you can make a dog’s treat out of the pulp from juice. Like making vegetable broth, you can add other ingredients like porridge and vitamins for dogs. 


Everybody must enjoy the deliciousness and healthy benefit from a cold press juicer. It goes equally when you make the juice with the children. Either it is easy to set up or bulky to some extent, the specs must be the modern one, along with the strong material of the components. Find one of your best cold press juicer here while it last!



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