Best Waffle Maker: Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 VS Dash DEWM8100BK

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Best Waffle Maker Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 VS Dash DEWM8100BK


Waffles is one of the common perfect kinds of food that can be your best dessert or snack to go. Both of them are good with syrups and ice cream with some frozen fruits on top. What a delightful craving!

Nowadays, it becomes better as more companies produce electric mini waffle makers that can cover your cravings for waffles. We cover you electric mini waffle makers' picks between Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 and Dash DEWM8100BK options to ship on the cart.


Oster Titanium vs Dash Similarities

Best Waffle Maker Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 VS Dash DEWM8100BK The Similarity

Similarities #1 Compact Design

Looking up for cookware is pretty much like looking for a perfectly nice design. A compact design of a waffle maker is considered pretty much space-saving and lightweight as well. You can see that both Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 and Dash DEWM8100BK are presented in an elegant design.

Similarities #2 Non-Stick Pan

A good waffle maker has to be able to keep more batter for a perfect shape waffle. By using non-stick pan waffle makers, you will have no waste of them. A non-stick pan features both are provided by Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 and Dash DEWM8100BK.

A nice golden brown waffle will be served on your plate whole fully and make it a perfect picture for your social media feeds.

Similarities #3 Easy to Clean

When you are the type of busy person and need to take care of your kids at the same time as housewives, you need to check this feature. Saving time after making a nicely done waffle is a wonderful thing to do with easy to clean waffle makers.

Dash and Oster series of these waffle makers are both easy to clean. You can wipe the pan plates and every corner with wet wipes or a towel gently without using it for the electrical parts. You can say goodbye to the drama of cleaning up the batter later.


Oster Titanium vs Dash Differences

Best Waffle Maker Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 VS Dash DEWM8100BK The Difference

Differences #1 Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 series seem much bigger than Dash DEWM8100BK series. Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 produced by Jarden Consumer Solution has 5.8 x 8.8 x 11.1 inches dimensions. Meanwhile, Dash products on DEWM8100BK series were much smaller as stands on 10 x 8 x 4 inches.

Even if both are the kinds of compact and portable series of waffle makers, the weight of both is pretty much consideration as well. Oster weight 3.24 pounds and Dash weight 3.59 pounds. The materials on the pan are also comparable that causes the difference in dimensions and weight.

Differences #2 Materials

Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 and Dash DEWM8100BK were both claimed to have a non-stick pan. Yet both materials used for these waffle makers are different.

Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 provided ceramic materials. Ceramic materials are known to be free from PFOA and PTFE. By means to be toxic-free, the coating will not easily peel as well.

Dash DEWM8100BK is known as a non-stick pan with PFOA free only. As you might have experienced, most teflon coating peels easier than the ceramic one.

Differences #3 Durability

Since both of these products are known to be bestseller electric waffle makers, the most consideration to see is their durability differences. Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 which has better ceramic coating k has 4.4 out of 5 values.

Meanwhile, Dash DEWM8100BK durability is lacking within months of usage. This mostly was commented because other materials parts were mostly plastic which could lead to melting easily when you can’t do the right timing on checking the temperature while cooking your waffle.


Specification Comparison

  Oster Titanium Dash DEWM8100BK
Power 700 watt 860 watt
Coating PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic non stick
Dimension 5.8 x 8.8 x 11.1 inches 10 x 8 x 4 inches
Weight  3.24 pounds 3.59 pounds
Indicator Light yes yes


Oster Titanium vs Dash DEWM8100BK Comparison

Since there are many similarities and differences between Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 vs. Dash DEWM8100BK, here below we make a list of comparisons and features of the products before you get added to the cart.

Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker

Manufactured by Jarden Consumer Solutions, the brand Oster released a waffle maker with 5.8 x 8.8 x 11.1 inches with a sleek and elegant design. Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 electric waffle maker might not be as compact to be used during travels. However, the best feature of this series works on its non-stick pan with ceramic materials.

As an assurance that your waffles won’t have any toxic fumes. This is because the Belgian-style waffle maker is made of titanium-infused DuraCeramic so you won’t find it peel off easily. Make it last longer than the other common non-stick pan. The temperature heat control allows you to get your perfect waffle texture and amazingly save your time 30% faster.


  • PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic coating
  • Elegant design for your kitchen.
  • It is not a mini size but made a perfect size as well.
  • Heating up easily.
  • Best non-stick surface waffle maker!


  • There is an indicator light but it can't decide if the waffle is well cooked yet.


Dash DEWM8100BK

Dash DEWM8100BK Express 8 inch Waffle Maker

Dash products on waffle makers are popularly known to be in various patterns and best on the perfect bite size for kids and for people who are on a diet. Dash DEWM8100BK is an 8-inch Express Waffle Maker that is easy to plug and very light to bring anywhere since it is around 10 x 8 x 4 inches with 3.59 pounds weight. When you crave warm waffles during your camping on an RV, you can bring this product along with a portable ice maker machine.

It also ranked number 3 on the list of bestseller waffle irons on Amazon. If you are a new waffle baker, this product might suit you well because they also include a recipe book and recipe database access for you to try. Don't worry if your first try of waffle baking gets the batter out because this mini electric waffle maker is quick and easy to clean.



  • It is easy to clean but takes more time.
  • No temperature control.
  • The non-stick coating usually makes the iron smell the first time using.



Choosing a proper and perfect waffle maker means you need to get the most simple and better non-stick pan to use. The reviews above between Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 vs Dash DEWM8100BK allows you to choose the most helpful electric waffle maker according to your needs. Temperature control is noted as the key point to get a perfect waffle result.

Both products are very reliable in terms of ease of use and cleanliness because both materials are approved as non-stick pan. In final words, choose the best and most friendly for your budget and time-saving in cooking to cleaning the waffle maker to the cart.



FAQ Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502

Does this make a crisp waffle?
Yes, it does. The crispiness of your waffle or pancakes is actually made out of the amount of batter you gave into the pan. Besides, you need to make sure your waffle maker is preheated until it gets ready.

Is this a flip waffle maker?
The design of the Oster Titanium CKSTWF1502 series is not a flip waffle maker. It goes brown on both sides when it works well.

Can you remove the plates to clean?
It is easy to clean but the plates are not removable. It cleans up in a minute only with a paper towel because it has a DuraCeramic coating.



How should I clean before initial use?
It is easy to clean with a bit of soap and water excluding the electrical parts and wipe them dry. There is a manual book included from Dash that guides you for further cleaning as well.

How big and thick does this waffle maker make?
It might not make a Belgian waffle size but it makes a pretty good amount of waffles on a plate.

Can you cook Chaffle on it?
Sure it does great as well for chaffles. You can get perfect chaffles as the light shows it is done.


What is PFOA and PTFE?

If you happen to notice your cookware or kitchen supplies material types, especially when it comes to a non-stick one, some of them mention PFOA free and PTFE free. What do PFOA and PTFE mean and why is it important for us to consider in cooking usage?

First to know, PFOA stands for perfluorooctanoic acid. It is used as a water and oil-resistant synthetic compound that is used in the process of PTFE cookware manufacturing. Meanwhile, PTFE itself is a different material which is a synthetic polymer. It is a trademark made by the DuPont Company and has become a trademark brand name known as Teflon.

The reason why you need to think about the effect of PFOA and PTFE cookware use is because when you use this to cook on high heat, it turns out to be toxic and gives various symptoms such as cancer, thyroid problems, and not being environmentally friendly. If you have pets at home, cookware with these materials are not recommended. So, if you happen to see cookware is free from one of the materials above, you need to make sure you use and clean them wisely. For a better alternative, you can choose to use ceramic cookware that is also non-stick.




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