SIMPLETaste vs Grunen Wolken The Best Milk Frother Review and Comparison

Updated 13 Jul 2021
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SIMPLETaste vs Grunen Wolken The Best Milk Frother Review and Comparison

Having a fluffy, foamy drink is fun. We can usually get it at our favorite coffee shops. But now, since the pandemic hits and we have to stay home for everyone's safety, we can't go out for a latte that often. But lucky for us, we can still enjoy delicious drinks in our own home. Yes, you can make your very own lattes home using a milk frother and brew the coffee at the same time. 

Milk frother has been around for quite some time. People use it to help them make their favorite coffee, chocolate, or matcha at home. Milk frothers are available in different types and sizes. In this article, we discuss SIMPLETaste v.s Grunen Wolken. Two hand frothers that is small in size and easy to use. 

You don't need to buy a big heavy-duty frother to create your delicious drinks. You can use these frothers which are sometimes also known as a hand mixer. These products are convenient and multifunctional. You can use them not only to make lattes, but also for numerous different uses such as whip cream, whisk eggs, and mix sauces.

Now let's take a closer look at SIMPLETaste v.s Grunen Wolken so you can get a better idea on which to get.


SIMPLETaste v.s Grunen Wolken Similarities

Similarities #1: Stainless Steel Whisks

The whisks on your milk frother plays an important role to get the drama over quickly. So you don't have to wait for a long time to get a foamy cloudy cappuccino or latte in your busy morning. Some milk frothers, whether it is manual or electric, have varieties within its material as for the preference. For sure, we believe that getting your one milk frother with stainless steel material is not only durable but also easy to handle. 

Both products' whisks are made out of stainless steel material. It is a food-grade material so your coffee and chocolate are contaminated with other toxic particles. The best thing about getting a stainless steel whisk is that you can use it for a long run because the whisk won't get rusty. You can also clean them easily. Remember how evenly the waffles are cooked with the stainless steel body waffle maker?

Similarities #2: Storage Friendly

The other goods between SIMPLETaste and Grunen Wolken milk frother from this series, both of these frothers are storage-friendly. If you happen to live alone in a studio apartment or the kind that likely gets handy things, you can get between one of these milk frothers.

Both products come with a stand. The stand for your milk frother will allow you to get it ready whenever you want, so you don't have to bother getting spaces between your kitchen drawer for this appliance. Plus, you can say goodbye to the mess and welcoming spacious minimal kitchen later. Isn't it the kind of convenience you were looking for?

SIMPLETaste vs Grunen Wolken Differences

the best handheld electric milk frother for coffee and tea

Differences #1: Handle Material

Handy, battery-powered milk frothers do really come in various sizes and designs. Some of them look thin and light, some look bulky and rounded for the handle. The handle also can be made out of stainless steel grip or plastic. As can be seen between SIMPLETaste and the Grunen Wolken, the design and material of the handle can be a matter for your consideration.

The SIMPLETaste’s handle is made out of plastic material. The best of it is that It is lightweight and easier for you to hold. Yet you might need to get better care while using it, just in case your hand is wet and it gets slip while you blend. On the other hand,. the Grunen Wolken's handle is made out of ABS material. It looks more round but sturdier to hold and with a non-slip design, you can use it safely and comfortably.

Differences #2: Power Button

The other difference between SIMPLETaste and Grunen Wolker milk frother is on its power button placement. This might be one of your considerations as for your convenience in using the appliance. 

If you prefer to get your foamy milk in a single press, the SIMPLETaste milk frother might be suitable for you. One press and it will do the job like a mixer, whisking continuously. Meanwhile, the Grunen Wolken milk frother needs to be operated with fewer presses on the process. This might seem to get your foam based on your preferences as well. Whether you want it thick or thin. However, with this power button system, it won't be any hassle since it is placed on the side.

Differences #3: Extra Set

Well, who doesn't like something extra whenever you get your appliance package arrived? Like when you buy a fridge, you might as well get a new double ice cube maker. Or when you buy an air fryer, you can get a recipe book as a bonus. This kind of extra set is what we can resist. As in between SIMPLETaste and Grunen Wolker, the extra set only comes within one.

As a coffee and cappuccino lover, you might like the difference set you can get by purchasing The Grunen Wolken. This milk frother comes with 16 stencil designs. This may not be a big deal on the practical level, but it sure helps you to make latte designs easier. Meanwhile, the SIMPLETaste doesn't come with an extra stencil set. So, you might get a challenge of experience making your latte art manually from scratch and do more various shapes by yourself!


SIMPLETaste vs Grunen Wolken Comparison


If you love creamy morning coffee or matcha latte, this product will give you a fluffy texture with foam. Even if it is battery powered, this milk frother is powerful enough with 2 AA batteries power. You can get your milk foam within 15 to 30 seconds on top of your cup ready.

It comes with a simple press button. Once you press the power button, you can let the whisk blend its work. You don't have to hold the button and get your desirable foam texture done. The frothing whisk is made out of stainless steel that is durable and rust-free so you can use it for a long time. Besides, the handle is made out of lightweight plastic with an ergonomic handle so you can hold and operate it easily and comfortably.

You can not only froth milk but also milkshakes, hot chocolates, mix drinks even use it to whisk eggs and sauces. It also comes with a stand for easier storage without making a mess on your countertop. Most Amazon users have approved of its simplicity and durability.


  • Sleek design
  • Single press power button
  • Great blending power
  • 2 AA Batteries included


  • Too much high recommendation, so overall it is great.


Grunen Wolken

Do you like to get the thickness and texture of your foam slowly but sure in the making? The Grunen Wolker milk frother might be one for you. This product comes with a motor that can be used for up to 300 hours which also makes it more durable. For your convenience in frothing your milk, the power button on this series is placed on the handle side.

For a new battery usage, you can use it up to 6 hours. Longer than other products that usually last only for 1,5 hours. As for that reference, it makes the blending power better and faster. You can get the perfect consistency you wish only in seconds. it is also safe to use various types of milk with this frother such as soy milk, coconut milk, skim milk, and many more.

The handle is made out of ABS material with a non-slip design so you can hold it comfortably and safely. The best part of this product is that it comes with 16 stencils of floral patterns so you can create different designs on your latte like a professional barista. You can learn and do make a nice aesthetic picture of your homemade latte send to your friends.

The product is easy to use and clean. All you have to do is simply immerse the whisk in water and it will be clean in seconds. The manufacturer also provides you with a lifetime guarantee so anytime you have problems, you can simply contact their customer service. 


  • Non-slip design handle
  • Stable and sturdier set


  • Continuous power button so you have to hold the button when using it



We can all agree that milk frother is a game-changer. Whether you are a coffee lover learning to perfect your latte, or you just need to get your coffee ready faster, milk frother appliance will provide the help you need. They are small and compact in design, which makes them easier for you to store. You don't need a big space to store it, just place it on the stand. It is perfect either for a small kitchen or for college students. Each product has its own quality and differences. It also can be used to make the sauce for your salad or whisking your egg in smaller portions quicker. Make sure that you choose based on your priorities. The best product will always be the one that serves you the most. 

As for our pick, we recommend the Grunen Wolken milk frother to get. The extra set of 16 stencil designs is really something! With the best value of money, you still get the best blending power from a battery-powered frother, and with a sturdy and non-slip handle, it is best for a first-timer or even barista to do more latte art experiments at home.



Can you clean it in the dishwasher?

No. The whisk is too small; it is not ideal to put on the dishwasher. You can easily clean it in the sink. It needs only a few seconds to get it clean perfectly. 

Is it easy to change the battery?

Yes, it is very easy to change the batteries. There's a little button on the back you can use to open the battery. Once you're done, you just have to pop the lid back on. You don't need a screwdriver to open it. 

How to get a foamy texture and not just bubbly?

You can move the whisk up and down the cup. Hold the whisk under the surface for about 30 seconds and you should achieve the foamy texture. Different milk also may need different times and techniques. So far, this product works best with 2 % milk. 


FAQ Grunen Wolken

Does this work in heavy cream?

Yes. This product is powerful and multifunctional. You can make more than just foamy milk. You can use it to whip cream and create thicker consistency. The result comes out beautifully and there is no separation after it's done. 

Can I use this product for plant-based milk?

Yes, this product works wonderfully with different types of milk including plant-based milk. You just need to know that different types of milk may be resulting in different textures and you need different times and techniques to achieve the desired consistency. 

How do you store this device safely?

It comes with a stand. You can store it on your countertop neat and safe. The stand is sturdy to hold the device and it is handy so you can pull it out anytime you need it. 


Good to Know about Milk Frother

Grunen Wolken Milk Frother B083NTM79J

Now that you already learn the differences between the two products, you may already decide to buy one of them to try it yourself. But before you jump and try it for the first time, there are some things you need to know about milk frother. 

Milk Temperature

Before using the frother, you need to pay attention to the milk temperature. It affects the final result. If you don't get the temperature right, you may don't get the consistency you imagine. The idea of frothing milk is to get a sweet and creamy texture. If the milk is too cold, you will not get the sweetness. And if it's too hot, you will lose its sweetness too. The ideal temperature for perfect foamy milk is between 135-150°F or 57-66°C. Consider getting the ones with the heater if you don't have a microwave or stove.

Frothing Technique

This is also very important and you may need some time to practice. The basic principle is that you want to place the whisk in the right position. If you place it too low, the milk won't get enough air so it won't create a foam. If you place it too high, you will make it bubbly and more likely to create a mess. You may also need to use a different technique for a different type of milk and result. Take your time to learn the best position and technique until you get used to it. 

Milk Type 

Please note that different types of milk give you a different result. For instance, whole fat dairy milk makes the best result. And then comes Lactaid milk and 2 % milk. You can also froth plant-based milk, but you may need more time and technique to achieve the same consistency. 

Now that you know everything about milk frother, you can buy them to experience its convenience. By using a milk frother you can enjoy delicious drinks daily in the comfort of your own home. You can even learn to make different types of drinks using these products. It is a good start if you want to experience milk frothing yourself. 




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