The Best Air Fryer - NUWAVE BRIO 14 vs CalmDo AF-120CD Review and Comparison

Updated 8 Jul 2021
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The Best Air Fryer - NUWAVE BRIO 14 vs CalmDo AF-120CD Review and Comparison

Almost everyone talks about the air fryer now. Most of the reviews are positive. People share their stories on how an air fryer makes their life a lot easier. If you are an up-to-date kind of a person, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets and tools, you may already read a lot of these reviews. You may even try an air fryer yourself and have a positive experience with it and now you want to step up your game with a more advanced air fryer. 

The air fryer comes in different sizes and programs. Most beginner air fryers can do only limited tasks with limited cooking space so you won't be able to do much with it. But worry not, there are also air fryer models that are more advanced and have more functions with bigger cooking space like these NUWAVE BRIO 14 and CalmDo AF-120CD. A bigger capacity gives you more room to cook bigger meals. These air fryers also do more cooking tasks such as baking, toasting, and even dehydrate fruits and vegetables.

Below, we take you closer to NUWAVE BRIO 14 vs CalmDoDo AF-120CD multifunction air fryers so you can decide on the one that deserves a room in your kitchen. 


NUWAVE BRIO 14 vs CalmDo AF-120CD Similarities

Similarities #1: Recipe Book

If you are a newcomer to the world of air fryers, having a recipe book is a must. Especially when you are not familiar with the appliance, a guide to follow is what you need to check on since not all kitchen appliances include a recipe book that can help you doing the experiment.

Good news is that NUWAVE BRIO 14 and CalmDO AF-120CD come with a recipe book you can use as a guide or inspiration when preparing food using the air fryer. 

Similarities #2: Family Size Cooking Size

Air fryer come in various size, suitable from the small size 2 servings at once or up to 6 servings in a short time. It is important to get the best size so you won't waste any space and keeping your kitchen counter neat. If you happen to live with family member, NUWAVE BRIO 14 and CalmDo AF-120CD can be options.

Even when both products have different sizes, they have large spaces so you can prepare meals for the whole family. NUWAVE BRIO 14 brought to you with 15.5qt capacity and CalmDO AF-120CD capacity can hold up to 12.7qt.

Similarities #3: Multi-Functional

Apparently, an air fryer doesn't only happen to get you another kind of fried food but also very versatile in cooking method. This kitchen appliance does the job of roast, bake, warm or dehydrate your food.

Both NUWAVE and CalmDo can be used as multi-purpose kitchen tools. They are not only good to replace your deep fryer, but you can use them to roast, bake, and even dehydrate food. Both models come with presets you can choose to prepare meals. 

Similarities #4: Transparent Door

Air fryers are usually brought with a design with a basket and cool handle touch. That makes you need to check inside the basket at times just to make sure it is cooked well evenly. If you happen to hesitate buying an air fryer upon this issue, you can choose between NUWAVE and CalmDo on these series.

Both models have transparent doors that will let you see the cooking process easily. A simpler doppelganger of an oven, but in modern looks.


NUWAVE BRIO 14 vs CalmDo AF-120CD Differences



Differences #1: Capacity

Mentioned before that both of NUWAVE BRIO and Calm DoDo AF-120CD is able to cook in a big portion size, the capacity still hold differently on both of these models.

NUWAVE BRIO 14 is 15,5-quart large which is bigger than CalmDoDo AF-120CD that has 12,5 quarts capacity. 

Differences #2: Wattage

It is not only temperature and time that you can set yourself, some air fryer models are also available to get their wattage set according to your need. This is because somehow the wattage use is not only set to control your power but also for its heating circulation.

NUWAVE BRIO 14 comes with three different wattages you can choose starting from 900, 1500, and 1800. Meanwhile, the CalmDoDo AF-120CD is 1500 watt and is not adjustable. 

Differences #3: Interior

The kitchen counter needs a point where you can enjoy every corner visually. Not only to keep yours neat and tidy, the design or looks of your kitchen appliance could sometimes matter at this point. Both NUWAVE Brio and CalmDodo come in rectangular shapes on the exterior yet and have the transparent door, yet the interior looks slightly different.

NUWAVE BRIO 14 comes in a metal lining interior and comes with racks. With only one heating element on the top, you need to rearrange the racks in order to get the food cooked evenly. Meanwhile, the CalmDoDo AF-120CD has a reflective interior that helps the heat to be distributed more evenly. 


NUWAVE BRIO 14 vs CalmDo AF-120CD Comparison


This model presented from NUWAVE Brio is on a whole level of your air fyer and oven. NUWAVE BRIO 14 able to cook 70% faster. It has a large capacity 15.5qt which fit enough for your whole family meal. This series comes up with presets you can pick to make your cooking experience easier. From air-fry, roast, grill, bake, rotisserie to dehydrate your food.

It is also programmed with an integrated temperature probe that will control the cooking cycle based on the food temperature. This deep fryer is available with three different wattage settings yet the energy usage is lower than a conventional oven. This versatile cooking device comes with a recipe book that is worth trying so you can get to know the feature as well. The capacity is not only big but also available with a multilevel rack design. Making sure everything fits inside!

NUWAVE BRIO 15.5--Quarts Large Capacity Air Fryer Oven with Digital Touch Screen Controls and Integrated Digital Temperature ProbePros: 

  • Three different wattage settings
  • Lower energy usage compared to an oven
  • Serve the purpose of both oven and food dehydrator
  • Comes with a quick reference card
  • Adjustable temperature probe
  • Unique multilevel design
  • Useful accessories such as the grilling pan
  • Easy to clean



  • Has only one heating element so you have to watch the food and rearrange the trays. 


CalmDo AF-120CD

This air fryer oven from CalmDo is a large sized appliance that can make a family-size cooking with 12.7 Quarts capacity at once. It also has 3 levels of air flow racks so you can make various kind fo food right away. CalmDo AF-120CD also come with 360-degree cyclonic air and a reflective interior to distribute the heat better. So you will have no worry over your cooking, it will be cooked evenly and serve the best flavour to your plate.

The transparent door is detachable to make it easier for you to clean the unit. It also comes with 10 accessories including an oven rack, drip tray, mesh basket, skewer, and rotisserie elements. These acessories also washable and dishwasher friendly, best to go for breezy cleaning. There are 18 functions for cooking available to try and you are also able to make your own customized function. Beside, you can do a check of your cooking easily not only since it has a transparent door, but also inner light to see things thoroughly.

CalmDo Air Fryer Oven Combo 12.7 QuartsPros:

  • 18 kinds of basic function and customized function
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Reflective structure cavity for a more uniform temperature
  • Transparent door
  • Multifunction
  • Easy to clean
  • Inner light make it easy for you to check on the cooking progress
  • Quiet fan



  • Leave a burned plastic smell



We can conclude that a multi-purpose air fryer will change your life. If not, it will at least change your cooking experience for the better. The air fryer can be used by everyone no matter if they are professionals or beginners with minimal cooking experiences. Even when the name is air fryer, the tools are not only great to cook fried food. With the recipe book that comes with the products, you can try different recipes every day. The presets are also very helpful especially if you are a beginner. And if you are a well-experienced cook, you can try different settings manually to get the flavor and texture that you desire.

As to be our pick, NUWAVE BRIO 14 won over its features to be a great product to purchase. The adjustable wattage is a great feature so you can use it the way it works on different occasions. The recipe book and reference card included is also a useful bonus as well. This really does what one appliance can do.



How do I change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Press and hold the PROGRAM and TEMP button to change the temperature format from C to F. Do the same thing to switch back from F to C. You can only switch the temperature format during setting before you cook the meals. You can't do it while cooking. If you have to, you need to stop or pause the cooking process first so you can switch it. 

What does the one-year limited warranty cover? 

It covers all the electrical components one year from the date you purchase the unit as long as you use it under normal household use and in accordance with the instruction. Under the one-year warranty, the manufacturer will provide spare parts and labor to repair. After the expiration date, the manufacturer won't cover any parts or labor. The warranty is invalid if you purchase the unit from an unauthorized dealer or the serial number of the unit is removed. 

How well do the parts clean up after cooking?

It cleans up relatively well. This is possible because you don't use too much oil so you just have to clean the cooking juice which is easy to do. The cooking parts and accessories are dishwasher-friendly. If you have problems with a fat film on the interior, you can clean it easily using some oven cleaner. If you get some food stuck on the mesh, simply soak it in soap water for a while and it will come right off. 


FAQ CalmDo AF-120CD

CalmDo Air Fryer Oven Combo 12-7 Quarts Convection Toaster Food Dehydrator

Does it heat evenly?

The product features 360 degrees heated cyclonic air and a reflective structure interior. This design lets the heat circulate and cook the food evenly. 

Does it come with a user manual and cooking book?

Yes, the unit comes with a user manual and a cooking book. You can even get more recipes on the website to inspire you to prepare meals using the air fryer. 

Why are my French fries not crispy?

The crispiness of the French fries depends on a lot of things such as oil content and water content. You can get finer chops to help the fries cook faster and crispier. Soak the fries in water to remove the starch content, then drain the fries and put on a little amount of oil to elevate the crispiness. 


Good to Know about Air Fryer

Every time you buy a product, it will come with an instruction. Most of the time, the instruction only covers the technical aspects of the products. Below are some things you need to know before buying and using an air fryer so you can use it safely. 

Do not use too much oil

When cooking on an air fryer, the oil usage is very limited. You can even cook without using any oil at all. But sometimes, you can spray or drizzle a small amount of oil to the food. If you do this, make sure that you don't use too much oil because it can cause smoke while you cook. 

Do not put plastic and glass container inside

The air fryer is different from a microwave. While you can put a plastic and glass container in a microwave safely, you can't do the same thing with an air fryer. If you insist, the plastic will melt and the glass will likely shatter under high temperature. Instead, you can use metal containers.  

Preheat your air fryer

It is really important that you preheat your air fryer before putting any food in it. This will help you to cook the food faster because the fryer is already warm. To preheat the fryer, you can simply turn the preheat setting on two or three minutes before you put the food in. 


You don't have to run out of ideas when it comes to cooking with an air fryer. With its versatility, you can experiment with different ingredients and recipes. Both models are great, you just have to decide which one will fit your kitchen counter the best.



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