The Best Food Steamer - Instant Zest vs Comfee

Updated 12 Jul 2021
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The Best Food Steamer Instant Zest vs Comfee


Nowadays, there are more impressive kitchen gadgets, namely rice cookers that come with multifunctions cooking programs. Back then it was way more precise that you need to cook with a pot on the stove, and go forward with conventional rice cookers that straightly cook your rice easily and quickly.

Multifunction cooking programs come with various uses such as baking, steam, stew even making pasta as well. How does it sound to you? It comes great with just one kitchen appliance. Here below we take some notes between Instant Zest 20 Cup VS Comfee’ MB-M25 multipurpose rice cookers that can take your rice up to the next level.

Instant Zest 20 Cup vs Comfee' MB-M25 Similarities

Similarities #1 Capacity

If you are not familiar with rice cooker, the cup capacity mentioned in rice cooker is referring to the amount of servings your rice cooker can make. From Instant Zest and Comfee’ products both are able to serve 20 cup capacity of cooked rice.

However, it is also possible to make only for small serving portions that up to 5 or 10 portions of servings. So, you don’t have to worry if you have it for yourself in the apartment!

Similarities #2 BPA Free Pot

As it is important to follow the health guide, Instant Zest 20 Cup and Comfee’ MB-M25 were both guaranteed as safe non-stick coating used. The Instant Zest 20 Cup pots inside were coated with aluminium for cooking which is BPA-free.

Same goes to Comfee’ MB-M25 that is made with food-grade material for the pot with brushed stainless steel exterior on the outside. Both of the pots inside each of these multipurpose rice cookers were definitely non-stick and easy to clean.

Similarities #3 Digital Panel Touch

Instant Zest 20 Cip and Comfee’ MB-M25 were made with solid and handy design that comes with its very cool digital panel touch and LED display. Both have simple panels that work fantastically so you don’t have to worry with its cooking functions that automatically can bring steamy rice to enjoy.


Instant Zest 20 Cup vs Comfee' MB-M25 Differences

Differences #1 Cooking Programs

As multipurpose rice cookers, it is better to have more cooking functions programs available in the panel rather than just making simple rice base variations in it. Among both of these products, the Instant Zest 20 Cup, unfortunately, does not have any pressure cooking function but still comes up with 5 smart programs. Mentioned to cook white rice, brown rice, mixed grains, quinoa, and oatmeal.

Meanwhile, Comfee' MB-M25 is brought to you with its 12 cooking functions! It is able to make rice, pasta, soup, steamed veggies, stew and even your own kind of DIY needs to cook as you wish for.

Differences #2 Item Weight

Instant Zest 20 Cup pretty huge dimensions and weight. It weighs about 9.53 pounds. Meanwhile, Comfee' MB-M25 weighs about 7 pounds only. It will be perfect to have your multipurpose rice cooker come in compact and lightweight.

You can go take them to a BBQ party for a new level of BBQing or just bragging to your Grandma that her favorite quinoa and brown rice can be made easier and more decent with a multipurpose rice cooker.


Instant Zest 20 Cup vs Comfee' MB-M25 Comparison

  Instant Zest Comfee' MB-M25
Power 860w 650W
Cooking program 5 12
Handle quinoa? Yes Yes
Capacity 20 cups 20 cups
Dimension 13.6 x 12.9 x 12.8 inches 11.02 x 10.75 x 10.75 inches
BPA-free pot?
Yes Yes
Digital panel
Yes Yes


Instant Zest 20 Cup

Instant Zest Plus 20 Cup Rice Cooker Steamer Slow Cooker

The multipurpose rice cooker brought by Instant Pot on its Instant Zest 20 Cup has 5 Smart Programs for cooking white rice, brown rice, mixed grains quinoa as well as oatmeal. It has a bold design with its bright and control panel that shows your food cooking timer.

You can also get a quick steamy veggies, fish, dumpling and wontons just in time with this Instant Zest 20 Cup series. It presents the right flavor to your plates right away. The pot used is a non-stick ceramic coated  base and dishwasher safe. The package includes a rice spoon, and measuring cup with a safe streamer tray too. Unfortunately, this one is not able to do the slow cook yet.


  • Great quality material.
  • Perfect size.
  • Good flavor and rice texture.



  • Need a bigger size for a party or family gathering needs.


Comfee’ MB-M25

Comfee MB-M25 Rice Cooker 6-in-1 Electric Hot Pots Slow Cooker

Listed as the number 18 best seller rice cookers, the Comfee' MB-M25 have you set efficiently in 30 minutes and to other cooking for about 12 hours in the desired set. For a set of this multipurpose rice cooker, you will get other accessories such as a rice paddle, ladle, rice measuring cup, and steamer tray that’s all dishwasher safe. Its size for 5.2 Quartz fits perfectly for 10 cup of uncooked rice or 20 cups of cooked rice.

More than just rice, it can serve you as a steamer, yogurt maker, slow cooker, stew pot and soup pot all in one!  When you stay at home with your family, this multipurpose rice cooker will do its best for a great dinner at the table.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Do lots of cooking well and don't stick.
  • 24 Hours pre-set timer!



  • This serves just right for a multipurpose rice cooker.



We have come to an end that a multipurpose rice cooker has a great function and purposes when you feel stuck at making just steamy rice. It is better to have a variety of cooking programs set up on the rice cooker. Remember that each rice cooker has its different capacity and cooking functions, so make sure which one suits you best. The great thing about a multipurpose rice cooker is that as a versatile kitchen appliance, it can make steamed dishes such as wontons or dim sum to bake cake as well.


FAQ Instant Zest 20 Cup

Does 8 cup mean the cooked rice or uncooked rice?
The 8 cup guide means it can make the amount of 8 cups of cooked rice with 4 cups of uncooked rice put inside the rice cooker.

What is the minimum amount of rice to cook with this cooker?
You can make as minimum as you can such as 1 cup of rice. Less than that might make your rice result become too dry.

How long does it take to keep your food warm?
This rice cooker is able to keep warm for about 10 hours in a standalone function. For conjunction used with other Smart programs it is up to 12 hours to keep the food warm.


FAQ Comfee’ MB-M25

Can you cook quinoa in it?
Since this rice cooker comes up with various cooking program settings, it is also able to cook quinoa with it.

How do you set the temperature on?
The DIY function temperature set allows you to make the set amount of time you wish asied of its cooking program settings.

What is the cooking suggestion that works on this cooker?
This rice cooker can work for rice based food such as quick rice, white and brown rice. Other food also cookable such as oatmeal,saute, pasta, steam, soup, stew, DIY cooking set, slow cook and chill is able to make with.


101 Rice Cooker Buying Guide

Rice Cooker 6-in-1 Electric Hot PotsSlow Cooker Saute stew potsoup potSteamer Food Warmer

Rather than spending your money to make a bowl of white rice or brown rice from an instant package or traditional oatmeal cooking, you can use a rice cooker to make them. However, there are points you need to know about this kitchen appliance before buying them. Here is a short 101 rice cooker guide for you!


There are rice cookers that are able to cook up to 20 cups. Well, apparently it doesn’t mean that you can put 20 cups of uncooked rice inside it and expecting a nice steamy result, you might get your rice cooker broken instead. It is able to make up to 20 servings instead. For home use, the models with 1 to 10 uncooked range is decent. 4 to 5 cups capacity is great for a single family with 4 members in.


The standard rice cookers mostly come with a set of on and off set up. No timer and no cooking sets. This is preferable when you just need to make rice as your cooked side dish. Meanwhile the various presets come as shown in multipurpose rice cookers that are not only to make different types of rice but also types of proper food use.

Feature and Functions

The keep-warm feature on the rice cooker makes your rice stay warm, steamy and decently soft to eat. Sealed lid features ensure your steam and temperature is stable as it cooks. As it goes mostly with steamer racks, this accessory is used to make steamy food like vegetables or fish while you make the rice cooking. Some also include features for pressure cooking that allows you to use it to process meat as well.

Best out of the best, take your favorite to your home and start your rice cooking experience by picking them up in the cart now before you miss the party!




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