The Best Large Air Fryer - Cosori CP258 vs Cosori CP358 Review and Comparison

Updated 8 Jul 2021
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The Best Large Air Fryer - Cosori CP258 vs Cosori CP358 Review and Comparison

People these days have been starting to concern their health through food, along with the time-saving effort, as the result of the high demands of technology and such. With an air fryer, this kind of flexibility is inevitable for the needs of our life. The urge of investing also arises since it can be such a versatile kitchen appliance, you might want to let your oven and microwave have a good rest afterward.

Not only can it press down the amount of oil consumption, but also is easy to use and carry. The size is always fit to your kitchen counter, as well as its all-around function that anybody can use whenever they want to serve foods in a short time with less amount of oil. Then, what else more to come by getting yourself an air fryer? Brought by the same manufacturer, Cosori CP258 and CP358 presented its best performance. Below are the summary details and specifications as your guide to buy.


What both CP258 and CP358 have

1700-Watt Oven Oilless Cooker with Cookbook LED Digital Tilt One-Touchscreen with Preheat

#1 Reducing 85% fat

We all agree from the very first time you choose to buy an air fryer. It is to get a healthier way of processing your food. Besides getting lots of fat from your deep-fried nuggets or french fries, you can replace them with the same crisp and taste with less oil use in the air fryer.

Fat is one of the ultimate reasons why people gain weight, yet it is scientifically true. You should not worry anymore when it comes to eating foods which are usually fried because both Cosori CP258 and CP358 are equipped with 360 degree high-speed air circulation, so you don’t need to add more than 1 tablespoon of oil, a spark of oil is even enough.

#2 Preheating option

Preheating option features in your air fryer is a bonus so you will be able to get your air fryer doing its job right. When your air fryer does not have this option, you need to get your air fryer ready at least 3 minutes before you add the food in the basket. Therefore it will make your food cook evenly as well.

This one option is also helpful when it comes to defrost and moreover, improve the food texture. The impeccable feature invites you to add CP258 and CP358 to your cart because this option is rare from one to another air fryer ever existing in the world of home appliances. There is no other excuse that you need this one option for the deliciousness.

#3 Temperature and time settings

You can add and reduce the heat from 170 to 400 F, and the conversion to C and the time, as well as with the alarm to flip the foods. The touchscreen buttons of both series from Cosori are the one and only in the market, too. All elegance and simplicity are in one. Since the buttons are easy to use, anybody in your house, including the children, can use CP258 and CP358 with the least amount of parental guidance or not at all! 


Why CP258 and CP358 different from each other

1# Cooking Preset

Any air fryer must come with the preset, as it is versatile to use for frying french fries, seafood, and even sweet treats. Although both products have similar heat maximum capacity, there are two differences that we tend to choose; the cooking preset.

CP258 comes with 9 presets, which can be concluded in french fries, meat products, seafood, poultry, as well as the ones in frozen packaging, vegetables, and desserts, along with the preheat button that can help your food look like the ones that are fried with the deep-fryer. 

While in CP358, with its 10 presets, you have the option to bake and toast the food. It also has the special button to fry your favorite bacon for breakfast. Another thing that has a significance is the alarm button for the flipping alert. With CP358, you are free to customize the preset for the shaking and tossing time.

2# Inner Basket

Besides the preset buttons, both comparable air fryers have their own size in the inner basket, except for the movable, thus easy to clean of both square basket types. Compared to CP358, CP258 has the dimension of 9.49 x 9.49 x 3.98 inches, meaning that it is wider than CP 358.

With the 9 x 9 x 3.75 inches dimension of CP358, it is enough to fry the foods than the other air fryers available in the stores. You should be fine with the other touch-screen options, too.


COSORI Air Fryer Large XL 5-8 Quart 1700-Watt Oven Difference


Cosori CP258

The large size of CP258 makes it can be for a single use to 5 servings at once. Cosori CP258 come with 1 dual-layer rack and 5 skewers. Surprisingly, it still fits to any corner on the countertop, near the toaster and coffeemaker. It makes this one air fryer one of Amazon’s Choice. Cooking will be easier. It has 9 smart operation cooking presets to let you cook in peace or do other food preparation as it is all set.

COSORI Air Fryer 100 Recipes Rack 5 Skewers 9 Presets Large XLAlso, you can invite your children to fry their favorite foods with this one because the options for the presets and the temperature and timer settings are simple to follow. Safe to use since it has an auto shut off system whenever you take out the basket during cooking. Material used is based on food grade zone quality such as ETL certified, BPA free and PFOA free. You will be guided by a 100-original-recipe free recipe book for each purchase of CP258.


  • Simplers preset buttons.
  • Reducing 85% of fats.
  • Fast air circulation.



  • Uncustomizable time and temperature settings.
  • Heavy for outdoor use.


Cosori CP358

CP358 is one of the newest versions of air fryers among Cosori’s other versions. No wonder the time and temperature is flexible to adjust and subtract. Not only does it have such options, but also easy to carry and fast to serve your favorite foods.

COSORI Air Fryer Large XL 5-8 Quart 1700-Watt OvenFor the frying presets alone, CP358 has the exact criteria for the foods, so it is safe to use for newbies of air fryers. There are 10 one-touch presets you can try from making steak to bake! You can also set your own temperature and time because it is customizable. At the beginning, you would probably be worried about the crispiness of your foods. You can just simply add 1 tablespoon of oil in the basket, as it is easy to clean, both with a wet cloth or dishwasher.

Cosori CP358 is super easy to clean and use, friendly to your kitchen counter and the square basket will definitely make everyone a hearty-healthy meal right away.


  • 10 presets that are new user-friendly.
  • Smaller and Lighter, easy to transport.
  • The removable basket makes it simple to wash.



  • The small height takes longer to cook the food.


Our Pick & Summary

It is as clear as a crystal that any air fryer has their own benefit, especially to add up our health quality and time-saving value. If it is your first air fryer purchase ever, you can start with the ones with a complete setting and smaller size. Similarly, the one with the least presets is easier to clean up and replace to one place and another. With its fast air-frying ability, the foods are as crispy as the ones you fry with oil on the stove, since we have the settings of the adjustable time to flip and shake and have decent texture from the rapid preheat.

Based on all above, we have our pick given to Cosori CP358. This model is not only best because it is smaller and lighter, it also has more various presets cooking than the previous standard version. The temperature cooking is also customizable and you can save your own presets once you get the perfect formula of time for your food.



What is the material of the basket?
The outer part of the CP258 air fryer is made of stainless steel, while for the inner basket is the non-stick one, so it is easy to wash off the dirt, even with dishwashers will work.

What can I make with this air fryer?
With its wider height, you can fry a whole turkey, make your favorite breakfast bacon, even to fulfill your craving of desserts like lava cake. 

How to use this air fryer for a faster mode?
In one purchase, you will get the 100-recipes cookbook and a versatile rack and skewer that fits for 5.



What can I cook from this air fryer?
With its customizable button for the time and heat, you can make foods like chicken wings, defrost the frozen package in a short time, to bake and toast your favorite bread.

Is there any difference from the previous version?
This version is the upgraded one from the last one that has not customizable preset buttons for the time and temperature. These new presets help you to set the time, as well as the temperature whenever you like to shake and flip the food.

Can I serve a large number of food?
Although it looks small, the basket is actually enough for cooking food for 4 people. With the adjustable settings, you can finish the frying on time.



Read this before purchasing an air fryer

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for choosing the dos and don'ts for a single air fryer, as it goes the same with other home appliances like stove, microwave, and so on which can make your life easier. As a result, before you make your decision, you can match your perception on choosing the right one. Hang in there, because you will be shown the silver lining of choosing the best of the best air fryers ever.

The size does matter
The size of the basket affects the amount of time you spend on cooking the foods, since you have the nerve to buy this product to cut it out, so you can do the other activities aside from frying french fries, regardless how many people leave in your house. A note to remember that you can make as much food as possible.

It is also applicable with the body of the air fryer. You must check the size with the situation in your kitchen, along with the body material of the air fryer. 

Recipe that includes in the package

This is to avoid an error when it is the first time you use the air fryer. There is a material that might not be suitable to be put in the basket. The recipe book is useful when you are running out of ideas and make yourself comfortable with the settings on the air fryer. The recipe is already in one package of the air fryer and the rack. You can also search the recipe book for air fryers online for more inspiration.

Safety guides

Although you don’t need to add spills of cooking oil, the feature of an air fryer always comes with the heat. Correct, it is the same as when you fry something with a stove or heat something with a microwave. You must follow the safety features of your new air fryer that you can read in the specs brochure. And when you cook with the kids, you must guide them from the beginning to the end. 

Keeping the hygiene

The fact that you should maintain the cleanliness is because you will use the air fryer for a long-term usage. The people who will eat the food are not only 1 person, right? And you must buy this one because you want to keep your health for the rest of your life. As a result, the basket must be easy to remove and the material of the basket has to be, at least, the non-stick one. You can wash the air fryer basket in the dishwasher, as for the body of the air fryer, you can dust it off with a wet cloth or tissue.


Despite the grandeur and excellence of the feature and tendance, you must keep in your to-do-list of what you need the most in the feature of the air fryer. The best one is always the one that can make your body healthy, as well as simple to use for all ages and the maximum specs that fits to every inch of the countertop. Safe your time and get your plate a better healthier food with your air fryer choice!



How to Choose the Right Air Fryer?

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