The Perfect Air Fryer - GoWISE GW22974 vs the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL

Updated 9 Jul 2021
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The Perfect Air Fryer - GoWISE GW22974 vs the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL

People nowadays are claimed to be more aware of their healthiness. In supporting this new habit, many people choose to create some new innovations. A new way of eating until a new device is created in order to reach out to this market. That is why, there are so many booming devices in the world right now.  Such as air humidfiers for bedroom (that surprisingly available on the list under $50!) and cooking appliance like air fryer.

An air fryer works very similar to a frying pan. But, instead of being heated by the fire, an air fryer uses hot air to be circulated by heating elements around the food until it is fried so that the food will have the same effects like it is fried manually. Different from a frying pan or pot, it does not use any gases to fry any kind of fried foods but it uses electricity.

The other great things about an airfryer is that this device is also considered healthier rather than frying manually. It can cut the calories of the food by almost 80 percent. Also, it produces less fat. So, if you are interested to try this guilty-free cookware, then you need to consider these two products. Those are the GoWISE GW22974 and the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL. We will help you to choose the most suitable one by reviewing those two air fryers below.


Similarities #1: Power Source

This point needs to be taken in a note so you can choose the best one air fryer that suits your house electricity. Smaller air fryer commonly known to have 1,000-1,200 watts. Meanwhile larger or medium model units can get above 1,400 watts to 1,800 watts.

GoWise GW22974 and Elite Gourmet AF-0210BL are available with 1,000 watts or 120 volts to plug in your electricity. 

Similarities #2 Non-stick material pan

Many are concerned about not only getting a new healthy method of cooking or changing its lifestyle for their own health investment. Many brands have dedicated better material for their cooking or kitchen appliances to be friendly in a healthier way, which goes to air fryer devices the same way. Less oil is needed and the food basket is also non-stick based.

There is plenty of non-stick material that can be used to cook. However, there are differences whether it is all food grade or not. Good news is that both GoWise GW22974 and Elite Gourmet AF-0210BL are well presented in this concept. The drawer pan and the removable crispy rack are already coated with PFOA non-stick material. It will give you no time to clean the air fryer.


Differences #1: Preset

Like most modern kitchen appliances such as food steamer, some air fryers have a cooking preset attached. This is not only a great preset to get your cooking done at the right time for each ingredient but also works great when you are a beginner. These references will help you as a user to experiment in your cooking preference as well.

GoWISE GW22974 are already equipped with five built-in presets to start frying. Those are Air Fry, Toast, Reheat, Keep Warm, and Frozen Food. Meanwhile, the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL is not equipped with presets. But, it has 6 quick references which are based on the food whether it is poultry, seafood, fish, meat, fries, or baked goods.

Differences #2: Cooking Operation

Air fryer timer setting not only about the manual knob set or digital LED touch panel, the timer setting also varies for most of them. For a medium usage, it usually has 30 minutes on the go range. So, you might need to go twice cooking or get yourself a 60 minutes timer air fryer. Make yourself a choice as shown between these two air fryer models.

The GoWISE GW22974 will give you a 60 minutes timer with a full touchscreen display, while the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL is featured with a 30-minute timer to shut off automatically. This one is also provided with two knobs to operate, one for cooking references and heat, and another one is for the timer.

Differences #3: Food capacity

The difference in food capacity and size between GoWise GW22974 and Elite Gourmet EAf-0201 might have a slight on it. Yet it is still matter for you to consider. The GoWISE GW22974 has the capacity from 1,7 to 2 quarts of food for each batch. The Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL will handle the food with maximum capacity of 2.1 quart.


GoWISE GW22974

With the use of touchscreen features, the air fryer provides easy and quick ways to use. The available five presets are also very helpful to cook any kind of dishes in no time. Its basket is able to hold up from 1.7 quarts to 2 quarts of food. Only by one touch, you can create dishes for two people using this GoWISE GW22974. This tube-like design air fryer has a range of temperature from 180 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit. You can also try the five presets by looking up through the included 50 recipes book.  Make your own temperature setting for its 5 increments of temperature that let you cook with your own preference.

Worry not for your space counter because this air fryer is cool on the outside and also giftable size! The dimensions are about 16.5 x 8 x 11 inches which make it better for you to get it on the perfect set. Especially if you are the one who lives alone or with a couple.

The Perfect Air Fryer - GoWISE GW22974


  • Full touchscreen menu
  • 5 built-in presets
  • Timer up to 60 minutes
  • Additional accessories (Book and app recipes)
  • Easy to use



  • The buttons are too small.




Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL

Even though it is designed in a very compact size, the Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL is more than enough to fry foods for a few people in each batch. With the additional feature of cooking with 85 persen less oil, you will never feel guilty again whenever you eat a deep frying food. This device temperature range starts from 180 Fahrenheit to 395 Fahrenheit degrees with 360 degree rapid air circulation system. The air and heat will be circulated rapidly so you will get the best crispiness out of your fryer. Try making vegetable chips with dips, crispy healthy chicken tenders and more guilt free frying food with it.

The device is also equipped with an elegant cool-touch handle that will make you safer whenever removing the food from the air fryer. The non-stick pan use is PFOA/PTFE free to get you feel better in getting your air fryer non-stick but safe in food grade. Cleaning is easy! You can put the pan in the dishwasher safely and get your things done neat. On the exterior maintenance in cleaning, you can use a damp cloth soft to get it clean back.

The Perfect Air Fryer - Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL


  • 2.1 quart capacity
  • 360° rapid air circulation
  • 6 quick cooking references
  • Easy to clean


  • Timer only up to 30 minutes
  • Old style timer knob.



An air fryer is a multipurpose kitchen appliance. It has not only the ability to fry almost any kind of food but it also has the function as an oven, to reheat or warm the food. You also get the benefit of having a delicious food with less oil and at the same time you will never be bothered by a mountain of dirty dishes. Most importantly, this device is always fit into any size of space.

If you happen to wonder which out of these two as your journey starter, our pick is likely to be GoWISE GW22974. The design itself has won our heart for its uniqueness which suits with its variants of color. This electric mini air fryer will be a best companion to start to get to know air fryer cooking. With its ease of use and cleaning and features, GoWISE GW22974 makes the best out of its ease of use, safer and makes nice alternative food!



Is there a close up photo of the buttons?
The buttons are indeed rather hard to view when they are displayed as photos. But, the photos represented are very close to the real ones. To make it clear, you can zoom in the photos.

How loud does the air fryer beep when finished?
The sound is loud. If you have a toaster oven, the sound is almost similar. To make it clear, for people who have a normal hearing or people with a hearing aid, the sound can be considered as loud.

Is it cool to touch?
The air fryer is covered by a really good material so that it is always safe to touch. But, the inside or the pan should not be touched unless you use any kind of gloves. And makes sure that you remove and touch the pan whenever the beep is on. It shows that the food is ready to eat.


FAQ Elite Gourmet EAF-0201BL

Can it make sweet-potato fries? At what temp and timing?
It absolutely can. But, in order to get the best result, you need to cut it first. It will make the air fryer much easier to work and give a better result. You can fry the sweet potato fries in 425 degrees. For the timing, it ranges from 15 minutes to 22 minutes.

How many chicken pieces enter in the air fryer?
Actually it varies on the size of the chicken pieces. Averagely, the tray will be enough for 3 to 4 chicken pieces.

Does this smoke a lot when in use?
An air fryer does not produce smoke. The variety ranges from the sound. There are some air fryers that sound so loud but there are also others that are very quiet.

Does this need to preheat?
Most air fryers are ready to use at any time. So, whenever you want to fry food, you just need to put the food on the pot and set the timer. This device does not need to preheat.


Good to Know About Air Fryer

Air fryers are considered as one of the most recent innovations in the kitchen appliances. In order to get the best and most suitable air fryer, you need to learn something about it first:

Do not need oil as it is not fried

The appliance actually operates as it is called. It circulates the hot air to make the elements, the pot, heated. The pot will then cook the food until it looks like it is fried. That is why, an air fryer does not need oil and will produce no extra fat.


The features equipped in an air fryer are varied. Some of them are featured with a touch screen but some are not. Some of them are also equipped with presets based on the cooking activities, to heat, to fry, to bake, or to warm the food. But, you will need to set the time to cook different food. Also, you need to shake the basket or the pot to make the food cook evenly. But some others can really provide the heat and cook the food perfectly.


An air fryer is designed to be used as easy and quick as possible. It is not only to cook easily and quickly but it is also designed to clean fast. You just need to wipe the pot and everything is good. But, make sure that you know the chemicals used to clean the pot because the coating can peel off if the chemicals are not suited.


It is true as the appliance is named, an air fryer is used to fry foods. But, that is not the only one. Most air fryers are able to roas even to bake foods. You can save more space in your kitchen because you do not need an oven anymore.

Indeed, there are varied air fryers. But once you get any kind of air fryer that suits your kitchen, you will no longer experience a rush time in your morning hours. You can still time preparing your coffee intake or trying to make your own latte with the best milk frother at home. Have yourself a nice simplicity experience!


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