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Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031

What do you like about staying at a hotel? From the kind of new sweet potato air fried appetizer to a fluffy waffle, it must be the breakfast experience. It makes you crave for a professional taste. Every one of us wants to have the same taste at home, don’t we? We can actually bring the same scent and most importantly, the taste to our own kitchen by ourselves. For your hot served hotel style waffle, you are now only a few steps away.

Especially when it is done by BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031. You just have to wait for the green light to be on, then you can pour in the Belgian waffle batter. The devices give you an effortless attempt to flip the waffle maker too. You can get that nice brown and crispy waffle at a 1-time flip in less than 5 minutes per 1 person.

What both BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031 have

#1 Ready indicator light

There are 2 ready indicator lights that BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031 have. The one on the left is the red lamp for the power sign and the right one is the green lamp for alarming you to pour the batter on the non-stick surface. The sign is based on the temperature of the device itself. You should be relieved just in case you do another house chore or assignment.

After you put a scoop of the batter on the plate, you just have to close the other plate and wait a minute then flip it again and wait for another minute, or can be done with a timer. Although the lights are not the timer, it still gives you a sign for you to flow another batch of the batter. You can see the indicator lights clearly on the top of the housing, under the handle. It has to face the upper side of the housing.  

Similiarties - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031

#2 Foldable cool-touch handle

The handle is obviously important in the component of every waffle maker. The housing of both BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031 is made of stainless steel, making the body hot while the device is on. As a result, the handle, which you will hold every time you flip, lock, and open the plate, must have a cool-touch surface. 

These two devices also come with the foldable one, making it easy to store the waffle makers, either on the countertop or cabinet. Therefore, you should be happy with the space-saving value of the product, yet you can feed 1-6 people in the house. There is a lock between the handle and the house, which the waffle won’t flip out from the plate. It is very convenient, isn’t it?

#3 One time flip

The one time flip technology is the one that you must have in your kitchen because you want to have the waffle onto your plate right away, don’t you? Also, unlike the classic waffle maker ones, BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031 flip the waffle so easily. The reason is that these two are the flipping waffle iron type. If the traditional one will have a different color on the other side, with a flipping waffle iron, it is cooked evenly.

See, you can have your favorite waffle from the restaurant to your home. These two devices also look like the ones in the stalls. You can add the toppings as many as you want. For instance, a bar of melted chocolate with jam or just the regular one with maple syrup or powdered sugar. Also, you can make different snacks that are possible to make with a waffle maker device, like brownies, cinnamon roll, and so forth more instantly.

What makes BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031 different from each other

Differences - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031

#1 Batter browning control

The first dissimilarity of BLACK+DECKER WM1404S and Hamilton Beach 26031 is the controlling option for the brown color on the waffle’s surface. The one that has the controller is the one from Hamilton Beach. You will find it right under the indicator light. You can switch it to the left and right, depending on the brown level of your waffle.

If you turn the browning feature to the left, then you won’t get the color as brown as if you turn it to the right. You might as well get the crispness from the pattern grid because you turn on the browning system correctly. It is possible to have the regular golden color, brown, to almost dark brown because it smells different. If you prefer the neutral color yet still fluffy and cooked well, you can turn it to the middle.

#2 Detachable grids and overflow tray

Two of the perks of having removable grids and an overflow tray is to keep up the cleanliness of the waffle maker. Hamilton Beach 26031 has detachable ceramic plates and a drip tray that you can slide into the slot. The components are also dishwasher friendly. So, if you are someone who relies on this kind of machine to clean the dishes, this is one of your options for purchasing a waffle maker.

BLACK+DECKER WM1404S only has the detachable drip tray. Yet, the inner plates are non-stick based too. You can brush the dirt off with a cloth or sponge. It is as easy as washing the tray that Hamilton Beach has. In the end, you won’t get a messy table from the oil or overflown batter.




Are you craving the waffle that you ate at the hotel on the last vacation? If that’s the reason you buy a waffle maker, then BLACK+DECKER WM1404S is perfect for you. This one is always perfect for those who are new to a flip waffle iron. The removable overflow tray will avoid your kitchen countertop from unwanted mess from the oil or the unlocked plate.

As cool as its best home juicer, the housing of BLACK+DECKER waffle maker is made of stainless steel. It makes the waffles are cooked evenly and brings the heat all over the plates. There is one ready indicator light that is divided into the red light on the left and the green light on the right. The two indicate power and readiness. When the light goes to the green, it means that you can pour the waffle batter on the plate.

To flip the waffle, you can hold the cool-touch handle, which also automatically locks the plates. You can also fold the handle, so it is easy to store. The plates are non-stick too, making it easy to wipe the plates with a wet cloth instantly. You are free to experiment with the device with other snacks too like a brownie, hashbrown, grilled sandwiches, cinnamon roll, and so on.

Produk 1 - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031


  • The removable overflow tray is easy to clean.
  • The non-stick coating on the plates doesn't need any drip of oil or butter.
  • The heat is enough to make a hot crispy waffle.


  • No timer, so if you don’t watch it might burn.
  • The double function handle can’t lock the plate properly.


Hamilton Beach 26031

It is now possible to bring the Belgian-style waffle restaurant experience to your kitchen with Hamilton Beach 26031. Well, it seems like everything is possible now. But, with this one, your waffle making at home will be such a game-changer. It is almost like art because you can set up the browning level. 

The quality of the material of both exterior and interior is amazing. On the outside, the housing is stainless steel. If you have this one material on the housing cover, then you can easily clean the surface. There is also one ready indicator light whose function is to notify you to put the batter on the grid. After you see the light, there is a browning controller that will, apparently, give you a nice color, as well as crispness.

On the inside, the ceramic plates of this waffle maker are detachable. Same goes to their low price toaster crumb tray. You must know if it is easy to remove, then you can keep the hygiene for later use as well. There is also a drip tray that can hold the excess liquid from the batter. As a result, there is less mess in the surroundings. You just have to follow the instructions from the user manual for first-time use. It will cook the waffle for 3 minutes on each side, but better to use a timer.

Produk 2 - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031


  • The plates and tray can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Even color and texture from the browning control.
  • Quick to make 1 waffle, with restaurant-taste one.


  • The heat is not steady from time to time.
  • The removable plates need more great care depending on the condition of the dishwasher.


Our Pick

Summary 2 - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031

Now, it’s time to bring the conclusion of which one you should have to complete your kitchen countertop. The first thing you have to pay attention to is the overall function. Isn’t it more convenient to have such an all-in-one device, while it is supposed to be for making a waffle? You can just flip over the surface whenever it is perfect to do so. Also, you can just clean the plates with a soft cloth, because the surfaces themselves are non-stick, while your table is clean from liquids that can dirt the surrounding because it is held by the drip tray. Thus, you don’t need to add more butter or even just leave the batter cooked and easy to flip and take out.

We can recommend you best as our pick to get is BLACK+DECKER WM1404S. This waffle maker is for sure could get you excellent crispy Belgian waffles nice and quick. Make sure you preheat the plates before pouring the batter. This will make your waffle well done afterwards. Even if this waffle maker doesn't have temperature control or browning control, the heat distribution is on the best rate as well.



How many times should we flip the waffle maker?

One time is enough. You will get a nice crispy and fluffy inside and still thick. Having the flipping waffle maker will make the waffle’s surfaces cooked evenly.

What is the indicator lamp for?

It is to tell you that you can pour the batter in. It might also give you a sign to flip the side and take off the finished one.

How to clean the inner plates?

You can’t remove them, so it is better to wash them off. To do it, you can have a damp kitchen tissue or soft cloth to avoid scratch.


FAQ Hamilton Beach 26031

What will we get in the box aside from the waffle maker?

You will have the user manual. If there is no, you can download one on Amazon's official store for this unit.

Should we put oil on the plates?

It depends on the kinds of oil. But, it is better to brush it with a little drip of oil to maintain the quality of the ceramic plates. The plates are already food-grade too.

How long will you have the waffle on my plate?

It takes up to 6 minutes for 1 waffle. You should get to know the device because there is no temperature control. There is only the browning controller but it doesn’t give you the exact temperature.

Good to Know: Cast Materials in Waffle Makers

Good to know - Waffle Maker - BLACK+DECKER WM1404S vs Hamilton Beach 26031

There are lots of types of waffle makers, as it goes the same as the cast materials. The cast materials affect the way how you should wash the inner plates. If it is hard to clean off, it usually will leave a stretch or any other mark that can lower the quality of the product. But, it will heat the device thoroughly, so the waffle is cooked evenly, with such crispness and brown color that may enhance the taste and aroma.


The positive points of having this base are easy to clean and no waffle residue inside the plate. But, it is better if you clean it by hand, instead of the dishwasher. If you treat the non-stick plate incorrectly, it will leave a scratch.

Cast iron

If you are familiar with this kitchen necessity, a cast iron is best to keep up the heat, as it is the same as in a waffle maker. You don't need a single drop of butter or oil on the plates. As a result, you can wash it effortlessly and keep it for longer use.

Cast steel

Things that are made of steel are mostly easy to clean. Another perk is that you can put it in a dishwasher. The waffle is also evenly cooked. But, you will need more time to preheat the device before you use it to make one batch of waffles.

Cast aluminum

Lastly, there is a waffle maker which plates are made of a cast aluminum. This is as convenient as non-stick. The only difference is that this one can preheat the one in a short time, as well as you will cook the waffle instantly. Thus, you don't waste the electricity.

Suggestion to buy

It is already your time to add such a game-changer for your breakfast menu. It is proved that you will bring your favorite waffle restaurant to your small kitchen, and it lets you taste the crisp and fluffiness of Belgian waffles.


Types of waffles and waffle maker

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