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Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

Owning a waffle maker is great. First of all, waffles are delicious. You can eat a waffle for breakfast, brunch, snacks, or dessert. Then, by owning a waffle maker in your house, you can make it any time you want. No more frozen waffles! There are also surprising recipes for waffles to try on.

If you think a vertical waffle maker doesn't make any sense, you might be surprised by the time you realize how easy they are to use. These vertical waffle makers actually make the waffle making the process a lot easier even if you are a beginner. And it makes less of a mess as well. On top of that, the vertical design saves so much space on your kitchen counter so you can store it nicely on your busy kitchen top.

Now that you are already familiar with the idea of a vertical waffle maker, you may want to get one yourself. But what is considered a good vertical waffle maker? Here we discuss a little deep about Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of vertical waffle makers and pick the right one for you. 

Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 Similarities

Similarities - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1


Similarities #1: Pouring Spout

Different from the common personal waffle maker, this vertical version of waffle maker indeed stands with how you cook. Not only it comes with a stand, the way you pour the batter comes from the top side. This is what we call pouring spout.

You can pour down your waffle batter through this pouring spout. Slowly but sure until it is filled from the measuring cup, then after a while you can turn the waffle maker and easily remove them from the pan without any mess and trouble while cooking. Most users also experience this pouring spout feature to be unique.

Similarities #2: Measuring Cup

Whenever you are trying to bake, the measuring cup is a key to get the perfect portion. You don't want it to be much or less, the measuring cup will give the right amount just in case you only need a single bite to go. The best similarities that come from both Cuisinart WAF-V100 and Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 is that the measuring cup is brought in one package.

Because you get the right amount of batter from the measuring cup, you won't get holes between the waffles or it is cracked because the batter is poured lightly with feelings. You don't have to guess how much batter you need for each batch anymore.

Similarities #3: Safe to Touch Handle

Since the material of these vertical waffle makers is food grade stainless steel, the exterior or lid might deliver some heat. The safe touch handle feature is really helpful for you to prevent any burnt accident. You can open and close the handle easily without having to burn your hands. The handle also keeps the batter inside and avoids spillage so you don't have to clean some extra mess. 

On both of Cuisinart WAF-v100 and Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 both have safety touchhandle on the right side for a smart design waffle iron fpr your safety and convenience.

Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 Differences

Differences - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

Differences #1: Browning Control

The browning control feature on a toaster and waffle maker allows you to get the perfect color, crispness you have been longing for. Some like it fluffy on both inside and outside, some like it crisp as it gets bitey. Between Cuisinart WAF-V100 and Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 here you might find the difference.

The Cuisinart WAF-V100 comes with a browning control that is a handy analog knob and light for your waffle likeness. On the other hand, Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 doesn't come with the previous feature but this model has an indicator light for ready to cook and eat.

Differences #2: Pan Material

You might have concern about baking plates or waffle maker pan material the most. Some non-stick state waffle makers leave out some burning plastic smell and crack onto your batter in the worst. Therefore, you need to make sure you get in full details about the pan material. There is a difference between Cuisinart and Oster Titanium for its pan material, yet both are food grade safe.

Both products come with a non-stick pan that is easy to clean, but they use different materials. The Cuisinart WAF-V100 uses stainless steel material with a non-stick coating. It is great, but along with time, the coating may peel or flake. While the Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 pan is made out of non-stick ceramic with no coating. It serves the same benefit but will not flake or peel even after long usage. 


Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 Comparison

Cuisinart WAF-V100

Cuisinart WAF-V100 makes a one round Belgian waffle with five browning controls you can set yourself. It comes with ready to eat indicator lights along with an audible alert to notify you when the waffle is done. As to prevent any hands burnt, this model has a cool to touch locking handle that is easy to open and close. The locking handle also secures the batter inside so there will be no messy leaking. The non-stick baking plates are also easy to clean with only a damp towel to wipe. 

Cuisinart WAF V-100 waffle maker is noted as within the top 40 list on the bestseller list from most Amazon users. It is highly recommended for the compact size and saving space yet best on its durability. The browning control feature helps you to serve the best golden brown pancake from the cafe but way better because it is sef-made! Spend some time to experiment with the recipes included in the package as well. Quick and easy overall!

Produk 1 - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1


  • Five browning control
  • Counter space friendly
  • Audible alert


  • Little excess from batter pour but OK.

Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1 is specified with a non-stick material pan with DuraCeramic coating which is guarantably PFOA and PTFE-free. Unlike any other non-stick pan, it is to believe more preventive from getting your waffle maker pan flake or peel. As you start to pour the batter from the pouring spout, you don't need any spray or oil needed and it will be still eay to remove your hot waffle from the pan inside. You can easily clean the plate without worry to have the needs of removing the plates because it is just a breeze away.

This model does not have an indicator light but still make a perfect golden brown pancake after you preheat the pan before pouring the batter inside. There is an indicator light that will guide you as a way to know when it is ready to cook and eat. The size is also friendly among many waffle irons so it can suit your small studio apartment and giftable. It is overall a wonderful nicely designed waffle iron you could choose to help you serve the warm stacks of waffles in a snap.

Produk 2 - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1


  • DuraCeramic coating
  • Easy to clean


  • No beeping sound when it's ready.





Summary - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

A horizontal waffle maker may need some practice to use. But these vertical ones have more advantages especially when you are a beginner cook. You can use the measuring cup easily so you will get the right size of waffle. Besides, it is fun and great to experience a new cooking method but still make the best kind of food to your table in seconds only. No more frozen waffles to devour with your hot foamy milk and chocolate!

In the summary between these two vertical waffle makers, we can recommend you to get Cuisinart WAF-V100 to your cart. For the rate of convenience, it is easy to use and clean. The non-stick baking plates might not have the ceramic coating but mostly the damp cloth will clean and leave no batter residue left afterwards. It is also a great one with the spec of browning control setting and makes a big waffle as well. Cuisinart WAF-V100 surely can do the magic for a perfect golden brown waffle to your plate.

FAQ Cuisinart WAF-V100 

FAQ 1 - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1Is it possible to cook other things beside waffles in it?

There are some user might as well experiment by adding blueberries in the batter mix or cake mix, however it is not desirable to get other things inside because it is generally a vertical waffle maker.

How to get the waffles out without flopping?

You can carefully open the handle. The waffle should stay vertical on the plate and you can remove it carefully. 

How tight is the seal? 

The seal is pretty tight, but it requires a certain consistency to keep the batter inside. If you make a typical thin batter, this waffle maker is not the right choice because the batter will leak. 

FAQ Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

FAQ 2 - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

How do you clean the vertical waffle maker?

You can clean it simply by opening it up and wiping it. You can use a paper towel or a damp cloth, depending on how dirty or greasy the pan is. If you get some leftovers stuck on the pan, you can clean it using a kitchen brush and a dish soap. 

Can it make crispy waffles?

Yes, you can make crispy waffles using this waffle maker. But you need to let the waffle inside for a little longer. This waffle doesn't come with a timer so you need to time it yourself and see if the waffle is already done and if you already get the crispiness you want. 

Do you have to use butter or oil before pouring the batter?

Yes. Butter or oil keeps the pan from getting sticky. It also helps the batter slide easier from the pouring spot. You can brush the butter or spray some oil before you pour the batter. 

3 Important Notes of A Waffle Maker

Good To Know - Waffle Maker - Cuisinart WAF-V100 vs Oster Titanium CKSTVWF1

Isn't it good to finally get a waffle maker? You can save money from buying frozen waffles and enjoy homemade waffles instead anytime you want. But having a kitchen appliance means you need to take good care of it. Especially if you want to keep making waffles using them for a long time. Below are some things you need to know about waffle makers.

Preheat the waffle maker

Before you pour the batter, you need to preheat your waffle maker for at least five minutes or until the pan is warm enough. If you pour the batter when the pan is still cool, it is more likely the batter will get stuck on the pan and you will need some extra time to clean it. Preheated pan also ensures the waffle is done beautifully. 

Grease the pan

Even if the waffle maker pan is made out of non-stick material, you still need to grease it with oil especially when you use it for the first time. You may don't have to grease the pan every single time you make a waffle, but you still need to do it every couple of batches. Oil spray is your best choice to grease the pan. You can use butter, but some type of butter may make the pan sticky instead. 

Be patient

Be patient and trust your waffle maker to do its job. If it comes with a timer, you just have to wait until the timer is off. But if it doesn't come with a timer, you can wait for a few minutes until the waffle is done. Do not peak or open the waffle maker before you are sure that the waffle is done because the uncooked waffle will tear apart and stick to the pan. You also need to be careful and not touch the waffle maker other than the handle because they can be really hot when running and sometimes after the waffle is done. 

Now that we learn a little more about waffle makers, you don't have to wait any longer to get your own vertical waffle maker. Experience the simplicity of making waffles using the vertical waffle maker of your choice. 



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