Waffle Maker: Presto 03510 vs BELLA Classic 13591 Review and Comparison

Updated 19 Jul 2021
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Waffle Maker Presto 03510 vs BELLA Classic 13591 Review and Comparison

How Do We Get a Nice Brown Belgian Waffle from 1 Device?

Everybody likes their Belgian waffle when it has a nice thick golden brown consistency. This food, too, can give you energy throughout the morning, and so it is everywhere in the convenient store. If you think it is nearly impossible to make one at home, you must meet Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591. Not only can they make waffles from home, but also the design is countertop-friendly, with elegant stainless steel exterior.

You can always pick the maker based on the function, from the one that can make waffles like a professional to the ones that have restaurant taste. The two devices are designed to be easy to store up and clean up. The cooking time is also adorable, with a light indicator that you can always rely on.


Both Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591 have

#1 Easy to store

The design of a waffle maker is typically like a toaster; the tray faces horizontally, making it eat up some space on the table. But, Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591 have the ability to rotate 180 degrees, not only is it to save up the space, but also to cook the waffle evenly.

To keep Presto on the countertop, you can flip the pan to 90 degrees, then lock it with a latch. While to store BELLA, you can just flip the pan to the top and turn the control knob to upside. Then, you can put the machine wherever you like to store. But make sure the surface is already cool.

#2 Easy to clean

The hygiene of your cooking device is always the number one priority. Indeed, you will use the waffle maker for the long term. Therefore, it must be easy to brush off the dirt and excess oil from the coating plate. Like Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591, both have a non-stick waffle plate, which you can clean the surface with a soft cloth after you use it.

The interior of Presto is made of ceramic, so you don’t need to add oil when you’re about to put the waffle batter. BELLA also has its own drip tray to hold the excess oil and other liquid from the waffle. The tray is dishwasher-friendly too. The exterior of the two products is stainless steel that you can clean the body with a damp cloth.

BELLA Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker PFOA Free Non Stick Coating

#3 High-quality of waffle

A waffle maker is there for you to make one all the time while at home if you can’t grab a batch from the waffle restaurant. Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591 give you the takeaway experience at home. You can also save some money when you make the food at home. Just do some experiments on the waffle making. That sounds fun!

The high-quality one is always the one that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The color of the waffle is also the other indicator of an excellent-rate waffle. To make the golden brown side, Presto can set up the timer and will give a countdown signal when it’s almost done. BELLA’s specialization is the browning setting knob. You can get the brown gradation that you prefer. 

#4 Free recipe included

It is always advisable when you’re going to buy a cooking appliance because each material’s surface of the waffle pan is different, so the substance that you use to make the waffle should match the pan. In one purchase of Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591, you get the instruction book, in which you will find the recipe book. You can also get a variety of flavors on BELLA's website.


Presto 03510 and BELLA Classic 13591 Differences

#1 Detachable dip tray

The dip tray has a function to keep the table clean out of excess oil and batter. That is why you must attach the tray under the waffle plate. As a result, there won’t be more mess around the table. You will also save more time on cleaning the other dishes because the dirts are on the tray.

The one that has this one accessory is BELLA. It is dishwasher-friendly, or you can also wash it in the sink. The design of Presto is almost the same as the traditional home waffle maker, but the plate can be turned around. But this one waffle maker doesn’t need to add more oil, though. There shouldn’t be an oily table afterward. 




Presto 03510

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Black

It is the professional-simple design you will have in the kitchen. Presto 03510 is such an upgrade for your grandmother’s waffle maker. For the taste of the waffle, it’s always like the real Belgian one. The reason behind your golden brown waffle is from the temperature control. You can set up the timer and flip in less effort. It will take 4 minutes to cook each waffle. The red light and countdown timer will tell you when it’s ready.

The nice texture of the waffle is also from its interior and exterior body. The waffle plate has a ceramic material, so you don’t need to spray some cooking oil. The 7-diameter plate should be enough to add up the waffle stall experience at home. While for the exterior, it is covered with stainless steel, making it easy to wipe off with a wet cloth. As it can be flipped 180 degrees, the device is also easy to store. To flip the plate, there is the holder you can hold on, and it’ll be locked in a vertical position.

Therefore, if it is easy to clean and keep for years, then the durability is excellent, even though the design is like the one you see in the antique store. The device is light, too. If it’s easy to carry, it’s also easy to move from one place to another. You can have this maker as a present for yourself or your best friend.


  • Slender design, save up space.
  • The timer is attached, with a red light indicator.
  • Deep pockets for more crisps.
  • Easy to use for everyone, homey design.



  • Only has a 1-year warranty.
  • The components are not dishwasher-friendly.

BELLA Classic 13591

BELLA Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker Perfect 1 inch Thick Waffles

Now your favorite waffle restaurant is closed, or in another case, it is now far from your old apartment. The easy alternative is, of course, making waffles at home. It is now possible to make ones in your small kitchen. BELLA Classic 13591 will give you the practice of making the batches into the restaurant-quality flavor. 

The design of the part is also like the one the chef made for you. With the 1000 watt power, you can make 4 waffles in 10 minutes. See, if normally you wait in the queue for half of an hour, now you can have more than 1 in less than an hour. You’re also the one who controls the brown level that you can turn from the knob. The handle is safe to flip on too. You might invite your friends over or the kids to make the waffle together. 

To store the waffle maker, you firstly can clean the inner and outer part of the device with a cloth because it is just made out of stainless steel. You must know the fact about the hygiene level when it has a stainless steel material, it’s amazing. Then, you can remove the dip tray, as the drip of the excess oil falls there. The tray can be washed by hand or dishwasher. After all things are dried, you can bring the waffle plate to a 90-degree position.


  • Less mess, dishwasher-friendly accessory.
  • Red and green light indicator.
  • Making thick waffles.
  • Free online waffle recipe.



  • 2-year warranty.
  • No timer attached.



Eating waffles have been around for centuries. This one food which is from Belgium and France is now a snack because it is easy and quick to make. Some families also eat waffles for breakfast. They will eat these with maple syrup, whipping cream, or even fried chicken. Its delicacy brings the opportunity to some people too, so they make more variety of taste to eat with waffles. No wonder some people are already loyal customers of the stall. But, what if you can’t see the lady again because you move to another place? The answer is you must have a waffle maker.

Here we pick Presto 03510 for the win. You can have the same flavor as the ones you bought from the waffle stall because the plate is flippable. The detachable dip tray also became a star feature in it. Since it can be like that vertically, you can still put it on the kitchen countertop. With its elegant stainless steel body and ceramic plate, it’ll be easier to clean, but most importantly, taste professional. Crispy outside, fluffy inside.


FAQ Presto 03510

How to clean this one waffle maker?
Since the plate is made of ceramic, you must wait for it until cool. It is also not removable. But, you can just simply wipe it with a wet cloth. 

What kind of oil can I use to cook waffles?
Again, since the plate has ceramic material, you don’t need to spray oil. A non-stick one can damage the plate. Another thing that is not advisable is because some recipes already include butter.

How to avoid dry waffles?
You can try to add 6 eggs. And instead of regular milk, you can use 1 cup of buttermilk and a half cup of vegetable oil. 


FAQ BELLA Classic 13591

What style of waffle can I make from this maker?
It is supposedly the Belgian-style one. The plate makes the thick yet still has the crips holes. 

How do we know when our waffle is ready?
There are 2 sign lamps; red and green. The red one will tell you if it’s turned on and the green is when it is ready to cook the batter.

How big is the plate?
It can hold the third quarter to 1 cup of the batter. It should fit your 8 diameter plate. You might as well cut one waffle into 4 pieces.


Good to know: foods that you can make with a waffle maker

It seems like there is only one function in a single waffle maker. But, if we look at the feature carefully, the device is somehow versatile, especially if you live by yourself in the flat. The flexibility of the device is from the heating process, in which almost all cooking devices must have one. You can also see from the golden brown color and crispiness on the outside of the waffle, as it is the same with a toaster and air fryer when you want to make a toast and something grilled.

BELLA Classic Rotating Thick Waffles PFOA Free Non Stick Coating Removable Drip Tray for Easy Clean


The consistency of the batter between waffles and brownies is no different. And so, you can make your favorite brownies in a waffle maker. You will get that crispy chocolatey sensation. Such a game-changer to eat brownies.

Cinnamon roll

You must preheat the waffle maker first, just like how you bake the cinnamon roll in an oven. The temperature is most likely the same as one. Yet, with a waffle maker, the food is rather dry and not bouncy. It’s fun to make and eat, though, should be fine.


As you will recognize, the two sides of a waffle maker are non-stick. When you cook the bacon, it will automatically be greasy. That is why you can make breakfast bacon with this device. You are free to eat it with waffles. It’s a good combination.

Grilled cheese

Most grilled cheese is pressed in a toaster. If you put both devices side-to-side, you will find zero difference between the two. With a waffle maker, your grilled cheese will have a pattern that makes the cheese and loaf crispy. 


This is a new way to eat pizza. You might eat the slice of the leftover one or with the instant pizza dough. You won’t get the hard bite from the edge of the pizza. The cheese can melt and the tomato will be crunchy, too.


Not only can a waffle maker bring your favorite restaurant-taste waffle maker, but also to make your kitchen like a professional. It is necessary to have one, as you can use this as a toaster and small fryer.



Surprising Foods You Can Make with Waffle Maker

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