Zulay VS PowerLix - The Best Electric Milk Frother Review and Comparison

Updated 15 Jul 2021
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Zulay VS PowerLix - Who Is The Best Handheld Electric Milk Frother?

Everyone has their own cup of tea, so does the coffee. You might like sandwich made with Panini bread instead sourdough bread or you are a big fan of latte and cappuccino that you keep thinking of making yourself a cafe like coffee cups at home. Don’t get yourself back up after looking at the great coffee machine from your favorite coffee shop.

There’s always a chance to start something from scratch. Like making your own bread at home with budget friendly stand mixer, you can also make your own latte by using a handheld milk frother. From the bestseller milk frother list, check out this review of Zulay vs. PowerLix milk frothers products to help you become a barista at home.



Zulay vs PowerLix Similarities

Similarities #1 Excellent Little Appliance

Never underestimate small things like a thin walled mug warmer, little auto can opener and milk frother. Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother and PowerLix Milk Frother are listed on top numbers of best milk frothers as excellent little appliances. Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother comes in a handy size of item dimensions in 9.92 x 2.91 x 2.7 inches. Meanwhile, the second on the list is PowerLix Milk Frother with dimension details in  9.84 x 2.87 x 2.83 inches.

Similarities #2 Affordable Price for Your Homemade Latte

Whether you are a beginner or you are a retired barista, to have your own milk frother at an affordable price feels nice. Therefore you can make your homemade latte without worrying about your savings anymore. Both Zulay and PowerLix are enlisted on Amazon for around $19.95 in the sale condition.

Similarities #3 Lifetime Guarantee

Another point besides affordable price, Zulay and PowerLix provides you a lifetime guarantee for your best homemade coffee experience. They are both easy to use, bring a creamy froth and will give you the best service with their guarantee.


Zulay VS PowerLix - The Best Handheld Electric Milk Frother


Zulay vs PowerLix Differences

Differences #1 RPM

The RPM on a milk frother allows you to get a balanced need of whipping power and speed. The RPM provided by Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother is 13,500 RPM meanwhile PowerLix Milk Frother has 19,000 RPM on. More speed means you will get a better mix but also need to be careful on what kind of mix you wanted.

Differences #2 Stand Materials

Both products presented in nice design and looked good in hand to use. However the materials for the stands were different within these two handheld milk frothers. Zulay only says that they use premium materials, but the stand materials are more familiar to be plastic materials. PowerLix milk frother stand is made out of polymer material.


Specification Comparison

  Zulay Original Milk Frother PowerLix Milk Frother 
RPM 13500 19000
Package Dimension 10 x 3.2 x 3 inches  9.9 x 3 x 2.8 inches
Weight 4.8 ounces 5.6 ounces 
Battery Type 2AA batteries 2AA batteries
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel


Zulay vs PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother Comparison

Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother

Zulay Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes - Whisk Drink Mixer for Coffee, Mini Foamer for Cappuccino

If you happen looking for a rich, creamy froth in seconds you can get this Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother to your cart. The item dimensions details on 9.92 x 2.91 x 2.7 inches which is easy to store and clean as a great small appliance.

Customers review on this product also said that it works very well for matcha whisking, keto coffee and more healthy smoothie shakes as well. So you will be able to serve yourself the best homemade latte on your taste.



Elegant design to collect and handle. It is hard to find one since it is on the #1 bestseller milk frother.
Perfect mix blend just like a pro barista.  
Warranty  backed by the manufacture, for a lifetime.  


PowerLix Milk Frother

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Foam Maker For Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate

The handheld milk frother from PowerLix Milk frother is made in a handy package with 5.3 ounces weight and 9.84 x 2.87 x 2.83 inches. This machine has 19,000 RPM which helps you get a better and proper whipping power for a perfect foam to make for your homemade latte, cappuccino and even makes your soups and dressing mix as well.

You only need around 15-20 seconds to get it done. It comes in various colors on black, red and silver stands. The popularity of PowerLix Milk frother also comes after its best stainless steel quality and their 100% lifetime warranty.



Easy to set up and use. Problems every time battery change is needed.
Smooth noise on. No worries to make it even at midnight.  



It is really a hard choice when both of the products were actually listed on top of the list for such great reviews. Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother and PowerLix Milk Frother both have easiness in cleaning and work well to make a creamy creamy froth for your homemade latte.

On top of that, choosing the perfect handheld milk frother you need to take notes on the item weights, materials used for both stand and the wand. The power or RPM used also helps you define the perfect whip blend to have daily with a battery usage change frequency.

Among all key points, we prefer to have Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother home on cart since both have affordable prices with a few leads on ratings as well.



FAQ Zulay Classic Milk Boss Frother

Is it possible to make matcha froth with this?
Yes and it works just great for frothing matcha. As long as you get the steps correctly such as sifting your matcha, using hot water below 80 degrees and incorrect water and powder ratio.

What are the batteries used for the device?
This device works well with two AA batteries.

How noisy is this frother?
You will only hear a soft vibrating sound around without everyone knowing that you are making coffee or whipping your midnight salad dressing.

FAQ PowerLix Milk Frother

What is the warranty of this product?
It stated that the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for this handheld milk frother.

Is there any hassle on changing the battery?
Simple to change batteries as you don’t have to look up for a screwdriver to open the battery cavity.

Can this device help warm the milk?
It works great as a milk frother but nearly possible to warm the milk.


A Guide for Buying Milk Frother

So, you already make a list on the handheld milk frother to add on your cart. Just take a few moments first, take a double check the specifications and other items before purchasing the milk frother device to your cart. Check on the list below!

  • Remember your budget first

There are lots of milk frothers with various styles, designs and prices. Remember that great items don't always come pricey. Some of the best products also don’t come from a popular brand. They might just offer a sleek design with expensive price but zero quality in materials.

  • Compact size and easy to use

Portable devices come in handy and easy to store package dimensions, like a travel washing machine, handheld milk frother also have this kind of simplicity. It is way more affordable and easy to use and set up anytime and anywhere. Perfectly fit for your craving of homemade latte. Be the barista of your own!

  • Brand ratings

The brand ratings also undeniably affect us on purchasing a product. The more it gets a better review and rates, the more we are interested with. Make sure you check on both sides. From the 1 star rate to its 5 stars rate.

  • Froth quality result

The best quality of froth is known to be made out of electric handheld milk frother. This is essential as your goal is to make a nice latte by yourself. Also, if you are considered as a new ‘student’ with this frother thing, it is much better to use the electric one for a great result.

  • Materials used

Materials used for appliance also need to be considered if you want a long last device. The best one is to have the handle with a great premium quality of stainless steel. The thickness of the wand also affects your device to work longer. The thicker the better. Some also have mixed use materials on the stand and its steering wheel.

  • Milk frother RPM

The RPM on milk frother stands for your standards on making milk froth with perfect blend in. If you want to make whipped foam with milk, powders and supplements, your brother needs to have a minimum of 15,000 RPM. The further that has RPM under 15,000 usually made a thin foam and can blend easily. Meanwhile the 19,000 RPM were better for your needs in mixing heavier powder and mixtures. It not only works for your milk forth but for your sauces, soups, eggs and other variations of marinades for cooking. So, when you see a higher speed on the description, it will help you make a better mixing.

  • The duration

The duration is referring to the time you spent on making a perfect frothing. You know that time is the most precious thing in our life. So don't spend much time just making a perfect frothing because electric milk frother is way better in time management rather than non-electric handheld ones.

The faster, the better, right? Pick one of yours now before it's too late! On top of that, you might as well take a look your homemade cafe vibes with a new mini coffee maker like the mini size coffee maker or 25oz coffee maker.





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