Best Digital Air Fryer - Amazon Basics DF7005 vs New House Kitchen Review and Comparison

Updated 9 Jul 2021
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Coming up with an efficiently healthy lifestyle offers, steaming food and cutting oil in your cooking is a good step to start. Air fryer is one of your options to get! It is undeniably great especially for you who love to cook but want to make your cooking preparation short yet still make a great dish on the plate. Aside from its 'luxury' feeling by getting yourself an air fryer, this kitchen appliance is the answer to your doubt whether a microwave or oven is better to have when you have a small space.

Below are the medium size air fryers for your cart to fill, between Amazon basics DF7005 and New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q that can be your air fryer companion for a crispier and nice cooking ahead.


Amazon Basics DF7005 vs New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q Similarities

Similarities #1 Digital LED Panel

The modest and modern design of your kitchen appliance can add points to your counter. Not only it is a good sight to see but also a convenience to display on. The air fryer mostly comes up with this kind of sleek design that is best at it.

Amazon Basics DF7005 and New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q both similarly go with the concept of an air fryer with digital LED panel touch screen. The Amazon Basics DF7005 digital LED panel goes around in square shape and the New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q in round shape.

Similarities #2 Dishwasher Safe Part

To make your cleaning time become a breeze and save up your time, to get your air fryer parts handy to wash and dishwasher parts were the most reliable feature you need to have.

Since the Amazon Basics DF7005 and New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q both come up with a non-stick air frying basket, these air fryers are fine to clean on top of the rack of your dishwasher.


Amazon Basics DF7005 vs New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q Differences


Depending on what you love to cook with an air fryer, the capacity of the device needs to be thought about as you want a decent amount which is good for you. There are plenty of air fryers that mostly come up with a bigger capacity to serve large servings up to 6 people. However, most of the 3 quarts air fryers were very suitable for 1 to 2 people serving.

Amazon Basics that weighs about 11.2 pounds has the content capacity of making your food up to 3 liters or the same as 3.2 quarts or 3 liters with its detachable non stick air frying basket. Meanwhile the New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q can make it up to 3.6 quart which similarly the same with 3.41 liters with the item weight of 10.33 pounds.


Amazon Basics DF7005 vs New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q Comparison

Amazon Basics DF7005

Amazon Basics DF7005 Air Fryer

The Amazon Brand came up with an air fryer product with the basic idea to provide highly rated products at low price. Amazon Basics DF7005 brought to you item dimensions for 15.5 x 11 x 12.5 inches with an LED digital touch screen panel. It weighs about 11.2 pound with the cooking capacity up to 3.3 liters or 3.2 quart. This air fryer uses wattage for 1400 watts.

You can freely make an air fry, bake, grill and roast with less oil and set the time as you wish it is cooked! There are 7 cooking preset options available to set. The air fryer also has a sleek design with safety features for its non-slip feet and handy counter top design. You can have this place side by side with your toaster. A medium sized fryer that takes less space with ease of use and cleaning is on Amazon Basics DF7005.


  • Lightweight air fryer.
  • Easy cooking set and temperature.



  • Knobs can be loosening.


New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q

New House Kitchen Digital Air Fryer

New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q is an air fryer with flat basket with a digital compact touch screen panel technology that makes it look more modern to your kitchen. This modern design is provided to you for a healthier cooking with 98% less oil. The temperature is adjustable from 175F to 400F, good thing you can also switch the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celcius too.

With a 60 minute timer and auto shut off feature, make it for any cooking you need such as air fry veggies to your frozen or leftover foods. The 3.5 liter or 3.5 quart basket capacity is easy to clean and use. Cleaning is easy because it is available to put inside the dishwasher. If you happen to prefer to clean by hand, do not soak the basket in water or use a brillo pad to prevent rust. For your convenience, thes warranty is for 1 year provided by New House Kitchen.


  • Easy to use.
  • Giftable for a perfect size.
  • Fahrenheit to Celcius switch.



  • Average durability.



Amazon Basics DF7005 and  New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q presented as a medium size fryer that works great and worth the value of purchasing for the user. It makes sure you will have the experience of a great air fryer cooking and could make your food tasty as good as you wish for. If you happen looking for an air fryer that can serve up to 4 people, you can shop between these two products.

New House Kitchen Digital Air Fryer

Our pick goes to New House Kitchen Digital because it is very simple, worth the price and also a giftable pack. The design of the air fryer could make you fall in love for the modern and simplicity at the same time. It works best for its cooking and food result as well as the best switching temperature function for cooking convenience.


FAQ Amazon Basics DF7005

Is it okay to cook bacon in it?
Definitely works great to cook bacon in the fryer. You don’t need to cut the bacon in half or wash them first. You can cook on a 400 degrees temperature set and 10 minutes cooking timer.

Does the temperature work in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature?
The cooker is worked on dial Celsius with the cooking hints printed on top of the fryer. Those are written for an approximate cooking time guide.

Is there any manual or recipe guide included?
Yes it has a manual recipe or guide included. Most of the recipe and cooking guide come with popular items to air fry such as potatoes and sweet potato.


FAQ New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q

How many servings are cooked in this air fryer?
Depending on what you are making in the fryer, it could take a lot up to 3-6 people, also great for small portions. You can make chicken, tater tots or air fry shrimp, sausage and veggies enough for all. For easier cleaning, you can add alumunium on the bottom of the basket pan.

Does this device have an attachment for “double decker” configuration in the basket?
There is no way to insert or attach the “double decker.” However you can have one to use by purchasing a separate package of attachment.

How much is the weight?
According to the official website description, the New House Kitchen Digital 3.6Q weighs about 10.33 pounds.


What Do You Need to Know About Air Fryer

If investing in a juicer could help you with your diet within a few sips daily, do air fryers really need it? Well, it all goes back to the needs yet we have to make sure that this appliance also brings goodies to your body, not only for the plate to capture. Life is all about balance anyhow. 

The air fryer itself has been on the market for a couple long years ago but the importance of keeping your body healthy made it to the top back for selling. Here are the things you need to know about air fryers before purchasing it.

Easy to use and clean.

What else is the best thing about cooking in convenience, none other of its ease of use and taking a short time to clean up. So , you can manage to do the cooking preparation earlier but the cooking still only works within minutes and comes out great as well. The air fryer brings you to this point.

Perfect to make healthy style french fries.

Are you on a diet but can’t get enough of french fries cut? Get a healthier kind of french cries using this air fryer. You can even change the potatoes with sweet potatoes, not only because it is a healthier food ingredient but also make it more tastier with the air fried cooking method as well.

Save more calories.

The traditional deep frying method is great and tasty. Undeniably. However it is loaded with calories and known to be unhealthy for the long term of our body quality. By using an air fryer, you can save more calories which is best for your heart, waistline and the whole body for sure. It only takes a bit of oil to cook with an air fryer so its best serve.

Time and space saving.

It is great to have a kitchen appliance that is time and space saving. An air fryer comes up with the size that can fit to your corner even if you already have one microwave on the counter. So you won;t have any hassle to arrange your coffee maker, microwave and an air fryer on your kitchen counter. Have no worries but they still can cook a whole chicken in it too!


So, what else are you waiting for? Check out to shop now for the best air fryer company at home with your favorite one!




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