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Updated 14 Jul 2021
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Main Image - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori

Does getting back and forth to the pantry or kitchen to get your drinks make your timeless efficient? Is it really a pain for you when unconsciously you skip your warm coffee on the desk? Here comes a new technology you should try, mug warmer! The mug warmer is not only stylish and compact to carry and clean but also keeping you enough in a good mood all day long.

For ease along with this fast-paced era, getting your things done from your desk at once is such a blessing. Like getting your coffee stays warm for a couple of hours the moment you grab them this morning from the cafe, from the pantry, or kitchen. It is also undeniable that for some people, hot beverages could boost their productivity for the whole day. Not only that, these mugs warmer come in various types whether you like it to plug with a cord or in a USB port to get it only a few inches from your laptop.

Since there are a lot of preferences about the best and compact mug warmer, here we do a check-in full details between Bestinnkits VS Cosori. Read more to get an insight into which suits your needs the most.

Bestinnkits vs Cosori Similarities

Similarities - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori

Similarities #1: Spill-Resistant

Because many mug warmers are meant to fit in your desk, the time you get things clumsy you might consider getting one that is spill-resistant. Not only to prevent any electricity error nearby your desk, if your mug warmer includes this feature.

Bestinnkits and Cosori both were included already with this feature on their plate. You don’t have to worry whenever you spill any liquid to the plate. Once you spill it, then you can easily clean it up. Both of these mugs warmers are also FCC and UL certified plus waterproof, so you don't have to worry when you accidentally spill your coffee, tea, or milk on top of the plate.

Similarities #2: Giftable

The best thing about this appliance is that they are very giftable, in such perfect size and use. You might wander around to take your whole gifting to another level, the mug warmer can be your choice. On every kind of occasion, from birthday to Christmas, Bestinnkits and Cosori mug warmer is definitely perfect and will get the person thinking about you 24/7. The size of both of these mug warmer is also fits under 10 inches with the plate.


Bestinnkits vs Cosori Differences

Differences - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori

Differences #1: Design

When you are looking for a mug warmer, the design of the might be one of your concerns. Not only about its looks on your desk, but also the material used does matter for the heating process as well. The differences along with Bestinnkits with Cosori mug warmer can be seen in its design, size, and material used as the warmer.

The Bestinnkits mug warmer has a small design with dimensions of about 6.81 x 6.65 x 6.26 inches. The top plate is made from glass. But, the 20 oz mug is made from ceramic. Meanwhile, the Cosori has a bit bigger design for its rectangular shape plate. The heating plate is made from aluminum alloy meanwhile the plate is made from stainless steel. The 17oz mug is made from stainless steel and has a silicone sleeve in the middle. The whole item dimensions is about 5.4 x 0.7 x 4.3 inches in detail.

Differences #2: Features

Another difference point between these tea and espresso beverage warmer is in the features attached. The Bestinnkits mug warmer has a gravity-induction feature to make the heating last longer. It also has auto on-off features which securely save you from getting your place burnt or your beverage is dry up. Meanwhile, the Cosori has the LED touchscreen feature to adjust the temperature of the plate and switch it to Fahrenheit or celsius. Also, the touchscreen is used to manually turn on or off the mug warmer.


Bestinnkits vs Cosori Comparison


Bestinnkits comes with a simple minimalist mug warmer that matches your aesthetic desk and humidifier. This one has a very simple design in black or white option for plate and the included 20oz ceramic mug. The size of this mug warmer is really compact for about 6 to 6-inch size and very lightweight. So you can bring this along to your office or whenever you travel as well.

Whether you want to get your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or milk, the plate will maintain the heat steady at 55 degrees celsius with its gravity induction technology. So, you do not need to manually adjust or bother to think about the temperature anymore. There is a flame retardant feature included that will prevent overheating. You just need to put the mug on it and everything will be taken care of. This mug warmer is listed on the top 20 best seller rank on Amazon so this is meant to be one kind of your perfect pour-over carafe at home or your office.

Besides using the ceramic mug include, you can use another mug but the flat bottom will work better. Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Set is FCC & ULL certificated waterproof plate so it will be easier to clean and safe. You can also see clearly on the glass-made surface the heating zone in a white circle and there is an indicator light on the plate body. Overall plus, this Bestinnkits mug warmer can be your loved one's cute user-friendly gift for every occasion.

Produk 1 - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori


  • Gravity-induction technology
  • Auto on-off function
  • Ceramic mug
  • Glass-made surface


  •  No temperature control





COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer Set is an upgraded set with a better thermal conductivity and premium quality for a better job in keeping your coffee, tea, or any hot beverages you make warm all day with its mug included. This series is available with a matching mug that fills about 17oz or 500ml with a cool-touch handle, and of course, with a slip-resistant sleeve, you won’t slip any fingers from getting a sip.

Other features included in this 5 x 3 inches mug warmer are that being able to heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and keep your drinks from 77 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only because of this feature but the food grade 304 stainless steel is also very durable and makes it long-lasting in usage and keeping it warm. For the best of use, you can check on the warming plate temperature control as well. Be sure not to leave the mug too long to prevent your mug from becoming too hot!

The black color on the plate and the mug rubberized coating make it look modern and still stylish as anywhere you bring this. It is also made very well for usage and cleaning. The LED touchscreen control is also what makes this one become extraordinary among other models of the mug warmer. You can switch easily from Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees and the warming plate is precise down to 1 degree. Later on, you can keep your tea or coffee hot until the very last drop.

Produk 2 - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori


  • LED touchscreen
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Anti-slip stainless steel mug
  • Aluminum alloy surface
  • Flame retardant


  • No auto on-off
  • Small matching mug




Summary - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori

If you are likely to get your things done most of the time on your desk, getting back and forth to the pantry or kitchen to get a drink might be such a hassle. Especially when you are hectic doing the task. To get you an answer for this concern, the new appliance as to be told before a mug warmer can be such a help. Mug warmer not only helps you get a stove-free and warm latte right from the corner of your desk, but it also helps you get rid of your coffee paper cups or plastic from the nearby cafe you usually get. Here now after the review and comparison, we are getting you a recommendation to pick a mug warmer.

Our recommendation pick between these two products is Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Set. This mug warmer is overall such a goodie to get. The size is perfect for your desk with a minimalist options design and easy to use. You can also use other mugs on top of the heating zone yet it still heats well. There might be no temperature control along with this one but the temperature is perfect so you don’t have to worry about reheating anymore. The ceramic mug and the waterproof design are another pluses for breezy cleaning and a reliable device for keeping your beverage nice to sip.


FAQ Bestinnkits

Is it cordless?

The machine needs to be charged to an electricity socket or USB. So it is not cordless.

Does it turn off automatically after some time?

The auto on-off function will make the machine turn on whenever a mug is put on it and it will turn off automatically when the mug is removed.

What is considered a heavy mug?

It is not about the total weight of a mug. But it is more about the thickness of the bottom of the mug. It will affect the plate spreading the heat.


FAQ Cosori

Can you use an ordinary coffee cup?

The package of this product includes a matching mug with special features. But, it will also work well if you use any other cup.

Is the mug dishwasher safe?

It is recommended to wash the mug manually to make the mug last longer.

What is the hottest temperature in reality?

The highest temperature that the machine can afford is at 230 degrees Fahrenheit.


Good to Know: Types of Mug Warmers

Good To Know - Mug Warmer - Bestinnkits vs Cosori

Choosing the best mug warmers is not easy in some ways. It is because each mug warmer has their own functions to heat up your cup. Some people prefer to have their cup heated quickly. But some others choose to have their cup heated gradually. Also, some of them love having it a bit bigger with so many additional features but others are just good with simple and a single feature. It all has many kinds of mug warmers to contrast and compare. To make it easier to choose the best one for your daily heating routine, then you need to check these varieties to consider.

Electric Hot Plate

This one is very common of all kinds of mug warmers on the market. The mug warmer has a very simple shape. It consists of a flat platform that on one side it has a connection for electricity. You need to connect it to a power outlet. This nifty tool is considered as many people as the simplest mug warmers to have.

USB Port Mug Warmers

This kind of mug warmer is considered as the most modern mug warmers that are available on the market right now. It has a very easy step to operate. You just need to connect the USB port to your device like computer or laptop or even a power bank to make the mug warmer to operate. This suits best for you who are very close to their device while working.

Electric Cup

There is also a type of mug warmer that can keep your cup warmed without adding any kind of platform or a disc-like plate. It is called an electric cup. It is actually a cup. But it will keep your coffee or tea always warm by charging it to an electricity outlet. Some of them are needed to always be charged. But some others are chargeable, powers up by batteries. What makes it more interesting is that almost all of them are already insulated and it is made out of metal or ceramic.


Bottom Line

A mug warmer indeed has a tiny shape. But it has a very important role in powering up your whole daily routine. You can always enjoy your cup of coffee or tea even after hours of making it. If you are still in search of the best stage, then you can consider those above products to be the best company on your daily heating routine.



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